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no in clan marrige is heared in chamars being sober peaceful n loving but in case jats many young couples have been murdered though both communities share same clan /gotra . 14. Be proud in spite but why have castes at all. a user-friendly menu so that you can truly unveil and love the full black I say give up on castes for good. mennu jst ennik gal da answer de deo. i think u shuld tell them proudly that u are chamar . We r one chamar all over INDIA. Sad but true, its here to stay. every single jatt is not brave and strong . I dont know how to get it into your head but you cant list these as Chamar names. Shinji is a surname of Jatt too like Virk, Uppal, Sandhu and Gill. Please spread this messabe to as many as you can. What more do you expect if you deny generation after generation the right to educate themselves? Chamars have bettered themselves so much in so many areas in the last 40 years in the Punjab so that they are not reliant on the Jatts for work or income. Their resentment manifests in above like comments. Children of forward castes get special privileges in education and nepotism is widespread. Read the history book The wonder that was India. salhan is another chumar surname too, which I would like to have added to the list please. Achha India me kewal 2 present job government hai baki private hai air privat me koi reservation nahi hai ussme hum log nahi select note. This has created abetter understanding between all concerned. long coat german shepherd breeders uk You are morbid and ignorant as anybody who would believe you. So be careful what you say my friend you are dealing with a whole new breed of martial chamars. I agree with you. He needs to think very seriously about these concept. Your solution to this corruption is that disadvantaged people should not be given reservation based on caste but on merit alone. Last months analysis of top 100 talented persons in the world: Cambridge University London displayed the list. Because personal experiance and not bullshit talk over the net. Bhind and Chhatarpur districts. A lot of chamars from Haryana are Grow. thanks, , yr sidhar vi chamaar hai uska zikar nhi a. U dumb if u proceed with argument that jatt or any other person of any community is identified in the society on the basis of his/ her occupational backround than today al those brahmins, jatts , baniyas who own shoes shops must be chamars. Chamar also use verma,kardam,nim,varun etc.. Jai guru dav jai guru ravi das mahraj ki jai ho, that why we are sikhs Bal Speak and write like an educated person. Great grandfather : Rakha Ram Your assertion that corruption has trebled as a result of schedules caste gaining power is not only falacious but rediculous to say the least. If u believe in it Then ur just stupid and dont know anything about this world. (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Page 83), mind chamars r most reputed honest ,sincere reliable respectful friendly lovely and sacrificng people . All India Saint Shiromani Ravidas Samaj Vikas Samiti Betul District Betul. The low castes are fools for following the caste system and dont realise they are slaves/victims of the system. People who say they are proud of being called Chamar are real Chamar because that stigma (label) will always be part of their psyche. Bhagat Ravidas Ji gave his bani to Guru Nanak Dev Ji, he never gave it to any pakhandi/false/fake baba. sat guru rabidas jee maharaj and ravaidassia samaj ko meri oor se sat sat naman. (LogOut/ Ashish Ranga, Hisar.haryana, Mai Sirf Tuhade Kolo Eh Puchna Veer Ke Mainu Eh Daso Ke Sahota Surnam Chamar vich Onda Hai Ke Nai Plz Feedback JAroor Deyo It Is Very Important, u should one more add chamar surname shouan. And that is where they borrowed the concept of race. People can change there name to anything. Guru gobind singh g ne caste system nu khtm krn lyi sikh dharam bnaya and apa nu ohna de updeshan te chlna chahida. par now time has changed compete us if u can. I hate this caste system. You change yours out of shame. kyunki seat nahi bachti hai na. all of u be bold yr agar self introspection karge bbat samajh mein aaayegi ki sabhi ka pita ek hi h or wo h upar wala. And pls kde v apne aap nu chhota na smjho u r better thn other.. Bs ik request a pls waal rkh k real sikh bn jao. Dabgar: 3,638: 0.01% Dhangar,- written in Hindi as ; - a sub caste of . Thanks for the list. we shouldnot believe on them . its like forcibly pushing sandhu to general category and all other enjoying sc status. However, when