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'Brother Bear' Audio Commentary - Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, acting in character as the Canadian moose, take over the commentary track here. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode (as a badge) Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Brother Bear (DVD, 2004) at the best online prices at eBay! Many critics and audiences also noted the use of the film's aspect ratio as a storytelling device. Next is the "Deleted Scenes" section. He then warns Koda that Kenai might abandon him as well. A trio of brothers, Kenai, the youngest; Denahi, the middle; and Sitka, the eldest, return to their tribe in order for Kenai to receive his totem, necklaces in the shapes of different animals. Documentary Bloopers - Outtakes Deleted/Extended Scenes Interactive Game Musical Score - Video "Rutt & Tuke's Commentary" Watch Along with the Hilarious Moose From the Film Fully Animated Outtakes - Exclusive to . I want my Rutt and Tuke Brother Bear commentary and having commentary on some of the Disney classics would be cool if they have it available as well as some of the acquired Fox content. Overall, Brother Bear is a step-up from the more experimental recent efforts from Disney Feature Animation such as the disappointing Atlantis and though it's less certain to please crowds like Lilo & Stitch, it feels more of a return to quality filmmaking from the studio. Kenai comes across young Koda, who is going in the same direction and lends Kenai some much-needed bear sense and the audience some personality as kid-friendly travelling company to our stern protagonist. Status //-->, Brother Bear: 2-Disc Special Edition DVD Review, Buy Brother Bear from 2 Movie Collection Blu-ray + DVD 2-Disc DVD Instant Video, Brother Bear is the story of three human brothers living with their tribe in the Ice Age. Broose JohnsonTom BancroftRobert Bryan In a nice touch, the menus list the running time of the highlighted bonus feature. Rutt starts to sob miserably, and the moosettes find this appealing, as it means he is sensitive. google_ad_height = 90; The pleasing menus offer some environmental animation which ranges from subtle to not-so-subtle. Updated daily and in real-time, we track all high-def disc news and release dates, and review the latest disc titles. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. They are a pair of Canadian moose and brothers who befriend Kenai and Koda. //2006-11-26: brother bear, animated classics reviews Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Brother Bear (DVD, 2004) at the best online prices at eBay! But on a standard 4:3 TV, you wind up with black bars on top and bottom, plus tiny black bars on the side (most likely covered by overscan). google_color_border = "2D8930"; With other recent original/sequel package releases like 'Mulan' and 'Hunchback' the sequels have had a noticeable drop in animation quality. They have been trying to get it across to other cultures for centuries. The game requires closer attention than most typical games, though it might frustrate some viewers. Its insert folds out to six pages and contains a scene selection list, a two-page map of bonus features, and previews of the supplements on Discs 1 and 2. Review Date March 25th, 2013 by, Rutt & Tuke's Audio CommentaryThe Making of Brother BearDeleted ScenesDeleted songBear LegendsSing-Along SongsMusic VideoBehind the Music of Brother Bear 2, See what people are saying about this story or others, The latest Blu-ray, news, releases & pre-orders, Stephen Soderbergh's Magic Mike's Last Dance Gyrates on Blu-ray April 18th, Empty Out Your Wallet! His courageous and often zany journey introduces him to a forest full of wildlife, including the lovable bear cub Koda, hilarious moose Rutt and Tuke, woolly mammoths and rambunctious . "Find Your Totem" poses a variety of questions and then "the spirits" tell you which symbol most represents you. The film's audio options bear more explanation than usual, as well. Terrified, the moose flee and catch up with Kenai, whom they beg for protection. This counter-cultural animated film is set in the Pacific Northwest 10,000 years ago. His courageous and often zany journey introduces him to a forest full of wildlife, including the lovable bear cub Koda, hilarious moose Rutt and Tuke, woolly mammoths and . Marie Kubala, an 18-year-old woman from . Shop on eBid. Disc 1 also contains Rutt & Tuke's audio commentary (reviewed with other Bonus Features) below. What follows is a journey through the wilderness movie where Kenai, Koda, and Nita get into some adventures along the way. Though it calls to mind elements of some recent, successful Disney films, it