You're interns, grunts, nobodies, bottom of the surgical food chain. Be not disturbed with my infirmity. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There is no data for this, but it does offer a romantic image of the genius playwright saying goodbye poetically through one of his most vivid characters. As he further declined, the doctors kept looking for the reason behind the decline. Following the investigation, Dr. Bailey became reclusive and refused to operate, testing herself repeatedly for MRSA. well this just got all messed up thanks photoshop. Bailey got some scrubs and had Vik page whomever from cardio was on call. "- in reference to the Nazi's preference of Aryans, who had blonde hair and blue eyes. She felt lonely without him when Tuck was at his father's and the fence needed some repair work. Familial Information A few weeks later, they ran into each other in the ER and she followed him outside. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. We are the guardians of our own humanity. Customers. [24], With 22 days left on the contract, Alex had Bailey cover the ER since both Owen and Teddy were out on personal days. Monologues are presented on StageAgent for educational purposes only. It was such an inspiring moment to see even a tough-as-nails MD admit her struggles, own her story, and refuse to be seen as only her mental illness. Upon hearing that, Bailey stated she felt sorry for the other candidate because she'd wipe the floor with them. As she said she could only stand there and let the loss happen, she broke down in Richard's arm. While she was talking about his poor survival odds, he told her she was bleeding. Dr. Bailey was nearing the end of her surgical residency in General Surgery, and Richard Webber had planned for her to become a general surgery attending. A lot of doctors aren't willing to go all in. Despite being a straight-A student who had taken care of his siblings on his own for months, Jo doubted that he would ever be adopted as 17 year olds are generally viewed as adults who can fend for themselves. At the beginning of her internship, she met Debbie, a nurse at Seattle Grace, who taught her how to be respectful to patients, as well as superiors and her fellow interns. I miss no-nonsense Bailey's toughness. Of course, she opened it. He knew it had been hard on her since his job change and said it was time for them to re-connect. Congratulations.Bailey: Thank you? Joves lightnings, the precursors Alex thought she was on a crusade against people with mental illness, but she pointed out she was someone with mental illness herself, so she knew how hard it could be to ask for help. And, yes, I have obsessive-compulsive disorder. Have I made shake, and by the spurs plucked up At the end of the day, Ben and Bailey left together. They also worked on a medical trial to try to cure diabetes together, although Bailey refused to allow her to help at first because of what happened with Derek's Alzheimer's trial. And there repose. Later, Bailey informed Ben she was in an emergency. She told him about her son and her husband. She guided him back to his room. She told him that worrying about him and if he would come home at night was not helping. They headed out to work. Richard later visited Bailey in her office and she explained to him that she wasn't giving him the job because she didn't want to add to his plate with his struggles after Ollie's death. With those that I saw suffer a brave vessel Andrew showed up with a cocky attitude, knowing she needed help, which didn't help to calm her down. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. [53], The doctors switched off keeping him company. Her new nickname is "BCB", which means Booty-call Bailey because of her frequent "contacts" with. I and my fellows Is there any particular scene/moment youd like to see in a .gif? By moonshine do the green sour ringlets make, We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Youre perfect. She usually gives advice to others, being very direct. 2022 Foxiz News Network. When George told her he was joining the army, Bailey freaked out, and with the help of other doctors, they staged an "intervention" to stop him from going. 6 Excellent Shakespeare Monologues for Women | Backstage Of sulphurous roaring the most mighty Neptune (F) The infections were transmitted due to the replacement of surgical gloves instituted via Pegasus policy, which possessed microtears. "I have five rules. She cares about her patients and is a committed surgeon. All the boys and all the bars and all the obvious daddy issues, who cares? On Meredith's busy pro bono surgery day, Bailey was paged to the clinic by Andrew, who suspected his patient was a human trafficking victim. 29 Shakespeare Monologues for Actors | Backstage [13], Plagued by worries over Ben, Bailey couldn't sleep, so she got to work early and started working on Jo's idea for cancer killer cells. She took a short break to quiz a math whiz on math problems. You wait. If by your art, my dearest father, you have Put the wild waters in this roar, allay them. Bailey said the world is a scary place, no matter how well you raise your kids. She asked Meredith to leave. Obviously there's so so many good ones but if I had to parse it down to one I think I have to go with Christina's Burke took something from me monologue. Dean Miller informed her that Ben was among the people inside though not hurt. She and her family live at 1017 Hawthorne Ave. Seattle, Washington 98105. And pardoned the deceiver, dwell Bailey was destined to be Chief of Surgery. It can be challenging to pick apart, but as you start unlocking the words you will see why The Tempest has long been a favourite among Shakespeare fans. She also had cravings and started to think about how breastfeeding, which she had read was recommended now, would interfere with her career. When Izzie got cancer, Bailey softened up. