Monkey King Reborn (2021) - IMDb One of the best films out of this Lunar New Year season! 1 October 1986. Journey to the West (TV Series 2011- ) - IMDb It is based on the fictional book of the same name written by Wu Cheng'en ( W Chng'n). Chi-kin Kwok The show was an immediate success after being broadcasted. | Wukong use his magic power to cut the king's hair and enlightens him. Copyright 2023 MMFILMs. First broadcasted in 1986, the series has been played for thousands of times on TV Networks. of Seasons 2 Episode Count 25 (season 1) 16 (season 2) Running time 45 minutes (per episode, edited) About 60-65 minutes (per episode, uncut) Network (s) CCTV First aired October 1st, 1986 Producer (s) Yang Jie Production location (s) China Cinematography Theme Song Getty Images. Kim Ji-hoon. 1284008. Journey to the West Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. /Type /ExtGState 3. Runtime 1h 30m. It was aired as a whole series in 1988. Because of the nature of the original work as a mythology, the crew needs to use a lot of special effects in the show. Hebecomes an Immortal after being named as Sun Wukongandpracticing Taoist for hundred of years. If you enjoyed "Kung Fu Soccer" or "Kung Fu Hustle", then you will also enjoy "Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons", no doubt about it.The costumes and sets were great and really added a lot to the movie. Journey to the West Review (1986) - Rated and Reviewed by LTL May I ask where is the road to the West () Wukong then goes to the heaven to ask for help. Each member takes one of the characters from the classic Chinese novel "Journey to the West" as they go to different destination every season. - He is summoned by the Heaven to become a governor. They then returns to the Tang Empire, spreadsthe thoughts from the scriptures and tells the emperor about their experiences inthe whole trip. If you have any legal issues please contact the appropriate media file owners or linked hosting websites. 01 The Monkey King is born 1 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep. in no way affiliated with them nor intend to do that. /Length 8 0 R Story| Documentary LAUGHING IN THE WIN and Empires:Storm of Prophecy Silk Road Pulse | Chinese documentary With the limited but relatively new special effects, the series received a viewership rate of 89.4% in 1987. Season 2 has 16 episodes (covers another 25 chapters of the novel). Show Luo Journey to the West " Legends of the Monkey King is a 2000 Chinese-Canadian animated series produced by China Central Television and Cinar. Despite help from other demon hunters, the hog gets away. Tang is like a monk in his devotion to his art and shuns all romance and affection. Wukong asks for help from the Princess Iron Fan, but is rejected by her due to Wukong's subdue of her son. Thanks for signing up to YTS.MX (YIFY Torrents Home)!Your YTS account is active now and you can login to download YIFY torrents. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Hemakes his name ofGreat Sage Equal to Heaven () after starting a waragainstthe Heavens. Archive Artist 28 April 2017. Wukong is subdued by the Buddha and is sealed under a mountain. The pilgrims get into a kingdom only consists of women. But with talents such as Stephen Chow behind the wheel, it just had to be experienced. Running time One day,a monkey is born from a stone nourished by the essence of the world. , Htoo Htoo Ka Joe, Dolly, Naw Phoo, Nay Chii, Chu Chu. 45 minutes (per episode, edited)About 60-65 minutes (per episode, uncut) Statistics | Subtitles: Chinese and English; Difficulty: Intermediate / upper intermediate; The complete 1986-adaptation you can find on YouTube with English subtitles.. Reading Journey to the West. endobj The pilgrims arrive at a kingdom that arrests all the monks. The highlight is of course how Xuan Zang's first meeting with Sun Wukong (Huang Bo) went, which is as comical and witty as can be, which extended to the big battle finale that had as much heart, a key winning element from Chow's A Chinese Odyssey films, to move when themed against the notion of sacrifice. Journey to the West 1986 Episode 1 - English Sub SAMPLE journey to the west 1986 myanmar subtitle Sign in apakah jeno nct punya instagram ralph macchio parkinson's disease 0 items / $ 0.00 florida man september 5, 2005 Menu If you want to learn more about this project, head to Sub. Version 3 is basically a thoroughly edited version of number 2. endobj Subscribe NowChina ZoneChina Zone Club: China ZoneChina Zone Documentary: . And like his recent lavish productions, this one is no different, which is full of CG effects, but polished and more of a tool to tell the story rather than drawing attention to themselves. Do you have the subtitles for all the episodes? The novel is one of the great . Mandarin The pilgrims finally reach the Vulture Peak and are given the scriptures. /SA true 03 . 