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They are pure pedigree and TICA registered kittens of amazing quality and character. Bendigo, Victoria. We are breeders of world class quality Burmese cats with heaps of personality. Gr. This page lists members of the Burmese Cat Society of Australasia that are breeders and wish to advertise with the Society. Search Results Showing 481 results . Be sure to contact the breeders on this website for complete, reliable information. We are a progressive, welcoming, non-profit organisation and our key mission is to promote the welfare of the Burmese breed of cat, responsible and ethical breeding of the Burmese breed, and the showing of purebred cats and de-sexed domestic cats. The ears have thumb prints on them and the underbelly is a cream/Ivory colour, paw pads and noses are pink. Between three and four weeks they are moved to the kitten room to allow them more space to develop. We guarantee that your life will be transformed for the better when you bring one of our kittens home. (0)21.135.0289 Devoted Breeder of warm, wacky, wilful and wonderful Burmese . Asking price . Russian Blue Age: 4 weeks 3 male / 5 female. Email: cats@burmese.net.nz Phone: Ph: (64) 06 343 2904 Mobile: Ph: (64) 021 0587 682 Below Ch. They will be waiting for you when you get home from work and excited to jump in your lap for pets. As a Show cat, he would often roll off the table while being judged. I prefer to sell locally but would consider occasionally shipping if circumstances allowed. Prospective buyers can visit the kittens from seven weeks of age. If you cannot pick up the kitten physically and need it to be transported elsewhere, we would suggest that you look closer to where you live. We sell a wide variety of accessories including food bowls, toilets, cages, electric heat pads, litter and scratching posts at reasonable cost. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Listed: Fri, 3 Mar . $100 Hello I have 10 kittens coming on to being 6 weeks old I need them gone Asap. Call or Text Rachel at 603-732-3978 or Ray at 603-732-8350. The coat is short, close-lying and very glossy, of satin-like texture. Price $1500. Welcome to Goshen Cattery Burmese & Tonkinese breeders. The Burmese cat is an extremely friendly and affectionate creature that needs attention from human beings to be happy. Colour: 3 White (girl), 1 Black (boy) and 1 Black & white (girl) D.O.B: 19/12/22 All kittens are litter trained, eating wet and dry food. Hawkes Bay Cattery Burmese Studs:- Lowenheim Bernard (Seal Russet) born 2009. Ch. 2010 Best Companion Cat . The Burmese Cat Club Formed in 1955, and one of the largest clubs, we exist to safeguard the wellbeing and the purity of the breed, and to encourage a wider appreciation of the unique qualities of Burmese cats. Lowenheim Tia Maria Bernadette. Email: loveburmesecats@gmail.com. Cat Breeders: Burmese Kittens for Sale Queensland (QLD) Brisbane Gold Coast, Queensland Live Your Life with a Burmese. Then look around and think, why am I down here. Kittens come with 1st vaccine, de-worming, and Vet Checked. While waiting until this age is important for a kitten's behavioral and social development, kittens sometimes can be separated from their mothers at an earlier age. Location: Huntsville, Alabama. Burmese kittens are in super high demand because of their superior personality and gorgeous looks. These cats know their name and come when called. Set alert. We import Burmese cats directly from Thailand to avoid inbreeding and insure healthy, long lived cats. Five Seal, 2 boys, 3 girls. (Seal Russet) (Poppy) and Lowenheim Jimmy Choux (Lilac), Lowenheim La Bella Bumble (Chocolate) and Lowenheim Jimmy Choux (Lilac). The Burmese is a strong, athletic and elegant short haired cat that carry surprising weight for its size and has often been described as a brick wrapped in silk.. Our kittens are well socialized, can we even help but socialize with these cuties?!! Playful and curious, with loads of purrsonality and an easygoing nature, Burmese cats make excellent companions. In the last eighteen months. The Burmese is very friendly inquisitive cat with an outgoing, loving nature - this is why Burmese are one of the most popular breeds in NZ and Australia. The Burmese is very friendly inquisitive cat with an outgoing, loving nature this is why Burmese are one of the most popular breeds in NZ and Australia. For the same reason, we do not lease our cats to other breeders. Top quality Burmese kittens- 2 available ( sable & chocolate others reserved. Ch. Molly retired from the Show circuit in 2017 and is now living with our two young girls Maddy and Poppy. . Telephone: 256-503-6215. Cats for sale, on