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Connect your additional monitor. After returning and briefly reconciling with Marano, the two coasted on said secondary channel until they broke up again, and both channels were terminated in March 2021 for violating the Terms of Service. The earliest known capture of the video being unlisted was the summer of 2020 (Late May - Late July). Harry Gilliatt, bassist of the band seaqueens and also known as "Hard G" or "sharkpilot", was exposed in 2014 for emotionally exploiting at least two fans who either had previously suffered from abuse at someone else's hands or were suffering from mental illness, pressuring underaged girls into sending him nudes and so on. Cosmodore's height and . Hazbin Hotel Creator Vivziepop released date on the new episode of Helluvaboss with a partnered Company and MK11 Haz announced new DLC Characters with an Unexpected character. Ep12 Blizzard controversy, Jared Leto threatens joker film, upcoming Wonder Woman movie and more! Tinman, one-time website manager, was fired embezzling close to $20,000 (it's estimated to be somewhere between $18,000 and $21,000) by redirecting ad banners and revenue. Cosmodore YouTube channel:, Scan this QR code to download the app now, Today we discussed the trailer of an upcoming buzzlightyear movie, Leaks spreading of an upcoming Warmer bros fighting game, Rockstar unveiled its remastered GTA games and Mr.beast announces new charity. Then in July 2020, he decided to reveal he was a pedophile, thinking that by admitting it, he would get a slap on the wrist. Many people who posted allegations against him got banned from the site for doing so, encouraging a mentally ill person to eat his own feces. MPEG4 . Fuck this motherfucking piece of shit FUCK FUCKING FUCKITY FUCKING FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK SHIT FUCK! Today, last of us 2 has been leaked all over social media with Naughty Dogs response, Disneys new terms will have fans tweet being owned on May the 4th, and the new Pokmon series will be coming to Netflix. While he called him a manipulative grifter, Matre Yoda himself did a long vlog in response where he described in detail everything wrong that Lorenzo did: he exposed him as an irresponsible drug-addicted psychopath, a gigolo who used sexual favors with a gay TV producer, and a child abuser. His birth sign is Taurus and his life path number is 6. Other Beauty YouTubers such as RawBeautyKristi even went as far as to examine them under a microscope. Today we cover the details of why DBZ abridged ended, South Park is being called out on by its Criticisms and The amount of what the sonic movie made in the box office weekend. Whole lotta Gr00min 2. Today we cover new shows coming to HBO Max!! Todays, a popular animated Pilot trick has been cancelled, Rumors Says that Pewdiepie maybe shadow banned by YouTube and Sonys controversy around its censorship to Hong Kong players. The Race (Cosmo Remix) (Missing Lyrics) 7. Today Animation studios are close down due to the virus. This also extends to his husband Kai (formerly known as Laineybot), who started a relationship with Greg while underage and also is accused of sexual behavior towards young girls. Peva, a web designer who had designed many of the websites for the group, was eventually fired after a falling out with some members of the Yogscast. Today, HBO MAX has released a clip of an episode of adventure time distant lands. Cosmodore lives in Germany. The age of consent there is 16-18, depending on the state. HolyN'Evil (also known as "Nevil") was removed from the clan in 2020 after making several racially-charged posts and outbursts both on his personal Twitter and the clan Teamspeak, and the clan has made it clear he is no longer considered part of the inner circle. Today, we cover the whole story of the GameStop Stock market, Studio Ghibli returns with a new hour Project and Activision Blizzard Questions about their hiring practices, Ep70, Pokemon Ban, Unknown anime and Xbox Pass backlash (ft Triple A). Steven Universe Future, New Rick and morty season and South Park controversy. Skip to main content Animation Nation By PrimeTime Disney putting crew members within shelters during the hurricane. Cosmodore was born on a Sunday. What does this all mean? 909 Views . Ep 77, Cartoon Network bringing Live action Again, Disneys Luca and more. Cosmodore: Top 10 Must-Know Facts About YouTuber. Ep 25 Pokmon direct details, bojack horseman ending and Brazil and Netflix controversy. On this day in history: 5. Today Hazbin Hotel has been green lit as an animated series. His YouTube channel has earned more than 230,000 subscribers. Ep64, RoosterTeeth Controversy, New HelluvaBoss, and New MK11 DLC. Bryant