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Marie grabs the phone, nodding to get patched through to the ship. The Battlestar Galactica universes (Original Series and Re-imagined Series) have many fan fiction authors, games, and other media. However, by the fifth or sixth episode of season two, we already know that theres only eight infiltrators in the fleet, and weve seen six of the twelve models. Thats Jubilee, who as far as I know was mostly only important due to being the resident kid sidekick in the animated show from the 90s, and Cannonball, who uh exists? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The Battlestar Prometheus was the first of the new Nova Class Battlestars (the most advanced warships ever created by Humanity) to be commissioned into the Colonial Fleet.The Prometheus was a historic ship, undertaking a number of historical accomplishments in her service including: the location of habitable worlds right for colonisation, the re-discovery of Kobol, first contact with another . The Not!Galactica gets hit by a nuke, Not!Tyrol, Not!Kelly, and Not!Tigh are forced to vent eighty crew into space; and Not!Boomer and Not!Helo hold a who gets to escape the dying planet on our spaceship lottery on Caprica. Part of her whole character arc in both the comics and the movies is that she cannot get intimate with anyone, for the fear that she will kill them. Right. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Its only slightly longer, but its a lot bulkier and roomier. Someone had to decide who needs it the most. Can Bill save her? She doesnt show it that often, Xavier says. Prometheus and Covenant are almost doing that to Alien as well. Reply . In this story there was another ship, the Ares, which was of the same class as the original Battlestar Galactica. Battlestar Raven standing by if you ever need assistance :-). Hes also human, and hes flawed, just like everyone else. Alicia nods and goes around, looking to see if there was a priest on board the Elysium. Ive been Crazy Minh, hes Major Wade, and thank you for reading! Run!!! Trying to stay within the story of BSG 2003, but I have not watched Caprica or Blood and Chrome so may deviate from those two. - and gets picked up by the Galactica, before Boomer's sleeper personality is awakened.Things get weird. Title: Battlestar Prometheus Lieutenant Forge, I want to know of any space traffic, friendly or otherwise.. All of us myself, your mother, the other members of the X-Men, we wanted to make it better for Mutants.. Broshure- Gears for Ship Building. Lieutenant, theyre heading our way, we need to get out of here, Sam says, Jubilee is still in shock. There are no guns involved, only their missile launchers! Disclaimer: I dont own X-Men or Battlestar Galactica. Today, we cover the second and final chapter of Battlestar Prometheus, a BSG fic with the entire cast replaced with the X-Men for reasons that are currently unknownmuch like the Cylons nebulous plan. Or do you just not know what actually happens in BSG? Well, thats one thing that hasnt changed over the years, Xavier laughs. I, Charles Francis Xavier. No. Fucking hell. From Battlestar Wiki, the free, open content Battlestar Galactica encyclopedia and episode guide. Oh, and we also got introduced to Renegade, a OC who is apparently Rogues daughter. [Insert BSG Character Here] tags, theyre not to say that its wrong that the BSG characters have been replaced with X-Men characters. vv380. Were not even completely armed, our last squadron of Vipers are still heading for Caprica.. Library of the Damned The Most Horrible Fanfiction Ever Penned. However one gets caught in the launch tube, piloted by Scott Summers who is not looking happy. Sean, where is the President? Xavier asks, hoping to get some sort of answer before their conversation was cut off. As such, thisreplacementcannot possibly exist. ", "LEADING THE BSG UNIVERSE IN KEEPING THE FAITH ALIVE", "THE SITE WILL BE GOING THROUGH MAINTENANCE FOR THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS", " ON JULY 1, 2023, THE BATTLESTAR GALACTICA FAN CLUB CELEBRATES 23 YEARS! You really did make a difference to her.. To do honor to the office of the President of the 12 Colonies of Kobol, Xavier repeats. . Battlestar Galactica: Dark Exodus by Stephen Dunlap (453K) - Cover Picture; Battlestar Galactica Series of Stories by Eric Paddon Like getting a proofreader. This gave me the idea of modifying an old Galactica and updating it to fit in with the new.So,. All it really does is tell us that this covers the second half of the miniseries, where the Galactica and the surviving civilian ships leave the solar system for good. You can always enjoy the original and treat the rest as fanfic, which they basically are Reply . To do honor to the office of the President of the 12 Colonies of Kobol, Irene says. I dug out a folder of old ficlets and decided to post (or re-post) some of them. Six months later, a newly refit Battlestar Galactica stands once again as one of the few shields for humanity against the Cylons' hit and run raids. Ensign Grey, transmit a message to Admiral Abernathy, tell him that well be in position to meet up with the rest of the fleet as soon as we can get this ship armed, Marie says, getting a nod from Jean who starts inputting commands into her console. Thanks for the invite! Battlestar Galactica RPG D20 - Fan Made. Along with them is a Raptor, a recon and transport vessel a little larger than the Vipers. Battlestar Wiki is NOT a fan fiction resource or repository. Above all, good fanfiction should be creative, either by telling a new story within the confines of an old one, or by completely reworking it to make a new one. For those unversed in BSG lore, Lt. Sharon Boomer Valeri is a Raptor pilot played by Grace Parks. Frakking Earth. Did you mean the DRADIS readout begins to flash? Vitaly_Portnov_406. Now we must endure this mopey Not!Apollo OC for longer than wed otherwise require! The seventh is revealed in Season 3, and those models are the leaders of the humanoid Cylons, the Cavils. That might work, if not for the fact that they are literally just the BSG characters, with a different name, and the author saying Look! Larry Nance Sr Wife Picture; Ncaa Diversity Officer; Ap Research Presentation Rubric 2021 Thankfully the Elysium comes to her rescue quickly, and soon she finds herself and her ship in the cargo bay. Helo woke up feeling nice. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens. Unless one of those doors didnt open right or the catapult failed to function, I dont see any conceivable way that a Viper could get stuck in the launch tube. +3 more. A while back I read a fantastic fanfiction by Ryan A Keeton called Battletar Prometheus. It was only when they reached Ragnar that she got ammo for her main guns. Battlestar Gemicon is a hybrid work of fan fiction and live play by post and chat role playing game. The Kraken is a typical Conqueror class battle cruiser. Recommended Battlestar Galactica "Earth-contact" fics by Stephan Sokolow is licensed under a Creative . In the Miniseries, all Tyrol says they have to do is unplug the exhausts, reload the weapons with ammunition, and fuel them up. Officials advise using New Horizons Boulevard as an alternate route. [Insert BSG Character Here] tags, theyre not to say that its wrong that the BSG characters have been replaced with X-Men characters. As the New Year arrives, its time for Laura to make some good resolutions. Or, rather, his replacement. Flying the Raptor is Lieutenant Jubilation Lee, better known as Jubilee, and her ECO Sam Cannonball Gunthrie. The Battlestar Prometheus series is a fan fiction by Ryan A. Keeton based on the Re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. For Japan the games were not only a show to ensure the world of their peaceful attempts for East Asia, but also to get more international recognition and legitimacy for the new smaller states of the Co-Prosperity Sphere they had created out of China and Indochina. Essentially the central basis and or structure of the Multiverse or endless parallel Alternate Universes connected in someway to the Battlestar Galactica universe (both of its original and "reimagined" series) consists of varing near endless storylines created by the editors and writers here on Battlestar Galactica Fanon Wiki. Most Cylons assume them to be mad, although at least one line of models has an obsession with the Hybrids. There was no getting stuck, it was a faulty part. While it would be interesting to see how the addition of mutants changes the BSG canon, this story doesnt even make a token attempt at doing that. When we hear more, Ill let you know.. There is no response, only static, he looks over at his wingman and realizes that his Viper is in the same condition. We cant just leave these people behind,, Not!Boomer off to the side to talk. If anyones wondering about the Not! Sci-fi fans get to explore an endless assortment of distant galaxies full of lumpy-headed aliens, but we also have to deal with the sci-fi fan struggles. The, line of dialogue here states that they lost a. of the fleet. reported as the Prometheus trembled under her feet. In the X-Men canon, mutants are highly feared by many members of society, or are treated with distaste. prometheus fanfic; Robot/Human Relationships; . What, is the Captain not doing his job right? Alicia asks. Adama isnt emotionless, hes one of the most caring and emotional people there is. Anastasia Dualla. That original content isnt even necessary or remotely important, just vaguely related dialogue or exposition. Not!Helo and Not!Boomer are getting the Raptor repaired in a field that seems safe, as they start to work a group of civilians are making their way towards the downed Raptor, causing the two