Trade Me, New Zealand's leading shopping website. They are part Thai Burmese which makes them unusually healthy, happy and beautiful. Kittens!! Visit our website to learn more about our cats and our Cattery! You will find that the best breeders will provide a guarantee with their cats. Below, Previous litter born 20/10/2015. On the 15/05/2012 we bred a second generation Russet from a Russet male (Bernard) and a Seal mother. to Silver in eight Shows in 2014. This photo shows Tealc (Seal) lying on his back in a very trusting position sound asleep. In 2022 we have embarked on a Burmilla program . Ready to go in early spring. We have Traditional Burmese, that are well adjusted and very affectionate. Our beautiful babies are home raised. Also, my kittens are super genetically diverse! Or if you would like to speak with us directly, call Carla on 0220997724. At ten weeks they are taken to our Vet for their first health check, first vaccination and de-sexing. Because we will not ship our babies, we do offer a hand delivery personalized service to your home. For any questions or more information, please contact us on our natmacburmese@gmail.com or call on 0403 318 804. !~ Breeder pages If you are looking for a Burmese breeder in your area, you'll probably find them here. Our kittens are looking for loving and caring human parents. Genuine inquiries welcomed for their forever, caring owners. This advert is located in and around Pontefract, West Yorkshire. free ads.co.uk. At Treetops Tonkinese we endeavour to breed good strong healthy kittens for pets and showing. Once you have visited and wish to purchase a kitten then a $150.00 non-refundable deposit is required. Menu. We have the below kittens currently available. Look at pictures of Burmese kittens who need a home. Our focus is breeding kittens with personality plus, that are healthy, and raised in a fun . Kitten numbers are always a lottery so we maintain a waiting list where you can select the number of kittens you are looking to adopt and select their genders and colours. The Burmese is a cat of medium size with substantial bone structure, good muscular development, and a surprising weight for their size. Burmese: Most of our kittens recently have been Chocolate with the odd Seal, Lilac (occasionally) and Russets. We are situated on a small rural property near Wellington but enquiries are welcome from anywhere in the country. We are a small family-owned independent Burmese and Asian cat breeder. Beckham, Molly and Pippi our pets. See kittens below. The resulting kittens will be wonderful, happy, healthy, and genetically diverse! Molly attended only 4 shows this year. Therefore, please dont shy away from paying more for a Burmese Cat, as it can save you much more in the long run (not only financially but emotionally as well). My cats are truly well-loved pets. Our Burmese are never caged. We are a small, family run cattery. Bernard is shown aboveand Molly Too is shown in our Cats Page. 5 kittens are looking for forever homes. Pets4You makes no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the condition of any cats offered for sale, the standards or practices of any breeder, the quality of their felines, or the accuracy of any information contained within our site. Russian blue kitten. Lowenheim Red Rufus (Chocolate Russet) born 2020 passed away July 2022 from Cancer, Zermatt Alice in Wonderland (Blue) born 2013. For Enquires. We have Sable, Blue and champagne colored babies. Champagne males 6 months old 6 months old sale 1000 each . Please Note: Because of the very social nature of Burmese, we recommend that kittens have a playmate - another kitten or cat they can interact with, rather than being left 'Home Alone'. They are of common pedigree, over 95% purebred and mainly raised as pets. Sire (sable) TICA registered, Dam (chocolate) TICA & GCCF registered. They are not exposed much to children but get used to them very quickly in their new homes. Abyssinian, Burmese : Paparoa : Keltoryjo Cattery: Devon Rex, Sphynx : Red Beach : Sunset Cornish Rex: Cornish Rex : Kerikeri : Chiquita Burmese: Burmese : Auckland : Delivery agreement available. This information is available on the breeder's website within Pets4You. We are registered with NZCF and BCCNZ. We have been breeding Tonkinese cats for about four years and before that have had Burmese, Siamese, Cornish Rex and an Abyssinian. All cats are regularly screened for feline leukemia and current on their vaccines. We pride ourselves on the complete . Our Burmese are never caged. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. WELCOME TO ZURIEL. We have been registered with the New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc since November 2003 and our first litter of Burmese and Mandalay kittens were born in early 2005. Nelson Pets for Sale, Adoption, Buy, Sell @ Adpost.com Classifieds - Nelson Pets for Sale, Adoption, Buy, Sell for over 1000+ cities, 500+ regions worldwide & in Nelson - free,New Zealand,classified ad,classified ads Burjmers Madison Margaret. Trade Me ; LifeDirect ; Trade Me Insurance ; Holiday Houses ; FindSomeone ; . On the 3/09/2007 we were the first Breeders in New Zealand and the World to breed Russet coloured Burmese. We kept one and her name is Miley Belle. Very playful, clean with good behaviour. We show details for around 100 Burmese breeders in England, Scotland and Wales along with a list of Burmese kittens for sale supplied by breeders whose details are shown on our regional pages. BURMESE X RAGDOLL KITTENS X4 . Ragdoll kittens for sale. Burmese Cat Club of New Zealand We are a progressive, welcoming, non-profit organisation and our key mission is to promote the welfare of the Burmese breed of cat, responsible and ethical breeding of the Burmese breed, and the showing of purebred cats and de-sexed domestic cats. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. They are the mothers to my next generation of moms (Lily, Jasmine, Poppy & Violet). The Burmese is an upfront cat, not left out of where it is all happening. Burmeses for sale from lesser-known breeders cost between $500 - $800/ kitten. My kittens have the most amazing personalities! Burmesekittensforsaleuk.com may be a relatively new website (created 28/08/19) but the two breeders have over 50 years' experience between them and a reputation for excellence. Our sable Burmese kittens are not caged and are socialized in a loving and affectionate environment. Our North Island and South Island committees meet on a monthly basic to discuss specialist issues to assist breeders and owners, breed standards, and the welfare of the breed. At maturity males are large, the females are more delicate and graceful, and the difference in weight between them may be two or three kgs. Happy to answer any questions you may have. This together with a rounded head, expressive eyes, and a sweet expression presents a totally distinctive cat who is comparable to no other breed. There has been a very huge increase in demand for kittens. More DNA testing in the USA has shown that the russet is a mutation of the Extension/MCIR gene. Burmese Cats and kittens for sale. Attended 14 Shows. The Burmese cat is often described as active and social, enjoying the company of others. Established New Zealand breeders of quality kittens for over twenty years, Radinka take pride in the very positive reputation, they have earned over this time. In appearance, Abyssinians strongly resemble the paintings and sculptures of ancient Egyptian cats which portray an elegant feline with a muscular body, beautiful arched neck, large ears and almond shaped eyes. . The Burmese cat has ten main recognised colours in NZ, Australia, UK and Europe: The parentage of the Russets were confirmed by DNA testing for both Seal and Chocolate. (Seal Russet) (Poppy) born January 2021. We are a "Closed Cattery", which means we do not share studs/queens with other breeders. Lily is half Thai. When you purchase a Lowenheim kitten you are getting a healthy, friendly, and confident Kitten. Lily and Everest are the parents of my wonderful dad, Rocky! These cookies do not store any personal information. (See photo top left on Home page.). Burmese cats and kittens bred by Radinka are known for their intelligence and affectionate natures. https://orivet.com/store/feline-disease-screens/4-feline-extensive-disease-screen. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. 027 298 8147 (Bob) Burmese Cat Breeders VIC Search Results - 1 - 15 of 673 Villanev Pedigree Burmese Breeder Melbourne 7 images VILLANEV - Producing Ambassadors for the Breed. This traditional Burmese (and Thai imported) cattery is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Washington state. They have amazing little personalities that light up any atmosphere with life and joy, complimented by their inquisitiveness and natural c. El K. Blue Burmese kittens are particularly popular. Third best Burmese kitten at 1990 Nationals Cat Show. Some are small breeders, producing only one or two litters per year, some are larger breeders. Cat of the year 2014 and 2015 at Dominion Cat Club. We are registered with NZCF and have been breeders for over 30 years of beautiful elegant traditional english type burmese. Molly was the first Russet Burmese in NZ and the World, Molly loves to be shown and is a real crowd entertainer who loves the attention the crowd give her. Our