Please describe the health or social care service setting or context in which the study will take place (such as the organisation or service type,). Academic clinical fellowships (ACFs) enable trainees to obtain formal exposure to research during clinical training and are . If hosted by another institution a direct collaboration with and benefit to Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust must be demonstrated in order to be eligible to apply for a Partnership Fellowship. The project title should state clearly and concisely the proposed research. Diabetes UK is interested in funding research into all forms of diabetes and its complications. The NIHR Doctoral Fellowship is a three year full-time award that supports individuals to undertake a PhD in applied health or social care research. Where already registered for a PhD (orMPhilwith transfer to PhD), the applicant should not have been registered for more than 12 months at 100%WTEby the time the award starts. The application will not be submitted to the NIHR for consideration until all the required signatory has approved the final version. Maintain and build a relationship with both the NIHR and a partner, entrepreneurship and working with industry, have completed any relevant pre-registration training (clinical academic applications only), hold a relevant PhD or MD, or have submitted their thesis for examination at the time of application applicants must have been awarded their PhD or MD by the time they start, ensure that any previous NIHR awards undertaken finished no longer than 12 months ago this does not include any time taken for statutory leave, have not submitted a DSE application in the previous round. Doctoral applicants should give details of proposed supervisor(s) (up to 4) and the support they will provide. Location: Southampton General Hospital Salary: 33,314 to 36,386 per annum Full Time Fixed Term for 12 months Closing Date: Sunday 12 March 2023 Interview Date: To be confirmed Reference: 2182323FC. Suitability and standard of methodology and research design to answer research question being proposed. The publication record is automatically populated from the information added to the Research Outputs section of your ARAMIS account. Dr Anna Volkmer - Applying for an NIHR advanced fellowship For early career post-doctoral applicants or those transitioning into applied health/social care research; evidence of commitment to a career as a researcher in applied health or social care research. NIHR Pre-Doctoral Fellowships are designed to support people who are looking to start or advance a career in health and social care research methodology, specifically in one of the following areas: Applicants without a Masters degree should use the Fellowship to undertake a Masters degree in one of the areas listed. Applicants who are active clinicians (defined as being either a registered doctor, dentist or other registered healthcare professionals eligible to apply for the Integrated Clinical Academic programme) or social workers, are able to request up to 40% of their time be dedicated to clinical service/development/practice, which will be covered by the Fellowship. Describe how you will support and enable patients/service users, carers, the public and members of relevant communities to contribute to your research (e.g. Please indicate clearly any co-applicants and provide brief details of the nature and full extent of your involvement (e.g., project design, project management, day to day running, data collection, data analysis, writing papers for publication, etc.). External Consultancy costs must be fully justified in the Justification of Costs section. . Start early. Explain why your approach to patient and public involvement is appropriate for this proposal. What is the research question / aims and objectives?Please summarise the research question / key aims and objectives. If the patient care intervention under investigation either wholly or partially replaces usual care, the Usual Treatment Costs section must be completed. If an allegation of plagiarism is raised against an application this will be investigated in accordance with the NIHR Academy Executives policy on plagiarism, a copy of which is available on request from. NIHR Fellowships & 'One NIHR' - Musings of a methodologist There is further Guidance for the completion of the form in these Applicant Guidance Notes. If you are not sure which category to select, choose the closest match to your project as this can be adjusted later. For Advanced applicants this is peer review by external experts, and if successful at this stage will proceed to an interview by the review selection committee. Please be aware that the research award does NOT include NHS Support and/or Treatment Costs. Please be assured that information provided by you is sensitive and will be treated confidentially and in line with General Data and Protection Regulations (GDPR). Indirect costs should be charged in proportion to the amount of research staff effort requested on the funding application form. Proposals will also involve close collaborations with the users of the research within the health and social care setting. NIHRdoes not support basic research or work involving animals or their tissue. This notice is under constant review and will be updated and / or revised based on that review as appropriate. It is a two-way process that may be