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I have used them for over 35 years and never seen something like this. The compression ratio is 8. Building LS garbage? This made-in-the-USA head is Edelbrock's value leader. . Also; I had Carroll Shelby/SAAC racing program in several other FORD dealerships . . VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. 500 max! For the testing, Holdener put together a non-numbers matching replica of the DZ 302. Exhausts have only a. But there is absolutely something else wrong. No mention of those holes in the instructions. This new design offers a 25-50 HP increase over current Cobra Jet heads, depending upon displacement and camshaft. 546hp @5600 rpm also had 630 ft-lbs torq@ 4400 rpm. Their modern combustion chamber design helps to improve the combustion process and their larger-than-stock intake and exhaust ports help to move more air through your engine. I recommend purchasing ARP studs and guideplates for perfect rocker alignment. 18 Ft/Lbs - Aluminum Heads. NOS 1969 1970 Mustang Boss 302 speedometer. Much of this gain over the stock 345-hp Boss 302 rating can be attributed to Westech's lower 140-degree engine coolant test procedure and open dyno headers. The RHS heads come out of the box with a very nice-looking casting, and back that image up with respectable performance. We apologize for the inconvenience A forum community dedicated to vintage Ford Mustang owners and enthusiasts. All they had to do was make the piston dome bigger on the 302 to keep the same 11:1 compression ratio.. it will be a "high winder" and with a bullet proof bottom end and a 4 bolt block could run to 10,000 rpm b 4 exploading ! Years ago there was a six cylinder weight break for the late model classes at one of the local dirt tracks that I would frequent. We got our answer. on a brand new set of heads. Its not a good time to be building a performance engine. As you can see from these numbers, the Cleveland-style Boss 302 cylinder heads offer significantly more airflow at each valve opening point over the DZ 302s fuelie heads. Our FDC has over 150 racing members and FORD promised us Hubert Platts Drag Mustang after series which disappeared. The Cleveland type heads are used in the 302 heads. Very limited suppliers of flathead parts always look to speedway for my hotrod items. There are many different types of cylinder heads for Ford 302 engines, so it is difficult to make a definitive conclusion about them. Every time I put a bigger carb on it, it ran faster. The RHS headsproduced the next-closest average horsepower and torque, with the Edelbrock and Ford heads very close behind. DONT USE ANYTHING ELSE OR IT WILL LEAK. They use a Cleveland style quench chamber and standard 302 Boss/351 Boss/351C/351 SVO valve train parts (will accept 2.19"/1.71" valves). Find Parts and Accessories Boss 302 aluminum heads KEYWORD and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! True but it seems excessive to me. To conceive the BOSS 302, Ford had to develop a special forged piston with a significant dome that would reach deep into the 351C heads 64 67cc chambers. The Mustang 5.0L Coyote engine has evolved into the Boss 302, VooDoo 5.2L, and the Predator 5.2L. PRO1 170 Ford Tech Sheet - H30. Some of the guys were running ford 300 six cylinders with good success. The term refurbished was definitely stretched here: the screws are different colors from the black casing, the bottom rubber footers are looking like they have decayed so that the laptop wobbles, the side has a port that was left wide open with a broken/cracked piece and then when you try to open it, the screen side sticks to the keyboard side like it has a gummy residue of some sort on it. We started FORD Drag Club at Horn-Williams Ford in Dallas,Tx. you could also get a 302 crank and rods with custom pistons, a 302 crank with 289 length con rods and off the shelf b2 pistons. Primarily, the 5.0L V8 in the F-150 received a lower compression ratio (10.5:1), intake camshafts with less duration, cast iron exhaust manifolds, and revised cylinder . The Good and Bad of the head bolts on the SBF is that their are only 8 of them. Ever wonder what those camshaft specification numbers really mean and how they affect engine performance? That puts lift over .500 inch .514 according to our calculations, minus the lash, Holdener reveals. AIR FLOW