breeding queens and kittens live in the house and are used to lots of handling and to other cats and dogs. gumtree.com.au 15 days ago Report Ad View Photos Burmese Kittens Bethania, Logan $ 1,650 Cattery: SilkyBrick. Look at pictures of Burmese kittens who need a home. Ad Type : Offering. She is vaccinated and dewormed up to date. Sadly Bernard passed away on the 20th October 2022. When you kneel to weed the garden, the Burmese will use your back as a vantage point from which to observe the environment. Proper care, and health screenings can be costly. Distinguishing features are wide cheek bones tapering to a short blunt wedge at the nose which has a slight break, ears set well apart and eyes of varying shades of yellow. Radinka Burmese have imported cats from England and Australia and are very proud of the awards that the progeny from these cats and their own New Zealand lines have achieved. Playfulness. We will assist in delivery arrangements or pickup . 2017 10thBest Companion Cat. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. Our focus here, as Burmese cat breeders, is personality and health. level 5 in 5. We sell a range of Royal Canin Biscuits both Cat and Dog, (04) 527 9912 It also provides us with top stud cats in the pursuit of breeding cats that have strong genetic lines for pets and in the show ring. Therefore we are no longer adding to our list until it has been reduced. Supreme exhibit 5 times from 8 shows. If you would like to inquire about adopting a kitten, please complete the contact us form, or the enquiry form for the kitten you are interested in adopting. Burmese cat for sale. Based northwest of Christchurch, NZ Ch. 1,400. We are a small, family run cattery. We are breeders of Burmese, Burmillas both longhair and shorthair and Tiffanys. Brz.Dbl.Gr. Ragdoll & Bombay kitten We have a lovely female for sale. BURMESE KITTENS FOR SALE! By ensuring our cats have a diversified genetic heritage, we see minimal health issues and long healthy lives in our cats. Breeders List. The American Burmese cats are stockier with broader heads and round eyes. Molly Too was the first Russet we bred. Our first breeding Queen, The foundation member of our Cattery. Pets Pets. Burmeses from well-known breeders can cost way more, with prices ranging from $850 - $2200/ kitten. They practice ethical breeding and perform all necessary early life veterinary care of their kittens. (available Melbourne) Lilac Male (Available NZ) Skip to site navigation Skip to main content . Both variants are muscular an can weigh up to 12 or 13 lbs. Catteries located near Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch! All adult cats have been tested and do not have the 3 common Burmese genetic mutations: Burmese Head Defect, Burmese Hypokalemia, and GM2 Gangliosidosis. And is focused on breeding burmese, and Tonkinese from top NZ and. Adorable Kittens for sale (available NOW) Ashtead, Surrey. They will greet you at the door when you come home and comfort you when you are ill or unhappy they give unconditional love. Third best Short haired cat at the 1991 National Cat Show. * Come to you with our comprehensive information pack and a four generation pedigree. They also want to ensure that their cats are going to good homes. Kittens for adoption - Moggies Homes for Cats and Kittens . We often have kittens available for adoption and ready to go to their new homes. Through selective breeding to Siamese, the Burmese was established as a distinct breed. Please visit www.desertdreams.farm or Desert Dreams Cats on Facebook @desertdreamscats on IG for updated photos of our latest litter. The Burmese is a compactly built cat with a small round head and wide-set eyes which are yellow or golden. We have Traditional Burmese, that are well adjusted and very affectionate. Our goal is to have a hobby that we can grow and enjoy. please contact me thank you, Champagne, Sable & Blue Kittens Available Now, BURMESE KITTENS FOR SALE! $ 3,500. All Cats Cats for Adoption Cats for Rehome Cats for Surrender. Burmese come in a variety of colours including Seal, Chocolate, Lilac, Blue, Red, Cream, Seal Tortie, Blue Tortie, Chocolate Tortie, and Lilac Tortie. Since 2001 we have been breeding healthy, happy confident kittens who adjust well to their new families. Our cattery has 4 adult Burmese cats. They also run a lost and found register for Burmese cats separated from their owners. As an average, breeders and/or catteries will offer cats for sale at about 3 months old. Auckland . Sending kittens by air to most parts of New Zealand is very straightforward and they travel well. We select strongly for health and temperament as well as for conformity to the breed standard. Rafoej Cattery has been registered with New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc. (NZCF) since 1976. He loves to snuggle in bed with his owner, right up close, sleeping with his head on the pillow and he will cuddle like this all night. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. For more information on the breed standards visit the. Kittens are able to go to new homes at 10 weeks. Burmese kittens for sale - TOMBLAN BURMESE ~Available Babies~ If you are looking for a kitten please be careful! Click on their pictures to find out more, or call us on 0220997724, Lilac Kittens 1 male and 1 female available (NZ), Chocolate Female Available Now!! Bernard has now gone to the Hawkes Bay to live with Wendy and assist in breeding there. 2016 2nd Best Companion Cat. He will be greatly missed, as he produced some beautiful kittens. Pick up is in the Phoenix metro area of Arizona or if you make arrangements we can hand deliver anywhere. We no longer arrange transport of kittens/cats around New Zealand. Bernie was a real Sweetie and her wonderful temperament has been passed on to all of her offspring. Home; . Pets4You does not endorse, recommend, or guarantee a particular cattery, breeder, or cats listed on the Pets4You website. We are a small elite cattery in melbourne Victoria and take pride in our healthy gorgeous and affectionate kittens. Devoted Breeder of warm, wacky, wilful and wonderful Burmese . Nico is the Father of our first Russet Molly (seen below) and our Stud Boy Bernard. Taking deposits. Registered/ Pure Pedigree Burmese kittens. From Jimmy Choux (Lilac) and Miley Belle (Chocolate Russet) Red Rufus. Both Beckham and Pippi have been rehomed together. (0)7.866.6655 Mobile: +64. Although a playful kitten sounds endearing, consider how many games of chase the mouse-toy you want to play each day, and whether you have kids or other animals who can stand in as playmates. Lowenheim Jimmy Choux (Lilac) born march 2020. Supreme exhibit 10 times and runner up Supreme 4 times. Through mating particular sires with specific dams we can generally determine which colours and genders we are likely to expect. They can be taught to fetch a ball and LOVE to meet new people. About Us. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The litter includes 2 reds and 2 sables. Timimoun Burmese Cats of Coromandel, New Zealand +64. Libby has been spayed and has been rehomed. Contact details Telephone: 04 232 7278 Email: rafoej@xtra.co.nz We are affiliated with New Zealand Cat Fancy and as a specialist club we are focused on the . All Locations . And all kittens receive their first FVRCP vaccine at 9 week. Price: Any . In 2020 I added Elbereth and Galadriel (pictured here) to the cattery. 1 2 3. Our babies are sold to pet homes only. Messages . The ancestry of Burmese cats can be traced back to one cat named Wong Mau, who was a brown female from Burma and arrivedin San Franciscoduring the early 1930s to Dr. Joseph Thompson. We have all of the information you need to know about Burmese breeders including website URL, contact information, Facebook page, memberships to associations, and more. All adult cats have been tested and do not have the 3 common Burmese genetic mutations: Burmese Head Defect, Burmese Hypokalemia, and GM2 Gangliosidosis. Burmese cats and kittens bred by Radinka are known for their intelligence and affectionate natures. Russet can be a chocolate or Seal coloured body with a reddish tint on their heads. Take a look at our gorgeous Burmese cats. Kittens available in chocolate, brown, lilac, blue colors. Devon Rex Exotic Foreign White Gaelic Fold Highland Fold Himalayan Japanese Bobtail Javanese Jungala La . 027 607 7106 (Nicki) Ch. [as pictured left] Burmese cats are a medium sized breed cat, which are agile . Finding a quality Burmese Cat breeder near you can be a difficult task, that's why we've created our Burmese cat breeder database. However, their prices also vary depending on their pedigree, lineage and breeder. We breed as we LOVE the BURMESE breed and hope to spread the love with Healthy, Sweet, Cuddly, Gentle, Playful and beautiful Burmese Kittens / Cats!!! We are breeders of. All of our Burmese kittens are house reared - a loving, outgoing nature is paramount and all kittens are handled from birth - the adult cats ofcourse, are very much part of the household. Most of our talented and trusted cat breeders have been with us for a decade and more. Most modern Burmese are descendants of one female cat called . These kittens are so cute and playful and they are ready for their forever homes now they are nearly 10w old and fully weaned and litter tray trained they eat wet kitten food and dry kitten kibble they