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Daniel Robinson was last seen when he suddenly left the Buckeye, Arizona, site, where he worked as a hydrogeologist, just minutes after arriving on June 23, 2021. Daniel Robinson was last seen in Buckeye, Arizona, in June 2021. According to 2021 FBI data, Black people make up 31% of missing persons reports but only 14% of the US population. Thank you for your support, love, and prayers. Sign the petition to get Daniel's case properly investigated. Im very much disappointed [with the police], he says. He came up with resources on his own. He recently held a "Day of Remembrance" at the Arizona State Capitol earlier this month, which helped families of missing loved ones get together and gave them a voice to tell their story. But Daniel Robinson, who would now be 25-years-old, was not looking for adventure in the desert when he went missing on June 23, 2021. Elliott told police that Robinson 'was saying things that did not make sense,' such as asking if he wanted to go with him to Phoenix to rest. Black people make up nearly 40% of reported missing people, but only 13% of the population, according to recent data. Workmate Roger Prutsman was also concerned about his colleague. Daniel Robinson, a geologist from Columbia, was last seen leaving a job site in the Arizona desert, 50 miles southwest of Phoenix, on June 23. The party reportedly blamed alcohol poisoning, but an autopsy later revealed that Robinson . Please Follow YouTube Please Help Find Daniel for information and to see Mr. David Robinson II live. Take care of your gut and it will take care of you: Could these 'friendly' bacteria transform your gut A big Beckham birthday! When he turned up at work he was so tired that he deliberately drove into the desert to take a nap where he wouldn't be found. He was driving his 2017 blue-gray Jeep Renegade and is believed to have. Do not sell or share my personal information. He earned his way into college and decided on geology in his freshman year.'. After getting the news of his son being reported missing, David swiftly drove just over 2,000 miles from his home in South Carolina to Arizona. I've had enough of life': Grandmother, 86, is reduced to tears after killjoy Tory My boss is furious I didn't give my first class seat to her and left her stuck in economy - despite the fact How the 'cha cha' will do wonders for your bowel and cabbage juice is a miracle cure. 'Honestly you showing up at my house unannounced made me extremely uncomfortable, she replied. His clothes - T-shirt, jeans turned inside-out, shorts, orange work vest, boots and two mismatched black socks - were all nearby. It's a national problem.'. His dad hired a private investigator to find his son, Keeshae Jacobs, Jelani Day and Daniel Robinson. In the beginning, everything was happening fast. "One of the things is that I try to stay focused on my son, I took those skills from the Army and applied them here, and it helps me out to stay strong," he told Insider in a phone interview. Both McGrath and Daniel's father believe Buckeye Police did not carry out a thorough investigation into Robinson's mysterious disappearance. The car attempted to drive up the other side of the ravine and rolled, their report concluded. On that day, the Rancher reported the vehicle to Buckeye Police Department who later did a search by ground and drone. The Los Angeles Rams have placed rookie linebacker/edge rusher Daniel Hardy on injured reserve . All Rights Reserved. 'Katelyn said she believed Daniel was very nice and she and her female friend asked Daniel if he wanted to hang out with them,' the police report said. Did you encounter any technical issues? But Lenoir has not been seen since entering that apartment building. You can also contact the Buckeye Police Department tip line at 623-349-6411, or visit www.pleasehelpfinddaniel.com. David was known to always stay in touch with family and friends, and it was unusual for him not to contact them if something happened. In my fight for Daniel, Ive started a petition that many of you signed supporting my cause and advocacy. Buckeye is located about 30 miles west of downtown Phoenix. He told police he knew something was wrong. . The Atlanta Police Department declined CNNs request for an interview about the case. Daniel is a Scientist that love nature, love his family and expressed plans for his future. Its not hard to see where Daniel got that tenacity. It sometimes seems like anyone can suddenly vanish without a trace at any time. One of the episodes deals with Daniels case and the circumstances leading up to his vanishing. You can submit your Tips with this link. Now his family is hoping that the Gabby Petito case will bring renewed interest in their son's unsolved disappearance. Daniel Robinson, a 24-year-old field geologist, was last seen June 23, 2021, leaving his job near Sun Valley Parkway and Cactus Road 50 miles southwest of Phoenix driving a 2017 blue Jeep Renegade. Updated Robinson has been missing since July 2021 A rancher found Daniel Robinson's Jeep flipped on its side in a ravine in a remote part of the desert near his worksite in Buckeye on July 19,. Did you encounter any technical issues? When she told him to stop bothering her, he texted her one last time, the day before he went missing: The world can get better, but Ill have to take all the time I can or we can, whatever to name it. We just got information that its not Daniel., At the moment, the PI doesnt think the remains are connected, but hes not ruling out the possibility: If we keep finding human remains out there and its all suspicious We dont have anything to tie it all together now, but were not saying that down the road we wont find something that ties it together., Meanwhile, Robinson and McGrath are leaving no proverbial stone unturned. He also said the damage to the vehicle appeared to show that it had been hit above the windshield. David Robinson II. ', 'My personal theory is that someone deliberately wrecked that vehicle out there.'