ircraft mechanics and technicians often lift heavy objects, handle dangerous chemicals, or operate large power tools. Of course, like any career, there are also some downsides to being an aircraft mechanic. The book starts off with the account of Stan king's career. This puts a few limitations on where mechanics should look for homes afterthey have completed their training. There is a $145 application fee once you are approved. I had no idea you can become a mechanic without the military or going to college but you can. Satisfaction of ensuring the safety of passengers and crew. if (daym<10) daym="0"+daym A&P Instructor. This career is certainly much better than some careers, but you need to make sure without a doubt that this career is right for you BEFORE you invest your time and money into it. I will lay everything out on the table, and I will go over everything honestly. If you are interested in becoming an aircraft mechanic, it's very important that you know the requirements for the job. The first few chapters could be helpful to people I guess, but the second half of the book is all you really need. CALL US TODAY: 303-410-2403, FURTHER YOUR EDUCATION. He really enjoyed the book. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about training to become anaircraft mechanicat Spartan College, you can find out more on ourwebsiteorrequest more information and an admissions representative close by will call and answer your questions. The main thing I was worried about was being a girl because I knew their are not that many where my cousin works. It will probably save you some time instead of trying to randomly find stuff on the internet. A&P Student, - James Murphy Working on aircraft can be physically demanding keep that in mind when considering training for this line of work. It's cool to tell people that you're a pilot or an aircraft mechanic or an engineer. Fact #3: The whole aviation industry is controlled by Greedy corporations. Get this if you want a great book about becoming a certified aircraft mechanic. A Designated Mechanic Examiner will test your practical skills. Excellent introduction to the profession. And now whenever someone asks me these questions I just point them to this book. The chapter about pay salary is worth the price of the book alone. Upon completion of the program, to work in some positions or for some employers,students may be required to passFAA certification exams. It still can be really funny as he talks about becoming an aircraft mechanic. Even after being a mechanic for almost a decade I still picked up a lot of info. Plus, working as an aircraft mechanic offers a unique combination of mental and physical challenges that can be both rewarding and stimulating. var montharray=new Array("January","February","March","April","May","June","July","August","September","October","November","December") Nothing really explained anything about the field of aircraft maintenance, how to become an aircraft mechanic, or what it's like working as one. This was good news for me because I really didnt have the money to pay for the school and I didnt want to take out any student loans. On average, an AMT makes nearly $50,000 a year, according to Aircraft Mechanic Salary in the United States article on There just arent that many books out there about this career. You will be working in tight spaces, lifting heavy objects and using tools all day long. This book could be the best $ I ever spent. I'm just trying to help you make the right decision about your future. Much of this book contains information that is practical and useful. They will tell you anything and everything to get you in the door. This knowledge allows them to troubleshoot problems and carry out repairs effectively. But I still enjoyed the book and it taught me most of what anyone would need to now if they want to start a career in this. There are many factors to consider whenthinking about training tobecomeanaircraft mechanic. Let's start with salary. If you want to work on jets, that number goes up to between $76,000 and $98,000 . There is a lot of opportunity for advancement. This can be a very exciting and interesting job for someone who loves planes and enjoys working with their hands. I have read a lot of articles and blogs about aircraft mechanics without much luck finding any useful info. This was the only book I was able to find on this subject. I found out one of my local community colleges has an aviation program and I was about to sign up. The 2023 edition of ICD-10-CM V96.8 became effective on October 1, 2022. I talk about the toxic and unsafe culture that aircraft mechanics REALLY deal with. Our instructor really doesn't have to explain anything, he just uses examples from the book. Here are some of the things that you need to know about being an aircraft mechanic. When youtrain tobecome anaircraft mechanic, therecould beroom to grow in the fieldas you gain experience. Mostly just little tidbits of information that isn't even relevant to learning about the career, especially on the forums I read through. All jet mechanics are first certified as AMTs or A&P mechanics. Some years I made over $100,000 working on airplanes. The instructions in this book have inspired confidence in me to begin my career as an aircraft mechanic, knowing exactly what to look out for and what to expect. Fact #5: Only some will have a high-paying career in aviation. This means youdon'tnecessarily have to be a mechanic on someone's stafffor your entire career. document.write(""+montharray[month]+" "+daym+", "+year+""). This does not mean that you cannot have a good career working in aviation, it means that greedy corporations in aviation are no different than greedy corporations in any other field. I also found myself answering these questions almost every day. Its not an easy job, but someone has to do it. Become an Aviation Mechanic Safety Advisories & Alerts Advisory Circulars (ACs) Airworthiness