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Get buying tips about Utility Companies delivered to your inbox. Because some of it goes beyond trimming.. I was homeless then in a rehabilitation residential unit. They sent someone out the dig up the yard and covered it with hay. Viewing the Energy Use Details, it appears that Mr. ******'s energy use. One would think common sense would dictate maybe a red or yellow ribbon on such trees or even yellow paint. Email: [protected] ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. These trees must not be planted under utility lines. If you have a non-emergency question or concern regarding DTE Energys Tree Trimming program, please complete the inquiry form. This latest outage started at 5:11 PM Wednesday 2/22/23 and has been out ever since. Fast growing. Fast growing. I have a pregnant wife at 30 weeks and only enough food to keep her healthy and due to not having power for three days I'm going to have to throw most of it out. - The meter was installed . The catch with that is there is no daily reading for those days. Whenever practical during this timeframe, oak trees in developed landscape areas may be trimmed or cut down. Whoever decided that this was the proper way to handle callers and whoever kept failing to notice the problem and deal with it accordingly, they all need to be fired and sent to starve in the streets. Mature height: 15-25 feet. Attractive shape and interesting reddish bark with white markings provide year round interest. Media Contact: Matt Helms 517-284-8300 Customer Assistance: 800-292-9555 Twitter. Randi Shaffer is a reporter at the Morning Sun. For more information about reviews on please visit our We called to have service restored and they said they would come between 9am-12pm and someone needed to be home. I tried to explain to Ms. Cotton several several times while I understand state law there are always extenuating circumstances. Consumers Energy delivers electricity to 1.8 million homes of Michigan's Lower Peninsula with more than 60,000 miles of lines. I think that CE has handled this problem rather badly. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Don't forget to call MISS DIG at8-1-1at least three business days before you break ground. Fast growing, somewhat wide spreading. Desired outcome: P/S; Would like to see a contract signed and also all rights with it that a customer have as well as anything that was signed with my lower case name .. as well as any permission and all.. In storm after major storm in recent years, Michigan's two giant suppliers of electricity Detroit-based DTE and Jackson-based Consumers Energy insist they're doing all they can to reduce. I have two river birch trees on my property. Consumers Energy comes down the road and trims/removes trees for power line clearance. Why am I being inconvenienced as a paying customer? Last Name. If trimming is needed on your property, we will knock on your door and leave a door hanger describing the necessary trimming. So BIG thank you to him! My partner stayed home and no one came. This means the easement is permanent, and if the property is sold, the easement is still a part of the property. Your employees who are in the field checking on problem calls need to be able to the tell the customer what the decision on a situation so that they can take appropriate action. Bids are taken by the city in September of each year, while planting takes place generally during the months ofOctober and December. Consumers Energy supplies electricity to 1.8 million homes and businesses, largely outside of metropolitan Detroit. Again, no one showed. A power easement is a right for the electric company to install and maintain electrical power lines, above or below ground, on private property. TheRight Tree, Right Placeguide and the list ofTrees Suitable for Planting in Southeast Michigancan help you decide where and what to plant. Please DO NOT add attachments that contain your or other peoples personal information, if you dont want it to be visible to the public. Otherwise, please report any large concentrations of spongy moth to the City. stream Your planner will leave his or her contact information to answer any questions you may have regarding the work planned for your property. It's not my fault and I did not cause damages to Consumers Energy's equipment or cause it to malfunction. Trimming trees is not a "do-it-yourself" job, especially when it's around or near a power line. I have the right to Gas when president said and is a BETTER BILL ACT and there is the State relief that can be used to pay for it until we all the people come out of all this pandemic inflation and can have normal life again. Otherwise, residents are encouraged to work with their arborist to evaluate treatment options for individual trees or groups of trees that may better control spongy moth on private properties. Go fix yourself or die. It's a busy world full of busy people like me. While traveling west bound on five-mile road in Livonia at 11:45 this morning one of your employees driving a truck with an extra-large flatbed failed to yield at a Michigan turn around and flew right in front of us. If you can go to DTE or Great Lakes. I purchased it in 2019 and want all the functions to be in working order. California regulators recently