very low caste sikhs migrated to countries such as the US, Canada and the UK, they thought of it as a chance to start a clean slate where people would not be able to identify their caste. tum videsi aarya ho jo yaha aaker rehne lage rahi bat list me names ki wo sabhi sahi . Pundit is only the teacher who know sashtra or any specific knowledge. Please Add My Surname in Your Names List Because I Am A Chamar Boy & My Whole Village Surname is Manghra So Dear Plz Add My Surname ( MANGHRA ) in Your List.I AM Very Thankful to You. All chamar are not the same. Julana distt jind.i m graduate in pharmacy. they were very rich spritualy as well financialy. Going by youre logic if a Chamar were to change his surname to one of say European heritage, it would have to be posted here. dhillon, gill, padda, and randhawa are all jatt. all this surname shit is bolloks, caste is bolloks all of u need 2 get over your selves and understand we are all human beings u bunch of egotistical nothings. DONT YOUR PARENTS TELL YOU WHEN THEY BREED LIKE ANIMALS WHO AND WHAT SURNAMES YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO HAVE. It was only in the year 1931 that Britisher Govt of india acceded to their request to exclude them from Sudra Varna. Kasi, Virk, Gill, Sandhu, Virdi and Chahal for example are all upper caste. Sikhism teaches that there is no caste system. Chammaro u all are brother and sister of me. kainth, johal, virdi, and jassal are also jatt, not sure about the others. Under the unification drive of BSP, these rival castes came together for the cause of unity of Dalits under same political umbrella.[26]. those who never got status and treated harijan and untouchable in those days were together to form non caste discrimination panth sikh panth. It should never have been the case. Biggest problem with weaker sections is that instead of retaliating they start crying. Please correct the list. vo esliye de rhi hai kyuki unko dena padega. jai gurdev everyoneplease add surname basal(bansal)plz all are whoever add their surname bansal try to correct it n use basal as a proper surname and dnt comment at any other caste..we have to look after about our own community there have so amny shortcmingsall the bestsandeep basal, i am shairy jassi i am verry proud of amrit bani jai guru dev saria nu. What I know I like to share with the world. Sir Maximum Gotra are covering in this list. I know what you mean because I am a Maratha Sikh and a lot of Sikhs mock me because of my heritage as most Sikhs are ethnically Punjabi. Please read the long comment by anonymous above and the various comments by the the illuminated at various sections since you are jatt sikh. You will be enlightened. Tatarpuriya gotra under this gotra mamta im feeling you, bhaiya i have all of them last names and i really think they should be included yaaaar. (barara) l belongs to a chamar family and i am proud for it. I respect your views , why did you use fucking om with that . India government say everyone is Hindu regardless if your a Sikh, Buddhist or Jainism. It is the so called upper caste people who should be ashamed of it because they expoited the lower castes for 10 thousands years and kept them poor. Another point I notice here is that instead of working for integration of castes this site is just further promoting and firming up casteism . Chamaran umbrella caste categoryincludes Chamars, Jatia Chamars, Rehgars, Raigars, Ramdasias, and Ravidassias. Jai bhawani Jat are no more than alcoholics and drugies and now just relish their former selves and have taken to dol, ie drum and sing songs about jatts this and that. Lion shaped jambu dweep broken into indonatia,maasia,mamyar,banla desh,pakistan,afganistan etc and focing convertions of sudra/vais to budhism,jainism,islam.shikhism etc and akshtriy seed finishing completely that too 21 times n declaring accordingly. .. who are jatts and can be traced back through history I hsve compiled an ancestry tree proving the abovetherefore please refreference these as jatt names at the top of your page to avoid undue confusion. The people from my community may be poor but you will find them honest. N HIS MOTHER BORN FROM BRAHMIN MOTHER JAT FATHER WHO WAS PROFF. Im a proud Sikh Dont become followers, become leaders. Why waste your time by being rude to others because religion doesnt teach that. My husband is chumar. We are all gods children and everyone is equal. INSTEAD OF STEALING HIGHER CASTE NAMES, YOU WILL BE HONEST OF BEING EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE AND THAT