Moreland, commonly known by his username, Kyle Lamar Myers, better known on YouTube as, Mexican actress Patricia Navidad was booted from, YouTuber Travis Neumeyer (known as WhatTravisSays and for being a huge. Family: His real name is Cosmo Marlon. New Details of the Upcoming episodes of Steven Universe. Don't add other YouTubers to the list. Tom would later go on to post an apology video, but it was later deleted and he has seemingly vanished from the internet. O.K K.Os cancellation and special episode. In September 2014, he released a "Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank" video, which got him in heat for committing sexual harassment "as a joke", which alone got him dismissed by his network, Collective DS, and subsequently being stripped of his "partner" status on YouTube. YouTuber Kelly Montoya withdrew from the public after numerous allegations of sexual manipulation and rape were filed in early 2014. )14:38 Cosmodore's Recent Response29:41 ConclusionSources:\r\rthanks to all the great people at WikiTubia:\rIce Age: Milking A Franchise Dry (by Cosmodore):\rWhy is Rio? Cosmodore is a German YouTuber that reviews animated TV shows and movies. A hate group is calling out the show Ducktales for one episode. Although gaming YouTuber ProsafiaGaming is highly successful, having over 3 million subscribers, any discussions of him will focus less on his content and more on his tendency to put major, It's impossible to discuss the videos of postmodern feminist critic, Draikinator (Real name Nathan Schoonover) was an animator known for their. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. The network unveils its old program to have more creative cartoons and Minecraft release info of its latest update, Ep78, speedy Gonzales controversy, removed Spongbob episodes and more. I hope for his sake he continued seeking help and is doing better now. Many Spanish-speaking YouTubers condemned his attitude, including AuronPlay or Jordi Wild, and the outrage was so momentous that it even crossed the language barrier. Adult swims Venture Bros has been cancelled on Monday after Seven seasons and Pokemon Journeys have released new episodes. Net Worth: Online estimates of Cosmodores net worth vary. With most complaints levelled at a video where he paid two Indians over Fiverr to record a video while holding a sign labelled 'DEATH TO ALL JEWS' - the video was meant to be a reference to how you can find almost anything online if you're willing to pay for it, but this didn't exactly go over well, and the message was quickly lost. Ep24 PS5 photo Leaks, upcoming Pokmon Direct, adventure time creator returning and more!! Today Nintendo accounts are being accused from unknown users, Valves Games Like TF2 And CSGO are having their Codes being leaked and A comic book shop owner is under attack by selling comics. By uploading this video that features this individual, I must state, neither I or the video here is endorsing the acts that Cosmodore had made towards other minors. Cosmodore WAS a cartoon reviewing pedophile who managed to convince people that he was not-a-phile for three years by making reviews of obscure pieces of animated media. Atheist blog severed ties with the Atheist Community of Austin (ACA) on July 2019, when the latter's show. Today The UK is thinking of Limiting the use of Video Games, GameStope has officially closed stores and Ashoka Will be feature in The Mandalorian. (by Cosmodore):\rDisney's Forgotten CG Masterpiece (by Cosmodore):\rCosmodore: Child Groomer (ft. Ponder Sprocket) (by DaftPina):\rCosmodore: Coming Out (by Gabby Gabber):\u0026amp;t=0s\rTranscript of Pasteloween's video:\rDefending Myself (by Cosmodore):\rWhat Parents Need To Know About Sexual Grooming | NSPCC:\rGerman Criminal Code Section 13:\rFace Reveals (by ZaptieArchive):\rMy Apology (by MiniLadd):\rI DROPPED one of my Trio Members because of this (by Kiwiz): These videos are made for purely educational, documentary, and entertainment purposes. Cosmodore's case. Alt-right livestreamer Ethan Ralph, had his YouTube channel terminated in November 2018 after he donated several of his stream's superchats to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which had attached donors' messages that denied the Holocaust and/or celebrated the 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, the hospital refunded all donations. Today we give you details on the upcoming series Adventure time Distant Lands, Rick and Morty returns with a teaser trailer, and COD MW2 remastered spark a controversy with a specific level. The videogame industry is not the "nerds hobby industry" that was at the end of The '90s. "I love children, they get me horny." Ep50 Disney executive becomes tiktok CEO, We