Directives (ADs) . If you are well-suited to an active role that uses both your brain and your body,training to becomeanaircraft mechanicmay be just the right choice for you. There are many reasons why someone might want to become an aircraft mechanic. } else { Ive had paychecks that were almost $3,000 for one week. Aircraft mechanics must attend a part 147 FAA-approved aviation maintenance technical school and . Few things are as satisfying as successfully completing a difficult repair or bringing an airplane back from the brink of disaster . The following are some pros ofpursing this type ofaircraft mechanictraining. The authors collection of advice is relevant, real-time, and real-world applicable. I was almost ready to enroll at a community college to get my A&P license when I found this book and decided to see if it could tell me anything I didn't already know. Is being an aircraft mechanic worth it? Is being an aircraft mechanic risky? Gave a lot of other info that hadn't even occurred to me. A. During the aircraft mechanic training in the air force field, students gain these skills: Dexterity: During training, aircraft mechanic students train to work with small and large airplane components while adjusting and assembling. But if you have a passion for airplanes and want to turn that into a career, then becoming an aircraft mechanic could be a great choice for you. FAA Aviation Safety Inspector, Retired, - Miguel Escobar, Peru I ordered the aircraft mechanic after reading all of the comments and reviews from A&P instructors. In other words, I didnt know anything about this career. They figure "hey, this will make me money" and they go into work and they do their job and they go home and they don't even want to think about a plane afterwards, let alone look at one. If you are thinking about going to school read this book first because you dont have to go to college which surprised me. The work is interesting and varied. You will have the opportunity to work on some of the most fascinating machines in the world and help keep them running safely and efficiently. Everything you need to know about an aviation maintenance career. I found this book on google when I was looking into joining the military because I thought that was the way to become a plane mechanic. I've already ordered 2 more copies to give to my younger brothers. According to, the average salary of an A&P Mechanic working on jets is $87,000 a year. Sometimes the days can be long, but the other mechanics are friendly and helpful and Im making some really good money. Spartan hasseverallocationsacross the USfor studying aviation maintenance technology:Tulsa, Oklahoma,Broomfield, Colorado,Inglewood, Californiaand Inglewoods branch campus in Riverside, California. Pros And Cons of Being an Aircraft Mechanic, Steam Big Picture Mode Receives Major Update. I will tell you everything you need to know about the aircraft maintenance career field. 5. Still, I give it five stars all the way. } else if (window.location.href.indexOf("inland-empire") > -1) { A&P Mechanic. Workers musttake precautions against injuries, such as wearing ear protection and brightly colored vests to ensure that they are seen when working around large aircraft.. I purchased this course for my husband last month for Christmas. Don't waste your life or spend your money on an expensive school without knowing the truth about working as an aircraft mechanic. keep that in mind when considering training for this line of work. The very things that airlines and aviation companies DON'T want you to know. The third most common is faa on 5.4% of resumes. On the con side, the hours can be long and irregular, and you may have to work in bad weather conditions. 90 percent of the people in aviation don't have one. I read this book fast (easy read for 200+ pages), very helpful and directly to the point. Competitive pay and frequent overtime opportunities. The Aircraft Mechanic is quick and to the point. Did you know an A&P License can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 or more..? Don't be a dummy! Crabbing and steaming in the vinegar era! In this . A mechanic who holds an A&P License is certified to inspect, perform, or supervise maintenance of aircraft and aircraft systems. They may work on scaffolds or ladders, and noise and vibrations are common, especially when engines are being tested. I bought this book because we're reading it in college, and it is for the most part detailed and accurate. jQuery(".los-phone").show(); The following guide can help you understand the steps you should take to, c, and both the pros and the cons of pursuing, , there will be a significant need for new, aircraft maintenance technicians in the next two decades. I have read the book 2 times, each time picking up more and more information that I missed the first time around. Overall an honest and humble look at the career packed with info. I recommend this book to everyone and I am sure glad I found it. Some possibilities that may come after experience working as an, owning a maintenance facility used by pilots, aircraft owners, or airlines; or becoming a shop supervisor to other. Aircraft mechanics play an important role in aviation safety. The book and video lays all of the steps out and they were easy to follow, so hopfeully I can get my A&P soon and start working as an A&P mechanic. The only reason I bought this book was to get a free A&P certificate. Well, apparently there are a good number of girls that work as mechanics so thats good if youre a girl like me:). A really good guide to becoming a aircraft mechanic, The only book on aircraft maintenance you need. You will learn about every aspect of the aircraft maintenance career: How to get started without wasting thousands of dollars in college. If you, thrive under pressure, this may not be the right field for you, that affect the working environment and c, overs the common causes that lead to human errors in the