imposed a $75 to $150 one-time connection charge for solar customers, as well as other new policies and fees that will cut into the savings of California homeowners. Phone: [protected] Tilmann said people develop emotional relationship with their trees, and has had residents come to her after their trees were cut and ended up leaning toward their house. Until I get a call from Consumers Energy indicating who (by name) needs access to my property and why - entry will not be possible. His truck looked like it was almost on two wheels because he was going so fast. Based on high caterpillar feeding activity and defoliation of trees over subsequent years in two outbreak pockets, the City implemented an aerial spray application of Bacillus thuringiensis var. That's why we're stepping up efforts to trim overgrown trees to keep you safe, and the energy grid reliable. Therefore, the treatment area is not based on the presence of caterpillars, but rather how heavily the caterpillars are impacting tree health. Once Eligo's 2 month "get acquainted" period is over, it can rip off customers like me and CE won't do a thing about it. I was told to get a tree professionally and Consumers could come back and drop the wire until the tree problem was solved. What! Spraying must be done in the spring, when caterpillars initially emerge. Consumers Energy is carrying out a five-year, $5.4 billion plan to build a stronger, smarter . Leaving them in place may help infect other caterpillars and control the population. In 2016 the City of East Grand Rapids completed a tree inventory and risk assessment of approximately all 7,200 trees in the public right-of-way and developed a targeted preventative maintenance approach to managing the public right-of-way tree canopy. A contractor has not been assigned at this time. Upon my return home, I discovered that my central air unit was fried, furnace, fans, camera doorbell, refrigerator's water/ice maker circuit board. It is regulated by the Michigan Public Services Commission. We went and looked at our trees, saw they werent in the way, and assumed we were fine. Consumers Energy supplies electricity to 1.8 million homes and businesses, largely outside of metropolitan Detroit. Caps Lock is on. Unacceptable! Indicating they need access to my residence representing Consumers Energy. Orders are taken throughout the year, with October 1 being the deadline for placing an order. To cancel Eligo today, not have to wait "2 billing cycles" for my gas rate to revert to what CE charges--which today is $6.18 per mcf. We use intelligent software that helps us. Vigorous grower with a straight trunk and graceful ascending branches. Unsubscribe easily. I think CE has an obligation to warn its customers that hooking up with an alternative natural gas supplier like Eligo is extremely risky. your browser. However, when we came home from work we saw one tree had been trimmed by about one-third from the top. Trees near Consumers Energy power lines are the responsibility of Consumers Energy to maintain. Yields hard pea-sized to 1/" fruit that is brownish or russet colored which persists into the winter. $25 is an insult and many dont even know there eligible. While the pest is present and can be found in normal years, it becomes an obvious nuisance as populations build. I have a serious problem caused by Consumers Power. Very unprofessional. The Spring Recycling Day will run from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and will be held at Chippewa Middle School ( 4000 Okemos Road , Okemos ) . In many cases, spongy moth populations naturally decline in 1-3 years of an infestations peak due to disease naturally present in the ecosystem. Consumers also cut a lot of tree branches from the power lines in my back yard and left 3 huge piles of tree branches in the yard. I called and spoke to an agent and said I know you want a payment arrangement but I cannot pay both places I asked if I want someone else to move over there what do I do they said you just stop the service the bill with stay with you and they will have to be able to get service in their name and that is what I did only for my son to be told today the bill has to be paid before it can go into his name. I closed on my property in Roseville, MI on 05/25/22 & called Consumer's Energy to transfer service out of my name. Oblong green leaves turn to yellow in fall, but can be a bronzy red in dry weather. She needs to be in business on her own that she will be a millionaire. The supervisor did not have a helpful attitude during any point during the conversation. I have the consumer protection plan and they fixed my central air and furnace under that plan. Progress in each zone is limited to budgeted funds. This amount is at the fault of miss handling my payments sent in by myself. Now my sons family is in limbo the plan was not to be with me forever but they cannot move onto Stair and help me like they planned I know we all have rules and policies but there are times and circumstances where you have to think outside policy. Later in the morning that same day a Consumers Power person showed up to install an upgrade to our AC Peak Cycling module. click here. Natural diseases and the treatment successfully reduced the density of spongy moth activity. All Rights Reserved. The owner of this site is