has enough of its own in the way of story and characters to remain unique. Buy Brother Bear from 2-Disc DVD / 2 Movie Blu-ray + DVD / Instant Video. Las mejores ofertas para "Peluche de alce Brother Bear Rutt de 8""" estn en eBay Compara precios y caractersticas de productos nuevos y usados Muchos artculos con envo gratis! The efforts to add gravitas and depth to Brother Bear's story do detract from it a bit, and make the film's ending disappointingly witless. From its shrill song "Great Spirits" peformed by Tina Turner which attempts to create a dramatic opening in the vein of "Circle of Life," Brother Bear seeks a return to the top form Disney that marked the '90s. The sound mix is pretty active and dynamic. [6] In 1997, veteran animator Aaron Blaise came on board the project as director because he "wanted to be attached so that [he] could animate bears",[7] and was soon joined by co-director Robert Walker. Oh, and feel free to pause the movie if you have to go to the bathroom. Let's . The particular animals they represent symbolize what they must achieve to call themselves men. It was getting really late and I have to get up at 5 am. In a number of ways, it suceeds, though not to the extent of the masterpieces from last decade that it emulates like The Lion King and Tarzan. Negotiations followed, capped by a confidentiality agreement. Sadly, they seem to get lost somewhere in this mediocre era of Disney films. The heavily-cropped Disc 1 offers Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks in English, French, and Spanish, but no DTS. "Rutt & Tuke's Commentary" Watch Along with the Hilarious Moose From the FilmFully Animated Outtakes - Exclusive to the DVDDeleted Scenes - Including a Funny New Character2 Exciting Games Featuring Your Favorite Animals from the FilmAll-New Song by Phil Collins, "Fishing Song"Paths of Discovery: The Making of Brother Bear"Look Through My Eyes" Music Video Featuring Phil CollinsAnd Much More! raves Clay Smith of Access Hollywood. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl. Kenai has to go through the moose to get at Koda, who he realizes is necessary to get him to where he's going. [24][25] By January 2005, the film had earned $169 million in home video sales and rentals. Love those moose! I'm a leading bear. Kenai has started having strange dreams about a girl he knew growing up. This goes on for some time, and Rutt eventually complains to Koda that his own brother has abandoned him for the moosettes. The series would have taken place directly after the events of the film and would have seen Kenai and Koda adopt other orphaned animals into their family. His courageous and often zany journey introduces him to a forest full of wildlife, including the lovable bear cub Koda, hilarious moose Rutt and Tuke, woolly mammoths, rambunctious rams, and more! The film is set in Alaska in the wake of the ice age, where the local tribesmen believe all creatures are created through Spirits, said to appear in the form of an aurora. For his role as the Inuit Narrator, Kawagley translated the dialogue in written form into Yup'ik and faxed the translation back to the Disney studio. Of course, the entertainment value of the commentary, like Strange Brew, is totally subject to taste. Cracking ice, powerful rivers, and heavy drum beats on the soundtrack are given some nice booming bass. Downhearted, Kenai confesses the truth to Koda, who runs away, grief-stricken that Kenai was responsible for his mother's death out of avenging Sitka. But Mr. Williams said the project made it through the Disney gantlet remarkably unscathed. lost and his ice floe is rapidly melting. The one with Gonzo and Rizzo from Muppets in Space is hilarious, they go on for like 5 minutes talking about what a great actor a shrubbery by the side of the road was :lol: We just bought it, I hope to see it tonite. An apologetic Kenai leaves to reach the mountain. google_ad_width = 728; Here is Rutt And Tuke watching Arrival At The Run scene from Walt Disney's Brother Bear (November 1, 2003)(This score was originally from the Brother Bear So. In addition, each scene is introduced by the filmmakers. The efforts to add gravitas and depth to Brother Bear's story do detract from it a bit, and make the film's ending disappointingly witless. Brother Bear on DVD (786936224023) from Disney / Buena Vista. [9] A year later, the production team took additional research trips through the Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and the Sequoia National Park. Disney chose to do this as the closest way to duplicate the theatrical experience. google_ad_client = "pub-9732201945510416"; DISNEY ARISTOCATS 1989 KINDER . It was the only animated film to feature this