to pause in their work. elizabeth baptist church pastor oliver. Instead of ninety vessels (which I might add are not all Battlestars, some being support vessels, and others lightweight combat ships like cruisers) being the approximate size of the fleet,r RQoO has now made the fleet 120 ships strong. Title: Battlestar Prometheus Author: Ruin Queen Of Oblivion Topic: Battlestar Galactica/X-Men Media: TV show/multimedia comics franchise Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure URL: Battlestar Prometheus Critiqued by Crazy Minh & Major Wade Hello Patrons, and I hope you've had a happy 2020 so far! Maybe they wont come after us Logan says, so far they hadnt been targeted by the Cylons. larger than the Vipers. An older blind woman with short brown hair, wearing the trappings of a member of the clergy. If theyd actually given these replacements their personalities and backstories from the comics, and not just done a search-and-replace on the games of BSG characters, then theyd have actually written a story that wasnt shit! In fact, she hasnt exhibited any personality traits. Anyway, theres nothing noteworthy to comment on here, so let us continue! Learn how your comment data is processed. Lieutenant, is everything all right? Xavier asks, Alicia looks at him and nods. All right Jubilee, stay in position and well take care of it, the CAG says as the Viper squadron moves forward towards the two enemy contacts in the distance. Who the fuck is Admiral Abernathy? I need a Viper squadron ready to fly when we enter the fight, Marie says. Check out Ryan Keeton's Prometheous series! Gods save us all if the Cylons are that powerful, Marie says. Actually, thats not entirely fair. An experiment that has seen humanity create robotic servants that then rebel and push mankind to the brink of extinction dozens or even hundreds of times before. Everyone is going to get a piece of paper with a number on it, we are going to draw three numbers and whoever has the numbers drawn will get a spot on the Raptor. Also, I still cannot see Cyclops as Starbuck. Back on the Raptor, Jubilee and Sam are watching in horror as the squadron is destroyed before their very eyes. All hail the Moon Spiders! This group does not have any discussions yet. Actually, thats not entirely fair. Theresa Madrid: Story Editor, Creative Contributor. There would be time to mourn later, now they had to get to land. These Cylons are ruthless, the President tried to send a surrender after the attack on Picon, it was ignored., Is there any more word on Xavier starts to say but is cut off by static, he looks at the Captain who shakes his head. On Caprica, Sam and Jubilee Not!Helo and Not!Boomer are getting the Raptor repaired in a field that seems safe, as they start to work a group of civilians are making their way towards the downed Raptor, causing the two to pause in their work. To be honest, even the ninety ships of the canonical fleet is a bit large in my opinion, especially since the Colonies had been going through a period of near total peace in the years since the end of the First Cylon War. Admiral Gastineau nodded as he studied the dradis readout . The battle over the planet had already been lost, they could see the wreckage of the Battlestars in defense of Caprica strewn over the system as they pushed their way to the planet to land. In the living room, the daybook sat upon the mantle. Do you have any way of taking it out?. Yes maam, an officer says, passing the message down to the hangar deck. tsteuten. So far, Not!Adama has exhibited absolutely no personality traits in sync with Canon!Adama. BUT MISSING IN ACTION WHICH I HOPE TO START A FANFICTION/GRAPHIC NOVEL/AUDIO DRAMA SERIES LIKE BATTLESTAR PROMETHEUS WITH THE OLYMPIA AND HER ALL-FEMALE CREW DURING AND AFTER THE FALL OF THE COLONIES] . An encyclopedia based on the Battlestar Galactica franchise that anyone can edit! Mister Secretary, weve got someone on line for you, the Captain says coming in, breaking the tension, and Xavier nods, wheeling into the cockpit as the captain hands him the communicator. Otherwise, its just lazy to not think up your own fully original plot. Forge, imitating a helicopter: Well sir, the space freeway is pretty backed up today. Lieutenant, Im sure by now youre aware of whats going on.. Commander, it looks like the fleet is massing near Virgon, Forge reports. Ended at the beginning of season 2. So, with that in mind, this is essentially RQoO giving up, and just altering things for some nebulous plot purpose that is even less defined than the Cylon Plan. Battlestar Galactica (2003) Ensemble. All right, well take the children on board, Jubilee Not!Boomer says, motioning forward, the crowd parts as several children climb aboard the Raptor. This is definitely not [Insert BSG character here]! Inserting these tags just made things way more confusing since the author uses only the X-men