bear bears Movie trailer and Upcoming Cuphead show. committing a hit-and-run that managed to kill a 22-year-old woman. Groomaway 4. Today, Rick and Morty fans are Boycotting the show for a Joke. A new Star Wars series is in development continuing the clone wars series and A YouTuber made an episode of spongebob I anime form, Ep56, DrDisrespect Banned, Jenna Marbles being cancelled and The Voice acting situation, Today, Twitch celebrity DrDisrespect has been banned for no reason. He has some serious mental health issues and needs help not hate. Cosmodore, DISCLAIMER: This video features the previous cartoon reviewer and YouTuber, Cosmodore and the following description mentions the. Today, Adult swims is getting a new CEO in the summer, the Last of us Is getting a TV Series and the Pokemon company apologized for one mistake. While he officially said that it was due to him being unable to create on what he considered a stagnant website, the timing of his sudden withdrawal, plus the deletion of his channel, did not convince anyone. All three of them lost subscribers in response. Stay safe see ya this weekend. Today Cartoon Network is planning to Have a Preschool Block, A Massive Threat coming to discord thrusting many others, Netflix announced a new sonic series with a new voice actor and Wall Street bets is having a conflict among them selves. Ep71, GameStop Stocks, Studio Ghibli Returns and Activision Blizzard Hiring practices. British YouTuber "Lukesbeans" was exposed in November 2014 of being emotionally abusive to former friends, with one of them releasing a recorded phone conversation of Lukesbeans admitting he's been sending NSFW pictures to underage fans. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. "Beautuber" Jaclyn Hill's disastrous "moldy" lipsticks launch. Above all things, they value their sense of security and stability. Ep,34 Sony Leaves US convention over outbreak, Spongebob Spin-off, New episodes for Steven Universe. People with Chinese zodiac Rabbit sign usually impress others with an image of tenderness, grace and sensitive. Lets find out! British-born aspiring singer/songwriter "Jeyaia" made a small, but decent growing YouTube and Instagram career with her cover songs in Australia and Indonesia. The video gained a lot of backlash when he critiqued Jaiden's video by stating that Jaiden's face reveal was fake/insincere, even by friends of his such as Quinn Curio. Ep 27, DBZ narrator died, Netflix released Ghibli films, cosplayer becomes a politician & more, Today we cover the details of the death of Dragon balls famous Narrator, Netflixs plan to release Studios Ghibli films, A cosplayer has become a politician in her own country and A British tax claims to have hints on GTA 6 in development, Ep 26, Sony leaves E3, Cartoon Network hotel and Thundercats Roar. Cosmodore is so pathetic that all I really feel about him is pity. Ep 42 Adventure time is back, Rick and Morty returns & Cod MW2 controversy. The #ChangeTheChannel controversy revealed he was actually fired for sexual misconduct against at least two women. Writer/producer/host Adam Blampied, formerly of. Ep44, Pokemon anime Stops production, Hate Group calls out ducktales 2017 & more. Disney cancels a Star Wars panel and a Lizzy Mcuire reboot has been confirmed. Today Sony wont be in a US gaming convention due to Coronavirus out break, Details on the upcoming spongbob spin-off, The loud house will be getting a live action Christmas special and New episodes for Steven Universe in March. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Almost immediately after allegations of sexual advances and psychological manipulation were brought forward by several members of OfflineTV in June 2020, Federico "Fedmyster" Gaytan was removed from the group and expelled from their gaming house. showing them in all their horrific glory. Since then, Lorenzo lied very low, having become the subject of massive, Chris Bores, a YouTuber known as the creator of, His "History of Video Games" series, itself ill-regarded, was overshadowed by several inaccuracies (most infamously misconstruing the name of. Not only did this prompt Nikocado to make a highly-disliked response video, but also resulted in the mukbang community severing their ties with him. Ep38, Animation studios closed, Thundercats Roar Crossover & Ashoka returns to the clone wars. We would like to say thank you for listening to the podcast after three years and hopefully we go for the fourth!! Ep,92 GTA Trilogy Mess, YouTubes new policy and more, Today Rockstar games latest GTA remaster is getting problems, YouTubes decision to remove dislike counter is getting backlash and Billy and Mandy creator Maxwell Atoms talks about why his how was canceled, Ep91 new