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Our 9x sold out online acting course returns soon. Ten years ago today, movie viewers were treated to one of the most iconic monologues in film history. She apologized to the students and proposed they reschedule for a less hectic day, but they told her they had learned a lot from the way she handled the situations. "Everyone I touched today, everyone I held in my hands or gave to another surgeon to put back together againfine," Bailey said. Bailey looks up to Webber. It just, it never occurred to me that she would ever be with anyone else. You are handsome, and kind, and smart, and good. p.s. Understanding Dahlia wasn't open to learning from anyone else, Bailey fired her so she at least had something in common with her hero. "He took something from me. Are you looking for some Greys Anatomy Monologues? He sympathized with her, having been through two miscarriages with his ex-wife. Come and join the fun in our online acting class, Copyright 2023 StageMilk | an ARH Media PTY LTD website. She took a day off so they could spend his day off together. I mean, I'm going to try not to be offended at that.Arizona: No, no, no. GA: A Hard Day's NightPP: Ex-LifeS19: Stuck And I have a big job, where I do big, lifesaving, miracle-working things - where I lead others so that they can do their big, lifesaving, miracle-working thing. They spread out to find him. Ben told her that he would quit for her but Miranda told him not to, as his job did stress him out, but she knew that this was what he wanted to do. That's not gonna change. Bailey was the only female intern in her year. Did you make the most of this beautiful, terrifying, messed-up life? Ben didn't mind waiting for her. She was sent home but came back, and Miranda diagnosed her with porphyria. Greys Anatomy returned last night (January 23) after a brief hiatusand it was an incredibly emotional episode. Miranda Bailey monologues that women should hear, the only character she visually described. She changed her lifestyle to a more healthy one, but she did resume her life as if nothing had happened. Miranda had some inhibitions, as she had only ever had sex with her ex-husband, she had a child, she was divorced, but Ben didn't care. Miranda decided to leave her husband, believing a marriage should never come to an ultimatum, but also declined the fellowship. She told him she was being treated, but he didn't respond and left for an emergency. She clarified she wanted to give Taryn a taste of the adrenaline and fear that makes you a surgeon and warned him that he was making this personal. I like this Kepner. She didn't want to go because people would congratulate her like it was all over, but she was not cancer-free. In the ER, Andrew asked Bailey if he could treat patients now that he had agreed to start seeing a counselor. Bailey later pursueda new project of genome mapping that will arm doctors the necessary information to treat diseases at the source rather than treating the symptoms as they arise. The pictures continued to bother her. Bailey and Catherine then settled the Gabriella Rivera case by telling Luis Rivera that the Foundation would pay for everything. It is a testimony in itself that how much the fans love the show. Because the only cure for paranoia is to be here, just as you are., Youre a good man. She was drawn out only by her husband, Ben, but she still refused to perform surgeries, until she had to operate on Meredith. Have sunk the sea within the earth or ere Bailey: I held him in my hands. She warned the others about the shooter and her quick-thinking saved her own as well as her patients' lives. She would like to quote Lin Manuel Miranda, "You get nothing if you wait for it." Trauma protocol, phone list, pagers, nurses will page you. Is to make midnight-mushrooms, that rejoice "But I made that fine. Although known for her strict personality, Bailey has an excellent bedside manner. Catherine refused to just appoint Bailey right away and demanded that she be tested against an outside candidate of Catherine's choosing. Everyone I touched today, everyone I held in my hands or gave to another surgeon to put back together againfine, Bailey said. Brie? Finally, she went to see Joey and delivered the bad news. She needed a break from that, too. After the break, Bailey barged into the room and talked about how Meredith had been breaking the rules since day one, and even though she deserved to be fired over it, she did not deem it fair for her license to be taken away. Having them there felt like Catherine had won. Dr. Bailey's Monologue About Miscarriage on - Glamour You Definitely Need To Hear These 9 Miranda Bailey Monologues From 'Grey's Anatomy' by Savannah Walsh April 23, 2019 ABC/Bob D'Amico Since the moment Miranda Bailey uttered, "I have five. Prep your tear ducts accordingly. She thinks Alex was made to be a peds surgeon. In this list of Greys Anatomy Monologues, most of them are voice-overs by Meredith Grey until mentioned otherwise. After Bailey was