blue star oven door hinges

Defrosting Meat In Water Without A Bag? x 5/8 in. 2. I have a RNB304B bought over 10 years ago for a weekend home. If you have found the BlueStar oven to be properly sealed, then its likely to be a result of a power supply issue, faulty main control board, or heating element being worn out. If it is not working properly, the oven will not heat up to the desired temperature. I contacted BS, and received from them a plastic bottle of high temperature grease.Applying the grease once a year to both hinges solved the problem, and has not ever recurred.I'm very pleased with the range, and 10 yr. repair history consists of replacing two cracked ignitors. (3) $39.08. We have since changed our manufacturers and have made the new style available to our customers. So, I will look for a replacement door for less and do all I can to warn any potential new BlueStar customers to avoid them at all costs. The Wolf has a dual level burner design which makes it really good for low simmer capability but its closed burners overshoot small pans at higher than medium flame settings. I guess I would be happy to be offered a replacement door at cost, as reported in some previous posts. It about their failure in being a responsible manufacturer and dealing honestly with a problem. We use cookies on our site to give you the best experience. I had to pay for the service call and labor, but not for the door itself. The repairman has never seen a stove door lock shut like this in his 40 years as a repairman servicing all brands. Touch Induction Use & Care Manual. But on the bright side, its quite easy to fix this issue most of the time. You can do so by observing whether or not it glows red hot. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes. The cooling fan is usually located near the top of your ovens interior. Bulk Save - View Offer. Then it is really easy. But this time I lucked out: I spoke to the parts dept. Eucalyptus oil for germy door handles. And over time, it had cut a deep groove into the material. However, make sure to turn off the oven before doing so as a safety measure. (Must Read), BlueStar Appliances All Purpose Fan Manufacturers, Geyser Manufacturers, Miele Gas Stove Problems: 7 Common Issues (Must Know), NEFF Gas Stove Problems: 7 Common Issues (Must Know), SMEG Fridge Door Not Closing Properly (Simple Answers), Fisher & Paykel Fridge Door Not Closing Properly (Simple Answers), Bosch Fridge Door Not Closing Properly (Simple Answers), Electrolux Fridge Door Not Closing Properly (Simple Answers), Miele Freezer Door Not Closing Properly (Simple Solutions). Here are the most common reasons your oven's door needs a repair - and the parts & instructions to fix the problem yourself. Powered by Invision Community. However, BlueStar ovens can have a problem regarding the broiler which is typically caused by damaged elements. I did have to call Bluestar a couple of times though before they agreed to give me a partial discount. I will wait for an answer. Still having problems, speak BlueStar service center or a qualified technician. Inform Blue Star that you know other owners with the same door defect and it is a fire hazard and you will report them. They prevent you from accidentally lifting the door out of the oven (not that you should ever pull up on the door handle anyway). Oven doors have two door hinges, a left and right. . My case was referred to him by Kacie, but I have yet to hear from him. 3.2 to 3.6 amps, includes 2 wire nuts. After all, there is no way to set the temperature or start cooking without the use of the control panel. Here's a link to Guaranteed Part's Bluestar oven door hinges: The likely cause of the oven taking too long to heat up is hot air leaking from the oven. The door on Blue Star Ovens are defective and should have been replaced by recall. We are selling the entire door assembly for $125 (our cost) instead of the retail $495 to get our customer taken care of. The door should pull out very easily.*. The original hinges would get stuck preventing the door from opening. Customer Service: 1.800.421.6144. No doubt they will eventually have a serious lawsuit when someone gets hurt or a house burns down. - Would be helpful to know the oven temperature. Discover reasons for removing. Worked perfectly, door closed completely, wife happy (the most important result ), no more hot knobs! 3. Oven Not Heating Up but Stove Works (with 5 Simple Fixes), My Oven Won’t Turn Off (With Solutions), Why Are Viking Stoves So Expensive? If something is blocking the sensor, the oven cannot turn off the light. The Chief of Staff insisted the installer had repaired it with a "long skinny screwdriver" without removing the door. Length - 3.72 inches. While some of them can be fixed easily, others may require the help of a professional. If the cover plates don't fit, then you know that the hinge is not yet resting on the slot. Try not to lose them, as you might want to service your door and then it's nice to have suitable screws at hand. Get it Feb 9 - 13. . The open top burners can be used at full power on pans as small as 6" for regular burners and 3.5" for the special simmer burner. Not only are you forced to deal with the expense of repairs or replacement, but you also have to go without your favorite cooking appliance for a while. Pella's attractive selection of storm doors & screen doors will complement the entrance to your home, with multiple