buzzlightyear movie, Warner bros smash leak, GTA Trilogy and Mr beast charity fund. Cosmodores birth flower is Lily of the valley and birthstone is Emerald.! Today Johnny Depp is reprising his roll as Captain Jack. Gaming YouTuber RaqibMarvelous disappeared off the face of the earth come EVO 2017, where. She became a target of widespread hatred immediately, and it's almost certain that she will forever be known solely as an animal abuser. Creepshow lost several subscribers and left YouTube, briefly returning to post a video attempting to refute Emily's claims, which was accused of backing up Emily's claims. Ep60, Disneys first Bi main character, Kissanime Taken down and Rick and Morty gets Called out!! report alleged that he had engaged in inappropriate interaction and manipulative behavior with younger fans, though they were reinstated after they weren't found of any wrongdoing themselves, sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for his crimes. Burgergate 5. 112-Pizza Party Podcast - I Remembers 2018s WORST ELSA Gates Off Peppa Pig, Pages that are thought to be disgusting by the LGBT community, Chris Taylor Brown (aka the second worse person with those exact given name and surname), Steven Wilder Striegel (aka the predator who got fired from. Ep37, Reggie Fils Joins GameStop, Upcoming SU episodes, New Star Wars the clone wars episode & more, Today Former U.S Nintendo President Riggie Will be joining GameStop. Following accusations of sexting an underaged girl in 2019 while he was 19, Former member Tame (AKA Bran) was removed and. Ep 8, Roosters teeths new CEO, The Concerns surrounding the joker movie and the Merge of funimation. This was followed by his Patreon and. Ep 15, Gumball is Back, The spider verse is back, Kyoto animation Memorial and more! announced they would no longer use Roderick's music on the show, Supermarioglitchy4's Super Mario 64 Bloopers, human trafficking and the sexual assault of a 12-year-old. In December 2019, fellow YouTuber Stephanie Soo accused Nikocado of doxxing her and spying on her when she was having a mental breakdown. This applied to Fusion Heart (aka Brony Bucks), a commentator who began to garner an infamous following when he began to attack the reviewing community over the Toon Kritic fiasco, before he was ousted for engaging in sexual discussions with a minor. Today details of Nintendo been in a lawsuit with Europe, Star Wars the clone has announced the date of its final Season and A woman accusing Disneys show, The Owl House accused of being demonic? Latest information on Nintendo direct and a review on Cyberpunk Edgerunners! YouTuber Jeremy Hambly (also known as TheQuartering and previously UnsleevedMedia) was permanently banned from attending any, PokCommunity, which was once one of the largest, On August 22, 2022, Angel Hernandez, better known online as AnimeBroMii, announced in a, Gregory "Onision" Jackson was already in hot water after multiple fans, co-workers, and even his previously-adopted child accused him of sexual harassment, and he was banned from Patreon after making a, Austin Jones, a former musician on YouTube, was removed from the Vans Warped Tour in 2015, after a, Infamous YouTuber Daniel "Keemstar" Keem, of "Drama Alert" and "Federation of Asshole Gamers" (abbreviated to "F@G") infamy, had his channel suspended on, Daisy "Shmorky" Kelly, animator best known for, In July 2021, esports/entertainment organization, Jarvis had previously been permanently banned from playing or streaming, Animator Matthew Littlemore (Animator320), best known for his series. Ep17, GameFreak backlash, Sonics new redesign and Nickelodeon and Netflixs negotiation. the attitude from 2017 onwards towards the media, Miucin being fired from his job as a contributor for IGN, dared Kotaku and the Internet to try and find more plagiarised reviews. It did not work and the husband ended up dying, leading to her conviction of involuntary manslaughter. More like child grooming pedophile whose mental health got to him ,resulting in the dad playing the milk card. Disney announced it will premier Luca only for Disney plus and not theaters and Warner bros new agreements with one creator to produce all content. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS download 1 file . commentary channels only need an opinion, not definite evidence, Cabinet Man [COMPLETE Evil!Spottedleaf MAP], reignited the controversy and introduced a whole new audience to the drama, indefinite (read: lifetime) ban from all officially-sponsored competitive events, and YouTube themselves confirming this to be true on Twitter. Cosmodore was born in the middle of Millennials Generation. However, as time went on, it seemed as though Matt cared less about actually taking measures to stop these groups and more about wanting, Belgian YouTuber Marcos Wilton, better known as LionMaker, was once a significant presence in the. This is the list of people whose works influenced Cosmo the most. Today Disney has been given negative feedback from the Latino Community, The latest call of duty vanguard getting Hackers within the beta and an update of my absence. Ep65, Trick Moon Cancelled, Pewdiepie Shadowband and Sonys Chinese regulations. Discover all the facts that no one tells you about Cosmodore below . Mason's fans took to Mayiandjay's channel and threw, Gaming YouTuber Filip Miucin once had a decent following, but his career was torpedoed when Boomstick Gaming, a fellow gaming YouTube channel, alleged he ripped off their review of. The reddit user that bringed this to light deleted his account and for the most part everyone that doesn't hate Hazbin Hotel takes this accusations with a grain of salt. Special Report: Nickelodeon off the air, Blizzards hypocrisy. YouTube is also heavily controversial among the LGBT community due to allegations of the site engaging in pinkwashing. Uploaded by Cosmodore's age is 23. Today Infinity Train fans showing support for the series Continuation led by the creator, The Loud house is getting its own movie and Nickelodeons Odd Earth Day message. As a result, his friends cut ties with him, dropping him from any projects including, Joshua Vida (who had ironically blown the whistle on Kayes) became involved with the "Barrel", a collective who began to go after predators within the brony and furry fandoms, but he was split from the group in 2020 after he hacked the Zoophilia Police, Brony reviewer and artist Sharp Wit would have his involvement in Bronalysis be permanently destroyed and denounced when his former girlfriend came out to reveal that he had abused her, most notably how he had insulted and called her "manipulative" in a retweet despite the fact that, 2018 saw a reckoning of Channel Awesome itself, where an offhand question on, For years, it was unknown why Justin Carmical, aka, Hayley Rose and Blue Lennox were both members of the streaming group ClownHouse (best known for, GameLife, which was a proto-gaming channel in, Something similar happened a few years later, where prominent crew members were accused of racism and Adam Katz ended up firing not only them but also other crew members who sided with them. Take apart the laptop and swap the RAM and HD/SSD. This isn't meant to be manipulative or to earn pity points. Today we focus on the new layoffs brought by Netflixs animation. - His entire mindset. thundercats roar response to the Fans backlash in a cross over and Ashoka Tano is coming back. He was named after Cosmo Kramer fromSeinfeld. Welsh YouTuber Adam Roach, aka "TheGearsKeepTurning", was exposed in early 2014 for a variety of reasons, including sexually abusing one partner, trying to solicit nudes from a minor, and emotionally manipulating fans into sex with him (while in a relationship, several times). Cartoon Network and adult swim will be getting a new CEO. Today PETA talked about its own ways of play animal crossing, Co Creator of Rick and Morty is making a show for HULU, and Animation Producers finding ways to make episodes during the Pandemic. Ep46, Last of us 2 leaked, new Pokmon anime coming to Netflix, Disneys Ownership towers Tweets. Youtube unveils its new Policy that has creators very concerned. Ep20, Pokemon company lawsuit, Steven universe future premiere date and Kyoto animation studio 1. Tom Cassell aka ProSyndicate is now known less for his gaming commentary videos and more for his repeated advertising violations, in particular him promoting a gambling website called without disclosing that he was one of the site's owners. The Race (Cosmo Remix) (Missing Lyrics) 7. 47K views 1 year ago In 2020, one of the biggest cartoon community YouTubers exposed himself for the worst thing that YouTubers could ever do. Today We give you details on Upcoming PS5, GameStop will continue operating during the Pandemic and Netflix unable a new Program. Ash has finally completed a Pokmon league over 22 years. Role Ending Misdemeanor /. The subsequent backlash caused him to not only stop posting videos, but to delete his Twitter, Tumblr, and the YouTube channel. Japanese lawmakers on the events of Kyoto animation, Directors accuse Netflix of its new speed feature and a review on a latest animation pilot sweeping the internet Hotel Hazbins, Ep13, Blizzcon cancel Q&A, adventure time returns and Bethesdas fallout announcement. Special Report: E3 Has been Cancelled, Kids choice awards postpone and Disney Parks Close. Ep35 Bob Iger steps down, Australia Censors Anime, Pokmons Gym leader situation and