challenging for both parties. Your data may be shared across the NIHR, including with other coordinating centres, to allow the application to be managed and for statistical analysis, and with external grant reviewers as part of the process for managing the allocation of a grant. All applicants will be contacted shortly after the closure date byNIHR Equality Monitoring. Linking to and using the response to the, section you should highlight the impact of outputs listed under. Government procurement transparency regulations require publication of details of all contracts made with the DHSC on their Website. Please also use this section to indicate any specific impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your application. fellowship interview. All Fellowship applications must be completed and submitted via the. The development or updating of a decision aid will be considered as part of a larger project or programme. All components of your application, including supporting documents for the Uploads section, must be submitted by the deadline. Any jointly funded Fellowships will be offered at the same funding level as any other NIHR Fellowship and under standard NIHR terms and conditions, except where additional terms and conditions are specified by the joint funder. The following should be remembered when formulating the assessment criteria: NIHR ACFs are intended to offer training to those who can demonstrate outstanding potential for development as a clinical academic in research including educational research Full details of the support INVOLVE can provide and contact information is available via the, only be used for the purpose of monitoring equal opportunities. They include clinicians, practitioners and researchers who do not have specialist knowledge of your field as well as members of the public. NIHR RDS North West. Postdoc Invitation Thread (2021-2022) | Student Doctor Network As such the findings of researchers funded by the programme are incorporated in to theDepartment of Health and Social Care Freedom of Information Publication Scheme. Further guidance for trainees and applicants is available in theNIHRClinical Trials Guide for Trainees. The flow diagram in Annex C goes through the actions required of participants, signatory and the applicant. The NIHR expects appropriate and relevant involvement of patients/service users, carers and the public and other key stakeholders in the research it supports. Where applicable, you will need to include the travel and subsistence costs relating to meetings with individuals providing research support. In addition, with the move to 2 rounds per year, it wont be permissible to apply to the same scheme within 12 months of making an initial application. NIHR programmes currently fund HEIs at a maximum of 80% of full economic cost, NHS bodies, social care organisations and other providers of NHS services in England 100% and commercial/other partner organisations at 100%. Everyone named in this section will be acting as a participant to your application and will need to agree to be part of this application. The potential burden on study participants can then be understood as well as whether or not the proposed strategies are practical, inclusive and feasible. NIHR Doctoral and Advanced Fellowships - Round 9 Guidance Notes October Equipment must exclude VAT, but if your organisation is unable to reclaim/recover the VAT on a piece of equipment, you should check the box VAT cannot be reclaimed. . PDF Abstracts - By answering theseEquality and Diversity Monitoring Information questions, you will help us to better understand the different groups of people that we fund and their experiences of being funded particularly the groups protected by UK equality legislation. Any organisation wishing to host anNIHRFellowship must be able to provide the applicant with a contract of employment for the duration of the award and be capable of fulfilling the role of research sponsor as set out in the. Health & Social Care R&D Division of the Public Health Agency Northern Ireland. You must ensure all participants are happy for your application to be submitted before submitting it on the online system. Whether you are someone who has recently been or about to be awarded a PhD, or someone with several years of post-doctoral experience you will be eligible to apply for an Advanced Fellowship. The Advanced Fellowship is for those at a post-doctoral level and can be utilised at several specific points of a researchers career development. Please note that as part of the work to address the issues surrounding the way in which Excess Treatment Costs are funded, new arrangements are now being implemented. The SoECAT form can be uploaded in Excel format, A clear explanation of the problem being addressed, A clear demonstration of the need for and importance of the research, A review of existing literature (primary research), A clear research question / aim(s) and objectives, A clear project plan summarising the study design and methods, Appropriate and relevant involvement of patients/service users, carers and the public, A clear, appropriate and relevant plan for dissemination, NIHR expects all content within applications for funding to be original material of the applicant's own work, with the exception of sections that other participants are required to complete. In this situation no justification or link to the research