1 1 . - Journey to the West ep. Sun Wukong episode 1 (Journey to the West) english subtitle.This afternoon while having lunch at home I turned on TV and tried to find some interesting progr. Cinematography What makes this 1986 version so good? >> [3], Season 1 has 25 episodes and covers 74 chapters of the novel. A king tells in Sanzang's dream that he is murdered by a demon and asks Sanzang to save him. Yet, they find out that the scriptures are actually blank. This film is available from Netflix and if you have a Netflix account, it is currently available there as well. Shu Qi plays the much tomboyish demon hunter with aplomb, who has to dig deep to find her femininity in wooing Xuan Zang, and who would have guessed she looked so comfortable and credible in executing many of her martial arts scenes. 1 Seasons 25 Episodes. DMCA /Pages 3 0 R With Version 2, several other sources have been referenced to give the the most informed subtitles. in no way affiliated with them nor intend to do that. Genres Drama, Comedy. The music for the series was mainly composed by Xu Jingqing (). A great take on the classic Chinese legend, and director Stephen Chow does it with his usual finesse and sense of mixing up comedy with action.I must admit that I was a little bit skeptic at first, given the synopsis and the legend to which the movie is based upon. Liu Xiao Ling TongWang YueXu ShaohuaChi ChongruiMa DehuaYan Huaili Version 1 is a direct copy from the DVD that has been run through an OCR program. Stephen Chow Network(s) It was piloted on CCTV in 1986, and all of the 25 episodes were released by 1988. Yan Huaili, Wang Futang as Bull Demon King, Xiang Han and Li Jiancheng as Black and White Guards of Impermanence, Guo Wei, Ren Fengpo as Lingji Bodhisattva, An Yunwu, Li Runsheng and Yang Yuzhang as, Wang Xueqin, Zhang Yanyan as Seventh Fairy, Han Shanxu, Jin Genxu as Barefoot Immortal, Xiang Han, Ma Dehua, Yang Bin, He Yi, Li Runsheng, Li Lianyi as robbers, Yang Shubiao as Yellow Robe Demon (transformation), Ren Wenjian as White Dragon Horse (transformation), Xiang Han and Xu Tinglei as Earth deities, Li Jiancheng, Li Anjian, Zhang Ziyue as Mountain deities, Yang Guixiang as Royal Adviser of Women's Kingdom, Tian Jiangshui, Bai Jiancai and Gao Jifeng as Monks, Wang Linghua as Almond Immortal (Apricot Fairy), Yu Xuemei and Jiang Xiuhua as Demon girls, Ni Fuquan as Earth Deity of Mount Golden Bull, Wang Hui, Zhang Wei, Zhao Shunzeng and Sun Jifeng as Four Heavenly Masters, Di Yuerong as Wife of Marquis of Fengxian, Li Hongchang as Official from the Kingdom of Biqiu, Xu Jiansheng as Guard from the Kingdom of Biqiu, This page was last edited on 20 January 2023, at 12:41. New Journey to the West Season 1 - Trakt Version 1 has had minor edits, but nothing major. A monkey is born from a stone nourished by the world's essence. Free download from source, API support, millions of users. October 1st, 1986 No. If you have Forgotten your password, just type in your E-mail Address and YTS will send you a link to Reset Your Password. N+8QvZ_A; q|K WLA)1V9wu_* As a last resort, Xuanzhang and Duan turn to the help of Sun Wukong (Huang Bo), who has been imprisoned for five centuries for his crimes in heaven. Disclaimer: All rights reserved Disclaimer: is not in anyway associated with, Onlinemovies, Fmovies, Xmovies8, Putlocker sites. /Producer ( Q t 5 . It is actually the result of three demons pretend as Taoist masters. China MMFILMs Journey to the West (1986) , Journey to the West (1986) is absolutely legal and contains only links to other third party websites like Youtube, Uptobox, Mediafire, Google, Picasaweb, Dailymotion, Openload, and many more which actually host videos. 