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Twenty years after the launch of the First 25, Beneteau took the best of the old design and merged it with state-of-the-art build technology to make the new hull 2,000 pounds lighter. So every clamps and lines are laid back to the cockpit and the small cabins roof. Lars Reisberg Check out this Used 2005 Beneteau First 36.7 for sale in Deale, MD 20751. In Yachting World March 2023 issue we bring you our bumper feature on the 20th European Yacht of the Year awards, where YWs Toby Hodges was among the 12-strong jury, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Beneteau First 27 review: sportsboat given the Beneteau treatment, Banque Populaire drops out of the 2024 Vende Globe, Expert advice at cruising seminars this spring: book now, The motherhood penalty? To my surprise, the familiar cocktail of relief, elation, sadness, joy, and overwhelming sensation of accomplishment started to kick in. The skipper can fold it out and have a look at the charts, upon entering down one may just fold it back. 0T(D%hZ j'CHh([H" mRU PHRF Non-Spinnaker Fleet Rules. This publication also lists handicaps by Class/Type, . WL NS. Love it simple and efficient! The keel is pumped up by means of pushing a lever which will operate the hydraulic cylinder. I opted to go for the all-electric alternative also offered by Beneteau, which is a Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 configuration. Were ready to provide you with the assistance and expertise needed to launch you and your BENETEAU on a lifetime of happy, rewarding, and memorable voyages. Join me on my voyage to becoming a skilful yachtmaster, in sailing my own boat and exploring the seas, visiting various ports and marinas and meeting so many interesting people. The boat has a CE B category certification for up to 6 people and a CE C for 8 people. One of the officers with the Lake Michigan PHRF Fleet guessed at 261 based on an email with the measurements from the factory. We will see if this is sufficient, I would reckon yes. There are so many appealing things about that boat and Id like to address this in this article. Rating Base Rating Non-spin. Key changes include a shorter aluminium mast with pinhead mainsail, a fixed fin keel with torpedo bulb and 30cm less draught, plus an inboard diesel engine. Its a powerful unit for such an easily driven hull, but was chosen as its the smallest model that satisfies the emissions requirements of the USAs Environmental Protection Agency. Performance Handicap Racing Fleet ( PHRF) is a handicapping system used for yacht racing in North America. A reliable15 HP inboard engine coupled withsimplelinear shaft drive and foldable propeller guarantees high cruising speeds, ease of useandlow maintenance. This may be of interest for you: Sailing the Beneteau First 30 R in foul weather. While being as fast as most race boats, she also offers a surprising level of comfort. It allows dissimilar classes of sailboats to be raced against each other. I liked the main switch panel which is conveniently placed right under the entry above the step of the companionway. The Seascape/First 27 has a permanent opening in the hull that cannot be closed. In a way, it turned out that I was right. Planing sensation and excitement will become your afternoon sailing routine on the First 27! SEASCAPE 27 Sailboat Specifications both US imperial metric Hull Type: Swing keel w/dual rudders Rigging Type: Fractional Sloop LOA: 26.21 ft / 7.99 m Beam: 8.33 ft / 2.54 m S.A. (reported): 495.00 ft 2 / 45.99 m 2 Draft (max): 6.56 ft / 2.00 m Draft (min): 3.12 ft / 0.95 m Displacement: 3,086 lb / 1,400 kg Ballast: 1,345 lb / 610 kg S.A./Disp. Tim assured me that this was nothing compared to the real potential that was in her: Perfect conditions for a Gennaker! Nevertheless, the First 27 offers 4 berths for adults of which two are situated in the fore cabin, two more on the side bunks in the saloon. As I'm sure you realize, PHRF doesn't care if the boat is extremely well sailed and equipped. 23566 Lbeck class . Of course not before we held the boats bow strictly up wind and he was pulling the halyard to get up the mainsail. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. One drawback though, is the relatively short stanchions and pushpits. Detailed sailboat specifications and datasheets since 2015, Standard public price ex. In addition, we restricted him to boats with an average PHRF rating of 30 or greater. She is designed to sleep up to 6 adults, 2 in the bow cabin and up to 4 in a very bright and openly-spaced salon, and is also equipped with a removable table and fridge. My local weeknight beercan series is conducted on a sheltered, narrow lake, with very shifty winds, but no current. It goes without saying that for any even halfway serious racing, preparation is as important as the boat selected or the handicap rating with which it comes. Has Beneteau managed to turn a niche sportsboat into a fun cruiser? Chasotstrae 12 BOAT_TYPE RATING DATE DW Class Rating Beneteau 40.7 First Farr ODR 48 3/9/2004 Beneteau 405 TM 90 6/1/1989 Beneteau 411 105 12/9/1999 Beneteau 415 96 1/18/1990 Beneteau 41S5 90 . Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. We finally got ready to cast off. But what a great fun it was to feel her power come to full blossom when the jib was up! Club. My experience racing against a Seascape 27 is that they seem to be very quick, and very seaworthy in tough conditions. The massive square head mainsail with a stunning sail area of 28 square metres (the J-80 has 21) is hoisted by a 2:1 halyard that is fixed at the masthead, runs down to the nock of the boom and back up. Tim assured me that this was nothing compared to the real potential that was in her: Perfect conditions for a Gennaker! Thanks to Doyle-OLeu sailmakers and Tim in particular! hk0}(%J i>X2uPAKQw'Zst0D:U[RXAH!PgA?f6A}D!u7xFsnc862'f}akg'1zd6gXZH0IgYnI$|ip3:%k".LnwfE)7zm>8 CY[zt1?8=i]y_+zY7kS)Z09AbaJbJT&Yl4 Historically one of the downsides of small boats like this has often been when conditions get tough. Close-hauled in 4 knots of true wind we only managed 2.8 knots of boat speed, but the boat came alive in just 5 knots of breeze when it accelerated to four knots, rising further to 4.5 of boat speed in 6 knots true. A moderate displacement boat, a powerful rig, and a sea-kindly hull will produce a boat that drives upwind, through chop, and carries a spinnaker large enough to preserve a lead. My weeknight series is conducted in protected bay waters, with an average current of .5 to 1 knot, and generally flat water (with some chop at the upper wind range). 0000001467 00000 n This workhorse provides great performance in the medium breeze, and the overlapping headsail really helps drive through the chop. Schock 35 for sale in Sidney British Columbia. Although compact, the interior is welcoming and provides for all basic needs. Its superb seaworthiness, which crowned the boat with the B category, results from boat design, cutting-edge building technology and many safety features: three separated insubmersibility chambers, swinging keel system in case of grounding and increased bow volume with crash box. Even a thin layer of slime will cost you 3 seconds per mile. We heeled up to a point where the boat gained the stability needed, the windward rudder came completely out of the water and the Seascape/First 27 jumped to life. Winds in the summer average 10 to 15 knots, and the organizing committee will typically run courses using government marks, requiring a mix of sailing angles. A. BW%RJx|Sky/S~W 0000021492 00000 n Sailing World may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. No banging, no clinging, no whatsoever. At the same time, the inboard engine and other changes add to displacement, which is 300kg higher a significant 21% increase. So why change a winning formula? Although some cruiser-sailors might find this too much of trimming possibilities, I think this is quite fancy on a racing boat like this. BENETEAU has decided to follow the path of innovation to reduce the environmental impact of sailing. Join US Sailing Today. First off, if Beneteau says an Oceanis 40 should weigh 18,000 pounds, and yours weighs 26,000, you need to offload a LOT of gear. You may read a dedicated article about the differences of both boats soon. Other than that, the bpat is pretty naked and the yard leaves it upto the owner to configure and equip the sailboat to every single skippers needs. Would it be possible to obtain the measurement etc.from the yard for us to try and find out the IRC rating ourselves. beneteau 47.7 18 45 27 beneteau 47.7 sd 30 45 33 beneteau 47.7 tm dk 24 33 27 beneteau 49 51 99 66 beneteau 50 57 90 72 beneteau figaro 99 105 102 beneteau first class 10 81 102 96 beneteau first class 12 60 69 63 beneteau first class 8 147 162 153 . 2023 PHRF of Narragansett Bay- This is a Free Drupal Theme Ported to Drupal for the Open Source Community by Drupalizing, a Project of More than . Boat Ratings. The Seascape/First 27 features a proper toilet that can either be ordered as a pumping toilet with a grey water holding tank (and flushing seacocks) or with a camping-toilet. xSM(DQ={x#(b(VhfcFVD,$!JB$26X?[QJ4v}0Vd05MH]>hR8n9n$;G[aDbJp*M6>iG?sQ\2'h>}lJisYC^USpZ]m=Vet/QE0#'Z)tPL7PfLE|bkB{wY? 193 0 obj <>stream Very high stability due to an unsinkable hull combined with threeunsinkablechambers, a crash-box, an inboard engine, and balanced twin rudders for complete control make safety one of her strongest points. Its therefore an interesting option for someone who usually sails in the sun, whether on their own boat or with others, but wants a capable and fun yacht to keep near home for daysails, weekends and occasional longer trips. The First 27 is a Sam Manuard-Design and has first hit the water in the year 2011. Factors include the type of boat, its length, weight, sail area, crew, and location. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Yes, there was barely any swell going on and I guess that short, choppy waves might cause the boat to feel like a balky stallion as all small boats do but these conditions where as perfect as one could wish for. I am going to have this replaced with a more significant material soon. The Beneteau First 25 S is powered by a 14hp Yanmar diesel with a standard fixed prop that will push the boat near 7 knots on flat water. So pick your weapon, gear up, burnish your bottom, and head for the start. $79,000. This was not meant to be a well-tempered cruiser, I guessed. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Only two 393 RFM listed in US Sailing base rating database. And I again wondered why some ordinary production cruisers are making such a noise when sailed , Fast saling with the Beneteau Seascape-First 27. In the fore cabin there is a V-berth that can also serve as means of good night bed for 2 adults although it may be a bit narrow at their feets toes where the anchor chain locker is behind the bulkhead. I_ !} /H&v9x&qcNx%7.n_{ >Q|?_AY0?fR[=~ ;LzreoO y*%t BENETEAU FIRST CLASS 10 : KELLY : 99 : 119 : RACER CRUISER : 07/01/2023 : LAN-BNT1150: BENETEAU IDYLLE 1150 : AFTERNOON DELIGHT : 138 : . LIVING ONBOARD Germany, Copyright 2023 NO FRILLS by Lars Reisberg. But the changes didn't stop there. The First 27 - 2018is a 26'2" (7.99m) cruiser-racer sailboat designed by Sam Manuard Yacht Design(France). Tried to contact Seascape/Benetaue direct but have to go through agents not getting anywhere fast. The summer average is 10 knots, and the race committee usually runs windward-leeward courses. There is another plain First launched end-2020 which comes with Aluminium-rigging, Dacron sails, bachstays, fixed keel and a small galley. With that in mind I arranged a sea trial on the biggest available First/Seascape to date: The 27. Quick Links. This boat has a displacement of 1.45 tons and offers a very stable weight/ballast ratio of 42 % which makes for a a strong righting moment. I will post a dedicated article on possible differences of these two brands), Mainsail 280 sq.ft. didnt think it could get any better! . Lines of the running rigging are provided by high quality Robline-products. No matter if you're sailing solo, double-handed or fully crewed, First 27 SE will reward you with an astonishing sailing experience and pure joy under the sails. Utilizing the free time, I took a closer look at some of the interesting details of the Seascape/First 27 interior design. In the salon, two adults can easily stretch out and find a good nights sleep. Phone: 1-800-877-2451 Email: Beneteau bought Seascape and updated the boats and called those the First SE's. The First 27 is a detuned SE. Until we noticed that we had forgot to take in the engine. The 27.7 is light . In this scenario were looking for light boats that are on the smaller end of the size range for each of the rating bands, but still retain the ability to perform in breezier conditions. 0000039668 00000 n It may take a while to accommodate to the fact that these boats are now called First but we will get used to it. The cockpit benches in the forward part of the cockpit are also new and create a more comfortable cruising style, especially with the optional cockpit cushions. Whichever you choose, you can count on the friendly community that will give you a proper challenge. There is no sink, no fresh water, no galley. One Design challenges across the continent in a great company of supportive, like-minded sailors. Nautic boat show 2022 : Spotlight on remarkable sustainable innovations at BENETEAU, Beginner Sailing Guide: How to choose the right sailboat and learn how to sail, Seven Essential Checks to Make Before Relaunching Your Sailboat. V .5pl3~9hK3%p#lnh9 a_J>BTx s*8F C d$p?tlm9p2oW)ZItU=y3 ]: >$K*xa>J,/x+?_JNzP'V>Qvno For boats of the same length, generally the higher the S#, the lower the PHRF. When fully powered up, maintaining 6 knots upwind shouldnt be a problem this is therefore a model that should out-sail many much larger cruising yachts on all points of sail. She may also be sailed as a cruiser and can offer quite some amenities to a young couple destined to have the sailing adventures of their lives. f3`@Y WFb Yet this was not an edge-of-control ride the boat handled as though it was on rails, with heaps of reserve in the rudders, even when pressed hard. 0000040781 00000 n On paper this looks like a potential disaster, but the reality is different. Beneteau's First 27 is fast, predictable and great fun to sail Bearing away onto a beam reach, we set the nylon furling gennaker, initially in 3.5 knots of breeze which gradually built to 6. Because of the prevailing direction and narrowness of the lake, theres usually a lot of maneuvers on the random-leg courses. Tim opens two flooring hatches. Basically, this is going to be an Oceanis vs. First-article. 