. BRILLIANT!' They lost a daughter. We have to do a better job because these are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, they are valuable members of the community., These families of missing Black people are frustrated with the lack of response to their cases. Your continuing support is appreciated. These families of missing Black people are frustrated with the lack of response to their cases. 'Do you hate me?' Per Buckeye Police's investigation timeline, the department said it has conducted both aerial and ground searches and continues to talk to potential witnesses. 'If someone has expressed that you've made them uncomfortable, you need to back off.'. He taught himself how to play the French horn. Katelyn - whose last name is redacted in reports - and Daniel exchanged numbers, but she insists, nothing else happened. The investigation revealed that Daniel wasnt himself in the time leading up to his disappearance. When McGrath saw a photo of the car, it immediately struck me as odd, he tells. Chief Larry Hall issued a statement saying: 'We are committed to finding Daniel Robinson. He met up with pump technician Ken Elliott who he had never met before and they were to work on a deep well. "Yesterday, a woman in Buckeye Arizona stumbled upon skeletonized human remains. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Daniel Robinson's crashed 2017 Jeep Renegade, left; Daniel Robinson in this undated photo, right. One of the socks is Nike, the other Adidas. Days car was found in the woods in Peru, Illinois. Nearly six months later, David is still in Arizona first camping out in hotel rooms, and now in a snug one bedroom apartment burning through his retirement money and what were supposed to be his golden years scouring the desert for his son, and uncovering still more mysteries in the process. 2023 Cable News Network. What started out as a modest operation 20 searchers at a time has grown. All Rights reserved. The father of five leans on his faith to remain stoic for himself and his family, although he admits that it has been emotionally taxing. Jenkins husband Lopaz Richardson went missing on July 8, 2021 from Rosenberg, Texas. Rosenberg Police administrative lieutenant Suni Jugueta said the department has not found any evidence of criminal activity in Richardsons disappearance. Not just that, an analysis revealed that after the airbags were deployed, someone tried to start the car at least 46 times, and it was driven for about 11 miles after the crash. The vehicle's airbags were deployed. Image Credit: AZ Central/David Cawley-Robinson. Despite aerial and ground searches, it wasn't until a month later that his vehicle was located in a 20-foot ravine. Train fares will rise by 5.9% TOMORROW - but travellers can still get cheaper tickets if they buy them What happens when classic cars sell for too much? Geologist Daniel Robinson, 24, has been missing since June 23, when he was last seen leaving his worksite in Buckeye, Arizona, Robinson's family have been organizing civilian search parties where he was last seen andhave accused cops of failing to conduct a thorough investigation, Robinson showed up to work at 9:30 am at a remote desert site but abruptly left a short time after in his blue Jeep renegade and was never seen again. He has not been seen or heard from since. Buckeye Police turned down a DailyMail.com request for an interview. Some police agencies have sought guidance on a more equitable approach to reports of missing Black and brown people, advocates say. CNN Sans & 2016 Cable News Network. All Rights Reserved. The Buckeye AZ PD has not gathered any evidence of their own, while our efforts have recovered the remains of 6 people. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. Thats what the goal is; thats what Im really fighting. "I have some forward movement from other departments and agencies that's just starting to do some things for me.". Volunteers are told to take a photo and upload it to his website if they see anything suspicious. 5:45 AM EDT, Thu November 4, 2021, His car was found nearly a month after he went missing. Since then, his father. Nearly six months later, David is still in Arizona first camping out in hotel rooms, and now in a snug one bedroom apartment burning through his retirement money and what were supposed to be his golden years scouring the desert for his son, and uncovering still more mysteries in the process. 'This is bigger than I thought. He taught himself how to play the trombone. Derrica Wilson said the foundation is also forming relationships with the media with hopes of getting more coverage of missing Black and brown people. He had been in talking to someone named Katelyn, who had asked him to leave her alone; text messages showed that Daniel kept coming to her house unannounced. Please join the blog (Community Chat) to discuss with the family directly. Since his sons disappearance, David has thrown himself into the search for him, setting up the Please Help Find Daniel Robinson website and organizing a total of 18 searches since last summer despite coming to Arizona with barely any ties. Elliott later followed his tire tracks in the rain-soaked dirt road and found that instead of going left at a T-junction to return to Phoenix, Robinson turned right into the unrelenting Sonoran Desert.