RESEARCH 1402 SBF 165cc Alum Heads Renegade Street 58cc. It's all bracket racing. It had a description amd Alan Johnson Cylinder Heads listed as the vendor and contact #805-922-1202. Ports 2.38" x 1.68" C9ZZ-9424-C. C9ZE-9425-A . . The 300 block may have a slightly taller deck height than the 240. The Ford heads did well during the testing, making a peak of 362 hp. I was wondering how these heads would work on my 97 5. you need custom pistons, boss intake, boss heads, boss pushrods, custom headers for a 65-66 mustang, 69-70 b2 headers for 67-70 mustang. JavaScript is disabled. Any who, this is a work laptop, and it started out pretty fast, but over time, it eventually slowed down. These heads have the right size valve for those piston. Works with most standard components. Although we thought that the previous 302 Windsor vs 305 TPI was a pretty fair test of two era-and market-specific competitors, this has to be the ultimate level-playing-field. IF YOU DO THIS BE SURE TO USE PERMATEX #2 ON THE INTAKE STUDS. Aluminum will allow you 1pt up in compression for its ability to shed heat. So howd they stack up? Small Block Ford. 02 intake/1. Edelbrock E-Street cylinder heads are just the ticket. Truth is, a factory original Boss 302 is happiest with a 600 to 650 cfm Holley. The TFS head looks much stronger than the Edelbrock version above 5,500 rpm, but the maximum differential is only 13 hp at 5,900 rpm. I just got a block that is 289 .30 over and I wanted to reuse my pistons I think they are sealed power 7006p (obsolete now). It had a close ratio 4 speed transmission, a 3.50:1 rear axle, a staggered shock competition suspension and a 16 : 1 steering box. Twisted Wedge and Canted valve (TFS and C302b) in aluminum promote even better performance. 1969 mustang fastback boss 429 351 race car front end. For high-performance's street and competition, our dual-plane design makes outstanding power from 1500 to 6500 rpm. Because of the pent-roof design of the heads, the Boss also had forged pop-up pistons to achieve the desired 10.5:1 compression ratio. We should stress that during testing we optimized each set of heads for timing and jetting and then ran the engine for two near identical runs, which were then averaged to come up with the final power numbers. The Boss used a mild camshaft, mild compression, and lots of head flow, Holdener says. ported and polished heads can also provide good results, but they may require more work to install and tune properly. Typical rebuild, headers, Competition solid lifter cam, 1.73 Crane roller rockers. Once I pick the heads I was going to find a good cam for daily driving/ performance. For the Boss 351, the entire Cleveland engine was used instead of simply the heads. We should also mention that although we didn't test a stock iron casting, it should be clear that even the heads on the lower end of our test would still be an improvement over stock factory castings. For use only with Special heads . The heads are Cleveland heads. Recommended spark plugs are Champion RC12YC or equivalent 14mm x 3/4in. Both 1969 and 1970 302 BOSS engines will run great with a properly tuned 750 Holley. Be the first to rate this post. Edelbrock heads are available in two different versions, with either 1.94- or 2.02-inch intake valves. I just got a block that is 289 .30 over and I wanted to reuse my pistons I think they are sealed power 7006p (obsolete now). So now, we have a pair of legends, being compared on the dyno. Rugged, ribbed internally and externally, with a large water capacity and excellent breathing characteristics. So it can already be made to haul. 1.90/1.60 in Valves. Guys if you want to make serious power. After its time on the pump, the DZ 302 posted 357 horsepower at 6,700 rpm and 333 lb-ft of torque at 4,300 rpm. Parts made from tooling for the cancelled 1971 BOSS 302 were used for service. Edelbrock Performer RPM Cylinder Heads - Ford 351C Custom Camshafts, Valvetrain, Valve Springs, Push Rods, Timing Sets "Generations above them were never perfect. from United States. So get comfortable, slip on your Ford-colored glasses, and hang on. No votes so far! Both engines are solid flat tappet cams, and the Chevy especially responded to changes in the lash. I used them with a Comp Cams 274XE cam and a QFT 600cfm carb. stock rebuild,. The Edelbrock 351C head shows a controlled "swirl ramp" that comes