styles to suit your needs. . I bought the new door with the new hinges but their youtube video instructions for installation are for the old hinges and the door didn't come with any instructions and I can't figure out how to get the door to close and I don't want to force it! Latch issues: a broken latch that may need to be replaced. Commonly the door hinges may require a readjustment. If the troubleshooting steps above did not resolve the issue, you will need to contact a technician. I thought I was the only one with this problem. T047 Silastic, 732 Clear 150G tube Overall - I think this was a great purchase, and am also happy with the cost savings over the competitors. Rhome got a porcelain shard stuck in her finger, and I doubt many folks would be too crazy about eating anything baked that is seasoned with porcelain shards. The only reason Blue Star replaced and installed my defective door when I complained was I told them I was going to call Seven on your side a consumer advocate program on channel 7 news and inform the public about their defective door and lack of cooperation and customer service. When they become bent or broken, the door is unable to close securely, preventing the oven from trapping heat inside. If you can't move it or it's not engaging/disengaging correctly, then the problem might be oven crud inside the latch mechanism. We have a 13 year old BS 30" range with the defective hinge problem. That gives you full access to the hinges. and was told they could provide that new door for $100. The incremental price difference wasn't all that bad. @HU-557372966 Did you solve door gap problem? If you have checked all these and still cannot find the problem, then it is best to call a technician. Light stove top burners with Bic barbeque lighter - no big deal. Safety, durability, efficiency, and functionality. Houzz Pro: One simple solution for contractors and design pros. Something that, solely in my very limited experience, Wolf has done, while Bluestar has not. However, if the oven doesnt clean even while its cool, there may be an issue with the oven door latch. Some of these items ship sooner than the others. En espaol. The hinges control the rate at which the door opens and allow the door to stay open at an angle. The cast members just make do with whatever is available to them. (I'm getting one.). Get a custom quote from a BlueStar Kitchen Consultant. I had to call Bluestar for emergency advice and was told to use a crowbar wrapped in a towel and pry the door open. 01 - Thermador Range/Stove/Oven Door Hinge. BS is willing to sell me a whole door with a partial discount. It has a simple, "old school", commercial, bolt together design that anyone with a semblance of mechanical ability can adjust or replace parts if necessary, without specialized knowledge. Baking soda for oven grime. You may need to use your scrubber to loosen up some of the particles, but for the most part, this stuff is not cooked on like the gunk on the inside of your oven. Check if the broil element has been damaged. The Garland commercial range company wanted to get into the residential market for pro style ranges and sub contracted Prizer-Painter to manufacture them (under the Bluestar brand name), based on Garland's commercial designs and, as appropriate, commercial parts. (Answered). Just called BS and they will no longer replace the defective door but offered to sell it to me for $800+. kep star nuts. So, instead, I do suggest you replace the entire door. I bought my Bluestar at Costco, 13 years ago. Check if the circuit breaker has been tripped due to a power surge and flip it back on. There are two things that might fix your oven if the lock is the problem. I agree, that's how they should do business. But, this is true of any of these professional models. Accept Cookies. But when that happens, the slide moves directly against the metal pin and eventually cuts through it. *Some oven doors don't need to be removed in order to separate it for cleaning the glass in between. By law, the show is required to disclose product placement -- typically in the end credits in the "Supplied by" section ( They will not take responsibility nor acknowledge where was ever an issue with the hinge. How Many Speeds Does This Fan Motor Have? Replace the thermal fuse if all other measures fail. Its hinges were failing. Free Shipping on orders over $100! To identify a faulty igniter, you must check if the igniter glows when the oven is turned on. Do-It-Yourself Stories from Customers like You Jennair jjw9630cas double oven doors did not close all the way and . In the end, without regard to price, I much prefer the Bluestar over the Wolf. Those looking to cook restaurant-quality meals at home should look into the BlueStar line. We purchased the Blue Star 36" with sealed burners and have been happily using it for the last 6 months. swinging caf door hinges. The simmer on each burner can be adjusted to be able to go very low. Good question Karen. The sticking hinge got progressively worse and worse, and then last night we were unable to open it all all until it cooled down. We had a Mitsibushi television, at least two years out of warranty, that suffered what looked to be basically a color failure, with everyone on screen blown out and rather neon. I was looking online just now because I have the EXACT same problem with the oven door on my 30" Blue Star. Door Issues. Bluestar Bake Ignitor 703304.