If the program doesn't start automatically, click on the My Computer icon If you wanted better Wi-Fi with Virgin in the past, the only option was to stick the Hub into modem mode and upgrade to a mesh system, meaning additional boxes and clutter. To ensure this is possible, every member of the editorial staff follows a clear code of conduct. Virgin is also using the older Wi-Fi 5 technology, rather than Wi-Fi 6, as used on the far more expensive Orbi RBK852. 2. For those who live in high-rise flats, this should be particularly important. If you take a bundle with both Virgin Media and O2, youll have separate contracts and bills one for Virgin Media, and another for O2. they look like plume pods, wouldnt be surprised if someone has reflashed them to a generic firmware. Pick a category to get started. BeakerUK 1 yr. ago Thanks, seems to have done something.. the pod had a double flash and has now stopped. Within 2 minutes, hold the Sync button on the additional Booster for 3 seconds. One of these improvements takes the form of a software upgrade rolling out to its Virgin Media Hub 3 and Hub 4 hardware, while the other boost is a new product, dubbed WiFi Pods, that plug-in throughout your home to increase the signal. Founded in 2004, Trusted Reviews exists to give our readers thorough, unbiased Virgin media pod is an intelligent #wifi extender . Cheers for your help and apologies if I've got this completely wrong. and independent advice on what to buy. Rick Broida is the author of numerous books and thousands of reviews, features and blog posts. (Learn More), Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive brand new posts by email. They'll stick to a stronger 2.4GHz network rather than the faster 5GHz one. You may find that some equipment roams onto the 2.4GHz network because it is marginally stronger and never connects to the faster 5GHz network. WiFi and Internet speeds are fickle beasts. Its packed with WiFi 6 the latest generation of WiFi technology so more devices than ever can be used at the same time. Virgin Medias shiny new WiFi Pods are powered by mesh network subscription service Plume. And the more speed your Hub gets, the more your WiFi can do. O2 sim. All rights reserved. Is adding yet another broadcast to the mix such a great idea? That makes no sense to me as previously I'd have to set up routers to act as wifi boosters. Here you'll find all the help you need for Virgin Media related problems and issues. Other software improvements rolling out to Hub 3 and Hub 4 owners include: Virgin Media has dubbed its new software and WiFi Pod bundle Intelligent WiFi Plus. That's what I'd normally expect to do myself with any other booster. That means you will need to manually reconnect things which used the old name. You can read about how the Plume adaptive WiFi works in their whitepaper. With more people staying indoors, home Wi-Fi has taken a battering. You won't be able to connect Powerline adaptors, using HomePlug technology, to your Booster network. WiFi guarantee included at no extra cost and up to 3 WiFi pods if needed, . Otherwise set-up is a case of plugging the Pod in and waiting itll automatically see your router settings and network conditions, joining and extending your wireless network wirelessly, creating a mesh network. Plume Setup. That's what I'd normally expect to do myself with any other booster. If youve requested an upgrade, youll receive a new Virgin Media WiFi Hub in the post. Instead, Virgin Media will send the hardware in the mail. endstream endobj 4 0 obj Today, it has a new solution for better Wi-Fi: the Intelligent WiFi Pods. Hub 4 and wifi pod. , Your email address will not be published. What's more, that 250MB isn't counted against your 2.5GB monthly allotment of high-speed data.) Then switch the power on. View Details & Updates. If you don't see the Personal Hotspot option in the Cellular menu, you may need to manually update your iPhone's carrier settings. Hope you didn't use the password for anything sensitive! Yes. Step 3: There's only one option here, and it's $5/250MB Daily Mobile Hotspot. 