informed of this, she began to show signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) which caught her husband's attention. Whoever said winning isnt everything, never held a scalpel. Richard: I am not crying wolfBailey: Sir?Richard: I do not make decisions lightly. They went over the case together all day and paged Andrew to ask for details on the case. Humane, conscientious, civilized, thoughtful. Meredith's Monologues on Tumblr While she was still married, he flirted with her. She then said it was a matter of luck that Alex became the person that he is today. Her reputation as a tough boss proceeded her, but over the course of 15 seasons, Miranda Bailey has proven she is a vulnerable, ambitious, hardworking, hilarious, and, yes, strong female character in a show that also boasted the likes of Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey. Alex and Richard came in to back her. Tagged: Never Give Up, Failure, go for it, Persistence. To hear the solemn curfew, by whose aid She advised Alex to look into Vincenzo DeLuca's mental health issues. Bailey initially denied his request but Meredith pointed out he had made an incredible save, convincing Bailey to let Andrew scrub in to just watch. "DEREK: "This thing with us is finished. Miranda Bailey: You take your maiden voyage with a nice boy. Bailey was not entirely happy with his decision. Jo applied the techniques, including reciting a list of things you know by heart, but it didn't work. With Richard and Ben at her side, Bailey called her motherElena and told her she had a heart attack and that it was scary, but she was okay. You have not found this show relatable. A boy that you love so much you wanna super glue yourself to him. That hath to instrument this lower world They had to climb out and took Phoebe to the OR. I made that work. A monologue is a long speech given by a single character in a play. Tucker Jones (ex-husband)Ben Warren (husband) This play features magic and has an otherworldly quality similar to Shakespeares earlier work A Midsummer A Nights Dream. He packed a suitcase and she assured him that it wasn't final. Kep Come here, Kepner. As time went on I feel she became all soft side, and every scene she was in she's either crying or whining. The Tempest is one of Shakespeares most well-loved plays. When you look back on your life, the only thing that matters is: Did you spend it doing what you love? But when all was said and done, Bailey needed a release and broke down in a powerful conversation about her loss with Webber. Bailey later watched Evan Forrester say goodbye to his wife while his son Max was still in the dark. But deep down were all still rooting around in the primordial ooze, biting, clawing, scratching out an existence in the cold dark world like the rest of the tree toads and sloths. Though it's hard to imagine anyone but Chandra Wilson, who's been nominated for multiple Emmys over the course of the series, delivering Shonda Rhimes' signature monologues as Dr. Bailey, that was actually originally the case. O, the cry did knock All monologues are property and copyright of their owners. Theres another way to survive this competition, a way no one ever seems to tell you about, one you have to learn for yourself. All rights reserved. She wanted to have time to innovate and fall in love with the OR again and spend more time with her loved ones. Where man doth not inhabit you mongst men [38], Around Halloween, Bailey's hormones started to get the better of her. This can certainly be a difficult task, with so many choices out there, but she's rounded up "six exciting, challenging, and moving Shakespeare monologues for men." 1. She was afraid that being married to him was killing her. Now, let us begin with Greys Anatomy Monologues! He took little pieces of me, little pieces over time, so small I didn't even notice, you know? Although not stated directly in dialogue, Bailey is, She refers to her interns as her "babies.". Bailey and Jo convinced her they were as good as Meredith and after a thorough work-up and a process of elimination, they figured out the diagnosis and resolved the problem surgically. She hired Alex back and appointed him interim Chief and decided to fund Jo's fellowship with her own money from the TrailBlazer. Trauma protocol, phone list, pagers, nurses will page you. He said it is not as easy to get over as people make it seem, which is why he had developed a habit of lighting a candle on what would have been the kids' birthdays. Bailey insists that April didn't want to do this considering the way Alex had often treated women. So, we pick and choose who we want to remain close to. They fought while she was operating and she found out he wanted her to do the crossword puzzle. Him and his innocent child; for which foul deed, I loved Bailey so much in the first few seasons, they perfectly balanced her as a strong leader with ambition but with a soft side that we would get to see on occasion. And sure, sometimes close can be too close. Jo said she could. I do. He pointed out her testimony made him feel the same way as he thought she'd stand up for Meredith as he had. Bailey believed in Santa until the age of eleven. Miranda Bailey is a general surgeon and the former Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. You and your ways, whose wraths to guard you from Lots of smiling. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement and Your California Privacy Rights. You don't get to call me a whore. She gave it to Bailey because Bailey had supported her throughout her cancer treatment. She's hot. It's over. I hate you. Bear with my weakness; my old brain is troubled. [50], Andrew convinced Bailey that he was ready to return to work and she allowed him to treat patients again starting with shifts in the clinic. He later woke up with normal cognitive function.[54]. Much to her dismay, she discovered that a display with pictures from all past and present Chiefs had been installed in the cafeteria, with Alex's picture last. Female Monologues. Her meds needed to be adjusted, which is why she had been off. They gathered the top attendings, who all agreed to quit unless Tom agreed to their terms. Thy mother was a piece of virtue, and She said thou wast my daughter; and thy father Was Duke of Milan; and thou his only heir And princess no worse . "DEREK: "Yeah, it's done. 39 Great Classical Monologues for Actors | Backstage Following severe injuries to her son and several arguments over the state of their marriage, Bailey and her husband separated because her husband believed that she placed her job at the hospital before her family and that it led to Tuck's injuries. Brie? }). When Grey protests, Bailey responds, "I'm Dr. Bailey and I know everything." Now my charms are all oerthrown, At work, Bailey took the case of Carly Davis, who had a carbon monoxide poisoning from a suspected suicide attempt. Its just one piece. Our site is an advertising supported site. In the face of some of her interns being hurt in the Joe's Bar accident, she continued to do just thatand saved lives in the process. Everyone was devastated, especially Bailey, who said that she needed to stop caring so much because it was interfering with her life. Grey's Anatomy Monologues We live out our lives in the surgical unit. Miranda was not very happy at first, but he did not want to give up surgery and got a job at Grey Sloan Memorial. The search for a diagnosis continued. He left after kissing her goodbye. Ben dropped off presents for Tuck on Christmas Eve. When Betty was discovered amongst the teenagers, she was diagnosed with an aortic dissection. And will not be uplifted. Thisthisthis, II am. A run! Theres a little animal in all of us. Later, Andrew confronted her about sidelining him, suspecting she did so because of his relationship with Meredith. Lingring perdition, worse than any death Put yourself in Pandoras shoes. Portrayed by Rule number one, don't bother sucking up. Ben offered to take that off her plate as his father gave him the talk and it worked. Put the wild waters in this roar, allay them. She convinced Bailey to buy the expensive C7500 TurboMix, pointing out the joy it would bring her. Catherine pointed out that doing so had created a big rift between her and Richard. While she was trying to get a hold of Ben, she came across Joe's bar, where the Station 19 crew was working to extract a car that had crashed into Joe's bar, trapping everyone inside. During a break, she confronted him and he reiterated that it was his decision to make. is the founder of StageMilk. We thought it was about time we collated a list of the strongest and most compelling monologues from The Tempest for actors, teachers and theatre-lovers to enjoy. [20], Bailey and Ben remained separated through the holidays. We live out our lives in the surgical unit. He told her he would handle it and started throwing stuff on the ground as she left. On discovering Miranda had applied for a pediatric surgery fellowship, Tucker gave her an ultimatum: the fellowship or their marriage. CurrentGrey Sloan Memorial HospitalFormerSeattle Grace HospitalSeattle Grace Mercy West Hospital Why do we have to know whats behind door number three, even when were pretty sure itll be bad for us? She sat down with Richard, who told her that those residents weren't Grey Sloan caliber. She pointed out he had a habit of going around the system for Meredith no matter the consequences. Bailey told her she watched Jo teeter on the edge, bring herself and Bailey back from that, and saved Carly's life in the process, which all told her Jo would be okay. She was not amused. The crew got everyone out. Leave not a rack behind. At work, she flourished as a mentor to Jo. Bailey disapproves of the research approved by Alex. But more often than notthe chemicals in our brains control us. The people that are still with you at the end of the day, those are the ones worth keeping. She understood and wanted to help him. Bailey was the first character to appear in every Grey's Anatomy Universe show. She faced initial difficulties getting support from the attendings, but after talking with the Chief, managed to get their agreement to work there. Which here, in this most desolate isle, else falls I LOVE her. Im bulletproof. At work, Teddy asked her for a job again, but Bailey directed her to Alex. That man turned her world. She also confirmed a list of incidents involving Meredith to be true. For instance, Bailey stayed by Cristina during her pregnancy scare and her initial recovery; she also held Izzie's hand when Izzie was giving bone marrow for her daughter. He asked Bailey if she would be willing to write a recommendation so he could apply for a job of Chief of Peds at Shawnee Memorial. After a conversation with Richard Webber, Bailey finally agreed. They went inside and celebrated Valentine's Day in the bedroom. The is spoken at the end of the play and is arguably Shakespeares