aviation industry, Working on aircraft can be physically demanding. When I first got this book on my birthday from my dad I didnt really get into it. They didn't know the right steps once they started working in aviation and that's why they would ask me questions all the time. I wanted to see what it was about. This book was really different from what I thought it wold be. Ifyoureinterested ineventually workingas anaircraft mechanic, it's smart to live near a big city that attracts a lot of air travel. He also did a great job going over the FAA A&P certificate. To help you estimate that pay, you can use the. This is the best book about being an aviation mechanic I have found. Be sure to check ALL of your email boxes so that you dont miss it! Out of all the websites I have went through online I could find no other book like "The Aircraft Mechanic", and as I went through some of those websites I realized that there was not much in them that King had not already written about. If you want totrain tobecome anaircraft mechanic, you must attend a program that teaches students how to maintain and work on aircraft technology, like theAviation Maintenance Technology program(AMT)offered atSpartan College of Aeronautics and Technology. I should have my A&P certificate in 4 or 5 more months, which is the best part. As a bonus, the film about getting an airframe and powerplant certificate was worth the price alone. if (daym<10) daym="0"+daym You don't need an A&P to work on aircraft. The downside of this career is that it can be very dangerous; there have been several high-profile accidents involving mechanics in recent years. The schools make this career out to be a great opportunity so they can charge you tens of thousands of dollars. Negatives: I wish it would have been longer, even though there's tons of info in the book. In fact, Boeings study laid out that there will be an increaseintheneed for aircraft mechanics over the next 20 years. It's still a must-read for future aircraft mechanics. Airframers in the Navy are the best mechanics in the world and they are the quickest to get hired because we do sheet metal fab, structural repair, component repair, composite repair, hydraulic repair, tire and wheel etc etc. Once you have obtained the required amount of practical training, you will need to pass three tests administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The question is: Is it really worth the time and effort to go to school for an aviation degree? I was hoping this book would talk about women that are aircraft mechanics. Heres what you need to know about the role of an aircraft mechanic and the potential rewards that come with the job. If you can live on a minimum wage job. I don't need to google information piece by piece and judge with no basis whether that information and advice is still valid any more. The Aircraft Mechanic has given me exactly what i was looking for which was information about what it's like working as an aircraft mechanic, whereas other books I've seen talk about how to work on aircraft. He was so happy when I gave it to him and he talked about it for weeks. I had already decided to go to an A&P (Airframe & Powerplant) school to get my A&P license and become an aircraft mechanic, but luckily I found The Aircraft Mechanic book before I signed up. If youdon'tthrive under pressure, this may not be the right field for you. CLASSES STARTING SOON. I worked as an aircraft mechanic for many, many years. Ive been a mechanic for almost 7 years and even I learned a few things, which surprised me. For anyone who wants to pursue this career this book is a must read. All I had to do was buy a toolbox and some tools which all cost about $200. There are a lot of different aspects to being an aircraft mechanic. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about training to become an, at Spartan College, you can find out more on our. that would likely have opportunities throughout the United States, as opposed to something with, If you like to help people, training as an, and that they are safe and functioning during flight. Positives of this section of the book: Explains what a lot of new mechanics will go through and how to avoid some of the pitfalls. You will be working in tight spaces, lifting heavy objects and using tools all day long. Upon completion of the program, to work in some positions or for some employers,students may be required to passFAA certification examsin order toreceive their FAA Airframe & Powerplant certificate. It is also a physically demanding job, so its not suitable for everyone. My only gripe with this book is that the beginning of the book is a little boring. If you care about money and making a lot of it, those topics are discussed too. And hes right on the money (no pun intended) with how much you can make in this career. A common mistake people make is thinking that they have to go to school or college to work on airplanes. The aircraft mechanic - the truth about working in aviation. There are people in the aviaiton field making large amounts of money. Below is information and services for aircraft mechanics including technical data, advisories and alerts, and much more. Even though I am a mechanic myself, the book still made me think differently about a few things. The range of pay starts at $74,960 and exceeds $100,000 depending on experience, licenses, airline, etc. Although that is also a great book, it really didn't teach me anything about this job. 11.1% aircraft mechanics have this skill on their resume. I give it five stars. No two days as an aircraft mechanic are ever the same, thanks to the variety of tasks that need to be performed on any given day. I Hate Being An Aircraft Mechanic. The book makes you ask yourself if you really would like this career. There is a lot of information in this book, and it really shows what the aviation maintenance industry is like and how to get into it. I have been an A&P mechanic