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You need a ticket. My house looks like a new house", "Did an awesome job on some very old ugly doors. We present them here for purely educational purposes. His career 122 ERA+ is tied with Hall of Famer Bob Feller. You keep the client informed of changes (due to weather) through the entire process", "Dont Quit. He'd been pressed into duty earlier in the college season as an emergency pitcher by Southern Illinois Coach Richard (Itchy) Jones. Stieb hit only .192 in 35 games for Dunedin that rookie summer, but he was 2-0 with a 2.08 ERA in 26 innings. What is Stiebs standard for Cooperstown? Maybe he thought that at this point, hed seen it all. ", "I was concerned having people in my home since I live alone, but your crew made me feel very comfortable", "Service and quality are excellent - My garage floors are bulletproof and the envy of all my friends!! He was a pitcher now, for certain. Wa-Pai-Shone 'Stremmel Gallery' by Mark Mack. It's like, please, amuse me and string me out for two, three years.". I won't do the things I used to. We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data. Join our linker program. He has one of the great hidden pitching primes in MLB history. The crew was great & a pleasure to have here for 4 days. ", "Always happy with your work! [4] Previously, on September 24 and 30, 1988, Stieb had no-hitters broken up with two outs and two strikes in the top of the ninth inning in two consecutive starts. We didn't find out he could pitch until April 1. [8] He was awarded a World Series ring after the Blue Jays won their first championship later that year, despite not pitching in the postseason due to injuries. Stieb lacked his old velocity, but his sinker was sinking and his slider was breaking. As we've discussed recently, Stieb was one of the best pitchers to pitch in the 1980s. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. A few years ago, he joined two friends in a construction firm. Exceeded rookie limits during 1979 season, Agents: Bob LaMonte Previously: Steve Comte, View Player Bio He and his wife, Pattie, have a son, Andrew, who celebrates his first birthday this week. And when he struck out Steve Kemp to end the game, he fairly leaped for joy. Now he makes it a point to recognize great plays. Dave Stieb spent parts of 16 seasons in the majors from 1979 through 1998 with 15 of those seasons coming with the Toronto Blue Jays. "Eventually, you figured out that he was almost always angry.". Definitely will recommend to others", "You have a marvelous and skilled crew. Remember, I'd been an outfielder most of my life, so I'd never had to deal with anyone making an error behind me. He posted a 1-3 record and 4.83 ERA in 19 games, including three starts. Very pleased with all your company. Overall, he was an All-Star seven times. Building under construction. Stieb has heard, by the way, that some people think Morris was the best pitcher of the 1980s because he had the most wins of the decade at 162. vs. BAL 6.0 IP, 6 H, 5 SO, 2 BB, 5 ER, L, Last Game: He keeps the ball down. Hed already done and seen so much. It is a convivial conversation. David Stieb, (775) 825-3312, 2650 Plumas St, Reno, NV | Nuwber David Stieb from Reno, NV Also known as: Mr David Stieb, David Stieb View Full Report Mobile number View Current Number Landline number (775) 825-3312 Email addresses VIEW EMAIL ADDRESSES Current address 2650 Plumas St, Reno, NV, 89509-8700 See more results for David Stieb in Reno, NV They are Jim Kaat, Sandy Koufax, Bob Lemon, Jack Morris, and Catfish Hunter. Back in 1998, I covered Dave Stieb's improbable comeback with the Blue Jays, 4 1/2 years after he retired. Mussina, though, got into the Hall of Fame via the BBWAA voters on his sixth ballot. Sport as a metaphor for life has been a common theme in Bois documentaries, and here it never is contrived. I'm a real competitor who just doesn't deal too well with failure. Dave Stieb (born July 22, 1957) is famous for being baseball player. You even used the high-quality paint I wanted :o) You are well-worth the money in every way", "On time, very professional, everyone comments on how perfect and detailed the job is and how quickly it was completed. Stieb's autobiography, Tomorrow I'll Be Perfect, was co-written with Kevin Boland and released in 1986. He does all the things a winning pitcher needs to do." I try my damndest now not to let any runs score as the result of an error. the official stats partner of the NBA, NHL and MLB. All Rights Reserved. Fast, professional, neat and competent", "Kyle worked diligently both days. the most among any pitcher. Wisdom. When you balance WAR and WAR7 (which is called JAWS when the two are averaged), Stieb is still very comparable to other Hall of Fame starters. Fast workers. I call it a feel. It's all in the release, and he had that from the start. DETAILS BELOW. Source of