1 win & 12 nominations. Journey to the West 1986 Episode 1 [English Subtitles] Mr BPX. /Type /XObject Download | subtitle Journey.To.The.West.Conquering.The.Demons.2013.WEBRip.720p.x264(800MB) silooman: 2: Indonesian: subtitle Journey To The West (2013) DVDScr 500MB dan 720p HDRip 800MB Ganool: 12: Indonesian: subtitle Journey To The West Conquering The Demons Bluray 1080p: bigboo: 8: Indonesian: subtitle Journey to the West (2013) BRRip Dual . Journey to the West ep. 01 The Monkey King is born 1 CCTV. The film is thoroughly weird but also a laugh riot from start to finish. endobj Version 1 is a direct copy from the DVD that has been run through an OCR program. Created the first batch of subtitles. A demon disguises as a child to abduct Sanzang away. CCTV IMDB: 6.8/10 8,377 votes. Journey to the West YIFY subtitles Be the first one to, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Journey to the West ep. The director Yang Jie received the task from the Chinese officials to film the classic novel Journey to the West, which is one of China's Four Great Classical Novels. I would talk specifically about some of the weird demons Tang meets but I really think it's better to see them yourself! Yang Jie /ca 1.0 44:54. And amongst the other characters, all eyes are perhaps on Huang Bo's rendition of the Monkey King, which I can only say it's extremely different to begin with, and I'm sure some find the character design a little bit bewildering.Then again, it's a retelling, so some decisions made may not sit well with others, but I thought it was a breath of fresh air, especially since it's probably the first time (in a long while maybe) that it took the stance of all the disciples being enemy combatants and demons. is not responsible for the compliance, copyright, legality, decency, or any other aspect of the content of other linked sites. Sinkhole (2021) 6 August 2021. The final twenty minutes was a fitting climax, building up upon a series of very smart episodes, which included, on a higher level, how scriptures are based on love.And this romance between Xuan Zang and Ms Duan forms the crux of the story, like in A Chinese Odyssey, that drives the narrative forward. Yet, the Taoist master turns out to be brothers of the seven demonesses. However, Monkey destroys it due to his conflicts with the Taoist priests and irritates a powerful Immortal. endobj But Chow had proved me wrong, and had some nifty creative ideas behind what he had wanted to do with another Journey to the West tale, hardly rehashing the earlier Jeff Lau effort. Journey to the West (1986) - Channel Myanmar >> And the comedy throughout the movie was great. If you torrent without a VPN, your ISP can see that you're torrenting and may throttle your connection and get fined by legal action! Sha Wujing, however, was portrayed by Liu Dagang because Yan Huaili, who played the character in 1986, died in April 2009. - She traps Sanzang to be her prince, but her plan is destroyed by Wukong. JFIF d d C Chi-kin Kwok, Stephen Chow. Original language(s) But, compared to the best of Chow's work, it is a letdown. Whenhe finally threats the Jade Emperorto give up his position, the Buddha arrives andmanages to trap him under a mountain for five hundred years. However, he is in conflicts with Sanzang immediately. Sanzang and his disciples arrives at Wuzhuang Temple. Directed by Almost all of the main casts had experience of falling down when they were hung by the wires several meters above the ground. , , () () Journey to the West: The endlessly remade Chinese folk tale Wukong then starts a conpetition with the demons. /SM 0.02 Year: 1986; Duration: 25 episodes X 45 min. Stephen Chow once again showed that he still has that creative flair and streak within him, that even if he doesn't appear in front of the camera, he has what he takes behind it to deliver the best of his hey-days. /BitsPerComponent 8 The end result is an editable copy of the retail subtitles in the SubRip format (.srt). buddhism Xuan Zang embodies all that is benevolent, consistent in spirit (pardon the pun) what you know of the character, except that he has that thick mop of hair. Episode 1 Journey to the West 1986 Soft Subtitles English - Blogger Wukong uses his medical knowledge to help the king recover. A king has a bad dream of suffering from a monk. 'Journey to the West' is a popular Chinese novel adapted into various TV series that I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with. Wukong returns to the Heaven as the "Great Sage", but he causes a havoc in the Heaven which leads to an enormous battle. Since there wasn't a plan to film a second season, the story was already finished by the end of first season. Support us | Contact | It is based on the real life monk Xuan Zang's (also known as Tripitaka or Tang San Zang) pilgrimage to India, to fetch back some Buddhist scriptures. FAQ | Created the first batch of subtitles. Developers | Sinkhole (2021) - Channel Myanmar Journey to the West 1 - 55; Journey to the West 56 - 108; Printable Book; Journey to the West 1 - 10; Journey to the West 11 - 20; Journey to the West 21 - 30; Journey to the West 31 - 40; Journey to the West 41 - 50; Journey to the West 51 - 60; Journey to the West 61 - 70; Journey to the West 71 - 80; Journey to the West is a Chinese television series adapted from the classic 16th-century novel of the same title. 