for nearly 7 years now, and I bought this book out of curiosity. The true value of the A&P License is usually inflated and made to seem bigger than it really is by the airlines and colleges. Do Hands-On Work For people who enjoy doing work with their hands, training to be an aircraft mechanic could be ideal. Stan King does a terrific job of telling it like it is in the aircraft maintenance profession. FURTHER YOUR EDUCATION. Their average salary can depend on their geographic location, training, professional experience and employer. The problem is, I'm not and never have been mechanically inclined type of person. As a professional working in aviation, I heard things like this almost every day. The information is neatly organized and it makes it easy to locate the information you are after. There are a few drawbacks to consider if you want to pursuetrainingas anaircraft mechanic. I didn't want to end up at a factory like where my dad worked but I didn't know anything about being an aircraft mechanic. I cant wait! Im so glad I didnt end up with a $15,000 student loan or a bunch of credit card debt. There are many reasons that pursuing training in this field is a smart thing to do. It's very easy to read, contains good real-world examples, and mine came with the "How to get a free A&P license" video. It can be difficult at times, but it is also a very rewarding career. Expand All Collapse All General Information Requirements Testing Training & Experience Pathways According to Boeing,the number of opportunities foraircraftmechanics is expected to increase over the next two decades. Many people get into aviation thinking they will make a lot of money, but there's much more to working as an aircraft mechanic than all of the money that can be made. I now have much more knowledge about the whole career. Here are some following cons to keep in mind as you decide whetherthisis right for you. There are many chapters that talk about things I never even knew about this career, and the author goes into some great detail about different subjects. The content in the Aircraft MEchanic is super helpful, raising questions and making you think about the career in ways that most people probably wouldn't. I bought this book to get a free A&P certificate. Any inspections, repairs, maintenance, etc., are documented. Some companies offer overtime work, which can be beneficial to develop skills in aircraft . The field of aircraft maintenance is growing every day. Just as the colleges and technical schools don't exist to educate you but to make money, so it is with the airlines. An aircraft mechanic, or aircraft maintenance technician, ensures the safety and maintenance of aircraft vehicles such as airplanes and helicopters. Going by this book I found out what to do to get a job. This book is the only original book I could find that's aimed at people like me who want to learn about the career. Here are some following cons to keep in mind as you decide whether, , it's smart to live near a big city that attracts a lot of air travel. What are the Disadvantages of Being a Aircraft Mechanic? Successful completion also qualifies you to take the FAA's written, oral, and practical tests for the Mechanic's Certificate. In this role, you can work in many organizations or industries like the government, for an airline, the military or manufacturing companies. Is an A&P License a good investment? I am the creator of The Aircraft Mechanic materials. Before I got the aircraft mechanic I thought that everyone had to have a degree or a license to be an aircraft mechanic. Being a mechanic myself, I can definitely relate to a lot of what he says. Aircraft mechanics often have to work weekends, nights and holidays as this is when most flights take place. Stan Kings story put me right in the mind of actually working as a mechanic and being into the situations he was describing. The second kind of person goes into aviation chasing the dollar. These books are a great gift especially if you or your husband/ wife likes to work on things that require mechanic skills. They exist to make money, and they will use you and pay you as little as they can because you won't know any better. First published in 2008, this book is the result of Stan King's career and research that he decided to share. I highly recommend the ac mechanic to others looking into this career. So why become an aircraft mechanic? Once you know the truth about this career and the money that can be made, I can almost guarantee that your whole perception of the aviation career field will be turned upside down. Also, this is not just a book it's 2 books and a video on how to get an A&P certificate without going to college. Certification is required for some,but not all,positions within the aviation industry. Most people want to because of the money. Most of these mechanics had already spent tens of thousands of dollars and years in college to get an aviation degree. They inspect planes before flights to make sure they are safe, and perform repairs when necessary. It's pretty cheap for all the info you get. You may or may not have heard about the Airframe and Powerplant License, or the "A&P License". My wife got me The Aircraft Mechanic books and video for Christmas this year just a week ago. He is also funny. Certification requirements for taking and passing certification examinations are not controlled by the College, but by outside agencies and are subject to change by the agencies without notice to the College. When you see these methods you will really understand why the colleges and schools anger me. Mechanics spend their workdays inspecting, maintaining, and repairing planes, so they are on their feet and working with their bodies no pushing paper behind a desk all day or sitting behind a computer screen for hours on end. I got the aircraft mechanic because the author claimed that anyone could become an aircraft mechanic if you followed the steps outlined in