using Wordfence to manage access to their site. Then charge a service few every month which is more than the energy we lose. Is this your company? These are not hardwood trees nor big branches and both swayed in the wind. Please allow 5-7 business days for a response from our Tree Trim team. We apologize for the inconvenience! However, once safe to do so, debris clean-up from tree trimming or removal during a storm emergency is the responsibility of individual property owners. Click here to get notifications about new complaints of Consumers Energy. Mature height: 60-70 feet. DTE has about 2.2 million customers across southeast Michigan. That resulted in a cost to me of $707.00 for a new board, (just the part.) No electricity no water no cooking no coffee to keep my headaches at bay. I explained this and they did not care only said payment arrangement I gave them my home addresses for the past 15 + years where you can look at the payment history and the payments come directly from the account I still have. The property owner usually is compensated for this easement, and it runs with the property. Consumers Energy ripping off its customers by over charging, bad customer service, and transferring over due accounts. The next morning, we called Consumers Power and told them of our problem. Hall said many trees need to be trimmed because of mistakes made in the past. The contractor provides the city with the expertise of a certified arborist capable of assessing tree conditions and making recommendations to save or remove trees. The larvae (caterpillars) of this invasive pest feed on a variety of trees, but prefer oak trees. The Michigan Public Service Commission today approved an accounting measure allowing DTE Electric Co. to provide a one-time voluntary refund of $70 million to be spent on tree trimming as part of the company's efforts to boost system reliability after a summer . If you see dead or dying caterpillars at the base of a tree, leave them in place. My account number is [protected] I tried calling the number on one of the letters received for this pipeline update - to no avail - there is no one to answer the following number: [protected] I will also be sending the attorney general as well as notary in Secretary of State to seal and hear the voicemail and send you guys a letter for abusing my rights and not using a State relief that was given to all the people thru the pandemic and use that to relief customers. We expected better professionalism than this! Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your Privacy Choices and Rights (each updated 1/26/2023). That evening we tried to turn on our AC and it did not function. By the end of June, the caterpillars are almost done feeding, so limited options are available. The transmitter box caught fire and fried several appliances. Who is responsible for trees located between the sidewalk and the street (public right of way)? Very happy with my service! Significant needle loss of conifers can also be problematic, as these trees have a more difficult time recovering. Hospitals, fire stations, nursing homes and other critical services receive high priority in restorations, said Ryan Stowe, a DTE Energy vice president. After flowers fade, the tree produces seed capsules that attract songbirds. Vernal Pool Patrol is a citizen science program where volunteers monitor vernal pools for statewide research . Starting june 16 2022 at 3:30 PM curran michigan was hit by a wind storm being one of the first places to lose power. One neighbor in the Dye Krest Woods subdivision hired a crew to clean up what Consumers Energy's contracted tree service left behind when it cleared trees away from power lines. disease, predation). Employee should be written up and counseled about the danger he imposed. Outage rebate policy change. xksfCvLF3-;N*t~DHbC4 :>$vooZ7Up||tZU}1~=*:z\GwU^-G?gog4|9ZFZdA" 8+$Lt0iYC~Wm6+Oag+x#\^=*HeN In 2023, right-of-way tree pruning will take place throughout the months of February and March in Cycle 1, or Monday's yard waste-compost route and Cycle 2, or Tuesday's yard waste-compost route (see program progress map below). Healthy deciduous trees are likely to recover even after losing significant amounts of leaves. Desired outcome: Consumers Energy seems to believe it can do as it wishes, contract whatever tree service to do the work, with no care at all of homeowner property values or their love of their landscape.. We called Consumers again. Field work is completed by line clearance-qualified contractors under the supervision of Consumers Energys foresters, and all work is inspected by the department after completion. Vice Mayor Sharon Tilmann voiced her concern about the amount of tree Consumers removes when they clear lines. Similar to the sidewalk replacement program, target areas within the City are designated for an in depth assessment and subsequent appropriate treatments. Companies displayed may pay us to be Authorized or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. If you listen to all the transcripts from many many phone calls my story has never changed no one will even do their due diligence to investigate anything I am saying. Give that man a raise! The refrigerator was purchased in 2019. For this cycle we turned on the air 1 time, only to 70* overnight and the heat 1 