crown vic 3v swap

I've found a diagram for using the f100 ignition. PATS anti-theft is defeated through ECM reprogramming, but we offer a solution for that as well.. Speed density systems use on-board fuel curves and data to calculate the best operating conditions. The PCM mounts to the passenger-side kick panel area, similar to the way it is mounted in the 2003 Cobra. Finally 4.6 3V swap made easy | Modular High Performance | Thanks to Chevyguy who reviled me that Ford Racing has a Control Pack that allows easy installation of a 4.6 3V (300hp stock or 350hp with cams) engine into a vehicle with a manual transmission. The fuel system was custom designed to use the components from the 2003 Cobra. Factory Computers with Aftermarket Wiring Harnesses. The EEC-VII system uses a computer housing similar to the EEC-VIs, but it uses the three connectors on the end or top. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. An old swing-arm voltmeter could be used to read the pulses put out by the computer. Ford used this computer system throughout the 1980s and EEC-V replaced it in 1994. Using Ford factory wiring harnesses is an option for most engines and projects. Fuel is delivered based on throttle plate position and engine RPM, and the computer reads the manifold vacuum and controls fuel accordingly. Several versions of the EEC-V system were developed and installed on Ford vehicles. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. What this does is that it allows you to swap a 4.6 3V from a wrecking yard ($2K engine along o. Nuff said. 1929 wheat penny. Please register or login to enable Dark Mode. registry . - '89 GT. but livernoise will be making me a set of cams and springs for it soon. VCT and the improved PATS system make using the factory wiring more difficult in most cases. The three connector plugs easily identify the 2005 and up computers. . 4v? Now the pistons are different and I believe won't allow the use of 2v heads. REENADED . Also, the intake manifold on a 5.4 is a lot taller than the 4.6 manifold, and your hood won't close. So, he opted for one of Pier's pedal swap kits, which is mostly based on New Edge-era Mustang parts. Go with the manual gearbox. These read the codes from the computer, and then you can check your manual or online for a solution. There are low profile aftermarket aluminum manifolds for . I am just wondering if it makes any noticeable difference. Sounds neat, i wonder what it'd get for mpg being in something a little lighter and more aerodynamic haha. How much work will it take to fit a 4V 5.4 under a stock Panther hood. Paul's saying they used a 2010 3v computer and harness (and a pro tuner described it as taking awhile to tune right - which would make me pause right there) but YOU are talking about using a 2 valve computer and harness from a 10 year old 03. hey JCG1 thanks for replying, yes the 6.2l has VVT but I was going to lock that out. Supercharger, Turbocharger, Nitrous Oxide & Water/Methanol Injection Engine Swaps 7.3L Gasoline V8 Engine 6.2L V8 5.0L Coyote EcoBoost (all engine sizes) Modular V10 (6.8l) Modular V8 (4.6L, 5.4L) Small Block V8 (221, 260, 289, 5.0/302, 5.8/351W) Big Block V8 - 385 Series (6.1/370, 7.0/429, 7.5/460) Ford V6 The difference between Explorer and Mustang 3V is the intake and throttle body. Free returns. Currently, the best choice for operating the Coyote engine and later engines with VCT is the Ford Performance Control Pack. These computers are all mass airflow design, so they must use an airflow meter to measure the amount of air going into the engine. 11 psi whipple kit = bolt on 500+ hp 4.6L 3V V8. Now I want to put a V10 in for fun. Will it fit? May not be what your going for but the videos should give you some. The throttle-by-wire systems include this servo motor thats attached to the throttle body to move the throttle plate. Starting in 1996, the Ford Securilock system was integrated into Ford cars and trucks, and in 1999, Ford upgraded to the PATS II system. (It also contains headlight wiring and a bunch of other stuff you will not need, but get it!) When I had my Cobra in for warranty service back in '99 the dealership had in the garage a 4.6L-32V Crown Vic from Ford. The wires wrap around the heater box and the secondary connectors are part of the under-dash wiring. We swap the whole drivetrain in 1 day, next video will go over wiring up US Shift Quick 6 computer! I doubt many members on here will do it 11 psi whipple kit = bolt on 500+ hp 4.6L 3V V8. Speed density is still used by some aftermarket systems due to its ability to be tuned without having to change the mass air meter. Some tuner dealers dont like to deal with swaps because the owners generally dont tell the tuner everything they have done, or the swap builder makes a mistake with the wiring and blames the failure on the programmer. Hi guys, yesterday my engine decided that 182,xxx miles was enough and developed a rod knock, i drained the oil today and yep, all glittery and such. checkout some of the project updates, theres about 3-4 in there that people have Many aftermarket computers cannot control the variable timing, and the camshafts have to be locked down. Using the original harness allows you to run options such as the original ABS unit from the 2003 Cobra. A Crown Victoria engine and a Mustang engine may have the same connector, but Ford changes the pinouts of the wires in the connector. This allows a scanner to access the analog and digital sensors that are