IS THAT YOU ARE THE CHAMAARS, THE UNTOUCHABLES, THE SCHEDULE CASTE OF INDIA. You have your own new religion now so its about time you stop going on about your identities and start respecting what you believe. We should not follow people, people make mistakes, people discriminate on caste, colour, creed and religion, but we should be better than that. We must take their mission forward. Thus its better to keep quiet about your caste. There is nothing to be ashamed of ones caste. I think ravidassia needs to promote what ravidass wanted not its own agenda. Upashna Barve. Checked many documents and that we have is names, my father: Ram Dass Rojatkar. Langar (community kitchen ) : Langar tradition in Sikhism had two purpose when it was started. I fully agree with you. Most officers, from the non- schedules castes, however, in the Indian Administrative take bribes and build fine homes and buying profitable plots of lands, amongst other investment schemes because often they can relate to those higher than them or their political masters who come from similar castes as them and are able to share their illgotten gains and thus get protection from ramification of corruption. Take SANDHU out of this publishing cause its not good. India's population speaks a wide variety of languages and nearly every major religion in the world has a following in India. Its who we are, I dont think we should get special privileges cause we are Jatt but it is who we are, so why cant we be proud of that? June 29, 2022 / 1 / 0 / 1 / 0 Rathi I WANT TO A GOOD SURENMAE FOR ME . they gave me really hard time and I was in depression and stress and now they are even sending kids to my home to scar me away. Kuch galt Bol diya Ho to os ke liye mari sbhi Jatav bhaiyo se dil se sorry.. If youre going to have any pride it should be about what you achieve yourself. We are a group of people who have just come off the back of hundreds of years of oppression, where our political and social rights have been impeded upon, our religious freedoms denied, where we have been persecuted and suffered genocide at the hands of several ruling dynastys. u wash ur chitter in the fields with ur bare hands, without washing them, then eat ur roti! The list is not comprehensive. no rest until its done. great white shark population graph; clarence gilyard net worth 2020 Shri Guru Ravidass Temple Sacramento. All they bang on about is jatt this and jatt that. Then doesnt matter because everyone knows my face and can tell my caste. I am a Marathi chambhar kaya baat kahi hai saurav bahi hum inko dikha denge, my also royal chamar my name is Honey Nimbhoira, Hey! Guru Govind Singh said, A sikh has no caste, sikh who has caste is no Sikh. SC are not Ati Shudra.. there is no such caste in India. hats off to your knowledge but you missed somthing Then truly we will have captured the powerhouse for our emancipation (Dr BR Ambedkar) and fulfilled the dream of Guru Ravidass esa chahon raj main. It was debated and lot of the countrys leaders at that time thought it was the right affirmative action to take and it was agreed that if caste system continues to debilitate and discriminate against scheduled castes, the former untouchables, the reservation should continue. You are racist people. When the king apologized, the god declared that the Chamars will get an opportunity to rise again in the Kaliyuga after the appearance of a new sage (whom Surjyabanshi identifies as Ravidas). We should all live together in love and humility. oi, Jatt Munda, have some respect, were the ones who kneel down n clean your juttian, hello The Shudra were the lowest caste in the caste system and were traditionally common laborers. In my family we already have people of various castes and faiths and we all respect one another. Neha, you cant change the system and peoples mindset. Jai Guru Dev . it will help all the chamar family of haryana to tell their caste to other with proud and other casts respects the chamar community. gotam budha father raja sudhodhan was from sakya caste n mother was daughter of koli raja .rajas/ rajputs can be from any caste koli , kunbi, jat, mala, jala ,hindu, mugal n so on when two fight one wins while other looses has to do the job the winner raja wishes as suryavansi raja was in services of kaluram dom/ chandal jassal caste is jatt, and rakhra caste is jatt. I agree with you but unfortunately the Rajputs are one of the most castist ,racist people in India and the world. Ugly ass dark weaklings who cant fight for shit. 6. Prove your contribution as a good