time overnight and only to 65*. Produces a few pods infrequently. I again filed a complaint with Consumers Energy. I wanted to give proper praise to a customer service representative, and I can't find a number or place to submit a compliment so I'll try here, and hopefully it'll get to the right people :). Consumers Energy spent more than $45 million on forestry statewide last year. My complaint is this.Why is the outage rebate so low for having no power for 5 days or more due to a catastrophic event.The latest event was an ice storm last week.Our power was out for just short of 6 day and we are eligible for a whopping bc $25 outage rebate.Does Consumers as a company realize the expenses that occur with power of that long.Damaged food,fuel cost to run a generator ($160 for me)lodging,eating out and on and on I could go.Consumers currently charge there 1.8 million electric customers $.90 every month on our bill to cover low income customers.That translates to over 18 million dollars a year.Hard for me to believe they kick that much back each year.My suggestion is this, start an outage fund so customers can get a full reimbursement for expenses incurred during an outage as long as receipts are produced. I believe that Consumers Power should reimburse me. Mature height: 60 80 feet. I called another company that specializes in cleaning dryer vents. Hall said when Consumers works to clear lines, it tries to achieve the minimum clearance needed for the line while minimizing any risk to the trees health. Upon contact to Consumers was told by the manager I gave him consent to cut the river birch down (I did not give him consent he got that from the so-called meeting he had with you) Also, was told by Consumers manager the tree service never had a meeting with them discussing my situation regarding the trees. However, later in the summer, spongy moths will be laying new egg masses. For electricity to be restored and compensation for pain suffering and loss of food. We value your privacy. I was told by Consumers Energy that it is my responsibility to remove the three piles of tree branches. About a month and a half to two months ago someone came by to talk to us about cutting a couple branches off our tree for the line going through our yard. They never provide accurate estimates. Consumers Energy Easement Right of Way for Tree Trimming. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. Kids love to climb trees. In this instance, our planners will make every effort to contact you to discuss the removal. 1 was almost a week. How are they allowed to do this without a lease? Come to find that someone used my name so I could not see this. How do I fight this? If you see dead or dying caterpillars on a tree, leave them in place. We never had a problem with this tree with the power line. Consumer Energy bill from 10/19/2022-11/18/2022, Consumers Alternative Natural Gas Supplier: Eligo Energy of Illinois. Unsubscribe at any time. Contact Us | Consumers Energy Jackson, MI 40 Contact Us Emergency - 24/7, Call 9-1-1 and (800) 477-5050 General - M-F (7 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Sat, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.), Call (800) 477-5050 Hearing Impaired - Call 7-1-1 General/Residential Our Michigan-based team of representatives is here to help. The hundred dollars was supposed to say $800 in a complaint I paid 6090 belford rd Holly Mi.48442 8106918542, 2 companies with bill Good Morning, They said they would send someone out the next day, Wednesday 9/14. We are VERY unhappy with the service done! I am beyond flustered with this company and there over seas customer service. 280 Lighthouse Circle They are a joke. You will then receive an email that helps you regain access. Again I have rights that would like to see the companies Policies and pandemic, policies and customers rights to be mailed to me as register mailed thru USPO as well as a bill because I never got a bill from consumers energy and all I got a threat voicemail saying that I will have the gas consumer cut and threading me to pay when by law and constitution thats not right to do .. Wood Chippers Carlton Professional Tree Equipment. Fairly fast growing. The Citys forestry expert periodically inspects moth/caterpillar feeding trends and conducts egg mass surveys in the winter, as necessary, to determine likely population outbreaks. Its 47 Degrees in my House right now my freezer refrigerator is get warmer. Oblong green leaves turn to yellow in fall, but can be a bronzy red in dry weather. Please report the following to the Public Works Department: Over the last several years, areas of West Michigan have experienced an increase in spongy moth (formerly known as the gypsy moth) population. Gingko:Distinct, beautiful tree. Pleasant meth dealer, Friday forecast: Inch an hour of snow possible, Marijuana payments to be distributed to mid-Michigan municipalities and counties, Mt. A profusion of flowers in the spring, simple oval leaves that are dark green in the summer, turning orange to gold-red to red-purple in the fall. Wordfence is a security plugin installed on over 4 million WordPress sites. That means that during the coldest and most expensive gas heating months of the year I will be on the hook to this fraud of a company. Fairly fast growing. 