3) Wukong demonstrates Sanzang's kasaya to the monks there, which causes them great trouble. However, his belief is shaken when his attempt to defeat a demon fish ends in a family's death and a victory for violent demon hunter Duan (Shu Qi). Demon hunter Chen Xuanzhang (Wen Zhang) believes that he can purify any demon through love. Xi You Ji. Little Fox Readers Season 2 differs from the format of the first season, as most episodes end on a cliffhanger, with conflicts being resolved and new ones encountered in the middle of episodes in a more fluid timeline. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. ~!vr?-1P Q{G\\J?jo8 0|q M_/c=b{ _g2~p w?O9"^?}s]5/O o8' B yy l9%{Si.|69a>S Sl?/9^yr z However, although I mentioned the Monkey King, the main character in this story is a very well meaning but totally inept demon hunter, Tang Sanzang. He develops complex feelings for Miss Duan, the demon hunter who repeatedly helps him, and finally quests to meet the legendary Monkey King. The second season consists of 16 episodes and was broadcasted on CCTV in 2000. The novel is rich in imagination, boldly combining the images of gods and deities with people, creating a series of unforgettable artistic shapes. stream 5 0 obj Xu Jingqing 02 Turmoil when looking after horses 2 CCTV.ia.mp4, Journey to the West ep. There are three versions. Sample video of Journey to the West 1986 episode 1 with burned in ASS subtitles. Attribution Information It received great response from the audience and is widely considered as the best adaptation of the original work. In this re-telling, Xuan Zang (Wen Zhang) is a novice demon-hunter, and a hopeless one at that. Character portrayal. Producer(s) Clearly, the Chinese can equal the best stuff coming from Hollywood with this film. They are then offered cups of tea by a Taoist master when they pass a Taoist temple. Production location(s) Journey to the West 1986 Episode 4 [English Subtitles] Mr BPX.,,,, He had managed to keep the strengths of what he is well known for in irreverent comedy, and crafted his best in years, while coming up with yet another new spin to keep things engaging even for the most jaded amongst us on the tale of Monkey King. Sanzang is abducted by a bunch of demons and tempted by a charming lady. You WILL be amazed and some are absolutely insanely designed. Comedy Club. The pilgrims come across a burned mountain. Sun Wukong becomes powerful after Taoist practice. The end result is an editable copy of the retail subtitles in the SubRip format (.srt). Again and again, I found myself amazed but rarely amused. folklore. As of 2012, the series has been repeated on Chinese local channels more than 2,000 times.[5]. AKA: Xi you: Xiang mo pian, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, Odyssey, Xi You Xiang Mo Pian. 1080p.BluRay It is in the Advanced SubStation Alpha format - also known as .ASS subtitle files. Two demons want to eat Sanzang and abducts everyone except Wukong to their cave. china - China But despite his lack of skills other than a stout heart, help comes in the form of Ms Duan (Shu Qi), the expertly skilled demon hunter, with her own posse to allow some cameo appearances, who has the hots for Xuan Zang (again playing to the tune that he is someone desirable, as any Journey story goes), and pops up almost always at the right time to save his hide.Elements from Journey stories include the individual encounters with all his disciples and their tweaked back stories, which credit has to be given to the screenwriters for improvements that worked within the confines of this alternate story they wanted to tell. Download Subtitles, 720p.BluRay It is one of the most popular TV series in Chinese history. 44:58. Bo Huang Journey to the West (1986) mm sub, download Journey to the West (1986) myan sub, stream Journey to the West (1986) at MMFILMs. based on novel or book Duyt thm video. 