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By Fintan O'Toole. Reporters tried to investigate the roots of Albanian organized crime but have complained that it is too hard to penetrate the structure and organization of the Albanian mafia, but set out that the Albanian mafia acts on the model of the Italian one, whose crime is part of the "activities of entire families" and which has a clearly defined hierarchy. Some 3,700 people died over the course of the four-decade conflict. The fight was merely a distraction. A week later another juror wrote Sandoval a four-page letter, expressing her chagrin that he had been put through all the agony (Draper, 1991). Since the removal of the building tender system many of the old guard force resigned and left many green guards to come in and figure out the new and changing Texas prison system. (Associates Press), On January 2009, 10 Texas Syndicate members invade the home of an Austin couple and rob the family of their TVs wallets, and vehicles. (Associated Press), On Austin July 2, 2001, Texas Syndicate members murder female TS associate Jove Rios for conducting business with the Mexikanemi. Arredondo had been ineffective for the prison gang, and failed them on several occasions. As of 2000, the Texas Syndicate had about 19,000 Once the guard had completed the innocuous task that was against the policies of the prisons, the inmate(s) continue to slowly press the guard or staff member into other obligations that eventually lead to illegal acts. The prosecution of Sandoval occurred through a new development in the Texas prison system. Under Sandovals watch on December 17, 1986 Joe Arredondo, a Texas Syndicate member was found murdered. 8,126 Hispanic members operate across Texas, including specific reportings in the Coffield Unit, about 60 miles southwest of Tyler, and at the Allred prison unit outside of Wichita Falls. It was the recently formed arm of the TDCJ that investigated Sandovals involvement in the murder. Both the Texas Syndicate and Mexikanemi team up against the Barrio Azteca. On Jan. 30, 1972, in the Northern Ireland town of Derry, a peaceful march involving 15,000 civil-rights marchers turned violent when British troops fired on the protesters. Giuseppe Morello became the Capo di tutti capi (or boss of bosses ), but before long he and Ignazio Saietta were arrested and charged with counterfeiting in 1910. The Bloody Sunday Inquiry, also known as the Saville Inquiry or the Saville Report after its chairman, Lord Saville of Newdigate, was established in 1998 by British Prime Minister Tony Blair after . The first generation Albanians have a tendency to be more violent than American-born syndicates, claims Hall. This simple action led to a massacre known as Bloody Sunday, and was the beginning of the 1905 Russian Revolution. As of 2000, the Texas Syndicate had about 19,000. members in prisons and jails state-wide, with many more on the outside. Prison gangs used this to their advantage as they pursued a more diversionary approach to committing acts of homicide. This influenced who the prison gang incorporated into their monetary endeavors. Law enforcement authorities estimate that different Albanian mafia families may smuggle as much as 440 pounds of heroin a year into Scandinavia at any given time. Scholars have employed the phrase mass incarceration to explain and define this increased surge of incarceration in the U.S. that affected people of color, in particular African Americans. Winner of the Sundance Film Festival's Audience Award, writer-director Paul Greengrass' "magnetic and impassioned" drama is a "staggering re-creation" of the events of Sunday, January 30th, 1972 when British troops clashed with unarmed protestors in Derry, Northern Ireland. The Aryan Brotherhood which also formed in California is not related to the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas. These incidents were also discussed with the journalist Robert Draper. Like Sandoval, many inmates were both Mexican Americans and Texas residents, thus a sense of comfortability existed between inmate and guard. Torres was a Texas Syndicate informant who provided information crucial to a federal case against fellow gang members. The complicated history of Whiteness in U.S. history has been explored in the scholarship on Mexican American history but is virtually non-existent in mass incarceration scholarship. - Were still trying to learn about their culture and figure out what makes them tick, James Farley, FBI supervisory special agent, and expert on organized crime, says of the Albanians. State identity also occurred as a form of othering by the California prison gangs which did not extend membership to non-Californios. Texas Syndicate Tattoos: (El Paso Times) Believed by MI6 to be Albanian, Le Chiffre is banker to the world's terrorist organizations. Activists who gathered virtually