on lightly at 100 RPMs starting at .450" lift and increases steadily to 2000 RPMs at .600" lift. This head is intended for a flat-tappet camshaft, so it was outfitted with a small-diameter spring that might have limited its performance in the midrange slightly. Henry Ford II wasnt going to have it any other way. To minimize the grief of doing the math yourself, we averaged the horsepower between 3,000 and 6,000 rpm, then divided that into the cost of a pair of heads. The power numbers are so close that if we had tested these heads in a typical street car, it's doubtful we would have seen much of a difference in performance among the middle four heads. Feb 19, 2016. [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]. All Cleveland style heads including the BOSS has 1.73 to 1 ratio rockers. I believe C.J. That made for an incredibly close series of tests, which proved that regardless of how you get your displacement, similar displacement engines will make similar power and respond similarly to modifications. I was actually pleasantly surprised at the swirl polished valves and the large spring pockets for if you want to run larger springs with a monster cam! Gurney Eagle : Gurney Eagle race heads : Application. Edelbrock 5025: Cylinder Heads, E-Street, Aluminum, Assembled, 60cc Chamber, 170cc Intake Runner, Ford, 289, 302, 351W, Pair Are you looking for a set of entry-level street performance heads for your modern street rod, muscle car, or truck? The TFS heads made an honest 380 hp, but what we found surprising was how well the Edelbrock E-Street head did, with a peak of 371, substantially better than Ford Racing's 362-hp third-place finish. Due to the larger Cleveland-style heads, the Boss 302 weighs somewhat more than the normal 302, tipping the scales at 500 lbs. See it here: yes its ben done. Intake - 2.23 inches It is now becoming sluggish, and I get LBSOD issues frequently because of the wifi. I think I have seen afrermarket heads but cannot rememmber where. And then it's gonna be HP you'll make, not a lot of torque. The Boss was topped off with an original aluminum. Said to be "overvalved" for street performance. i drank a bottle of 10,000 rpm and thode a rod !!! I didnt and I think some of that lube got burned on the valve seat and causing it to not seal but, will have to open it up to find that out. Was running 850 dbl pump Holley with 4:56 gears, and I was running 12:20s at over 112 mph in the quarter. This could easily cause a hot edge and create premature detonation of the charge. Ford New Boss 302 w/351C HDS Hex Head Stud Kit. They feature revised valve angles and locations to reduce cylinder wall shrouding and improve flow, along with redesigned combustion chambers to accommodate the more centrally located valves. But for perhaps a majority of enthusiasts, this evaluation may be too simplistic. 2/22 . There are plenty of them lying around used and new-old-stock. At RHP reasonably well ported (340+ / 200) set of iron heads with large S/S valves, manganese bronze guides, p/c seals, rocker studs and guideplates are $1,695 exchange. 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Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from EngineLabs, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! Required fields are marked *. It was rated at 10.5:1 compression and 230 bhp (Shelby was rated at 250). [The Boss] cylinder head came about after Fords experience with the tunnel port cylinder head where they learned lots of head flow equals lots of power, Holdener relates. Assembled. 030 shim. If you had the right pistons, you could use 351C 2V heads which are cheap and plentiful and don't have the low end port velocity issues 22GT described. The spark plugs are also positioned well, and I cant foresee any interference with any headers. You are better off buying model 5023 with 1. Some additional 302 factory valve sizes: 69 Boss 302 intake 2.23 / exhaust 1.71. Inline and < 15* valve angle such as World Products Man O' War 10* heads promote very good performance. Plus we used cam dial-in and it was only off a half degree. I assumed thats how they went and I also used the end seals. That would probably have been the only intake available to work , at that time. These heads are always perfect, but could use a little bowl work thanks team SUMMIT. 