2NGy`J >"\#;T@\Y9i[v?9 US Sailing is a 501(c)3 organization. The new Seanappsapp is the ultimate solution to help you indulge your passion for boating. Which one is best would be dictated by local class splits. (a) 105% Headsail, 1400SF Kite (Class Boats) /46/37/35/ (b) 105% Headsail, up to 1668.4SF Kite /42/33/27/ (c) 105% Headsail, Max PHRF size Kite /39/30/24/ Boats with Larger Main or Headsail To Be Reviewed Separately. A fridge isnt the most stupid idea here. Required fields are marked *. The boat is a serious racer and the Seascape/First line sees their adversaries in the J-boats. We are proud to have one of the largest, most highly-regarded dealer networks in the world. A boat thats so responsive adds significantly to both the fun factor and the sense of satisfaction you get from sailing, which was a welcome change for me at the end of a week testing 45-60ft yachts. Please use the contact-page. What I again found particularly interesting was the folding mechanism by which means the engine is rigged to the working position. Hygiene & WC:I opted for the First 27 because of this one fact too which is missing in my list above there is a proper marine toilet with a sealable room aboard which greatly improves cruising capabilities. I opted to go for the all-electric alternative also offered by Beneteau, which is a Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 configuration. Being a small boat the First 27 is porposed to be driven by an outboard engine of some 10 hp. Sport Boat Definitions. The main promise and differentiation of the First 27 is her performance and unique sailing experience. And we did so. The First 27 is a 26'1" (7.95m) cruiser-racer sailboat designed by Bureau Mauric (France). 0 Copyright 2023 Sailing World. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 - prop unit retrieved Boat Class Lookup. Combined with other practicalities, these make her an ultimate adventure cruiser for sailing connoisseurs. Calendar. 0000001696 00000 n iC847}V>Ry=I9~pO&kD^R1KZO$ Y6H 0000001753 00000 n As the halyard also functions as a toplift as well, the mainsail and the boom will inevitably fall into the cockpit when the sail is taken down. Lars Reisberg It was the long-awaited Boom! Plus d'infos sur le First 27.7 ici: TOUTES LES MERS TRE PERFORMANTEn plus de trente ans, la gamme First s'est taill. 6~U2s>' X~~k "`#ph5~#sXjK[vf=W]bJI O oXr>i }7`CRpvk2?RqbEXzz?YM'mz%H]rZ=_zLF 8>H6QH2 Y]P?dFX0|]oc n azxK/@"0Oa'/$8x#IA]9qa<4@;? #gs! `"k{o8xR8_ YD*5WB O{9p5&NTI] 7}vad At the risk of adding another facet to an already complicated decision, we tasked PHRF guru Bruce Bingman with identifying a few boats that are likely to sail above their rating in certain conditions. In this, I naturally have some projects in the pipeline to upgrade my boat to a standard I find fit for #microcruising, these are in particular: NO FRILLS is a private non-profit website. %PDF-1.6 % Instead of cutting a big hole in the cabin coachroof the Seascape/First 27 features a nice clever rotatable mount where the chart plotter is attached to. Since the stability depends also of the hull shapes and the position of the center of gravity, only the boats with similar ballast arrangements and hull shapes should be compared. . The First 27 - 2018has also been marketed as Seascape 27. Upwind, at some 40 degrees AWA in 10 to 13 knots of true wind the boat, depending on the waves, made some 5 to 6 knots. I am only looking at base rating, the corrections are well defined in the SEF PHRF handbook. tGHOCgK,>4y>AMKX@) The Seascape/First 27 is a fun boat to sail, she may be a beast when ridden properly and a serious contender on inshore as well as on coastal regattas. Buying a BENETEAU doesnt have to be a daunting task. Only then came the heeling. In this scenario we want a boat with good all-around performance, especially for headsail reaches, a point of sail where many modern boats with non-overlapping headsails struggle. CAL 27-1: CAMBRIA 46/48: EXTENDED STERN: CAMBRIA . A nice audio indicator by the way. Cd 190 0 obj <>stream Called the FIRST 27 from 2018 - 2020. This was actually OK, because it allowed us to see how the boat stacked up with a tougher rating against those in the area like the Beneteau 36.7 (rates 78 here), J/109 (rates 80), Beneteau 10R (92), Nelson Marek . This effect increases dramatically the resistance when the boat reaches a speed-length ratio (speed-length ratio is the