8p/m extra or included with Gig1 or Volt. Obviously, if your walls block WiFi, there's a limit to what the pods can do. Then scroll down to Manage Mobile Hotspot and tap it. If it doesn't request another pod as you can get up to 3. There are a number of reasons why the Booster isnt working. Nice! Well update this article when we hear about exactly how WiFi Pods compare with the existing Pods available from Plume in the United States. It's also quite large - and might block the plug next to it. The Hub 4 is packed with Gig1 Fibre broadband giving you the speed you need to stream, zoom or game to your hearts delight. Your WiFi password, network name and other details can be found printed on the underside of the router. Naturally, the speed is limited to whatever the pod can negotiate with the hub. Virgin Media have provided me with a test unit of their new Intelligent WiFi pods to review. The Connection light will start to flash very quickly. Virgin Media services are only available in eligible Virgin Media network areas. So your phone or laptop will seamlessly connect to one network without you having to fiddle around with anything. To try again: Well, that's the theory. Available to Virgin Media customers with the Hub 3 and Hub 4 routers, is the Pod the Wi-Fi saviour youve been looking for? This is the same underlying technology seen in rival products from Google, Amazon, Netgear, and BT. Comparing WiFi guarantees of major UK ISPs. Step 5: Tap Settings > Cellular and you should see a Personal Hotspot option. Is this booster on some kind of subscription? As part of the Plus service, you get a WiFi Pod for an additional 5/month. Our staff members must strive for honesty and accuracy in everything they do. Powered by unlimited lightning-fast broadband, our Hub serves up the WiFi strength you need to scroll, meme and stream. So run a patch cable down to your shed, plug it into the Pod and you have a WiFi extender. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The big limitation is that both your 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi SSIDs need to have the same name and password. However, if you have Ethernet in your home, you can connect the pods to the Ethernet jacks in the home and that backhaul traffic will travel over the Ethernet cable. When settled, move to desired location. The former is a free update to Hub 3 and 4 routers that automatically sorts out any Wi-Fi kinks. Virgin WiFi Boosters can help tackle WiFi blackspots and are perfect for places where your existing home network won't reach. So whether it's technical issues, hub problems or you need support, well help you with our complete set of general help guides and answers like our billing and payments help guides. My friend had 2 pods at home but has since removed one as he needed the socket. How to set up a Virgin Media Hub . Yes. Pretty crappy! If you have a big home, put a pod in every room and you'll have fast WiFi broadcast everywhere. More info. Read ~6,781 times. This pod plugs into a power socket and listens for WiFi signals from the hub. (not very secure I know). The 5GHz barely connects and the 2.4GHz is a bit wobbly. New pod arrived and looks exactly the same as . Adaptive Band Steering indicates which frequency range out of 2.4Ghz and 5GHz a device should be on. The video guide also displays instructions that come along. Tap Next to complete the purchase. Intelligent WiFi reduces WiFi traffic by automatically finding quiet channels to use. To do so, open the phone dialer, then enter ##873283# and then tap Call. He lives in Michigan, where he previously owned two escape rooms (chronicled in the ebook "I Was a Middle-Aged Zombie"). By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Tap to select that option, and then tap Update. There are double Ethernet sockets on the Pod. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. When you click Finish on the final screen your wireless set-up is complete. Position away from devices that may cause interference i.e. Fastest WiFi guarantee of any major provider Contact Us. Virgin Media Gig1 (average download speed 1130Mbps) vs fastest widely available average download speeds of UK ISPs. Follow the on-screen set-up instructions. Nope. Well, that's the theory. When I plug the pod in halfway between the garden and the hub, this is the speed I get at the bottom of my garden: Finally, plugged into the pod's Ethernet: As a basic WiFi extender, they work. "When I plug the pod in halfway between the garden and the hub" guess they're okay as long as you have sockets in the middle of your lawn? Dual 100/1000Base-T Ethernet with autosense WAN or LAN configuration. The Boosters will then start copying the Hubs details. They do broadcast the SSID that they were set up with and you can connect to that and use it (if you have the password). 