more! Ep 109 Disneys censorship, CNs new deal and more, Today we cover the story of Alex hiresh time with Disney censorship, Warner bros made a new deal with an animated legend and Talk of Disneys newest film light year, Thank you all for listening to the podcast update , hopefully I recovered from this injury. Listen todays on Spotify, Apple Podcast, ITunes and every Podcast Platforms. Antoons (real name Anton Severtnik) is an Estonian YouTuber and animator best known as the creator of, Benjamin "Apollo Legend" Smith was once revered in certain parts of the, Then, in 2020, he shot himself back into relevance when he flamed DarkViper on, Internet celebrity, singer-songwriter and entrepreneur Jeffree Star was once known for being the most followed person on, Northern Irish YouTuber Craig "Mini Ladd" Thompson is nowadays less known for being a former and frequent collaborator of, A Chilean YouTuber known as Peluchin Entertainment, real name Matas Vera, already had a divisive reputation for his videos' reputation for amateurishness, his badgering of other users, and sexual misconduct allegations from his classmates. Funimation has made a mistake that caught them off guard and Toonami has Shortened their Schedule again. Out of all the social media sites, forums and imageboards. People born on Sundays typically are bright, creative, bold, loud, usually natural leaders. Ep 79, Cartoon Network new program, removed from basic cable and new Minecraft update, Today Cartoon Network will be removed from basic cable into an upgrade package. (by Cosmodore):\rAvatar Theory: Did Sokka Have Kids? Cosmodore came under the sightlines because of VivziePop's controversy, which includes some heavy accusations including pedophilia, art stealing and blackface. the act of a company or state attempting to appear LGBT-friendly as a way to downplay or cover up any sort of unethical or immoral action. Ep73, Blue Sky studio Shutdown, Gina Carano fired and HBO Max Announcements. Parenting vlogger Myka Stauffer lost all of her sponsorships in May 2020 after releasing a video in which she and her husband announced that they had rehomed their autistic four-year-old son Huxley, who they adopted from China only two years prior, believing that they were unsuited towards caring for him. Today, The live action Mulan movie has been getting criticized by viewers over Production. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Ep, 85 Activision Allegations, Space Jam 2 Controversy & More, Today, we cover the Allegations surrounding activision of its mistreatment of women, Space Jam 2 on fire due to miscredit on an artist and Adventure Time distant lands reveals its final episode, Ep, 84 Jojo part 8 ending, New Nickelodeon Smash and New Switch Model, Today we cover the buzz around the last chapter of jojolion, nicks new upcoming smash adaptation and thoughts on Nintendos latest model, Ep,83 FNAF Controversy, E3 Panels and Patrick star show update, Today we cover the controversy of the in the go long game Five nights at Freddies, details in the Patrick star show and Thoughts in the E3 events, Ep, 82, PPG reboot pilot flop, Disney Hypocrisy and Proud family Reboot update, Today, we cover the backlash of Disneys Pride Month by Alex Hirsh, updates of the proud family reboot, and the upcoming PPF live Action leaks its pilot script, Ep,81 Amphibia season finale date, Pokmon cards dispute and Adult swims new movies, Today, Amphibias season finale has now have a date. YouTuber Sam Pepper torpedoed his reputation in 2014 from his controversial series of prank videos. Cosmodore was born in the Year of the Rabbit. The last community post Cosmodore put out sheds a bit lore light on the matter. For creators, YouTube's infamously broken copyright systems and their general phasing out of home-grown creators in favor of celebrities and mainstream media have given YouTube the reputation of being one of the least creator-friendly platforms on the internet. So yes. Whole lotta Gr00min 2. Ep43 Sesame Street pandemic special, Cartoon Networks new president and PS5 Controller details. Commodore USA, LLC was a computer company based in Pompano Beach, Florida, with additional facilities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The American youtuber has been alive for 8,700 days or 208,799 hours. Review Time: Steven Universe Future Ending. Whole lotta Gr00min 2. Today Pokemon and Nintendo found the people who are responsible for leaking photos of unreleased Pokmon. Burgergate 5. Netflix bans movies or shows from other countries, Funimation removed an anime that causes fans an uproar and Toonami shorting their Schedule. nicktoons-games-did-you-know-gaming-feat.-cosmodore, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014).