1 0 obj No materials from this website may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way. P Walker One Tuesday August 30th, I called in an issue with the tops of 2 trees hanging over the power line that goes from the pole to our home. Michigan General Sales Tax Exemption Information, Trees Suitable for Planting in Southeast Michigan, Service Drop Insurance - TreeGuard Assurance, Before we begin trimming, we will send you a. Never use the appliance service plan with Consumers Energy! Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn: Clusters of white flowers in the spring, followed by dark red berries; rounded glossy green leaves which turn bright yellow to orange in the fall. Mature height 25 50 feet. Desired outcome: increased on or after 05/28/2020, going from an average of 3-7 kWh per day. ;RDs?\xxp|88:qk1# UU>/J0UPHg_Q(R8C =0 -e8 Tr,P$)-sY^;c5S$apoSw This morning I called in again and was told the original call was marked as completed. Thank You for your attention. I have several issues with Consumer's that I plan to address through the Better Business Bureau. This happens 6 times a year or more. They refused to come again until the next morning. <> Fast growing. The trees had to be removed shortly afterward, Tilmann said. My brother and sister n law were living with her caring for her until she passed after she passed they remained in the home. I cannot continue to maintain both houses so now while it is just energy service to you without my son moving over there and starting to pay the mortgage I am now going to be in jeopardy of losing the family home when you try and speak to a supervisor you get no where I have had 2 conversations with Ms. Cotton and nothing else now today they are saying it is another supervisor who as o f yet has not called me back. Skyline Locust: Deep dark green leaves persist late in fall turning to yellow-green. Call 800-477-5050 Com A legal battle is brewing across Michigan and the nation that pits the public against utilities over trimming trees to assure reliable access to power. If a tree has fallen onto power lines or branches are touching power lines please call 911 first then immediately call Consumers Energy at 800-477-5050. There is currently no mobile home on the property, but we are in the process of finding and placing one there. Bandit's most popular whole tree chipper is the Model 2590. FAQ. For more than 15 years we have helped nearly 50000 customers resolve their issues and will never stop striving to ensure further improvements on our platform for a better communication between companies and customers. : Tiny yellow, fragrant flowers appear in early summer and small, heart-shaped green leaves which turn yellow in fall. Now we are probably going to have to get rid of the only tree weve enjoyed for years in our yard!!! to meet with CE to learn about the scope/timeline/tree cutting procedures of the powerline upgrade project running the length of Broadway from Stadium to Parkview (and on to the Westnedge Hill area). Keep in mind other electrical equipment that may be on your property too. The city has an annual tree planting program available to residents who are interested in sharing the cost of a new tree to be planted in the out-lawn area (between the sidewalk and the street) of their home. The city has been monitoring the existence of Spongy Moth within the southwest part of the city throughout 2022 and its contractor has recommended against aerial spraying. The quality of work she represents is 2nd to none. Fast growing. Copyright 2022 Consumers Unified LLC. Leaves are 3-6" long with distinctive lobes, flat base and two ear-like tips turning vibrant yellow in the fall. Again with another long hold. Electric utility companies are the ones responsible for trimming trees that are touching power lines. Teach your kids to walk around a tree and ensure there are no power lines running through or near before climbing. I called them and they more or less say you can't go by what they have showed you used. endobj When asked what the readings were on those days they were not able to supply them and gave us the option of taking a picture of our meter and sending it in to another department. 4 0 obj This tape limits a caterpillars ability to crawl up the tree. Mature height of 15-20 feet. MICHIGAN, USA Consumers Energy is sending crews to the northern portion of Michigan after they finish restoring power in the south, officials say. 5/5stars . These surveys inform outreach and treatment strategies. The payments for the 22841 Stair address after 2017 were coming from my brothers Comerica checking account or his wifes account not my account that has not changed in over 25 years proving they were living there making the payments. Mature height: 70 90 feet. Replacement of my refrigerator. Requested a meeting with Consumers and tree service manager to no avail and denied. DTE Energy has about 2.3 million electricity customers in southeastern Michigan. But local weather patterns, climate change, and other factors can cause longer outbreaks. Destruction of cement mobile home pad by service truck, consumers power in calhoun county michigan, 16 years' experience in successful complaint resolution, Each complaint is handled individually by highly qualified experts, Last but not least, all our services are absolutely free.