2 Download | Chi-kin Kwok, Cast: The pilgrims arrive at a kingdom where monks are tortured. DMCA After being saved, he and his disciplesarriveat the Thunder Temple, but Wukong immediately recognizes it as a fake one. As a team, they experiences 81 tribulations, defeats relentless demons and manages toreceivethe scriptures from theBuddha at the end of the journey. << } !1AQa"q2#BR$3br /SMask /None>> w !1AQaq"2B #3Rbr CCTV released the whole series on Youtube. Originally written as an insert song, but was replaced by a piece of background music in the final release. The king of the country the prilgrims enter is terribly illed. Sanzang and his disciples suffer from three tribulations. 1 2 . It was broadcast on CCTV in 2000. Directors: Stephen Chow, Chi-kin Kwok Writers . IMDB: 7/10 95 votes. Sanzang and Wukong arrives at Guanyin Monastery. Status:CompletedReleased:N/ADuration:45 minCountry:ChinaType:DramaEpisodes:41Director:N/ACasts:Dehua Ma, Huaili Yan, Liu Xiao Ling Tong, Shaohua XuPosted by:adminReleased on:May 11, 2021Updated on:May 11, 2021 720p.BluRay A new disciple called Sha Wujing joins the team. If you have any legal issues please contact the appropriate media file owners or linked hosting websites. C q" He is tranformed into a tiger by the demon. So, when I was offered a chance to see his film, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons I was excitedvery excited. A cunning demoness transforms into humans to trick Sanzang for three times and leads Sanzang to break up with Wukong. /Creator ( w k h t m l t o p d f 0 . Now this isn't to say it's a bad film overall. Subtitles - download movie and TV Series subtitles In 1998, the crew gathered again to film the rest of the stories from the original work that were not covered in the first season. It depicts the Monk Tang Sanzang's pilgrimage to the Vulture Peak with his disciples during the Tang Dynasty in ancient China. As a result, the crew adapted the uncovered story into flashbacks of the protagonists after they returned to the Tang Empire from the Vulture Peak. - 5) 7. Journey to the West- Conquering the Demons (2013) Journey to the West 07 Feb 2013. The original lead actors of Journey to the West (1986) Liu Xiao Ling Tong, Chi Chongrui and Ma Dehua reprised their roles in Wu Cheng'en and Journey to the West, a 2010 television series about Wu Cheng'en and his inspiration for writing the novel Journey to the West. Add to history. , Journey to the West (1986) . 6.8. A demoness robbed the princess of the kingdom and transformed herself into the princess. The series was first broadcast on CCTV in China on 1 October 1986. Total Runtime 1d 15h (26 episodes) Country Korea, Republic of. The first trial episode was aired on 1 October 1986, and filming lasted until 1987. - Journey to the West (1986 TV series) - Wikipedia Sanzang and his disciples meets a powerful demon after Wukong left. As one of the greatest Chinese fables is set to be retold yet again . The viewership rate reached 89.4% in 1987.[1]. /AIS false Journey to the West - The Legend of the Monkey King - But it all comes together for an enjoyable end result, which is what matters. Journey to the West (Chinese: X Yu J) is a Chinese mythology TV series adapted from the classic novel with same title. Journey to the West- Conquering the Demons(2013) - Channel Myanmar 2. Starring Javascript not supported on your browser, please enable Javascript in order to fully utilize the website, Available in: Chinese mythology, fantasy, adventure journey to the west 1986 myanmar subtitle - MitoCopper 48:56. We do not host any videos on itself. Eventually, however, the pair end up facing the formidable Monkey Kingand their relationship is seriously tested and the pair are brought together.The film really excels when it comes to its production values. Screenplay by Uploaded by: FREEMAN It turns out the national treasure was missed by monks in the royal temple. << /Type /Catalog Five hundred years later, a monk called Tang Sanzang in the Tang Empire sets out to bring back Buddhist scriptures from theVulture Peakin India under the instruction ofGuanyin Bodhisattva. Stephen Chow Journey to the West subtitles. He has amazing magical powers and strength and was imprisoned for 500 years due to his hubris for challenging the gods. 1080p.BluRay only and only provides links to third party video hosting sites which videos are uploaded by third party users. First aired 44:40. Journey to the West Sun Wukong episode 1 - Journey to the West english subtitle I wrote about Pleco's e-book Journey to the West a while back. Journey to the West1986 EP1| The monkey king comes into - YouTube demon hunter Wukong has to use all types of methods to beat the demons' magical items. List of media adaptations