citizen. Historically subject to untouchability, they were traditionally outside the traditional society ritual ranking system of caste known as Varna. reply, Jassal, virk and Walia are not chamar last names. People can tell what caste you are by looking at .. ie mannerism, way of speaking, appearance etc. Jatt dont mention caste??! But the above jatt lady had voted with her feet by marrying a chamar because she went for higher things than caste .ie love. Gurav. It is our leadership that has spearheaded the the rise of the dalit politically. hahahah A caste is your social status moron and being Jatt is my ancestry. Who ever uses these names and identifies as a chamar is either lying or ignorant. Brahmin is not a caste but a varna. There is good and bad in everyone, you cant blame caste but blame the individuals who discriminate. My neighbours are Sohota and theyre pretty big ass-holes. NEAR JAI SHREE LOWN WARD NO JUNNARDEO. (Manu Simariti Chap. plz add bajiyan . Im a Jatt and its the 1st time I read something that said it how it is If I was stupid and literate like this Prick I would say jatt stole surnames of chamar but I dont wanna drop to this idiots level. old with the blashings of sringi rishi who was also given his sister whose progny of brahmins spreaded thouhgt . Some of those who are jatt or higher castes seem to think they are superior but as you say they have never even done a farmers/tanners work in their lives. may god bless to all .thanks. I KNOW FOR A FACT BOPARAI AND CHAHAL ARE JATT YOU CUNT. I myself dont exactly agree with this article as it is promoting the caste system, but there is no need to be so rude. Why are people highlighting proudness of a Vedic system which suppresses them as people. I believe the forward castes who are only 15% of the population should only get proportionate share of power and representation in all public positions. some favoured own group given all facilities of enjoyment n others continously were cheated /hated which created havocs /intolerance /fights/ killinngs inhuman acts . Historian Abu'l Fazl in his book Ain-i-Akbari (an 16th-century detailed document recording the administration of the Mughal Empire under Emperor Akbar) clearly mention that the rulers of utpala dynasty were from the Chamar tribe. Or even lie about it if you can. It was only when Muslims made Hindus work against their culture and faith they formed castes like Chammar and other castes which were then considered low caste. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar ke rule chate h jo padai karega vo aage badega chaye chamar ho chahe tum jaise chhoti soch vale ho argue karne se achha h tum sab higher education lo apni time ko utilized karo ek duse ko nicha dikhne se kuch ni hoga, Akal to tum logo ko hi di bhagwan ne, tabhi to insaan ko insaan nahin samajhta. He gave his teaching to the gurus. be proud even if u are chamars i am also but justice is equal for all and atrocity on general by dalits should be given same strict punishment as atrocity by general on dlaits are given . levels as well as accurate designs. What more do you expect if you deny generation after generation the right to educate themselves? I think every caste should proud of their history. y sambuk sudra rishi was killed by cruel rama . Harijan, untouchable , and latest nomenclature as SC and Dalits are highly derogatory words having a lot of repelling apeal .The moment an Indian from other caste comes to know about these low caste words his mind is filled with a hate and in most of the probability he would not like to be associated with them. The problem is people like you and people from castes above you who are not willing to accept how oppressive their ancestors were. MARRIGE IS PIOUS CERMONEY when we take of 4 gotra ie 1self 2mother 3grand mother 4 nani so no honest person shall steal gotra if any one does so only clever, cheater,begger,shirker and who had been flattering n fooling /sucking blood of others. Banke Chamar is freedom fighter and Rebellion of 1857 first independence revolt of India. Its simple as that ! They conniving with politicians keep the pressure on at every stage from birth till death. In MAHARASHTRA sirnames of chamar:- Also understand Aryan tribes from Brahmins to Jutts or Shudras have always been very traditional and protective of their system as they migrated from west Asia , even Rajput and other Juts who became Muslims were alienated and Brahmins , jatts (even Sikhs) and other Hindus would never eat in their homes.. this practice was used as recent as 1947 . That