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I swear every time there is a discussion about nose tackles Ngata is mentioned, and Ravens fans go berserk because he doesn't play nose tackle. If youre interested in learning more about the nose tackle position in football, continue reading for a full breakdown of what a nose tackle does and what it takes to be a dominant nose tackle. 3-4 Defences have only become really popular around the nfl in the last 15 years so there hasn't been that many Nose Tackles in the last 40-50 years in comparison to other positions. Sometimes even experts fail to recognize talent. Still, only a few of them are as large as Ted Washington. As we learned above, the nose tackle lines up in the middle of the defensive line in a 3-4 defense which consists of one nose tackle and two defensive ends. Ngata, from 2008-14 received post-season honors every season, three of those years he was a First-team All-Pro and the others Second-team or Pro Bowl or All-AFC, showing remarkable consistency. In terms of pure 3-4 nose tackles, to this day no nose has played in and started more games at the position than Fred Smerlas. Occupying multiple blockers and creating lanes of pursuit for fellow defenders is the weekly requirement of a nose tackle, regardless of system. The following browsers are supported: Chrome, Edge (v80 and later), Firefox and Safari. Really, on a game-to-game basis, Hamilton was the NFL's first modern nose tackle. Clears the gap for the linebacker, works the left tackle, and forces the. They line up in front of the offensive center and are responsible for clogging up the two gaps on both sides of the center in-between the center and two offensive guards. A Guide for Fans, NFL Practice Squad Salary Rules and Eligibility Explained, What Is a DB in Football? I like Davis' chances of having a productive rookie season behind Payne and the rest of this defensive line. It used to take three blockers to stop him. The creative direction of Super Bowl LVII was inspired by the beauty of Arizona's natural landscapes - from its grand rock formations to its vast rainbow skies. Plus he played the position until 39 years old; amazing longevity for a position where you're fighting off double teams from other 300 lb men your whole career. Its where the defender lines up head-to-head with the offensive center. These players are often the most recognized players in the locker room especially among the defensive coordinators for helping clear up space for the rest of the team. Other than Polamalu there wasnt a better player on those defenses. Build your own custom leaderboards with Stathead Football. Check out the Top 10 photos from Super Bowl LVII! Theyre responsible for taking up space and making it hard for the center and guards to make room for the running back. Dominant against the run, Wilfork commands attention from multiple blockers. He has been an all-pro or pro bowler more than any other nose tackle. He was a Second-team All-Pro in 1987 and a consensus First-team All-Pro in 1988 and was picked to Paul Zimmerman's (. 8. Lorenzo Neal as a fullback is one. However, until that time, he is without question the best nose tackle in the league. List of the most famous (American) football nose tackles in the history of the sport, listed by popularity with photos of the players when available. Defensive techniques serve two major purposes they tell the defenders where they need to line up for that specific play and they tell the defenders what their role is when on the field. He was also one of the best kick blockers ever and the best of the 2000s by far with 17 blocked place kicks. Probably not over the full course of his career since he was injured so much, but I'll throw peak Kris Jenkins in the mix for top 10 best NT peaks. Hell, I bet JJ Watt would be the best nose in the league if they lined him up there. He would also play left end on occasion, usually when Lyle Alzado was taking a series off or if he missed a game or two. Isaiah Wynn, New England Patriots. I think Wilfork has to be up there too but Wilfork has been used in more than 1 tech for a lot of his time on the Pats but that just shows what a good skill set he had. Here is a ranking of the 10 best nose tackles in the game today. Fat Pat Williams is top 10 material bias aside. Jerry Ball was shaped like his name. There are players that play close to the ball and others that play further away. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry. he was a good player, but didn't play enough to really fit in. Tim Goad is a very good player from start. Yep, he arrived when those guys were on their way out of town. Many people refer to a nose tackle as a nose guard, but theyre two completely different positions in football. Check out the Top 10 photos from Super Bowl LVII! A Complete Overview, What Is a Sack in Football? A coach usually elects to have two defensive tackles on the field, although one of those defensive tackles might be a versatile nose tackle. His penetration causes havoc in the running game and makes hima credible danger to the quarterback. He's pure run-stopper, he's one of the few players to actually go to a Pro Bowl in a season when he had zero sacks. The Oilers were next who committed to it after getting Curley Culp at mid-season, though they used it some in previous games and years. Jamal Williams career seemed to be heading into obscurity as a very good shade (nose) tackle in a 4-3 defense for the Chargers from 1998 to 2004. Thomas played in 213 games, started 199 of them, totaled 864 tackles including 93.5 sacks and 95.0 run stuffs, totals that rival players like Warren Sapp and Bryant Young, two of the 1990s All-Decade selections. While Ngata fell to the shadows behind the likes of Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis, the former Oregon Ducks star was a force to be reckoned . He also forced 19 fumbles and recorded three defensive touchdowns. In his rookie year, he had to share his position with Keith Traylor. He was part of the good, innovative defenses of Bill Arnsbarger with the Dolphins, the 'Killer Bs' if you will. Rowe helped the Raiders to their first Super Bowl trophy (IMO) - I was at that Super Bowl. Isaiah Wynn is an interesting player. He did play some 3-4 end in his career and was always effective as a defensive tackle in the Chiefs 4-man lines when they went to nickel, he would routinely turn in 5, 6, or 7-sack seasons. Besides, he had been a part of the 49ers three super bowl winning teams and a three-time first-team all-pro and three-time pro bowler. Wilfork has served as the centerpiece of BillBelichick's hybrid defenses for years. . So he ended up playing for three-techniques likeJovan Haye and Tony Williams, though he got to play some three-technique himself for a few years in the early 2000s when Fred Robbins manned the nose. NFL players are large in size. However, the proliferation of 3-4 fronts in recent seasons has made the position more important. Baumhower was a unique player, tall (6-5) for a nose tackle and may have been better suited as a 4-3 tackle or 3-4 end. He played a total of 200 games and recorded 20.5 sacks and 8 forced fumbles. He did that while ascending as one of the greatest nose tackles of all time. This list includes some nose tackles who operate in versions of a 4-3 frontthatrely on a powerful presence over the center. Vita Vea Tampa Bay Buccaneers Highlights " The Freak" Fletcher Cox Team: Philadelphia Eagles Matt Toeainais the most unheralded member of the Chicago Bears tough defense. This comment has been removed by the author. Top 10 Defensive Tackles of All Time | NFL Highlights NFL 11M subscribers Subscribe 269K views 5 years ago Former VP of Player Personnel Gil Brandt's Top 10 Defensive Tackles of All Time! A 4-technique lines up head-to-head with the tackle. Ranking of the NFL's top ten greatest offensive tackles of all time. He has played a total of 200 games and recorded 29 sacks and two interceptions. Akiem Hicks, Chicago Bears. He frequently drives blockers backwards and is a consistent threat to penetrate the line of scrimmage. This is different from defensive ends, which are usually taller (around 65) and slimmer (285 pounds) so they can keep up with offensive tackles. Although used in very specific situations in the NFL, the 5-2 defensive scheme was largely phased out of pro football in the 1950s and eventually college football in the 1980s. Follow us on Twitter: @NFL_Journal - Like all 4-3 nose tackles, Pekoregularly operates in a shaded alignment over the center. Cofield has not spent enough time anchoring a 3-4 and is plagued by inconsistency. pounds, Wilfork was the anchor of the Patriots defensive line for more than a decade making First-team All-Pro once and second-team All-Pro four times and five Pro Bowls in his 13 seasons and earned himself two rings. Despite being a 5-time pro bowler, he is still not in the hall of fame. In the game of football, every player is given a specific position both on offense and defense that determines their role when on the field. He possessed a freakish combo of power and speed for someone of his size. He was also one of the best kick blockers ever and the best of the 2000s by far with 17 blocked place kicks. all the guys ahead of him were better than he was. Another big man, around 330-350 (390?) He had the ability, strength, and quickness to be one of the top defensive backs in the tournament. 