are used to other cats and small dogs they love Age: 10 weeks Ready to leave: Now 295 22 hours ago 13 Maine coon kittens Burmesekittensforsaleuk.com. Abyssinian American Curl Balinese Bambino Bengal Birman Bombay British Burmese Burmilla Celtic Fold Cheetoh Clippercat Cornish Rex. contact me on 022 165 8731 "A bit of my background" My cats got pregnant while I was away from Nz and didn't manage to have . They go quickly so contact me and get on waitlist if youre interested. from 2 shows. In the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 Molly was Supreme Cat in Show (1st Cat to achieve this feat) and runner up Supreme in 2009 and 2010 at the Sacred Temple Show. (04) 527 9912 Burmeses from well-known breeders can cost way more, with prices ranging from $1,200 - $2500/ kitten. Nico will be sadly missed by all who knew him. $ 700.00 - $ 1,400.00. Breeding Burmese cats for friendly natures and of sound health. For Bob and Nicki please use email, (Just click on email under contacts) as notes get lost. 1 Blue girl and 1 Lilac boy. I even include a 3 year guaranty against all genetic or hereditary illness. All sold. 027 298 8147 (Bob) You can also use the filters to select the state you live in, to find nearby litters and catteries. Taking deposits, first come first pick. A wide variety of scratching posts are available. Burmese breeders registered with New Zealand Cat Fancy. Their coats are short, fine and glossy and their color must be solid with shading and occasional color point markings. Most people looking for a Burmese kittens know all about the breeds fabulous personality, extreme intelligence, agility and beauty! He loves everybody. Pets4You recommends that you buy Burmese kittens from Reputable Breeders who take pride in the health, genetic background, and purity of the lineage of the kitten you purchase. Visitors are welcome to come and view our kittens and breeding stock, either by emailing us themanorhouse0@gmail.com or by phoning 03 318 0013. Nico (Wonder Boy) was our first stud cat Wonderboy! They are so fun and playful. And because I would never want them cargo shipped, I offer a concierge hand-delivery service to ANYWHERE! Please do NOT give a deposit to anyone that has a non-refundable deposit-especially if they currently do not have a live kitten for you! As they begin to mature they begin to turn Red similar to a Red Burmese. The Burmese Cat Club breeders application form. For Wendy please contact her on 06-8701140 or email wendypluijmers@windowslive.comIf you are wanting to go on our waiting lists and orare able find a kitten elsewhere please let usknow so that we can remove you from our list. AVAILABLE KITTENS | Kittens for sale | Burmese Kittens Northwest Current and Upcoming Litters Please see below for the current and expected litters available for sale; this page is updated regularly as availability changes. 06 8701140/027 9547188 (Wendy). Ch. We have Sable, Blue and champagne colored babies. Listed: Mon, 27 Feb . Welcome to Recherche Burmese Cats. Lily and Everest were acquired from a wonderful breeder is BC, Canada. CFA papers will be sent after kittens are spayed or neutered. Because we want our kittens to have the best homes and care, we will not sell to pet shops. Mushfik & Christine Yeung's small cattery is based in Palmerston North which is in the central lower North Island of New Zealand. Located in west Auckland henderson Came from two mommys 5 kittens each mom. Kittens are born in our house and spend the first three weeks in our Bedroom, being handled daily. . Lowenheim La Bella Bumble (chocolate) born May 2015, Lowenheim Kenzie Bernadette (Lilac) born June 2017. I am located about an hour from the SEATAC International Airport. I began the Cattery of Arda in early 2018, with Lthien (pictured here) as my first queen. Check out my FB or instagram to watch videos. Cats for sale . Asking price: $150.00 . It can easily be around or over a $1,000. Scroll down to view the list of kittens currently available. These, along with information about the survey, can be downloaded here. Nico had a great personality and has passed it on to all his off spring. I am Dawn Whitehouse a NZCF registered breeder and I have been breeding these beautiful cats for 17 years. Stunning Russian Blue Pedigree Kittens,GCCF. $ 1,000. We are located in North Coromandel, New Zealand with lovely purpose-built cattery facilities. Expressing a number of tendencies that have been described as "dog-like," Burmese tend to develop strong loyalty bonds with their humans and have been described as a "Velcro cat," wanting to spend as much time as possible around their . When you sit down, the Burmese thinks you are offering him a warm bed.