controlled by the PCM. preferred-parts1 (1,509) 99.4%. Dec 30, 2015 3v conversion is not possible at the time, the junkyard already sold the pcm and wiring harness. The jump to EEC-VI and improvements such as drive-by-wire technology and Variable Cam Timing (VCT) came in 2005. Get the body harness (the other 70 pin connector on the PCM) so you can cut that up to fit the crown vic. From what I've read, some of the changes to the Panther suspension in '03 were to fit the quad cam 4.6 in the Marauder. With the introduction of the EEC-V system in 1994 came the OBDII (On-Board Diagnostic II) set of standardized error codes, which are still in use as of this writing. Some earlier EEC-V computers have a port where you can plug in an external computer chip and override the original program. You don't understand how jihad works, infidel. Unless you will be using the stock pump and controller in yourexisting tank, you need to reprogram the computer to tell the fuel pump circuit to maximize output all the time and run an old-style regulator and return line to the tank. seems like a ton of work and by no means is this an "easy" project. they actually have forum users that don't talk **** and are friendly to people. is a forum and information center dedicated to the Ford Crown Victoria and its siblings: Mercury Grand Marquis, Mercury Marauder, and Lincoln Town Car. And maxing out the cam phasers pretty much defeats the whole purpose of the 3v setup. Read this over, has all the info needed, use your stock 4.6 mounts. Some harness manufacturers require you to send in your old harness so they can reuse some of the original Ford connectors, which may be obsolete and not readily available (some that are available are not good quality). In 2003 Ford went to a faster data channel, so older code readers wont read newer computers. but on the down side youll have a car bolt pattern on the front but i guess you could have the rotors redrilled. You can "drive this truck on the interstate all day. I run a shortblock from a 07 3v with 44cc TFS 2V Heads. As far as I know on this forum, it's never been done before. I know that's a rough estimate for drivetrain power loss percentage, but short of dynoing the engine itself before installation it's as close as we can get to figuring out the crank number AFAIK. Any 99-up 4.6L 2V (Truck, van, SUV, granny car, mustang) will almost be a direct replacement meaning you may have to swap a couple parts from your old motor. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. :dumb: I resisted the urge to go "what the f would you want to do this for? Black_Chrome: If only I had a mercOh wait, its still sitting out at the farm frown "This holiday season give that special woman in your life something she deserves. The EEC-V computer can be identified by the four rows of control pins in its main connector. Paul him self told me he used the factory 4.6l 3v PCM took awhile to tune right and spliced the 6.2l harness to the 4.6l harness. The independent rear suspension is already equipped to run the ABS. Swapping the whole motor and ecu seems like a PITA but a head swap, intake swap, and phaser lockout seems a lot simpler. the 3v computer is just a computer it doesnt know if the engine has 2v 3v or 4v it just calculates the air and fuel. Ok, compression could be an issue, could I get away with a tune and 93 pump gas? Once you have chosen an engine, it is time to select a computer and wiring harness to control the engine. Note how far back the engine is placed. Alpha N computer controls are a simple form of fuel injection. EngineLabs Refreshes A Set Of Ford GT40 Cylinder, Mazda Really is Bringing Back the Wankel Rotary, Performance Distributors Keeps The Spark Alive With SOS, Melling Offers New Timing Kits for Ford 4.6L and 5.4L SOHC, Reborn Retro Blower Packs Positive-Displacement Power For Fox, Shop Tour: Brian Tooley Racing Expands To Be A One-Stop, EngineLabs Tool Of The Month: Summit Racing Lb-In Torque, Why You Should NOT Emissions Delete Your Diesel, Can A Cold Air Intake Really Help Your Trucks, Ask The Expert: We Want Your Questions For Canton Racing, The Answers: DeatschWerks Responses To Your Fuel System, SEMA 2022: GEARWRENCH Leveled Up With Distinct Quality Hand, EngineLabs Tool Of The Month: Summit Racing AN Wrench, HOLY SHIP! From 0cc to -20cc dish piston, if your cams (aftermarket) have too much duration/lift is when notche. A remote oil filter mount and oil-to-air cooler are also used. But as of now it's guesstamates and math, until some one does it. The engine and transmission were set back about 4 inches to help with the clearance of the stock Eaton-style supercharger snout, as this build will use a stock 1967 turn-signal hood. Ford may have multiple harnesses within a year and model that cannot be interchanged. The latest systems cannot only give you the basic error codes, but can log information on the engine and systems when an error occurs, provide real-time running information on the performance of the engine, and be programmed over the Internet for engine and drivetrain improvements for both performance and efficiency. However, it will be a little wider, and a little taller, so you may have to cut the Y-pipe in the exhaust to get it around the 5.4 block. This pro street 1967 coupe is being fitted with the still popular 20032004 Cobra Terminator engine. Head swap from 2v to 3v [Re: LT1L98LS6] 2004_p71 no replacement for displacement Posting Addict Registered: 09/04/03 Posts: 16010 It is a must