of Journey to the West, " Journey to the WestEnglish Subs | 40 - YouTube", Doraemon: The Record of Nobita's Parallel Visit to the West, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back, Journey to the West: Legends of the Monkey King, Griever: An American Monkey King in China, Journey to the West Legends of the Monkey King,, Television shows based on Journey to the West, Articles with Chinese-language sources (zh), Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, 4062 minutes (45 on the YouTube release), Facing three adversities during the tough journey, Defeating three demons in a contest of magic powers, Three attempts in taking the Palm Leaf Fan, Cleaning the tower and redressing a grievance, Falling into the spiders' cave by accident, Dangerous crossing at Heaven Reaching River, Praying for rain in Phoenix Immortal Prefecture, Performed by the musical band of the Central Ballet Troupe; conducted by Hu Bingxu, The opening theme music played at the start of each episode, Composed by Wang Liping; lyrics by Wang Liping; performed by Wu Yanze. Correct words for English dub. Journey to the West subtitles | 77 subtitles PDF Journey to the west 1986 myanmar subtitle Yang Jie ( 1986-10-01) Journey to the West is a Chinese television series adapted from the classic 16th-century novel of the same title. Episode Count 3 / Uh$9w4O. With Xuecen Bai, Zhongyang Baomu, Jiang Bian, Roly Gutirrez. It turns out that he is the child of Wukong's old friend. The series consists of two seasons, both directed by Yang Jie and produced by CCTV. Journey to the West: With Shi Lei, Chun-Chung Tong, Ke Hu, Zhihui Chen. 03 Messing in the Heavenly Palace 3 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.04 Difficult to escape the Buddha's hand 4 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.05 Master and Disciple happily united5 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.06 Guanyin Temple disaster 6 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.07 Pigsy accepts his master 7 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.08 8 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.09 Stealing the Ginsengfruit 9 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.10 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.11 11 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.12 Indiana lotus hole12 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.13 13 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.14 Converting Red Boy 14 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.15 The Great Sage conquers three demons 15 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.16 Interesting encounter in Women Country16 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.17 17 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.18 18 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.19 19 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.2020 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.21 The Webbed Cave is burnt 21 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.22 Trapped in a bottomless pit 22 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.23 23 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.24 Proposed for marriage in Tianzhu country24 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West ep.25 25 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West sequel ep.011 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West sequel ep.02 2 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West sequel ep.03 3 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West sequel ep.04 4 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West sequel ep.05 5 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West sequel ep.06 6 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West sequel ep.07 7 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West sequel ep.08 8 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West sequel ep.09 9 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West sequel ep.10 10 () CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West sequel ep.11 11 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West sequel ep.12 12 () CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West sequel ep.13 13 () CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West sequel ep.1414 CCTV.mp4, Journey to the West sequel ep.1515 CCTV.mp4, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014).
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