is required. These can be lease or purchase costs. Conference costs dont need to be individually itemised for each conference. The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) will enter into a Fellowship contract with the host organisation. Youshould include; the training and development the collaboration will provide; the facilities and expertise you will have access to; and how the collaboration will strengthen links between academia, industry and the NHS/social care. Please note all other queries about the application process should be directed to the NIHR Academy. If you are applying for an Advanced Fellowship under the topic ofMLTC-M, please indicate in the Application Summary Information Section by selecting this option from the Career Stagedropdownbox. NIHR acknowledges that you may be reluctant, or uncomfortable disclosing relevant information that is sensitive. Proposals must show a clear link to improving disease outcomes and/or improvements in health. Contacts +44 (0 . the NIHR. The DHSC is the Data Controller and LTHT is the Data Processor under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EC 2016/679. Using all of the headings (in the order presented) and guidance below, please use this section to clearly explain your proposed research. Staff costs should be detailed under the other direct costs section. Information and resources to assist you can be found on the INVOLVE website (a detailed definition of patient/service users, carers and public involvement in research, briefing notes for researchers on how to involve patients and the public/service users, carers and an involvement cost calculator and budgeting guide). Uploads below). Host Organisations are expected to comply with the relevant Principles and Obligations for clinical academic training and it is recommended Host Organisations read these documents, where relevant, before completing the statement of support. If you are proposing a programme of work as part of an application (particularly relevant for more senior awards) it maybe that certain elements of the programme would be outside the remit of NIHR if considered in isolation. Gail Distefano is a Medical Physicist specialising in Radiotherapy Physics at the Royal Surrey Hospital. For clinical academic applicants only: completion of relevant pre-registration training. Allergy, Immunity and Respiratory. Please provide estimates if exact costs are not available at the time of application. For clinical/practice applicants (including social care practitioners) applying for a Doctoral Fellowship on a full time basis, up to 2 sessions per week (i.e. What makes a Doctoral Fellowship application excellent? In partnership with your local R&D office, we encourage you to involve yourlocal CRN teamin discussions as early as possible when planning your study to fully benefit from the support theNIHRCRN offers as outlined in theirStudy Support Service. Yes. These proposals will include plans for undertaking innovative knowledge mobilisation (that is, to support the more effective use of research knowledge) whilst simultaneously. TheNIHRFellowship programme supports individuals with the potential and on a trajectory to become future leaders inNIHRresearch. Please give the full details of any completed higher degree(s) and, where relevant, the full details of any higher degree(s) you are currently undertaking. A strong case would need to be made for this as part of an application and anyone proposing doing so should contactNIHRin advance of submitting an application for advice. Sign In to Employer Centre. NIHR agrees to fund consultant salaries at a full-time rate equivalent to 10 Programmed Activities per week. The NIHR Fellowship programme supports individuals with the potential and on a trajectory to become future leaders in NIHR research. This section includes non-reusable items specific to the research. All costs in this section will be funded at up to 100% for HEI, NHS, social care and commercial/other partner organisations. Interview Questions. Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the additional guidance for applicants looking to include research and/or research training relevant to clinical trials in their fellowship application, particularly the key skills for competent clinical trialists. : If you are an Advanced Fellowship applicant and currently registered for a PhD/MD programme or masters leading to a PhD your supervisor will need to declare that the information supplied in your research doctorate is a current and accurate reflection of its current status. These are costs relating to the applicants training and development programme. Wellbeing of Women is the womens health charity saving and changing the lives of women, girls and babies. Project ManagementPlease outline the processes that will be put in place to ensure the research described will be well managed. Confidential information including research proposals (excluding the Plain English Summary, which will be published), detailed finance information, bank details, and departmental staff names (other than the award holders name) will be removed from the published versions. The institute conducts rigorous scholarly research and takes a critical and quantitative approach to the study of . Where appropriate applicants are encouraged to read theMRCcomplex interventions guidance.
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