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In August and September 2021 police engaged in the Lawrence case searched Sand Hutton Gravel Pits, a wooded area around 8 miles (13km) north-east of York city centre. Email us at or call 0207 782 4368 . [14][15] In early June 2009, a reconstruction of Lawrence's last known movements was featured in an appeal on BBC One's Crimewatch. Lawrence's solicitor father Peter campaigned for the law to be modified in order to allow the appointment of guardians for the affairs of missing people. A 10,000 reward was offered for anyone who could come forward with any information. The law came into force in 2019 but Mr Lawrence died last month without ever knowing what happened to his daughter. The investigation continues and there's no word as of yet about who tipped the police off to search these areas or what, if anything has been found. I hoped that she would be found safe and well. Original reporting and incisive analysis, direct from the Guardian every morning. Generally any place has its advantages and disadvantages and I dont think that absolutely safe places exist, some towns/cities, areas, regions and/or countries probably tend to be safer than the others, thats it, but again, its highly likely that no place in the world is absolutely safe. 1.1M views 3 years ago Claudia Lawrence went missing in York, 2009. March 19 - Miss Lawrence's father, Peter, contacts North Yorkshire Police after his daughter fails to keep an arrangement to meet a friend at the Nags Head pub. That Lawrence had left with a new lover or to take up a new job or merely to take a break. I pray shes found alive though. You must be at least 18 years old to create an account, Must be at least 6 characters, include an upper and lower case character and a number, I would like to be emailed about offers, events and updates from Evening Standard. Claudia Lawrence is a freelance journalist. Her mother said that Claudia was going to celebrate Mothers Day with her and seemed cheerful and relaxed when they were talking over the phone. If you are in the UK and happen to have any information about this case, please pass it on to the police (no matter how small) by dialling 101 (North Yorkshire Police), select option 1 and pass the details onto the Force Control Room, quoting ''Claudia Lawrence''. Picture credit: Well, according to the official timeline of Claudia's last known movements, she finished work as she normally would on the afternoon of the 18th of March 2009. They make out that that were, but as soon as Claudia's back would be turned I bet she was getting talked and bitched about. Lawrence was normally a prolific user of her Samsung D900 mobile phone, so Cooper was surprised when she was unable to attract a response. York is a beautiful city and one that I have visited many times. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. July 29 - Police confirm they are reducing the number of officers dedicated to the inquiry into Miss Lawrence's disappearance. [21], Later in September, detectives made a search of an area of the University of York campus. . The call we really want is the one that helps piece together the parts of the jigsaw we already know regarding her last movements and people she associated with and places frequented, he added. Lawrence's father was a prosperous solicitor. convicted killer Christopher Halliwell was involved in her disappearance. [34] In July 2014, NYP arrested Paul Harris, the landlord of The Acomb pub (since renamed as The Clockhouse pub) in York on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. Officials had not confirmed why the area was being trawled but said the search will take a "number of days". [9], The North Yorkshire Police (NYP) was contacted at around 2 pm on 20 March in order to report Lawrence as a missing person. If you havent, but want to know more about it or refresh the information (the backstory, the circumstances etc), I encourage you to click the links below in order to get acquainted with the whole thing. [42] Ground-penetrating radar equipment and cadaver dogs were used in the search. Podcast Coming Soon!! Posts Every Sunday Created, researched & written by Jo M Donnelly . These were just theories. At one point, detectives believed she had been with 12 lovers over five years, with some of them married. Detective Superintendent Wayne Fox the new senior investigating officer on the case, said he believes several people know, or have suspicions about, what happened to the 35-year-old when she went missing in York in 2009. The only lead in this respect is some unknown male DNA on a cigarette found in her car. Peter contacted the police and reported her missing. That is an awfully long time to carry such a burden of guilt. I tend to think that something happened between 10PM and midnight on the 18-th of March, 2009. Claudia and Ali were obsessed with horses growing up and each of them had a pony which they adored. [20] It was reported that the last text message received by Lawrence was from a man who was on the island. She initially worked at several hotels and restaurants in York, but became tired of the unsocial hours this involved. Claudia was last heard from on March 18, 2009, with reports that she was last seen walking towards her home on Heworth Road. [35] Other arrests were made later. Could they not go with that, then look into people who live or have frequented the location? The Secret Life of Claudia Lawrence? On August 24, 2021, police began searching a quarry in York. October - Claudia's mum slammed the peanuts 40,000 budget to probe murder suspect Christopher Halliwell. January 17 - Mr Lawrence says he is "hugely depressed and disappointed" as the investigation into his daughter's disappearance is scaled down. Joan Lawrence, is 76 and lives alone in North Yorkshire. Monday marks a decade since Lawrence, who was a chef at the University of York, disappeared at the age of 35. Her father, Peter is a solicitor and her mother, Joan is a stay at home housewife. Peter Lawrence, who was 74, died on Thursday at St Leonard's Hospice in York following a. This indicates that the phone itself did not leave the local area. Replies analysing and speculating over the mystery and possible explanations are encouraged. Generally Im not familiar with Northern England at all, so I have no idea if its safe or dangerous and how high or low the crime rate there is, Id like to find out more