3-4 Defences have only become really popular around the nfl in the last 15 years so there hasn't been that many Nose Tackles in the last 40-50 years in comparison to other positions. Tom LaMarre. This allows the defensive ends to cover the outside of the offensive line and frees up the middle linebackers to find the quarterback or running back. Vea is the best nose tackle in the NFL and the main reason that the Buccaneers dominated the Chiefs in Super Bowl 55. He's a shade tackle that played all three downs and never needed to be replaced by a designated pass rusher like so many nose tackles, which accounts for his high sack total, in fact, no nose/shade tackle is even close and from film review, he was as good versus the run as any of them. Being a team player is their primary characteristic. The Complete Guide, How Much Do NHL Refs Make? They dont always receive large contracts, they generally dont run up the stat sheet, and theyre most likely not going to be a fans favorite player on the field at least not like a quarterback, running back, or wide receiver. 18 in NFL Network's Top 100 Players list in 2017 Has started all 105 career games played, Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers, 1960-1969; Oakland Raiders 1971 Voted to eight AFL all-star games, First Team All-AFL eight times Appeared in five AFL title games Enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Minnesota Vikings, 1986-1992; Denver Broncos, 1993-1997 Voted to nine Pro Bowls; First Team All-Pro three times One-time Super Bowl champion Made 169 consecutive starts Enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Jacksonville Jaguars, 1995-2001 Voted to five Pro Bowls; First Team All-Pro three times Drafted with the Jaguars' first-ever pick, New Orleans Saints, 1993-2001; Kansas City Chiefs 2002-2005 Voted to 11 Pro Bowls; First Team All-Pro three times One of 13 players to be named to multiple all-decades team (90s and 2000s) Enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, New York Giants, 1953-1965 Voted to nine Pro Bowls; First Team All-Pro six times One-time NFL champion Named NFL's Lineman of Year, 1956 Enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Philadelphia Eagles, 1964-1968; Los Angeles Rams, 1969-1970; Oakland Raiders, 1971-1973 Voted to six Pro Bowls; First Team All-Pro five times Selected to All-Decade Team of the 1960s Enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Los Angeles/St. Where the 3-4 defense has two gaps in-between the nose tackle and defensive ends, those two gaps are completely covered by two defensive tackles in the 5-2 scheme, which makes it hard to run the ball. During his stay in Kansas, Culp shined as a defensive nose tackle. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. My name is Steven and I have a passion for sports and staying physically active. But Garay's brute force makes him formidable at the point of attack. He is one of the "Jewel" of The News Titan. If you can do that, then your coach will always have a spot for you on the defense. In the 1980 season, almost 3/4ths of teams were running one. Pouha is the basis for the Jets swarming rush defense and his stout performances in the middle of the line ensures the schematic flexibilitycharacteristicof Rex Ryan's multiple system. Well, first we need to understand the 4-technique. Ted Washington's the best I've seen play. For the most part, the nose tackle is responsible for filling up these two gaps. What does it need to be a good nose tackle? 10. James P. Burt (born June 7, 1959 in Orchard Park, New York) is a former American football player who played for the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League (NFL). But the starter at nose in the first game was Lyle Alzado, not Carter. They need to have a big body, but they also need to have some speed and strength to make them quicker and stronger than a center and offensive guard. Any even-numbered technique (including the 0-technique) must line up head-to-head with the offensive line. Take a look at how they stack up. By Matthew Valdovinos. Again, these are two completely different positions in the game of football and have entirely different roles in defensive schemes. Ngata played more than the shade (1-tech) for the Ravens, playing mostly over guards and even inside shoulder of a tackle (4i) technique. Had he not been denied the opportunity to follow up his stellar 2010 season, Williams would certainly have merited inclusion. In fact, he ended his career with 53 sacks with highs in 9 in 1977, 8 in 1980 and 6 in 1976. An excellent athlete for the position, Sharrif Floyd (6'3", 305 lbs, one season) has lateral quickness and moves well both along the line of scrimmage and heading upfield to make tackles. Taylor Lewan, Tennessee Titans. Of course, it leaves some space right up the middle. John Randle Awards: 7 Pro Bowler, 6 All-Pro, 1997 NFL sacks leader, Pro Football Hall of Famer, and NFL 1990s All-Decade Team Championships: None This is because the 4-3 defensive scheme has two inside linebackers that can fill those two gaps if needed. Is Pedro Pascal Related To Burt Reynolds? This player is only used in a 3-4 defensive scheme, opposed to a 4-3 defensive scheme. He was First-team All-Pro once and a Second-team All-Pro twice and was a Pro Bowler all three of those seasons. An extremely aggressive player, Garay is one of the few 3-4 nose tackles who is at his