and in person to commemorate a pivotal day in the civil rights struggle that became known as Bloody Sunday called on people to continue the fight for voting rights as they also honored giants of the civil rights movement, including the late U.S. Rep. John Lewis, who died last year. He largely failed in attempts to procure streams of revenue, namely from drug trafficking for the Texas Syndicate. Sandovals case was unique as the only guard to be charged with a homicide at this point, but other guards were charged with other crimes. Sandovals Early Beginnings (Gang Intelligence 101), In 1980, the Texas Syndicate gain full control of the prison systems drug trade after the practice of using building tenders to assist guards is ruled out by a Civil court. Dossier K , a Belgian crime thriller, portrays the Albanian mafia in Belgium . Bloody Sunday in Derry, January 30 . F or many on both sides of the Irish Sea, the killing of 14 unarmed civil rights demonstrators by members of the British army's Parachute Regiment on Bloody Sunday in 1972 remains the defining . This allowed the Sicilian to maintain dominance and control over New York City and the remaining Camorra gangs joined forces with Sicilian gangs. (Ortiz v. State, 93 S.W.3d 79 (Tex. The Museum | Museum of Free Derry - The Museum of Free Derry is the . (Gang Intelligence 101), In 1995, the Texas Syndicate declares war on a Mexican gang known as Mexicles. Just a few weeks before the Cesario Gonzales homicide that Luis Sandoval witnessed, Arturo Astro Aguilar, a Texas Mexican Mafia member was murdered on August 22, 1985 in the Eastham Unit by the Texas Syndicate. Three days later, the criminals published a note in the leading Brussels newspaper Le Soir , demanding 30 million Belgian francs in ransom. From the time that Sandoval began as a new boot in the summer of 1985 until late 1986, he began to be enveloped into a slippery process of criminal activity that began with something as commonplace as the lighting of an inmates cigarette. In South Texas, Sandoval primarily interacted with Mexican American friends from the barrios and the housing projects of Kingsville, TX. Fifty-two. Robert Riggs Reports Blood In. And while Sandoval was acquitted, his criminal proceeding unleashed denunciation. Lulzim Krasniqi :(1863-2006) Former leader of the Albania Mafia based in Zagreb, Croatia. Blacks had a virtual non-existent population in Alice, and the greater South Texas region for that matter. (Gang Intelligence 101), In 1984, the Texas Syndicate declares war on the Mexikanemi. The Texas Syndicate or Syndicato Tejano was the first prison gang to heavily impact the prison system in Texas. During Sandovals trial, witnesses told a Walker County jury that doors in the Ellis I prison units south end were routinely left unlocked by guards in 1986. They start rumors to your supervisor that youre bringing in drugs, or theyll bring bogus grievances against you, Ware said. ), 1997), In 1990, the Mexikanemi and Texas Syndicate agree on a truce. Total Value: $6,014,687: Deep in the bowels of the 4,000-man H. H. Coffield State Prison in east Texas, a young prisoner . (Associated Press), In 1993, the Barrio Azteca brutally beat and murder a Texas Syndicate member in the El Paso county jail causing the Texas Syndicate to alliance its self with the Mexikanemi. On February 2007, high ranking Texas Syndicate member Ernesto Medrano is sentenced to life in prison for using U.S. military flights to transport hundreds of kilos of cocaine from Columbia to Fort, Bliss Texas. 14764 03/20/1991 278TH Judicial District Court, Scholarships and Resources for Hispanic and Latino Students. Alfred Shkurti (also known as Aldo Bare): The boss of one of the most notorious criminal syndicates in Albania known as the Banda e Lushnjs (The Lushnja Gang). Carlos Rosas, a 31-year old from Dallas, a Texas Syndicate sergeant was tasked with the murder and fulfilled the hit for his prison gang, the Texas Syndicate. The Northern Albanian Mafia which runs the drug wholesale business is also known by the name of "The Fifteen Families." The Texas Syndicate's golden rule is as simple as it is merciless: Betray us and you're dead.. The murder involves a state wide war between both prison gangs. Director Paul Greengrass Writer Paul Greengrass Stars James Nesbitt Tim Pigott-Smith Nicholas Farrell They continued the war and within month's police began arresting top members of the Camorra gangs. Blood Out, Texas Prison Gangs. Accessed December 1, 2018. The Texas Syndicate's activities include drug trafficking, extortion, prostitution, protection, gambling, and contract murder. He had an arranged agreement with them where profits from drug trafficking into the prison were split between himself and the Texas Syndicate. The commonly known and widespread narrative goes as follows: At dawn on 9 January, a crowd of workers that were . U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" version of the song is designed to transport the listener into 1970's war-torn Ireland where your present watching the horror unfold as an observer. Moreover, the Albanian mafia families are organized in 3-4 or more levels, which enable them to preserve the organizational action capability even in case some of its members or groups are captured. His kinship and his familiarity with Mexican American inmates brought him to become close to them. Daut Kadriovski : The reputed boss of one of the 15 Families, embodies the tenacity of the top Albanian drug traffickers. He was part of the new guard that was rapidly hired which attempted to respond to overcrowding and the resignation of the old guard. Furthermore, the ability of inmates to force the prison administrators to hear their grievances was developed from the successes of prison reform. Charles Brown, a TDCJ spokesman said, an 8-inch long flat piece of metal and a boning knife were recovered at the scene, likely the murder weapons (Graczyk, 1985). The Azteca's murder their TS victim by slamming his head through jail bars. Agim Gashi : Leader of an Albanian Mafia clan based out of Italy. The Morello-Terranova brothers soon started taking over the growing Little Italy in East Harlem, by using the Black Hand technique of extorting small business and running illegal gambling operations. By 1997 the immigration had come under the control of Albanian and Italian criminal groups, tightening relationships between them The Albanians are targeting affluent central and northern areas like Lombardy , Piedmont , and Tuscany . Associations principally began because of his shared ethnic background with many of the inmates, where their ethnic kinship was highlighted and then thusly exploited by the inmates. Rosas eventually confessed to actually stabbing Arredondo but was offered a favorable deal in exchange for his testimony [against Sandoval]; and Ruben Ortiz, a convicted murderer and TS sex slave [] was paroled after he agreed to testify (Draper, 1991). The Texas Syndicate, more than La Eme or Nuestra Familia, has been more associated or allied with Mexican immigrant prisoners, such as the "Border Brothers", while La Eme and the NF tend to be more composed of US-born/raised Hispanics. One of these banks was discovered by accident by the Dsseldorf police when they were checking a travel agency "Eulinda" owned by the Albanians. (Associated Press), On FEBRUARY 12, 2007 17 Houston area Texas Syndicate members are charged for several area murders, racketeering, armed robberies and drug trafficking. bloody sunday Dem Leaders Urged to Mark Bloody Sunday by Acting on Voting Rights, Economic Justice "This is no time for foolishness, photo-ops, and flaky commitments," declares a letter from faith leaders including Bishop William Barber II and Rev. March 7, 1965, would become known as "Bloody Sunday," a day when more than 600 people marching for civil rights were attacked by state troopers. The State of Texas vs Luis H. Sandoval Case No. Ismail Lika : Ismail Lika was an Albanian mobster active in New York City in the 1980s. He could not return to employment at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. In fact, the building tender system had purposely ignored Mexican Americans as potential candidates based on racial ideas. Rent $3.99 Buy $12.99 The number racket controlled bookmaking and illegal gambling throughout Harlem and South Bronx making thousands of dollars a year. Kapllan Murat : Belgium's most notorious mobster. He was one of the masterminds behind the kidnapping of former Belgian Prime Minister Paul Vanden Boeynants in 1989. Over thirty people lost their lives in a notorious welter of political violence, that made headlines across Ireland and across the world. But Sandoval, Mexican American prison gangs, and the larger story of the Mexican American experience within the context of prisons illustrate themes of criminalization, hegemony, and self-determination, topics wholeheartedly important to Mexican American history. The video of the event shocked the country and . When the task was not accepted or completed by a member, then they were green lit which meant they became a target within their own prison gang because they refused to follow orders (Riggs, 2011). The case of Luis H. Sandoval, a prison guard in Texas during the 1980s who became allegedly involved in criminal activity for the Texas Syndicate emphasizes this complicated multi-faceted Mexican American experience within the prison setting. They have strong motivations and are very violent." The Azteca's murder their TS victim by slamming his head through jail bars. This included its leader Alex Rudaj , and effectively ended the criminal organization. Two Texas Syndicate gang members were sentenced today to a combined 50 years in prison for drug trafficking in Lubbock, announced U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas Erin Nealy Cox. (Hernandez v. Johnson, 108 F.3d 554 (C.A.5 (Tex. Correspondingly, Vasquez, Garcia, and Carrillo who were the earlier victims were all incarcerated for robbery or burglary convictions. Thus, in many areas of Italy, the market for cannabis, prostitution, and smuggling is run mainly by Albanians. Bloody Sunday 2002 R 1 h 51 m IMDb RATING 7.6 /10 25K YOUR RATING Rate Drama History War A dramatization of the Irish civil rights protest march and subsequent massacre by British troops on January 30, 1972. 