the book. And as long as there are airplanes in the sky, Ill be there to keep them running smoothly. This puts a few limitations on where mechanics should look for homes after, s are tasked with keeping aircraft safe, there is a lot of pressure and it can move at a fast pace. Here are five reasons why aircraft mechanic could be the right career for you: 1. The best thing about his work is that he doesn't try to persuade or dissuade your choice of becoming an aircraft mechanic; he just wants you to know the truth. You will receive INSTANT access to your books and video. I know because he kept talking about what the book said to do and blah blah blah and if he talks about something I know he really likes it. It can also be mentally challenging, as you need to be able to troubleshoot complex problems quickly and effectively. Becauseaircraft mechanics are tasked with keeping aircraft safe, there is a lot of pressure and it can move at a fast pace. There was quite a bit of information about this industry and how to make the most money. Don't blindly waste your money on an expensive college or prep course. wine bottles, coffee pots, etc. A&P Mechanic / Student, - Rick Marshall, Hawaii Another is that it can be difficult to find full-time employment as an aircraft mechanic, since there are relatively few airlines and other companies that operate their own fleets of aircraft. If youtrain tobecome an aircraft mechanic,your first positionwilllikelybeentry-level. What you need to know to become an aircraft mechanic. There is little to no risk in doing the work itself. Read this before you go to school to be an aircraft mechanic, Perfect Resource If Youre Thinking About This Career, Great book if you thinking about getting into this. Start your aviation career today! All I can say is I thank God I found this book. Also the chapter about contracting as an a/c mech was very helpful. Im 21 and have always worked dead end jobs since I graduated high school. So,youvedecided to train to be anaircraft mechanic. You shouldn't have any questions after reading this book because this book will answer all of the questions you have. Otherwise, the book is very informative, has a lot of examples of situations an aircraft mechanic will face, and has a lot of details about the career as a whole. I actually found a maintenance company right near my house that allowed me to interview for a job and now I'm working there fulltime. This was really great info for me and really gave me all the info I had been looking for. They exist to make money. All I can say is thank you Mr. King for helping me through a tough decision. The job provides a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment . From training to be a pilot to becoming anaviationelectronics technician, there are countless ways that a person can become involved with aeronautics. The cost for tuition is $30,000 ($6,000 per course), which includes books, materials, tool set and tool box, and 3 FAA written exams. All I can say is that I was NOT expecting to learn as much as I did. . Aircraft mechanics who work on jets earn an average salary of $86,030. In fact, Boeings study laid out that there will be an increase. var daym=mydate.getDate() Some books I order seem like they're 1,000 pages long, and who has time to read 1,000 pages? Because I love flying. King has provided a unique book that is long overdue. It is a highly skilled job that requires a lot of training and experience. 4. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Part of my skepticism was the "truth about working in aviation" banner on the front cover. And like any job in the aviation industry, there is always the potential for danger when working around airplanes. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. There are many things that can go wrong with an aircraft and it is the responsibility of the mechanic to make sure that the aircraft is safe. Most aircraft mechanics, whether they acquired a degree or not, will defend their profession because they don't want to admit that they made a mistake. What they fail to realize is that schools exist to make money. One institution for studying to become an. Eventually I picked it up and started to read and I was quite impressed. Some benefits of being an aircraft mechanic can include: Flight benefits. If you really think you are ready to be an aircraft mechanic get this book and watch the video. I plan to quit my current job at Wal-Mart and start with a company in Florida by the end of the summer. Don't guess if an aviation career is right for you. I can help you make the right choices because of my extensive knowledge of this industry. Using the methods in the book I found a spot with a company here in Florida where Ive been working as an A&P mechanic. They need to know about the different systems and components in an aircraft and how they interact with each other. It will show you what it's like to be a aircraft mechanic and tell you exactly how to do it. Still a must-read for anyone considering working in aviation maintenance. Aircraft mechanics have high earning potential in their jobs. People don't know any of the details about airplanes. I really enjoyed reading his story and some of it is pretty funny. Mechanics get to travel sometimes for free! Now I work as a full-time mechanic for a cargo company. }. document.write(""+montharray[month]+" "+daym+", "+year+"") During which I was attending community college full time finishing up my general studies. The simple answer is that you can make a lot of money as an aircraft mechanic in certain situations. Onewayis by training to become anaircraft mechanic. Aircraft mechanics inspect completed work to ensure it meets performance standards and record all maintenance and repair work. Wrong!! I was stuck at a dead-end minimum wage crappy job and got this book hoping it would get me somewhere I could make some real money.
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