best when threatening the quarterback. Any coach that wants to find success with a 3-4 defensive scheme needs a dominant nose tackle. My name is Steven and I love everything sports! View Current Leaderboard. We may reconsider in the future, but for now, we put him with the tackles. Jump Around This Article Click to show. In this technique, the defensive player must line up over the outside shoulder of the offensive line. A couple of years ago, Jay Ratliff would have comfortably toppeda list of this kind. John, in your opinion, and others on this site, would you put Smerlas, Krumrie or Henry Thomas in the HOF ? Nose Tackles typically don't stuff the stat sheet so it can be hard to measure their greatness unless you're watching tape but I would say that any 3-4 team with a great NT had good numbers v the run, I find your lack of Casey Hampton disturbing. Highest single-season PFF grades since 2017 Donald's peers are the NFL's all-time greats on defense the Reggie Whites and Lawrence Taylors of the world rather than anyone else currently playing. The goal of this website is to provide you with content that will help you get a leg up on the competition, whether thats in the realm of coaching or on the field itself. Said legendary writer/talent evaluator Joel Buchsbaum about Carter, "has awesome ability, strength, quickness, and explosion but is not very durable". Take a look at all the action as the 2023 Combine gets underway in Indianapolis. So I discount guys like Ngata who may have played in the middle of a 3 man line on occasions but were never 2 gap players. The over six ft tall was like a mad bull himself. Ted Washington is another. However, here are ten players who were not just great nose tackles but also great defensive backs of all time. The one season he filled in for an injured 3-tech (Keith Millard) he did will, recording 8.5 sacks and 7.5 stuffs and 82 tackles. This is because the nose tackle position is one of the most physically demanding positions in all of football. The browser you are using is no longer supported on this site. He was drafted into the NFL in 2004 by the New England Patriots. But the majority of the players on the list operate as the focal point ina base 3-4 defense. By its nature, nose tackle is one of the most unheralded and selfless positions in the NFL. Its popularity declined throughout the 90's, bottoming out in 2001 when only the Steelers were running a 34. The 0-technique is generally played in the 3-4 defensive scheme, which is why its largely a nose tackle technique. His power and quick takeoff enables him to drive blockers backwards and his speed and range allow him to disengage and envelope a ball carrier. In the Bears under front,Toeaina is required to take on the center and occupy the interior, creating one on one matchups for pass rushing defensive ends and the 3-technique tackle. Pro Football Network analyst Matt Valdovinos ranks the top 25 offensive tackles in the NFL. A 5-2 defensive scheme is extremely effective against the run, especially the inside run. Washington has four first-round picks on its defensive line, and Jonathan Allen might have been the best in 2020. Most of Ratliff's reputation is built on his pass rushing ability. He was usually the shade tackle in the Raiders 40 nickel (Bandit) defense and herecorded 6 sacks in 1983 and 12.5 in 1984. Ostensibly a 2-gapper, Raji manages to make a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage. When done correctly, the nose tackle acts as a space-eater. May 4, 2021 8:47 AM EDT. 17+ Basketball Games for Kids The Ultimate List. This site is owned and operated by Coaching Kidz. From Culp to Jerry Ball, everyone featured in this article has played major roles in their teams success, which established them as the best defensive nose tackles of all time in the NFL. Art Shell, 1968-1982. But Ball did it. This is where the defensive player lines up head-to-head with the offensive tackle. Enter Wade Phillips who installed a 3-4 and Williams as the nose andvoila, he's in the Pro Bowl for the next three years. A Financial Overview, What Is a Cycle in Baseball? After his stellar 1980 season, coaches from opposing teams would fly to Buffalo to watch how Smerlas played in the middle of the Bill defense and exported the style to their own 3-4 teams. This would make them more responsible for the B-gap (in-between the tackle and guard). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Some NFL players are just physical freaks in terms of taking a pounding and lasting and lasting. 6'5" and around 375 pounds, he was literally an immovable object in the trenches. The 0-technique is largely specific to the nose tackle but can be played by defensive tackles as well. Probably the most technically sound nose tackle on this list, Wilfork's leverage and footwork are outstanding. NFL and the NFL shield design are registered trademarks of the National Football League.The team names, logos and uniform designs are registered trademarks of the teams indicated. 