8,126 Hispanic members operate across Texas, including specific reportings in the Coffield Unit, about 60 miles southwest of Tyler, and at the Allred prison unit outside of Wichita Falls. The details of exactly who he saw murdered were not clear but according to homicide records, the victim was probably Cesario Gonzales who was killed on August 31, 1985. In 1993, the Barrio Azteca brutally beat and murder a Texas Syndicate member in the El Paso county jail causing the Texas Syndicate to alliance it's self with the Mexikanemi. Inmates used this perceived racial brotherhood to manipulate Sandoval for the gains of the prison gangs illegal activity by initiating the common process in prisons called downing the duck (Bedard, 2013). On the other side of the argument, prosecutors contend that Sandoval left open a hallway and allowed the Texas Syndicate to carry out the planned murder of Joe Arredondo (McKay, 1991). The process of downing the duck is described as an inmate or a group of inmates manipulating a guard or staff member into undertaking very small tasks perceived to be innocuous. Familiarity was both good and bad. This is a listing of enterprises, gangs, mafias, and syndicates that are involved in organized crime. Sandoval was caught in the crossfire of prison changes. Stamps are also a form of currency within prisons. Bloody Sunday Brian Lawless/PA By Mike McBride & David Wilson BBC News NI Relatives of those killed on Bloody Sunday have been remembering their loved ones on the 50th anniversary. These allegations of internal issues of the TDCJ leveraged by Sandoval may not have been directly addressed, however, a new development became the designated base where prison officials addressed criminal concerns inside the walls of Texas prisons. The Texas Mexican Mafia was initially formed in 1984 as a response to the predatory nature of the Texas Syndicate against non-member inmates. Perez was found stabbed approximately fifteen times in his upper torso and back (Graczyk, 1985). (Associated Press), In 1994, the Texas Syndicate and the Raza Unida agree that the gangs would share the drug trade in Brownsville by dividing gang territory in the border town in sections. Away from his home and in a foreign environment, it was easy for him to fall in and develop relations with them. Morales explains, he gets a life sentence and he ends up doing thirty-five, forty years, or whatever before he even comes up for parole. Conclusion members in prisons and jails state-wide, with many more on the outside. DANE SCHILLER , HOUSTON CHRONICLE. The day would be labeled Bloody Sunday. In this March 10, 1965, file photo, demonstrators, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., stream over an Alabama River bridge at the city limits of Selma, Ala., during a voter rights march. Coppola later moved to South Florida and effectively retired. Blacks. Sunday Bloody Sunday Lyrics [Intro] Yeah, mm-hm [Verse 1] I can't believe the news today Oh, I can't close my eyes and make it go away [Refrain] How long? A false sense of belief existed for an inmate who joined with his racial or ethnic group and that protection occurred through their ethnic solidarity. In " We Own the Night "; A final drug transaction is made with the Albanian Mafia. Prison officials argued prison gangs grew because the collapse of the building tender system created a power vacuum. These acts also garner the most attention as violence is habitually presented by the media, and more commonly consumed by the public. Their criticism may have largely rested on the divisiveness of race. [ March 4, 2023 ] Mayor Sylvester Turner expects the state will soon take over Houston ISD Current News [ March 4, 2023 ] Texas school districts face millions in extra costs as state program backing bond debt hits its limit Education [ March 4, 2023 ] As Bloody Sunday grows in significance across the world, organizers want to preserve the integrity of the event Uncategorized H. Christoph/ullstein bild/Getty Images Young man shot by the British military on Bloody Sunday. A long, metal objecta homemade knife, or shankprotruded from his jugular. Eventually, he became their golden goose. A Guard in Gangland. Texas Monthly Press, August 1991. The murder took place in a corridor of the prison unit that was hidden from