for anyone using the original Ford harnesses in a project, and its a good idea to have one even if you are planning on using an aftermarket harness. The stock 2003 computer mounting bracket is used to mount the computer and provides proper grounding. So that got me thinking; Aftermarket heads for the 2v are very expensive, but I can get a set of 3v heads for cheap, and with a little cleanup and a cam phaser lockout, I could have a better flowing head. If you cant get the entire donor car, try to get as much as you can: computer, all the wiring harnesses, throttle pedal (if using throttle-by-wire), fuel pumps, and controllers. Not unpossible just gigantic enough to make the "Street Rod" standalone PCM far worth the $1100. Regular price $220 View.,, Powered by UBB.threads PHP Forum Software 7.5.9. The TorqShift is A LOT larger. I was just interested in finding out if anyone has given this a try? The rear suspension is also out of a 2003 Cobra, but its slightly modified to work with the mini tubs provided by Autoworks International. i will keep factory compression ratio. TL;DR: He has a 2v. This customer opted for a Mustang II front-end conversion from Rod and Custom Motorsports. It is usually found on the drivers side of the interior under the dash. but i have a few issues. That is the main reason I was wondering about the feasability of the SOHC 3v. Read an interesting article about the Modular Series of engines and interchangeability. ", Well I'm interested in seeing what the swap does for you! Your tuner may be able to help you program around this. No, the late model 3v has cam phasing as well, and it's mated to the 6R80 trans as opposed to the AOD 4R75e which is kind of a slushbox. For Ford F100 F-100 Crown Vic Steel Front Pair Suspension Swap bracket kit. This is a Smart Junction Box (SJB) from a 2007 Shelby GT500. That means that the suspension geometry and ride quality is designed for this truck. From what I understand, you would benefit much more from a 4 valve vs. a 3 valve. Follow the recommendations in this chapter to select the best computer and wiring system for your engine. 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We'll send you raw engine tech articles, news, features, and videos every week from EngineLabs. The next step up is the ability to read the data stored in the computer and the ability to perform specific tests on certain items controlled by the PCM. In addition, they dont have some of the issues with throttle by wire and VCT. With this level of communication, you are going to hear your tuner or mechanic talk about specific terms. A zealous car geek since birth, he digs lead sleds, curvy fiberglass, kustoms and street rods. JavaScript is disabled. What're we looking at here? All Ford modular engines come with mass air fuel injection systems from the factory. For the 4.6, dish volume has nothing to do with PTV clearance. Go here to check out what weve been up to. The EEC-IV computer module is easily identified by its three rows of pins on the main plug. This manual-swapped Ford Crown Victoria was built for the sole purpose of commuting everyday! The biggest reason for plug and play is the car is at my brother's 1200 miles away in Montana. The long blacks are the SAME. Most error codes are for emissions systems, but there are codes assigned to manufacturer specific problems. Why even use the cam phaser lockout though? JavaScript is disabled. This required a set of custom fabricated mounts to place the engine back far enough. He currently owns a '95 Corvette, '76 Cadillac Seville, '99 LS1 Trans Am and big old Ford Van. It,s a 5.4 2v N/A and it fit rather very well into a 03+ crown vic. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. The mass air meter heats up a small wire and then measures the resistance in the wire. A Lokar throttle cable is used along with an accelerator pedal from a 1970 Mustang to run the throttle body. Ford made constant improvements to the engines and controls throughout the years, and along with the base computer, the control systems also changed. This gets my vote for coolest swap idea this week! Privacy Statement - A forum community dedicated to all Ford Mustang owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! The original Bosch intercooler pump is mounted on the underside of the original battery tray. The 2003+ Ford Crown Victoria has become a popular chassis swap donor for older vehicles, especially pick-up trucks for several reasons: First, starting in 2003, the full-sized fords (Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town Car) all had rack-and-pinion steering and a coil-over style spring and shock assembly. i called around asking about what computer i should use, i have been told to use the FRPP 3.V kit for the 6.2 in my crown vic and have it calibrated for my engine, the heads will be stock no cnc work. In this video we start the 6R80 swap on my 08 Mustang GT! One of the most popular swaps going these days is underpinning various classic trucks with the front suspension off of the venerable Ford Crown Victoria, including the 1967-1972 Ford F-100. JCG1 im going to stop using modular fords forum and use another forum. This means provisions need to be made in your swap to accommodate the throttle-by-wire gas pedal. The PCM won't be able to tell the difference between the old and new. Only car that came with more than two valves was the Marauder which had a 4v. From my understanding they made superchargers for the 2v motors also.