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Long-haired, short-haired, and wire-haired Dachshunds all have different personality traits associated with them. 38K views 2 years ago The Wire Haired Dachshund is a brave, intelligent dog with plenty of muscle! ADN-06748687625. She works from home as a writer, dachshund breeder, parenting skills instructor, and business manager of two additional businesses. 28 August, 2021 //byBobbie Terry//1 Comment. Ardee Louth, IncordemeoMargaret Mountford Louis ensures prospective puppy parents are well-educated before getting their puppy to ensure the best future for their puppies and their family. As with the smooth and long-haired varieties, youll find the wire-haired Dachshund coat and colors in numerous solid colors some of which include, red, cream, and chocolate plus combinations including black with tan or chocolate with tan based on varied factors. DAYCARE PRICING. They are great with kids. They are within driving distance of Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and South Carolina, as well as some parts of Kentucky and Florida! Marlborough Wiltshire Current Health Tests. Many of my dachshunds live 15 to 17 years so to classify them as a senior at 7 years is a bit much. Due to their more terrier-type personalities, the wire-haired Dachshund can be a challenge to train. However, they also have traits associated with terriers. 4 Hornsea East Yorkshire Current Health Tests, GungawoodMr M D & Mrs J Dowsey They also have a high prey drive and will easily excavate your yard if they do not have enough toys and chews to occupy their time. Regular grooming and coat maintenance are necessary to keep your wire-haired looking dapper. We do not specifically market to children under 13. They adjusted their home to be the best place to raise their dogs, including two large yards for their dogs outdoor time. All puppies are raised in the home and socialized with family members of various ages. Read more about me and the vision of my blog. DelacyChris Lund Its easy to recognize Wire-haired Dachshunds not only by the distinctive Dachshund long-backed body, pointy nose, and short, stubby albeit powerful legs but this variety sports a coarse coat along with a bearded chin and bushy eyebrows almost reminiscent of an aged man. Your email address will not be published. Click hereto learn more aboutFIVE YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE. Wire-haired Dachshunds grooming is especially essential to keep the dogs coat properly conditioned and them looking their best. An itchy dog is no laughing matter, it could be pests such as fleas or mites or it might be something more sinister like a food allergy or other underlying health problem. Some wire-haired dachshunds do mature more quickly and will get their full coat before two years old. provides a central registry of Canadian dog breeders, handlers, trainers, groomers, and boarding kennels and does not recommend any one of these individuals over another. Founded in 1884, the not-for-profit AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for all dogs. The Wire-Haired Dachshund has a short, straight, harsh double coat and can be any colour. The three varieties of Doxies are ideal family dogs. While the wire-haired is a Doxie, he has the appearance of a terrier and seems to have received a double dose of the trait along with a need to be independent. Call, **NO SCAMS! We only breed occasionally from . Two River Dachshunds only breed wire-haired Dachshunds in Missouri. The Hathor Farm dogs have been known to perform in conformation shows, field trials, obedience, rally, tracking, agility, and Earthdog. He has continued his winning ways since arriving in the United States and is now an AKC Champion! $42 for same day booked customers. You can see their babies at: Description: We are a foster home based rescue. Hathor Farm has been around for many years, originally begun by Mary Waterman after moving to the US from Germany. This dog breeder is a subscriber to the Gold Plan, This dog breeder is a subscriber to the Silver Plan, Dachshund Puppy for sale in SEDONA, AZ, USA, Dachshund puppies Miniature dachshund cute mini doxin miniature dachshund puppies indiana Registered Dachshund pups tweenie dachshund puppies, mini dachshund puppies dachshund dachshund puppies for sale, Dachshund Puppy for sale in Phoenix, AZ, USA, Dachshund Puppy for sale in Chino Valley, AZ, USA, Dachshund Puppy for sale in Prescott Valley, AZ, USA, Dachshund Puppy for Sale near Arizona, SEDONA, USA. The three varieties of Doxies are ideal family dogs. The couple has continued their education in genetics and the breed in general by attending lectures and seminars regularly. Wire hair dachshunds can come in the standard size (16 - 32 lbs at adult size), 11 - 16 lbs (tweenies), and up to 11 lbs (miniatures). Gleneagle Who's Famous Now, multi- Best in Show and two-time Best of Breed Winner at Westminster Kennel Club. a puppy or addopt dogs via internet. no longer supports your browser. Join Champdogs; Advertise Litter; Add Your Business; . What does Tarlyn Miniature