1 Joe Greene 3,939 votes Charles Edward Greene (born September 5, 1946), better known as "Mean" Joe Greene, is a former American football defensive tackle who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football .more #1208 of 1,316 The Best Athletes Of All Time #11 of 25 Old Athletes You Didn't Realize Are Still Alive #1 of 146 A NT will either be head on v a centre or on the strongside A gap, either way a NTs job is to absorb a double team and not allow either of the OL trying to move him to get downfield. Press J to jump to the feed. WithToeaina in the lineup, there is often more space for destructive duo Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs to exploit. He received a Hall of Fame induction from the New England Patriots soon after his retirement in 2017. And with Carter, he'd have his moments getting to the passer. From 1980 through the first six games of 1990 he played in (and started) 149 consecutive games, remarkable given the duties of his position. This article features the ten best nose tackles of all time in the NFL who set examples of how to contribute from the back. The best decision that Rob Ryan made when he took over stewardship of the Cowboys defense, was to leave Ratliff over the center, and defy the calls to move him to end. His professional football career began in 1977 when he was picked by the Philadelphia Eagles 1977. They line up with a defensive end on both sides of them, but theres a pretty large gap between them since the offensive line is made up of five players. His 10 kick blocks rank top 10 among all NFL players. Vita is one of the best nose tackles in the NFL because he has the ability at 345-pounds to rush the passer. The nose tackle is largely used in the 3-4 defensive scheme as well as a 5-2 defensive scheme. Just because a NT doesn't 2 gap doesn't mean he's not a true NT, that's all down to preference of scheme by the coach. This is where the defensive player lines up on the inside shoulder of the offensive guard. All other NFL-related trademarks are trademarks of the National Football League. He'd done yeoman's work, playing the run, coming out of the game on likely passing downs, but never getting a sniff of Hawaii and the Pro Bowl. Take a look at the best portraits from the 2023 NFL Combine! Additionally, that year, he had 14.0 run stuffs(second in NFL behind Jerome Brown's 17.0). This type of scheme consists of five players on the defensive line a nose guard, two defensive tackles, and two defensive ends. I would have thought Manu Tiuasosopo would have been in there as he was mixing it up well in the era with Sugar Bear Hamilton, Rubin Carter, Fred Smerlas, etc.And if Reggie Kinlaw makes the list then I would have put Dave Rowe in as well. Sione Pouha has quietly emerged as one of the most effective run defenders in the game. He got the do the grunt work for the guys that replaced John Randle and Warren Sapp. Casey Hampton Jr. (born September 3, 1977), nicknamed "Big Snack," is a former American football nose tackle who played twelve seasons for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League, The Best Miami Football Players of All Time, The Greatest Out of Shape Athletes in Sports. He ended his career with 32.5 sacks and 75.5 run stuffs. Then he was signed by the Buffalo Bills, but it was with Minnesota Vikings where he shined and reached his full potential. With 91 games played during his career, made . Instead, they line up head-to-head with the offensive guards. When you line up in a 3-technique, youre only responsible for the gap between the offensive guard and offensive tackle also known as the B-gap. NFL, one of the most exciting sports leagues in the world, is the gathering place of all American football legends. Since the 5-technique features an odd number, that means the defensive lineman lines up on the outside shoulder of the offensive tackle. Ted Washington was another great nose tackle, dude was massive! Whitworth has been one of the top NFL offensive tackles for the majority of his career and is a true model of consistency. As they continue to learn the What Is a Secondary in Football? One name that might get overlooked among some of the best defensive tackles all-time is the former Baltimore Ravens great Haloti Ngata. This allows the safeties to stay deep and maintain the integrity of Chicago's preferred Tampa-2 coverage scheme. That. Some of these men are considered to be the best nose tackles to ever play the game, and if you're looking for a specific football player you can look for them by using the "search" function on this list. A 3-4 defensive scheme is more of a base defense that can be effective against the run and pass when performed correctly. Smears also played and started the most number of matches as a nose tackle. With Hampton occluding the middle of an opposing blocking scheme, ball carriers are consistentlyforced sideways.