technique, until The Simpsons Movie and Enchanted in 2007. You must log in or register to reply here. I am content! All rights reserved. Additional vocals by Patrick Pinney, Bob Bergen, Rodger Bumpass, Roger Rose, Debi Derryberry, Randy Crenshaw, Phil Proctor, John Schwab, Bill Farmer, Pamela Adlon, Hope Levy, and Sherry Lynn. Turning up from time-to-time as comic relief are a pair of mooses named Rutt and Tuke. Lawrence's efforts to develop his homestead and forget his troubled past partially form the basis for Homestead, the debut novel from Alaska-born author Melinda Moustakis. WDWMAGIC.COM is an unoffical Walt Disney World fan site and is in no way part of The Walt Disney Company. The major number is "Great Spirits" sung by Tina Turner where the lyrics proclaim: "Show us that in your eyes, we are all the same/Brothers to all creatures/In this world, we remain truly brothers all the same." but I think all will find it fascinating, even those familiar with the process. The film was the third and final Disney animated feature produced primarily by the Feature Animation studio at Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida; the studio was shut down in March 2004, not long after the release of this film in favor of computer animated features. If there is such a thing as 'logic' to reformatting films, it would seem to suggest that a 1.78:1 cropped anamorphic transfer would make more sense by filling up the 16x9 frame with additional picture instead of tiny black bars. Purchase Brother Bear on digital and stream instantly or download offline. Disney proudly presents Brother Bear, an epic animated adventure full of comedy and heart. The music isn't quite as memorable and energetic as Tarzan's, but a couple of songs do work well enough to make you almost forgive the harsh opening number that Disney decided (unsuccessfully) to push for the Best Song Oscar. "[11] After the filmmakers heard his audition tapes for Finding Nemo, Jeremy Suarez was cast as Koda. [27], The film was released in a Blu-ray special edition combined with its sequel, Brother Bear 2, on March 12, 2013.[28]. Too often, however, this film's lack of a fresh dramatic approach and not its technique makes it difficult to embrace as much as we'd like to". Contrary to speculation, news writer Jim Hill stated the release date switch was not because Home on the Range was suffering from story rewrites, but to promote Brother Bear on the Platinum Edition release of The Lion King. His feelings certainly don't change when it is when the three brothers are fighting a bear that Sitka is killed. However, it quickly backfires, as the moosettes are not afraid of Kenai, while Rutt and Tuke shy away in fear of Kenai's ferocious act and float away down the river. Rutt and Tuke are two very friendly moose who always seem to bicker amongst themselves. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. The color fills are just as stable though. He is Denahi (voiced by Jason Raize), and his younger brother Kenai (Joaquin Phoenix) is about to be initiated as a man and given a totem animal to guide him through his life. The film's philosophy, on the other hand, comes across both a bit heavy-handed and shallow. The film's philosophy, on the other hand, comes across both a bit heavy-handed and shallow. The moral of the story here is that if you want to watch a worthwhile animated movie about someone turning into a bear watch 'Brave.'. The first disc contained the widescreen version (1.66:1 aspect ratio) and the second disc featured the original theatrical widescreen version (1.66:1 and 2.35:1 aspect ratio). THX-Certified 1.66:1 Anamorphic Widescreen (reformatted) The Bear we all fell in love with in The Very Cranky Bear and The Very Itchy Bear is just as delightful as always . Isn't that the greatest? Ambient sounds like birds chirping and other nature noises are light, but there. "The world is filled with magic," says an elder to a circle of listeners as he begins a story about himself and his two brothers. The patented Disney magic just wasn't there. "I Spy" is a score composed by Mark Mancina and Phil Collins for Brother Bear. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Kenai sacrifices himself for Koda, out of love, prompting Sitka to appear and turn him back into a human, much to Denahi and Koda's surprise. This 2-disc set is loaded with bonus features - including an outrageously funny "Moose Commentary" starring Rutt and Tuke, outtakes, and deleted scenes, games and more! Even if Brother Bear can't quite rank among the studio's greatest films, the movie is highly commendable and this satisfying 2-disc release once again gives the latest Disney animated classic the proper treatment it deserves.