most famous epilogue. The powers delaying, not forgetting, have She ordered pizza for the kids. She is a happy person. And what is int, the never-surfeited sea Meredith discovered that their John Doe patient was actually George O'Malley. She requested for a cardiac stress test and a second opinion, but Maxwell ignored her and asked her some other questions instead. Did you spend it doing what you love? It took some time for Bailey to notice, but Peds was in her interest. Maggie and Cormac escorted him off the stage and called 911. Bailey later informed him of this. Afterward, Bailey and Ben lied down on top of the engine and talked about their baby possibly being a girl. Dr. Meredith Grey , Grey's Anatomy , Season 3 : Great Expectations. She sat down with Meredith in the attendings' lounge, where Meredith was missing Alex cheering her up after a hard day. And sometimes the damage is something we cant even see. Ben and Bailey started going out after Miranda's divorce. She worked on a case with Teddy and Tom. He apologized and said the slightest things set him off lately. Eli, a nurse, asked her out, and the two dated for a while, even to the extent of sleeping together in the on-call room, something which Miranda never actually thought she would do, given her stellar reputation. Eventually, Bailey hit a rough patch in her own research and begun shutting out Webber from their lab of mice. MommyAmandaBCB (Booty Call Bailey)Dr. BChiefChief BaileyThe ChiefMama BearLittle Bitty Doctor BaileyBingy He ended his letter by thanking her again, which he knew was small and lame compared to what she had done for him. But that I do not. They were the great love story. She also had him forward her the list that Lauren had sent him. Levi then also dumped a few STEM students on here, who were to learn about leadership, something she had approved months ago. Were just going to take a day and ride the ferryboat all day if we want. They all witnessed as he gave an unfocused talk about a cure for cancer with a messy presentation with simple hand-drawn pictures. She was mad upon finding out Andrew had taken off on foot to retrieve a donor liver at Seattle Pres and got upset with Link for discharging Joey in the middle of a blizzard. If you do find there is a part that you connect with grab a monologue and get started. With the people you love? Bailey was angered. The Tempest Monologues | Best Monologues for Actors - StageMilk She told Richard she had handled losing her best surgeons and friends but couldn't handle this loss of her daughter. Ted's Bio; Fact Sheet; Hoja Informativa Del Ted Fund; Ted Fund Board 2021-22; 2021 Ted Fund Donors; Ted Fund Donors Over the Years. Oh, god! Afterward, she checked in on the residents in the war room on Suzanne's case and told them to go shower. She [her baby] isnt fine. A) Always keep score. Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight, and hurt not. Meredith asked her for advice on how to tell her kids that she was dating Andrew, which Bailey already knew about from Richard. There isnt anything that he can say to me that I havent heard from my mother a thousand times. She was told that they try to keep siblings together, though Joey wasn't reassured by that as his siblings weren't his actual siblings but rather kids who had run away from their foster home together. Due to her working as a surgeon, Bailey rarely spent time at home, putting a strain on their marriage and following an incident where Tuck was hurt at home, their relationship was strained even more and although they stayed married, Tucker went on dates. "I pictured her as a tiny blonde with curls," Rhimes said to Oprah. And as the child she didnt want, I am telling you, dont do this to her, because shes kind and she cares and she wont make it. So you can hold on to what matters most? But sometimes, that invasion of personal space it can be exactly what you need., Paranoia gives you an edge in the OR. Bailey agreed and made the call. While casually speaking to Derek he mentioned that her condition could be affecting patient care. Marital Every reason to think the sky is falling. Bailey had her scrub in so they could repair her abdominal aortic aneurysm. Not only will you have killed someone, you woke me for no reason. Ben operated on a man in the psych ward with a clipboard and operated on a pregnant women without proper consent in a hall and she died. When all of her friends, and her new fianc, Alex Karev, were too afraid to go visit her, Dr. Bailey was supportive, and a very motherly figure to Izzie. Bailey kept her pregnancy news private from others, as she didn't want to get her personal life caught up in her professional life. That's rule number two. Maggie then planned to perform a keyhole procedure. As she started to spiral, Bailey blurted out she was pregnant, which helped to calm Jo down. At the time of the episode airing, Bailey's year of residency had not been established, though it had been originally implied she was a 5th-year, as she discussed fellowship decisions during her pregnancy in the same season and was in charge of the OR in the, Bailey states to Derek she has been married for ten years in the Season 2 episode. After a talk with Meredith, he agreed to take the suspension if Bailey agreed to call the human trafficking hotline. [63], Bailey and Meredith operated on Adele, before returning to her wedding and tying the knot with Ben.[64].
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