ratio between the speed in knots and the square root of the waterline length in feet) of about 1.2 (corresponding to a Froude Number of 0.35) . Buying a BENETEAU doesnt have to be a daunting task. As Gurley notes, the FIRST line is intended for racing/cruising, and is faster and more ruggedly built than an equivalent Oceanis model. The GEKKO is now sold to another young skipper late 2022. Flagship of the new FIRST line, the First 27 is unquestionablythe fastest and safest cruiserin this size range. PHRF 30 to 70:. All interior is modular, so one can quickly empty it and reduce weight for racing needs. All in all I really got the impression that this boat was also made to be sailed with ease, but I felt an underlying power which was instilled by the complex lines, the racy style of the components and the kind of sexy and mean looks of it all. PHRF 71 to 114: Either the Frers 41 or the J/29 masthead outboard. 0000001238 00000 n ~&IK?2u+kI?xNuNL"3q6.x'n6|_cvY=k`W[!v GitVU{|S~\%gq^z?4.=N O){ The new Seanappsapp is the ultimate solution to help you indulge your passion for boating. These boats are full of those nice little simple gadgets. 0000011111 00000 n 0000011666 00000 n endstream endobj 167 0 obj <> endobj 168 0 obj <> endobj 169 0 obj <>stream With again winds ranging from 10 to 13 knots true and the AWA ranging from 80 to 100 degrees the Seascape/First 27 managed to speed up to 7 7.4 knots SOG easily. This very sharp rise in resistance, between speed-length ratio of 1.2 to 1.5, is insurmountable for heavy sailboats and so becomes an apparent barrier. A true pocket yacht, she has an inboard Yanmar diesel, a working galley, a real head and plenty of storage, as well as room for up to six crew members forovernight adventures. provides data for the annual PHRF HANDICAP listings (The Red, White, & Blue Book) published by the UNITED STATES SAILING ASSOCIATION. Hence Beneteaus adaptation to create whats now called the First 27 (without the SE designation). When we finally were flat running before the wind, surprisingly, when I furled away the job the boat didnt much slowed down. This year, we were given a 6 second "protect the fleet" rating, so what was going to be an 87 rating, brought us down to an 81. The engine is stored lying on one side, strapped to not damage the boat when sailing later and being stowed away. I know of at least 5 German owners to whome I have talked beforehand the purchase and not a single one tried to advise me against buying the boat: If you can deal with the small size of the boat, she is a blast! that has mostly been the comment. Thanks to the masthead spinnaker, it excels downwind in all breezes. Originally opting for the Oceanis 30.1, as well made by Beneteau, I ended up to choose the First 27 for these reasons: My First 27 was the last unit to be delivered with One Sails laminate garments but the First so-called SE-boat. We then beared away to a nice beam reach and tried this on both starboard and port tack. I loved this idea as this 27 feet boat may be used for cruising and longer trips as well. phrf ratings summary - 2014 fcsa - novermber 20 spin . Many factors go into buying a sailboat, including price, availability, style, and how much the boat will be used off the racecourse. With the touch of your finger, you can easily connect, monitor and order services for your boat from routine maintenance, to requesting a wash or fuel or having us complete a repair. t mobile 800 recycled napkins bears passing defense. 202 70K views 9 years ago Welcome aboard the First 25 S! The maximum draft of this boat is 2.00 metres. 23566 Lbeck %%EOF The original version of the Sam Manuard-designed Seascape 27 (now branded as the Beneteau First 27 SE) has long been one of my favourite small yachts. The boat is a 393 RFM. From what little I know about Beneteau designs, some are designed for racing and some for cruising. RATING REVIEWS. Spinnaker Rating Non-spin. You like the smaller fun boats? I was almost reminded of my sailing trip in an aluminium yacht that was also making no sound at all no matter how hard we bounced into the waves upwind. So, now I got a little more familiar with the boat and we began to thoroughly sailing quite some time on the different points of sail because I was interested in the sailing performance of the Seascape/First 27. The more I think about it the more attractive this idea becomes to me. 0000022045 00000 n 27 ft / 2022. The engine is suspened in a moving mount in the middle of the cockpit which makes the shaft and the screw retractable. PHRF Ratings. (Were they ever any good?) The Sailboat Racing Association of the Bay (SRA) typically adjusts PHRF ratings on an annual basis based on the results of the past year's races. This certificate expires on April 30, 2021, or upon change of ownership, whichever comes first.