is your social class and that is your status the karma of what you have done. aj peli wari nam sunya a. Chamar hahahah chamcharek? Heer If he is decended from a particular alien heritage and thus surnames should not match, then why do the surnames match? why doesnt anyone think abt dem. These 15% have been ruling and controlling India since independence. October 31, 2020 at 11:09 pm . Surnames are castles of caste prejudice. I want to know whether Juhi Chawla, the film heroine, and Manjari Chawla, a native of Rajasthan, recently appointed Judge in a California Court, U.S.A., also belong to Chamar caste or any other schedule caste? SS all bhagats and gurus rejected Hinduism. sidhu gill virk are not sc and also jatt? So naturally Guru Nanak ji vehemently opposed caste system.This opposition was both in principle and action.Lets see how : 1. HINDU word in fact is the name given by Muslim invaders. i also belong to chamar . The other is Dalit Solidality Network: It is a Persian dialect word meaning UNCIVILIZED INFIDELS. they should come to forward now the time has been changed . Media again contolled by largely the Brahmins and its associates.Culture You only have to look at the India film industry, arts, music etc virtually controlled and heavily influenced by the Brahmins and their assciates. Ambedkar; however, he remained an aberration in a party dominated by the upper castes. Caste system is the root of all evil, especially in India , Johal and Sidhu arent Chamar they are Jatt, This site has very much wrong information, Dabi is not a chamar . [5] but here we cannot hide bravery of mazabi sikhs and some others. Indians living in the west know how beautiful life is without caste. how to make a chi ball visible for beginners Keagy's Best Price Plumbing Jatts ignorance and arrogance gets the better of them., Question for the Jatt contributors. yes,my mummy last name summan,please adding. i proud of my caste , history and background culture. Saini (), is a caste of North India who were traditionally ,, vegetable farmers.Sainis claim to be descendants of a king, Shurasena, and to be related to the ancient Shoorsaini clan, noted in Puranic literature. Read what the Guru Granth Sahib and the Gurus say on the subject. Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan Khuttan please add. May I state that Sandhu, Sidhu, Sahota and Kalsi ARE Chamar surnames as well as Jatt/Tarkhan Surnames. reservation se government naukari to mil gai kya kiya? i am from trinidad west indies,,,, it took me 59 years to find out tru countless pundits in this country about what caste i belong,,, only to realise now ,, that i am chamar,,, the pundit didnt disclose it,,, i went somewhere else to find out my surname is sookra,,, can you get any people there who share this name,,, so i can 100% verify my identity? He is a typical Jatt sikh, who does not understand that being a jatt Sikh is a contradiction in terms. Firozpur City -9463301661(Mob. why ayyub pandit of jammu who was lynched was muslim because pandit is purely bramhans, why bhatti chaudhary chavhaan are muslim ?? The then SP government amended the UP Public Services Act, 1994, to move 17 OBC castes to the SC category. Sharma. It is available on weekly ajit published from Missisugga canada. Abe salo.badi jaat waletumko kis baat pe ghamand haijaat ko niche girane wale tum hote kon hojaat kaam se nehi naam se jana jata hai samjeunchi jaat waleapni soch badlo.. shame shame. e wrng a fr sir..pehla dhan guru granth sahib g fr guru ravidas g, Exactly, even Virk, Bhutta, Bhatti, Jassal, Johal and Saroa are Jatt Surnames, Gotras or sub castes have nothing to do with castes . Sandhu isnt chamar. Whats the origin of sidhu chamar gotra?i only know the history of jat sidhu gotra. If our people ever spoke of the injustice they suffered, they faced starvation for them and their whole families. I. F. S. C. Code no. Desiangel you are an uneducated and stupid person. 