names and never the BSG names, which I have no frame of reference for anyway. It first episode is post now and the story will spanned six seasons. battlestar prometheus fanfictionjack paar cause of death. She told me that you where the wisest, kindest man she has ever met. What about the children? A womans voice calls out. Not!Helo nods and grabs a flight manual and a marker. Centurions in the afterlife? I doubt it, Marie says. Cannonball, let me know if anything shows up on DRADIS., Not reading anything yet, Sam reports, Jubilee breathes a sigh of relief, then the DRADIS begins flashing. Please tell me youre kidding.. This is the Commander, prepare for combat, scramble Vipers, she says as the Cylons get closer and closer. For more information on what constitutes an "official source" for Battlestar Wiki, see the Citation Jihad project page. What the hell! The two most egregious things about regurgitation in general are that it makes a story filled with it boring to people who know the canon youre regurgitating, and its extremely lazy. For this reason, contributors to Battlestar Wiki are reminded that any information found in these fan-fiction sites should not be added to canonical articles on the wiki. The other ships in the fleet didnt have. Gods, protect your children of the Gods on this day of the Gods, she thinks to herself and her Gods, sending a prayer out to the Gods in the hope that they listen, being Gods. Not!Boomer says, motioning forward, the crowd parts as several children climb aboard the Raptor. Umno? Various brief essays about Colonial culture, battle tactics and aliens. Were still working on that, Caprica City was hit pretty hard when they struck Caprica, Sean says on the other end. Fan Fiction Novels from Clean Slate Press, Action stations, action stations, set condition one throughout the ship, Logan says speaking into the phone, people are rushing around across the ship, most of them hadnt even been in combat before, as he sets the phone down he looks at Marie. Lieutenant, since youre our military escort, I think that, Ah, Lieutenant, glad to see you made it, Xavier says as they enter the front end of the cabin. if Not!Adama is meant to be Adama, shes doing a shit job at it. So the intercom in this version is controlledby nodding??? So, like all good authors, . Episode Eight: Dead Saint Day (To be released February 6, 2011). IN ORBIT OF CAPRICA. Welcome to the Battlestar Galactica Wiki! Even now, waiting on the hangar deck for Bill to finish organizing the recon mission, she wants to dance, to sing, and do very unpresidential things to the man standing a few feet away from her. What, were they repainting them and polishing the hulls? Hes pretty much immune to the scared condition. A) I have no qualms about using the Not! In addition, this particular character replacement has not been previously mentioned, and thus we can only guess that they are meant to replace a unimportant, unseen, and ultimately deceased character. As an infiltrator, she spends the first season struggling with whether shes a Cylon or not, and trying to overcome her fears. Yes maam, Logan says, hesitating for a moment and then he starts to work. Battlestar Prometheus Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Hes also one of my favourite characters, and I heavily object to him being replaced like this. Elysium, Im picking up a Cylon missile on intercept course for your position! Alicias voice is heard over the wireless communicator, the DRADIS in the cockpit confirms the reading from the Viper. Welcome to Battlestar Prometheus! Status: Complete. Please consider turning it on! The other ships in the fleet didnt have time to raid ammunition depots, mainly because they were busy being destroyed by the Cylons!!! And to uphold the Articles of Colonization, Irene says. Captain, Ive got two confirmed signatures, Jubilee reports, that was odd, the Cylons should be all over the system, why only send two? Quick, chew up some paper! Rogues mutation is that she can absorb the powers of any other mutant, with the caveat that her touch is lethal to non-regenerating mutants and normal humans. Anyone reading me, my systems are down, repeat, all systems are down. Gaius has his own, personal secrets; a year and a half into their relationship, he considers sharing one with Caprica. Set eighteen months before the fall of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol The follows the Battlestar Prometheus and a small fleet on a quest to find the colony of the thirteenth tribe, Earth. Battlestar Wiki articles contain only official information, which include aired episode content, comments from official sources such as the writers, directors, and production companies of the show, and speculation and information deduced and supported by aired content or official sources. if Not!Adama is meant to be Adama, shes doing a shit job at it. . As such, this. They