18 month contract. They are paired with the Virgin SuperHub. As it creates a mesh Wi-Fi network with the router, theres the chance for interference with other mesh systems such as Sonos, although that can be avoided by hooking your Sonos system up to Wi-Fi. Typically, SuperPods should be placed about 9-12 meters apart through walls but can be placed up to 18-24 meters apart for large open spaces (like a large living room). The Boosters are paired correctly if the connection lights (arrows) and the WiFi light are off. Confusing info about that? A light should flash quickly. Further exclusions & legal stuff apply. They're also meant to come with ad-blocking and speed-testing. Yeahit doesnt. At least 20Mbps download speeds in every room or 100 one-off credit. Mesh networks were originally developed for enterprise settings like offices, shopping malls but have since gained popularity at home as people invest in more devices and want total coverage throughout the home. Virgin's Intelligent WiFi Pod is here to wipe Wi-Fi blackspots from existence, Kob began his career at What Hi-Fi?, starting in the dusty stockroom before rising up the ranks to join the editorial and production team as the Buyers Guide editor. <>stream Virgin Media have provided me with a test unit of their new Intelligent WiFi pods to review. You should also note that after your hotspot period has ended, the Personal Hotspot option will disappear from the Cellular menu. It is an improvement, but this isnt the fastest wireless mesh system. I've been mostly satisfied with Virgin Mobile service on my iPhone 5S , especially the $30-per-month price tag for nearly unlimited everything. Check the Ethernet cable is securely connected from the main Booster and the Hub. You could also connect the Pod via ethernet cable as a backhaul, and this will negate the need for the Pod to be close to the Hub. TV 360, home phone, Volt benefits and WiFi Guarantee not currently available in 2022/23 network expansion areas. how the Plume adaptive WiFi works in their whitepaper, Join Virgin Media and get 50 bill credit, Dual-band, dual-concurrent radio operation. Make sure you havent pressed the WiFi button on the side of the Booster, as this turns the WiFi on and off. According to VM it can take up to 24h for the pod to settle. No setup fee. And, because the networks insists on putting all the SSIDs on the same frequency - I've noticed an overall slowdown in my WiFi speeds. We follow the IPSO Editors code of practice to underpin these standards. The sounds of stroking and scratching the cardboard. Virgin Media has been lagging behind the competition, providing just a single router and optional wireless boosters that run over your homes power lines. That's 60 per year. Plug the additional Booster into a mains socket, in the same room as the Booster that is connected to the Hub. Plug the larger Booster into a mains socket, in the same room, and switch it on. However, for iPhone owners in particular, it's not immediately clear how to enable the feature. 3 0 obj<>stream (I did.) Good luck. The pods virgin uses seem to be rebranded plume pods: https://www.plume.com/homepass/shop They're known as wifi mesh systems - most of this sub seems to swear by the tp link deco m5: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071241G3R/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_6HDVMMHTW57F2PNBATAQ badservice21 2 yr. ago The Virgin Intelligent WiFi Pod is a simpler, more integrated option that works with your existing router, building a wireless mesh network. Go to our WiFi Pod installation steps. After the lights have flashed on, connect the Booster to the Hub, using the Ethernet cable provided. Connect the coaxial cable to your new Hub and secure it with a spanner (this will be included when you receive your new Hub). Theres also the Virgin Connect app (iOS/Android) to check on the health of the home Wi-Fi as well as search for any blackspots. Now, press the sync button on the second Booster for 3 seconds. Additionally, there's no plug pass-through, so this will take up a socket in your home. Pretty good! Nothing too loud, but you probably don't want to place it near where you sit. Relocate the BoosterMove the Booster to another socket ideally an internal wall and away from interfering devices with a motor like a washing machine. Reset your Hub to default settings, start it up and running, connect your pod and leave until it's not pulsating the white light. That is a solid increase, reaching levels in the furthest part of the house similar to those from a couple of metres away from the router. (Or subscribe to this Atom Feed. This will return it to the default factory settings, then follow the steps to try pairing again. While Wi-Fi 6 devices are still in the minority, the technology is more future-proofed and adds even faster speeds. My maximum speed has dropped, but that's a fair sacrifice for vastly improved speeds elsewhere. Once youre all set-up, the Virgin Media WiFi Pods are designed to reduce the impact of neighbouring WiFi networks by automatically changing settings to stop interference. Instead, Virgin should automatically push an update to your phone. Step 4: You'll see a confirmation screen noting your start date ("Now") and end date. the combo of new Hub features and Wi-Fi Pods provides a step change in . The following screen instructs you to "Go to Settings/System > System Update > Update Phone," but iOS has no such option. Theyre coded to your router when you order them from Virgin. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. If youre experiencing poor WiFi coverage in your house, or office, then a WiFi Booster will help: It will be available now to all Ultimate Oomph and Gig1 customers at no extra cost. A WiFi router enables you to connect wirelessly to the internet from anywhere in your home on any internet-enabled device. A Virgin Media Booster can be used for any type of Hub or connection and will boost the signal significantly in under 200 square feet (50m), by picking up signals from far away connections via an antennae thats attached to it. Here youll find all the help you need for Virgin Media related problems and issues. Trusted Reviews is supported by its audience. Restart your modem-router combo box. The Power light will come on and the Connection light will flash amber. New live support hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am - 6 pm GMT. Intelligent WiFi chooses the least busy connection for your devices and automatically sorts WiFi issues for you. Leave for around 15 minutes to pair up to the smaller Booster and download the latest software updates. So my questions. 1 Reply More posts you may like r/VirginMedia Join 6 days ago (Optional) Connect one of your Plume pods to a LAN port on your modem-router combo box via the included Ethernet cable. Our intelligent Boosters: WiFi and Wired, use your home's internal electrical wiring to help connect your devices to the Hub from any room with a working socket. Terms of guarantee vary by provider. Place them no more than one floor or two rooms away. Want CNET to notify you of price drops and the latest stories? Its unclear exactly how many of the systems developed by Plume (and available from their own SuperPods system) will be available to those who sign-up for the Virgin Media-branded version of these mesh network gadgets. Tap it, then sign in using your Virgin account number and PIN. Amazon Eero mesh Wi-Fi review: a true rival to the Google Nest Wi-Fi? The most pirated show of 2020 probably won't shock you, Some lucky Britons can now upgrade their broadband using a satellite, Stunning Great Escape-inspired electric bike has a top speed of 60mph. At which point, it may be more cost effective to buy a decent router or your own mesh system. Our Hub 3 is packed with fast and reliable WiFi for great coverage around the home. Both of these boosts, designed to improve speeds to all devices in your home, will be available free to some customers while others will need to cough-up 60 a year for the privilege. Meet the Hub 5, ready to serve up Gig1 Fibre Broadband, our fastest most reliable WiFi yet. 1. Theres an Ethernet socket for a hardwired connection, while visual touches are restricted to a red Virgin logo on the top surface and an almost imperceptible LED light. They're useful, but come with some annoying limitations. Editorial independence means being able to give an unbiased verdict about a product or company, with the avoidance of conflicts of interest. Virgin Media hasnt revealed whether these motion-sensing capabilities are also built into its Plume-developed WiFi Pods, but if so, it could be something that really sets this mesh network option apart from rival BTs Whole Home Wi-Fi mesh. (That . Supercharged. For verification see virginmedia.com/fast. So, for example, if you fire it up at 9 a.m. on Monday, you've actually got until midnight on Tuesday -- effectively giving you two days for the price of one. How to setup or install virgin media pod in your home or office? The pod can get warm, there is a fan on the back of it which makes a light whirring noise. Whether our customers are working, streaming, browsing, playing or keeping connected online, the combo of new Hub features and WiFi Pods provides a step-change in connectivity that wont let you down.. Virgin says the best area for placement is a) out in the open and b) around halfway between the router and the blackspot area, though obviously theres room for adjustment depending on the location of mains sockets. Virgin Media has announced two upgrades designed to boost Wi-Fi signal throughout your home for those struggling with dead zones not reached by their router.
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