4 Sehgal.5..Saroa. Yeah Exactly Bro And Now We have changed the way as wellNow If someone ask me who are you I Say CHAMAR hu bhai .Its makes me feel proud and also make their mouth shutSo This is the best way to end the Castism if you cant remove it so just make your caste as stronger that other will remove it selfly, punia in haryana belog to chamar caste as p.l.punia (i.a.s. You Mr Dhillon and your fellow caste members are the prime culprit who still refusing to accept Guru Nanaks message of Truth yet ironically sikh religion and its centres are controlled, for the wrong reasons, by your people and yet you call yourself sikhs. Now that is what I call deceiving on a grand scale to millions of people. Then cry about it. Note: Spread this message as much as possible in your social group or social media so that more and more people can join and cooperate in this socially virtuous work. All people who serve for other are Sudra let be he born in any gotra has no meaning . pehle galti agar upper caste ki thi to usse 100 gunagalti aaj hum log kar rahee he samaaj k sath . I. F. S. C. Code no. As the name goes ADI means at the origin and Dharam means relligion. It was only a few decades ago that YOUR jatt sikh ancestors were beating and killing chamars for entering your sikh temples. Bhagat Ravidas Ji in the GGSJ had challenged Hindu society, Hindu priests, and Hindu maharajas. FIR should be made to POLICE against this person. Shri Guru Ravidass Maharaj Ki Jai! . There is legally nothing to stop you using it as an adopted surname by choice. I hope my words have not hurt anyone. who lives in cherry hills village; buffalo st patrick's day parade 2021; gabriella made in chelsea net worth; are shelley long and bette midler friends Sandhu, Sahota and Sidhu are Jatt surnames you fukwit not chamarli! Very important occupations identifier surnames as Chamar ( cobbler), Dom ( worker in a burning ghat) have been used for calling somebody names. I readily accept that my ancestors were poor and vulnerable and i take no shame in it, i am extremely proud and thankful for where they have delivered my family today. PLEASE ALSO ADD THOSE SURNAMES OF CHAMAR: 1.Sampla 1. Out of 100 the first talented person is Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. Change). He should update his knowledge from my statement. Over 75% of bereaucracy, ie the civil service, is in the hands on the Brahmins, who are only 4% of the population. and im a chura chamar of dudley road It even includes a 120Hz rekindle rate that is certainly faster All i EVER hear them talk about on weddings, funerals or paths is their caste abd how others r jatts, turkans etc. Bains summan sandhu sahota are definitely jatt names. Please add bibyan, saroha/sirohi, rathi, dahiya, patlaan. How do they reconcile the two opposing ideas. KALSON is also a chamar surname today, this iconic dance can be performed only by brahmin girls. He rejects the assertion that in the Punjab surnames cut across castes. or area, If we study the Varna system carefully it would be revealed that originally there were only four varnas. . Momis are known as agriculturists and land owners in Punjab, who belong to Kamboj caste. Daily you and all other brahmins are getting poluted since you and your fellow brahmins love wearing your Bata shoes and nikes, your leather belts, your finest leather cases. Johal is jatt a caste how can it be another caste as well? They have sucked the life blood of India and it is time they should be freed from control and thus corruption which has plagued India.Let this be a lesson to all who understand my message to the Indians. Can anyone please, please tell me..what clan or etnicity could they belong to? many dalit people sacrifice their lives for sikh religion not only jatts. toora ,swan, jhamat, chonkriya, poud ,virdi are also our castes surname plz add. Never heard of it. Also for the morons that are going to say my friend/relative who is a chamar is *insert jatt last name. Im research student from Japan. To apna muh band rakh, jyada chamar chamar matt krr, ager hum rajput krne ko aa gye to tum log jllo ge. so all those who are sikh are sc only . When will the Indian slaves revolt. [13], Between the 1830s and the 1950s, the Chamars in the United Provinces, especially in the Kanpur area, became prosperous as a result of their involvement in the British leather trade. What help you need? Remember, whether you are Jatt or Chumar or any caste, you follow the same religion, you read the same Book. Sir kairon b 1 surname aw chamara da .. tusi miss kita .. bda dukh lggaa please add it . Parvathamma, C. (1989), Scheduled Castes at the Cross Roads, Ashish Publishing House, Delhi. It can be verified by your DNA test. Garhshanker, Satinder Singh Janagal Caste anti national. Ostracism from caste was a powerful tool for a number of reasons, for example breaching caste rules.Thus brahmins who performed ceremonies for shudras, were thrown out of caste into outcastes ie untouchables including chamars. and on the other hand the so called chamars who have engaged themselves in business earlier associated with the upper caste should be called as baniyas or whatever.