the view of prison guards. While violence was a problem for both guards and inmates, there were also non-violent measures explored by prison gangs. Sandoval may have seen these interactions as encouraging, but inmates instead saw vulnerabilities and took advantage. Ethnicity played various roles in prisons. Albanian mobsters Rexho and Luan feature in the Danish crime film Pusher III . We found that "Eulinda" was a cover-up for some other business, said high criminal counselor from Dsseldorf Rainer Bruckert. In Games The videogame Grand Theft Auto IV features the "Petrela gang" a small crew of Albanian shylocks and goods smugglers. Garcia hoped that Sandoval would become his golden goose as he convinced Sandoval to light his cigarette (Draper, 1991). Authorities said Sandoval unlocked a door to a hallway between a chapel and recreation yard at the Ellis I Unit and then left his post so gang members could attack Arredondo (Fair, 1991). Enver Sekiraqa : Leading person of organized crime in Kosovo, aka the boss of the bosses, who is on the Interpols wanted list for several crimes. This occurred amidst the war between the two prominent Mexican American prison gangs that forced the state to act. Texas Syndicate, a criminal organization whose members and associates engage in acts of violence, including murder, conspiracy to commit murder, extortion and narcotics distribution.. Either he comes out an old man or he doesnt come out at all. 'No reasonable grounds' for arrest of Bloody Sunday paratroopers Crime Ex-paratroopers launch legal bid to halt Bloody Sunday murder inquiry Crime Bloody Sunday arrest could lead to chain of. It was also the most violent period for Texas prisons, which proved to be a difficult adjustment not just for the state but for Sandoval as well. These actions were either through bribery, profit, blackmail, and even threats of violence to the guards or their families. Many of these Mexican American inmates who became prison gang members had to submit to a serious requirement for membership and could only leave the gang through their death. Like many Mexican Americans in the U.S. Southwest, Sandoval was unacquainted with racial groups other than his own. Saviano notes that the Camorra from Naples can't understand the Russian clans , which aren't based on family ties, and feels greater affinity with the Albanian crime families. The downfall of the building tenders was brought on by the success of the legal court case Ruiz v. Estelle. It was claimed that Sandoval felt more at home with fellow Hispanics than with the Black inmates, who terrified him (Statistical Atlas, 1991). Mexican Americans prison gangs are the focus of this study as they have been the most disruptive and most influential in impacting Texas prison institutions and administrations. On a cold Sunday, the 22 nd of January, 1905, tens of thousands of workers in St. Petersburg, the capital of Russia, marched to the Tsar's splendorous Winter Palace to deliver a petition. Unbeknownst to Sandoval, he was entering as a prison guard during a transitional period from 1979-1986 for the TDC dubbed a Broken System, as many court cases had upended the autonomous power of the prison administration during this period. (Gang Intelligence 101), In 1990, Texas Syndicate members murder two Houston-area parolees, Anthony Rosalio Acosta, 42, and Jimmy Lopez Rangel, 29, in a desert southeast of El Paso. Formed in the California prison system in the 1970s by incarcerated Tejanos, the Texas Syndicate sought protection against Californios. Even while considering the institutions perception of the strength of prison gangs, they still largely lacked broad exploration in historical scholarship. It however, only played a brief part of the court proceedings of Sandovals murder trial. According to Ioannis Michaletos, the family structure is characterized by a strong inner discipline, which is achieved by a means of punishment for every deviation from the internal rules, so that the fear should guarantee an unconditional loyalty to the family, with the provisions of the official laws considered to be secondary, not important and non-binding. In Albania alone there are over 15 mafia families or clans that control organized crime. Almir Rrapo : Leader of the "Krasniqi Crew" based in New York and other US cities. Testifying for murder defendant and former Ellis I guard Luis Sandoval, a string of prison employees said the doors were left open despite a policy requiring that they be locked at all times (McKay, 1991). Eventually we found out that "Eulinda" had already transferred 150 million dollars to Kosovo for "humanitarian purposes", says Bruckert. While both were considered Mexican Americans, state identity was also an important restriction along with ethnic identity. The victim, who was also a TS member was wrestled down and intentionally overdosed with a shot of heroin.