about it as well, so Im hoping there is someone from that area who could enlighten me. The hours at her new job suited her fine as she started early and would be finished by lunchtime. On 19 March, Lawrence was scheduled to start work at 6 am. Using what were described as "advanced techniques not available in 2009",[30] the MCU found additional fingerprints and a man's DNA on a cigarette end in her car. A detective investigating the disappearance of Claudia Lawrence 12 years ago has said it is not too late for people to come forward and stop the "unrelenting anguish" caused to the chef's loved ones. Claudia owned her own house and seemed to have the world at her feet so when she suddenly vanished on the 18th of March 2009 nobody could understand why. Claudia has always been very close with her family and had a happy childhood. I think he disposed of the body in one of the building sites in York, or on somewhere on the Yorkshire Moors. On the anniversary of Miss Lawrences disappearance, Mr Fox urged anyone with information to do the right thing and speak to him. The 35-year-old worked as a chef at the University of York and was reported. On the eve of the 12th anniversary, Martin Dales, a friend of Mr Lawrence, said: Despite the exhaustive efforts of (Claudias) late father Peter, family and friends, and North Yorkshire Police, there are still no answers and it is tragic that Peter has died not knowing what has happened to her. I encourage anyone who has Facebook to join the group Claudia Lawrence- 11 years of lies because this group really does go deep into everything about this case. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. [29], The MCU subsequently assessed the Lawrence case and carried out new forensic searches at her home on Heworth Road. Claudia has always been very close with her family and had a happy childhood. Detectives soon began to favour this explanation. A 10,000 reward is offered for information that could lead to the conviction of those responsible. I was expecting to hear that he'd been charged but the case was dropped. I think cops know the perpetrators but dont have sufficient evidence to prosecute. After five weeks NYP upgraded the enquiry from a missing person one to one of suspected murder.[10]. A fresh appeal for answers about missing Claudia Lawrence has been made on the eve of the anniversary of her disappearance. I remember looking at this pretty woman and wondering what had happened to her. His vision is to create chronic health as the new normal instead of chronic disease and to bring holistic health education into the school curriculum. News and entertainment worth sharing York and North Yorkshire. They arrested four men a couple years back in suspicion of murder but stated that they ran into "a lack of cooperation from witnesses". The missing woman's family has vowed to keep searching with her mum Joan saying: "I realise the recent police team have worked very hard to try and get answers, and I know they feel people are still lying to them, but I cant allow Claudias name to be forgotten. He also alluded to the fact that the police kept the location of the phone back. It was like she had just vanished without a trace. It was also Claudias very last conversation. In recent years there have been an average of around 3,500 missing persons reports per year in the NYP area. Click the pic above or simply type 'CaledonianKitty' into the search bar , Just incase you want to spoil me, click the pic for my wishlist . We can only hope technology advances will eventually get this case solved . Claudias Law otherwise known as the Guardianship (Missing Persons) Act 2017 came into force on July 31, 2019. Stay tuned for details coming soon. For all of my social media links / other content, please click my picture above , Claudia Lawrence Investigation | North Yorkshire Police, Claudia Lawrence CCTV | North Yorkshire Police, #ClaudiaLawrence #Missing #York #Unsolved #CaledonianKitty #TrueCrime, A Match Made In Hell | Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka | Partners In Crime Series (Fourth Instalment) Graphic Content, The Tool Box Killers | Lawrence Bittaker & Roy Norris | Partners In Crime Series (Fifth Instalment) Gaphic Content, The Hillside Stranglers: Kenneth Bianchi & Angelo Buono Jr | Partners In Crime Series (First Instalment) GRAPHIC CONTENT. That is an awfully long time to carry such a burden of guilt. We know also that her mobile phone didnt leave the area before it left the phone network, he added This again is a reason I dont believe she fell victim to an attack by a stranger. Her mother described Lawrence's mood as normal and relaxed. Personally I have never been to Yorkshire and I dont know anyone from that area, so I cant make any statements about that region. [7] It was determined that the phone had been connected to a mast in the Heworth area of York throughout the morning of 19 March and up to the point it was switched off. On 8 March 2016, the Crown Prosecution Service refused to pursue a case submitted by NYP against four men who had been arrested on suspicion of murder, citing lack of evidence. 15 members Join group About Discussion More About Discussion About this group This private members group is about ONE thing. 35-year-old Claudia Lawrence, of York, went missing 11 years ago How you can help. Could this be a sick joke by someone? I think the newspapers had to backtrack massively too. The police took down the reward for the 10,000 stating that time had run out for people to come forward anonymously and they were also annoyed about the fact that the people who Claudia did have some form of contact with, were not being cooperative. A subreddit dedicated to the unresolved mysteries of the world. These cookies do not store any personal information. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Police in York are searching a flooded quarry for the remains of Claudia Lawrence, who went missing in 2009. 10/10. A lot of questions are really left unanswered in this investigation and the focus that was put on her private life by the press and the investigators during the investigation probably hindered the investigation more than it helped. Claudia, on the other hand, was an adult woman and disappeared in the area she was local to. He lived close to her home and had been a colleague of hers at the University of York. It is not too late.. She did not report for duty. During the course of the evening Lawrence spoke to both her father and mother on her mobile phone. Lawrence had previously arranged to meet her friend Suzy Cooper at The Nag's Head that night. The public was gripped by the whole situation. And so her family has been left waiting, hoping they will one day have answers. The Claudia Lawrence case may ring a few bells for those of you who live in the UK and quite possibly beyond as it has been covered on quite a number of blogs and Youtube channels. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click this link:, Claudia Lawrence was last seen in March 2009, with questions about her disappearance still left unanswered, Convicted killer Christopher Halliwell may be linked to six other murders, including the disappearance of Claudia Lawrence, New CCTV in Claudia Lawrence case six years on. Please do the right thing, come forward and speak to me.. Previously, families could only take over the financial affairs of a missing person if they were declared dead under the Presumption of Death Act 2013. who showed how the house had barely been touched since her daughter vanished. Of course, this was 2009, and she probably did not have a smartphone and this location tech was just starting to become that accurate? Peter telephoned his daughter's manager at Goodricke College and was told that she had not reported for duty on either 19 or 20 March. Nobody knows who it is and her parents have asked for whoever it is to stop. They all denied any involvement in Lawrence's disappearance. I went to University in York and I think I was in my final year when she went missing. Enter your password to log in. April 22 - Three more men, all in their 50s and from the York area, are arrested on suspicion of murder and are released on bail. Officers are currently investigating a popular fishing spot near York as part. Whatever went on in Claudia's private life, she didn't deserve this and she didn't deserve the lack of sympathy either. Claudia Lawrence was last seen near her home in Melrosegate, Heworth, York, on the evening of March 18, 2009. I dont know if this fact makes the case any unique, I think it probably does. Mr Fox said some of the information received by the force appears extremely interesting and sparks a whole new line of investigation, and he urged anyone providing this information to get back in touch with as much detail as possible. The investigation centred around construction of a "rogue's gallery" of the men she had been involved with. I don't know whether all four men got together to kill her, or if one killed her and the other three know about it or what, but I think it is one of those cases where police know but can't do anything. She has not been seen or heard from since. What's even more sinister is that her mobile phone was deliberately switched off at 12:08pm by someone, could it have been Claudia? One of the investigators/journalists was threatened (or told "to back off"). Although that is not critical since she might have passed out of camera view or used a parallel street. [26] The search at Heslington was later considered to have been prompted by hoax information.[27]. I first heard about this case a few years ago, but didnt really know the details, barely had any time to read articles and/or watch YouTube videos regarding Claudias disappearance and wasnt really interested in such stuff back then, so eventually I forgot about it. Claudia Lawrence was last seen near her home in Melrosegate, Heworth, York, on the evening of March 18, 2009. A. detective investigating the disappearance of Claudia Lawrence 12 years ago has said it is not too late for people to come forward and stop the "unrelenting anguish" caused to the chef's . Mr Fox, who took charge of the investigation in October following the retirement of Detective Superintendent Dai Malyn, said: Today, on the 12th anniversary of her disappearance, our hearts go out to Claudias loved ones. She was probably going to see someone that night. [47] Both NYP and Wiltshire Police have stated that there is no direct evidence linking Halliwell to the Lawrence case, and Wiltshire Police have disclosed that they have CCTV evidence of Halliwell buying petrol at a petrol station in Swindon on the evening before Lawrence disappeared. [31], The new investigation, led by Detective Dai Malyn, made a number of arrests. March - Nearly a decade on from her disappearance, Miss Lawrence has still not been found. Her family made an emotional plea for help days after she was last seen. The next day, the 35-year-old never made it to work at 6am, with the chef also not heading to her local pub that evening. She was employed as a chef at the University of York 's Goodricke College at the time of her disappearance. [18], In September 2009, NYP revealed that the search for Lawrence had been extended to Cyprus. Indications were that Lawrence had left the house normally to go to work at around 5am on the morning of Thursday 19 March, but had never arrived. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. She had "a number of covert sexual relationships with men, some of whom were married before she disappeared". We may never know. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Here you will find many cases covering serial killers to deadly cults, obsessed stalkers & beyond I hope you find it all interesting I post on Sunday evenings so I hope you will join me For all enquiries, come say hello at, Please help support my content (I'm a one woman show!) There were people taken in for questioning and some were arrested and let go. A brilliant article on a truly mysterious case. [4] Lawrence was discreet about this and her family knew little about her relationships with men. North Yorkshire Police have conducted two investigations and questioned nine people in relation to Miss Lawrences disappearance and suspected murder but no charges have ever been brought. Nobody wanted to talk, a number of them were married and obviously they didn't want their wives to find out. DETECTIVES investigating the death of missing Claudia Lawrence have been handed a floral tribute claiming that she is "in the water" of a beauty spot. [40][41] Police drained one of the lakes on site to allow a fingertip examination of the lake's bed. [13] NYP received over 1,200 calls offering information. (A missing poster outside of Claudia's home in the early stages of the investigation. She seems to have accepted this offer.