3/1 . RHS shipped the heads with what should have been a sufficient single 1.460-inch-diameter valvespring, but the horsepower graph reveals that above 5,800 rpm the power trailed off, leading us to think that perhaps with a better spring this head could have carried the power out beyond 6,000 rpm, which would have improved its peak horsepower number. 185 cc Intake. You will certainly feel that in the car. They used the 3 center sections of the heads. Im sure you had over 400. The BOSS 302 heads used some of the biggest valves in the industry. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Cylinder heads casting ID decode for 260 289 302 351 390 406 427 428 429 460FE Boss Shelby. However, there are a few notable differences between the Coyote in the F-150 and the Coyote in the Mustang. Install the gaskets with the raised seal towards the head and it will fit the ports much better. Ford 260-289-302 Firing Order; Ford 351C 351M 400M Firing Order; Ford FE Firing Order; Ford 429 and 460 Firing Order; Chevy SB and BB Firing Order; (BOSS) These heads are really impressive!!!!!! These features improve an engines efficiency, resulting in more horsepower and torque and improved mileage potential. Click to expand. Boss 302 heads are unique.No other heads will work without some changes. Small block Ford PRO1 20 170cc Aluminum cylinder heads feature high flowing as cast ports with profiled valve guide bosses and are bowl blended on 5-axis CNC machining centers. Sure there's someone on here that could tell you what heads you have would be better but with the right (mild) cam, good intake, etc. That's what the TFS Twisted Wedge heads did here. Combined with the big bore and short stroke, everyone thought these things wanna rev. The reality is that the head flow and dual-plane intake really limited the RPM.. This engine was built in the 80s by someone with way to much money. The BOSS 302s biggest shortcoming is port sizing, which is something Ford has rarely been able to get right. The connecting rods and crankshaft are made of forged steel, and the heads are aluminum with roller rocker arms. It will have screw-in core plugs and a four-bolt main block if it is a Boss 302. Like we said, if best power or least price is your only concern, then the decision is easy. The intake ports flow 382 cfm at .750-inch of lift. . These heads are screaming on the 302 I just built and are great quality. I would suggest pulling the vavles and wiping everything down. They are Worth it. But the springs they come with are for a hydraulic roller cam. Thanks to all who helped us get here. Renegade Street. Well I have a 1977 copy of Pop. I would however like to be able to buy a set of heads and not have to go through them like I had to with these. When you shop through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Above you see a casting with a D1ZE part number. . The DZ 302 in the Z/28 was a natural marketplace competitor to the Boss 302 from Ford. Perfect fitment, good quality heads on a budget! 045. Today's small-block Ford street engine builder has it easy. Their modern combustion chamber design helps to improve the combustion process and their larger-than-stock intake and exhaust ports help to move more air through your engine. Whoever invented that crap ought to be shot. This conversion was well documented and fairly popular when aftermarket heads were not available. 040 roller short block A little lope at idle but it pulls everywhere in the rpm range. They will outperform many of the average aluminum heads. 010 runout and wouldnt come out of the head without a lot of force (we never took it out). To pull this off, we needed a durable mule, so we chose Ford Racing's Boss 302 345-hp crate engine that comes with a set of aluminum heads actuated by a 0.480-inch lift B303 hydraulic roller cam, and 9.0:1 compression. JavaScript is disabled. Learn how your comment data is processed. The odds of you building a vintage Ford BOSS 302 engine are slim because Ford built so few and so many are already spoken for. one of the hotrod magazines did an article on the combo back in the 70's. it boots up ok but not as fast as my other i5 laptop. Bought these and compared to the other (PC). However, it is generally agreed that aftermarket cylinder heads can provide significant performance gains, and that aluminum heads are often the best choice for racing applications. The runners are as cast and a bit rough.