Dachshunds do well? ADN-06749645236. Cranebrook, NSW, AU, Browse thru Dachshund Puppies for Sale near Apache Junction, Arizona, USA area listings on to find your perfect puppy. They also come with their akc Posted Breed: Dachshund. If regularly exercised, this dog can live in an apartment. Do not over-bathe your wire-haired Doxie, unlike the long-haired and short-haired, a wire-haired one only needs a bath three to four times a year. While my heart is for the short-haired Dachshunds and I also really like the long-haired Doxies, when I spend time with a wire-haired Dachshund I am in stitches over their comical antics. If youre considering adding a wire-haired Dachshund, be sure to review our list to find the best breeders in your area or even consider shipping from another area. If you pick an available puppy from their website, they require the $104 deposit as well. Your wire-haired Doxie will be more willing to work with you if things are kept short and lighthearted, and there are plenty of treats on hand. Wire-Haired Dachshunds have big floppy ears, a long nose and a deep muscular chest. Jeni of Reeds has been passionate about miniature Dachshunds since a young age when she first had one as a child. If you purchase a product through this article, we may receive a portion of the sale. The wire-haired Dachshund has several of the more notable Dachshund traits such as being independent and stubborn, energetic and active, plus protective and loyal. It is a joy to be able to share my passion with others who love and cherish the Dachshund. Parents will also find the Dapple, Brindle, Sable, and many other combinations. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have healthy happy puppies that end up becoming part of the in According to reviews, Debs puppies are always healthy and have the best personalities, which is her primary goal in her pups. Weight and exercise do play a role in whether your wire-haired Dachshund will develop back problems and the severity. They also come with their akc Posted Breed: Dachshund. Wire-haired doxie is perfect for families with kids since he loves to run and play due to a high energy level requiring at least 30 minutes of outdoor activity to stimulate the pup physically and satisfy his instinct for digging and chasing. Some wire-haired Dachshunds that come from a wire-haired parent and a long-haired parent will have what is commonly called a soft-wire coat or a silky wire-haired Dachshund. Always be consistent when you are training any dog, especially a Dachshund. They also offer socialization for service dog training as well. Black and tan dapple akc, Dachshund Puppy for Sale near Arizona, Chino Valley, USA. To raise the healthiest, strongest, and most confident puppies, Roundabout keeps pups until 14-16 weeks of age. Chocolate dapple male dachshund born 2/11/23 However, they also have traits associated with terriers. We live in the gorgeous Suffolk countryside in a small hamlet. Next >> Experienced and reputable Wire-haired Dachshund breeders in Kentucky can be difficult to come across. Adopting your Dachshund from a shelter or rescue can Save A Life. The pair also shared with us why education and mentors are so important when it comes to breeding, their advice for people interested in getting started with their first litter, and their thoughts on why we need good breeders to keep breeding dogs. She is full-sister to "Noah," GCH. All their puppies are a part of the family, including living in the house in a whelping room to being moved to the living room to become accustomed to the noises of the family. Louies also loves updates on their puppies and frequently posts received updates from customers on their Facebook and website! You do not want to strip your wire-haired Dachshund right after a bath, clean hair is harder to grasp and pluck. She completed her championship by going Winners Bitch for a five-point major at the 2013 Badger Dachshund Club Specialty Show. Show All, Displaying 1 - 20 of 112 Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund Breeders, Zenevieva Golden RetrieversKerrie Kelly They also come with their akc Posted Breed: Dachshund. Chocolate dapple akc, Dachshund Puppy for Sale near Arizona, Chino Valley, USA. Robin is co-owned with my friend and mentor, Lisa Kennel. Talk with your vet if your Doxies skin looks healthy and no flakes can be seen. 3 During this time, they ensure the pups meet people of all ages, experience a variety of sounds, and experience many other things they may encounter in their future homes. Dachshund Rescues that offer wire haired Dachshunds for adoption as well as all other varieties are generally not-for-profit organizations with the sole purpose to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home Dachshunds that need help. Please do contact us. Thanks! An adult Dachshund that has not been spayed or neutered and is active will require more food than a Dachshund that has been spayed or neutered. Full coat for a wire-haired including their furnishings will be around two years of age. This is why exercise and quality food are important for their overall health. Hessenjaeger Wirehairs has focused on being a top Standard Wire-Haired Dachshund breeder in Wisconsin for many years. You will want to know if there are any significant changes to your Doxies vision so you can properly prepare to take care of them. SEDONA, AZ, USA. Tonbridge Kent Current Health Tests, KalhounAg Leonard & Mr Sf Leonard Long and lean and ready to add some love to your family. This will help remove dirt and debris from the coat. Robert Benchley (1889-1945). Make training sessions short and fun. The wire-haired Dachshund is a unique dog. Louies Dachshunds is very knowledgeable of the dachshund breed and especially cares for wire-haired pups. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. He has continued his winning ways since arriving in the United States and is now an AKC Champion! You will want to be confident in the breeder or organization where you will be getting your wirehair Dachshund from, they will be a resource for you for the life of your Doxie. Breeder : warrenbrook Location : Barnsley, south yorkshire Birth Date : 20th February 2023 Dogs : 3 Top 11 Best Dachshund Breeders in Wisconsin (WI), Top 10 Best Dachshund Breeders in Pennsylvania (PA), Top 6 Best Dachshund Breeders in Massachusetts (MA), Top 12 Best Dachshund Breeders in New York (NY), Top 6 Best Shih Tzu Breeders in North Carolina (NC), 8-9 inches for standard; 5-6 inches for a miniature, 16-32 inches for standards; 11 pounds and under for miniature. Let us know in the comments below.And don't forget to Subscribe to All Things Dogs Now!For more information on All Things Dogs, visit: Facebook Group: - Karen (CH. To ensure the best fit for you and the puppy, Heartfelt Dachshunds requires a two-step process just to get on the waitlist. . Sired by the UK's all-time top-producing mini wire sire and out of the 2011 top-producing dam, Wisty was destined for greatness-- and I have been lucky enough to have been along for the ride. The Soletrader is one of the most successful kennels of recent times, with Gavin Robertson either handling or owning the TOP PBGV in the UK for the last 5 years. A dogs metabolism changes when they have been altered (spayed or neutered) and they will need less food and more exercise to maintain their weight. Use a shampoo that is formulated for wire-haired dogs and uses only lukewarm water. << Prev Bobbie Terry lives in a small rural town in Southern Oklahoma USA. We occasionally have some miniatures who end up a bit larger, 12 - 14 pounds. Champdogs. Dachshund Rescue groups are commonly made up of experienced rescue individuals. From personal experience, wire-haired doxies are like short-haired and long-haired one; they are food motivated and will work for tasty treats. Coat. Answer a few simple questions and find the right dog for you, Compare up to 5 different breeds side by side, Browse the AKC Marketplace to find the right puppy for you, Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration, Find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which to avoid, Meet Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund Pups and Their Breeders. She is the only wire-haired Dachshund breeder in Michigan. Dont forget to follow the steps in our guide to finding a reputable breeder to ensure you make the best choice for yourself and your new pup! They also come with their akc Posted Breed: Dachshund. Pickup in Fontana,CA** Welcome Guest; Champdogs Home. A Dachshund is prone to gaining weight and becoming obese with even an extra pound creating a health issue for the dog whether miniature or standard. Once accustomed, your Doxie will be less likely to bark in those situations. Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area. Again, these will vary depending on the dog so dont expect your dog to explicitly fall into these categories. Jeans interest in doxies began as a teenager with her first miniature. warrenbrook - Litter of Show Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund Puppies. IVDD or intervertebral disc disease is the most common ailment in Dachshunds. You can use a steel comb on your dogs furnishings including their beard and eyebrows. Dachshunds are ideal dogs for small children, as they are already stretched and pulled to such a length that the child cannot do much harm one way or the other. Aside from showing in conformation, I am a preservation breeder dedicated to preserving the breed and furthering health testing to produce genetically clear, beautiful Dachshunds. $10.00 early drop off fee will be applied for drop offs earlier than 6:30am. Customers often state Deb has an open line of communication with customers from the day they show interest in a puppy, keeping families up-to-date on their new family member. They are the largest Show Dachshund Kennel in the US but interact and love on all their pups daily. Bindi. Training can be difficult and may require extra time and patience. An annual examination by a canine ophthalmologist will be in order if your wire-haired Dachshund has two copies of the gene that causes PRA. All puppies are microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and vet checked. Their overall body hair will be coarse and not sleek like a shorthair or have a fine fringe like a longhair. WARSAW, IN, USA. A wire-haired does require grooming a few times each week, they only need a bath three to four times a year, The wire-haired is also the least shedding of the three coat types. Cardiff Cardiff 8th February 2023 Dam Health Tested, Tap for Mobile Site, Copyright 1999-2023County Computer Consultants Ltd, Lordscairnie Love Destiny at Hopewood x Nostalgia Gilovam at Stardax, Dereheath Major Tom x Springdac Siren Dancer. Like the Mini Smooth and Mini Long-haired, the Mini Wire was bred to control rabbits that destroyed German crops. Hes up to date on all his vaccines and is just as sweet as can be. A wire-haired Dachshunds mature coat will depend on its genetics, conditioning, and diet. In preventing these injuries, pet parents can keep the jumping to a minimum using soft stairs or preferably dachshund ramps for getting up and down from furniture or beds. The wire haired dachshund is active, adorable, and ultra smart and has personality to spare. That means training from a baby with plenty of positive reinforcement to take advantage of the intelligence and avoid the potential for the puppy to give his opinion.. She. ADN-06749650111. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. For more information on how wire-haired Dachshunds are different, check out our post all about wire-haired Dachshunds. The loose undercoat will come out and any of the dead hairs on the outer coat. PRA will cause blindness and since all coat types have been interbred, PRA does affect all coat types. They have a limited number of litters a year to ensure all puppies get proper care and socialization. if you are looking for a dapper and just a little bit comical, the wire-haired is the dog for you. VISALIA, CA, US, Australia Madison's show career was cut short due to an injury, but before her retirement from the ring she turned more than a few heads. The wire-haired is also the least shedding of the three coat types which is wonderful when you love the Dachshund breed but not the shedding that occurs with them. is secure, simple As she grew up, she continued owning mini Dachshunds and decided to breed them to share the joy with other families. First bred in Germany to hunt badgers, they were also used to hunt in packs to kill wild boar.. Copyright 2023. Because they hunted badgers they were called badger-dogs after the German words dachs meaning badger and hund meaning dog. Me. Plucking or stripping is also required throughout the years to remove dead hairs. However, once you have chosen a puppy the deposit becomes non-refundable! Look no further than Heartfelt Dachshunds. They also have an Adoption/Sale contract that must be signed when picking up the puppy. To hold a puppy, Reeds asks for a $300 non-refundable deposit. Ten years ago, Mary passed on the name of Hathor Farms to the current owner, Jean, who has done her best to keep the pups up to Marys standards. I usually switch my Dachshunds to a senior diet when they turn 10 years old. Quality health tested home reared puppies to show or pet homes, SadiraMr Andrew Winfrow and Mrs Lynne Mccowliff They ensure their pups have European hunting bloodlines while socializing them to be the perfect companion. Please also look for the complete Dachshund profile to gain more knowledge on this fun breed. She is a graduate of Ashford University where she earned her undergraduate degree in psychology with a minor in sociology. Is this type of Doxie the right pet for you? Displaying 1 - 3 of 3 Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund Litters, Register for the Champdogs Litter Waiting List, Lordscairnie Love Destiny at Hopewood x Nostalgia Gilovam at Stardax BREA, CA, US. All puppies are microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and vet checked. They have a passion for educating people in these two breeds and ensuring the dogs are always put first. 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The Cutest Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund Puppies American Kennel Club 104K subscribers Subscribe 124K views 6 years ago The Dachshund is a well-balanced dog with a bold and confident head. Jan 06, 2014 | 1 Minute. Customers have also said the pups have the best personalities so much that they have repeatedly purchased from her. Wire hair dachshunds can come in the standard size (16 32 lbs at adult size), 11 16 lbs (tweenies), and up to 11 lbs (miniatures). If you are looking for a wire-haired Dachshund breeder near New York City or Pennsylvania, read on for Tarlyns information! A wire-haired Dachshund is the same as a short-haired and long-haired when it comes to exercise requirements. Nottingham Nottinghamshire Current Health Tests, Michael Partridge The wire-haired variety was developed some time during the 19th century when breeders crossed a short-haired Dachshund with a rough-coated terrier, possibly the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Schnauzer, or Scottish terrier.