began moving towards more organic designs, and created a large number of cybernetic hybrids. We start with yet another authors note. Id kill to meet him in real life! Annastasia Dualla. Hes also human, and hes flawed, just like everyone else. Possibly Sean Cassidy, Banshee, an Irish mutant who yells loud. . Dradis.Net - A quality website for Re-imagined Galactica Fanfiction, focusing on Challenge fics. Youre not willing to replace the Galacticas CAG (who I admit I struggle to remember the name of), but youre willing to replace a mentioned-only admiral who appears off-screen in two throwaway lines. who says this, not Tigh. Groups - Battlestar Galactica Fanclub Mind Screw Space Opera with Cyberpunk and Speculative Fiction elements. Ah! Each launch tube has a series of bulkhead doors that keep the air in while the Viper is being loaded, and a door that closes behind the Viper so that the ship doesnt decompress when they open the launch tube doors. Create New. Maddrox, I am the senior government official on this vessel, that puts me in charge, Xavier says, James looks at him for a moment angrily. Okay, I have a couple problems with this. The crowd is getting unruly, several of them start walking forward, trying to force their way on board the Raptor. While they were fully organic, they were unable to survive on their own without the help of immobile machinery. We have to try, Jubilee says, pulling the Raptor into close orbit with Caprica. Proudly serving the community since 10th of March, 2005! Canon!Adama never tells Gaeta to find any space traffic, and I think all he tells Gaeta to do is to give him a sitrep on the system, and to find where the main fight is going on. Re-imagined Series definition: Battlestar Group (TRS: "Water"). of the total Battlestars in service? 673 9 3. Every Basestar has a room somewhere at its core containing a Hybrid. Sorta. Congradulations, Mister President, Alicia says as Xavier wheels away, she shakes his hand. They turn towards the Vipers, but do not start firing yet. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut UP!!! Which was revealed to be less of a plan, and more desperate improvisation to the escape of the Galactica and the civilian fleet. The Prometheus's Viper pilot helmet ornament and ship insignia would have featured a hand holding a burning torch. We cant just leave these people behind, Sam Not!Helo says, pulling Jubilee Not!Boomer off to the side to talk. Really? After this comes more regurgitation, but to be frank, none of it is very notable. They find themselves holding on just a little tighter than usual, making sure this isnt a dream, that the other will anchor them to this breathless reality. Deploying swallows to intercept, Jubilee says, inputting commands and moves the Raptor, deploying the interceptors that collide with the missiles, the explosions however hit the Raptors drive pod. I seem to recall there being a squadron of Vipers on the starboard hangar deck this morning, Colonel, Marie points out. Its heavily implied that these hallucinations are actually alien beings who are running some sort of looping experiment on humanity, under the orders of the being that the humans know as God. That might work, if not for the fact that they are literally just the BSG characters, with a different name, and the author saying Look! I find it very hard to believe that there hasnt been any hatred in 25 years. Well, here comes chapter 2 of Battlestar Prometheus, there are still many a mystery left to be revealed, not the least of which is the identity of the 12 Cylons like in the show, but one greater mystery remains. *Minh and Wade watch as Elysium jumps from, (Formally Colonial Heavy 798, later Colonial One, and definitely not The Elysium) and grabs the entire Viper, before pulling in into the ships airlock*, As a side note, it would be prudent to note that this replacement for Apollo cannot canonically exist as the child of Rogue, as pointed out by Bats in the last riff. Lieutenant Forge, I want to know of any space traffic, friendly or otherwise.. Author: It will remain a mystery until I decide its not a mystery anymore. As a side note, it would be prudent to note that this replacement for Apollo cannot canonically exist as the child of Rogue, as pointed out by Bats in the last riff. the form aabbaccdd best describes: bunnings silicone gun. Change). 25 years after the end of the first Cylon war, the crew Battlestar Prometheus and other survivors of a Nuclear Holocaust of their home worlds must fight to survive as they search for a new home called Earth. They know that the Cylons can jump in at any time, raining fire out of the sky to burn out the last remnants of humanity. Enjoy that which was so limited on television due to network cancellation. Frakked up was a way of life, and it was exactly what Kara deserved. Theyre honestly not that important to demand a name change.