Money. Quality, craftsmanship and professionalism", "Trustworthy; quality work; very pleased with finished product! ", Stieb has had protracted and bitter contract disputes with the Blue Jays, invariably involving demands to be traded, but all was resolved this February when LaMonte, who still works as a teacher, and Blue Jay vice-presidents Pat Gillick and Paul Beeston agreed to a six-year deal that could pay Stieb, with incentive clauses, as much as $1 million a year. [9] But arguably his best pitch was his slider that had a late and very sharp break, especially difficult for right-handed batters to handle. It's a funny thing, but most converted infielders and outfielders have good control, especially infielders. Stiebs JAWS is 50.4. Back with the Blue Jays, he was not great, but he had moments when he was good, especially for a rusty 40-year-old. I couldnt be happier with the outcome! He glowered and muttered on the mound. (Age 41-065d) Thank you", "Good work - Fairly Priced! . I could entertain a bunch of drunks probably. . "How do you not show up to something like that?" It wasn't the first time Dave Stieb had taken the mound for the Salukis. The 65-year-old baseball player was born in California, United States. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. His enthusiasm was scarcely diminished at breakfast the next morning. What a season it was! They both were clean and polite", "Excellent work from beginning to end. Data Provided By Phone: 602.496.1460 That showed me something, made me feel even worse, and I already felt pretty bad about the whole thing. I was fortunate to have players around me who could deal with all that. . David was a major league pitcher when most of his buddies from school were working in Chevron stations. No-Hitters, .avia-section.av-k6v62xgq-c0812a68936ee67ed4883eaa9d35be9b{ Efficient, professional, and timely", "It was nice to know I could trust Jesse with my house and key and not worry about being there. Ironically, Stieb was not selected to the All-Star squad in '82, thanks to a first half start of 7-10 with a 3.96 ERA. background-color:#ba3434; Well, this is a guy who had never stepped on a pitchers mound in his life until age 20. There was a rain delay in the fourth inning. He's such an outstanding athlete, we all expect him to be older. Everyone in the company was pleasant, professional, honest, dependable, hard working, a complete joy to do business with", "The crew is extremely talented and hard working", "There was not one thing I could complain about. Other statistics attest to this as well. He had made the big leagues in his first full season as a professional and at a position still strange to him. Stieb and Canzano talked about pitching at a high level in Major League Baseball. John and Mike were professional, meticulous, kept us informed; we could tell they take pride in their work. That was something else new I had to deal with. This is the painting contractor you should contact for your project", "Employees who worked on the job had a good attitude about doing a good job", "Good job as always. "Excellent service! And he doesn't walk many batters75 in those 288 innings last year. By Wins Above Average, the chasm between Stieb and Morris in the 80s is even wider: 28.1, best in the decade for Stieb; 9.0, 31st-best for Morris. You do a great job. ", Stieb pitched only 17 innings for the Salukis that season, but providentially Mattick saw two of them, and there followed his recommendation that the Blue Jays draft Stieb as a pitcher. A few years ago, Stieb toldSporting Newsthat he didnt think he was a Hall of Famer since hedid not win enough games and so forth, but he also thought that he surely did not deserve to be just wiped off the map after the first-year ballot.. "I like rock and roll and heavy metal. He appreciated the chance to close the circle. Addressed my concerns in a prompt manner", "Jesse did a great job! Who he was: Dave Stieb made his only appearance on the writers ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2004. You give excellent top service", "Really nice staff - Lisa, Jay, Kyle & Carlos. "I was almost naive enough to think, 'Oh, if I just say yes, I'll be on the big-league team.' The definition may have changed, but baseball blends more easily into his conversation these days. We will be calling again for more service", "Your team is sensitive to doing the job right and leaving a quality project", "You do excellent work. These days, Stieb and two partners are building their second subdivision in Reno, where he makes his home. Dave Stieb Overview Dave Stieb has been associated with two companies, according to public records. Thanks for doing a great job. If I keep doing this, it can only get better,'" he says. It is evident that the employees take pride in their work", "The crew was on time and completed the job on time they let us know each day when they were leaving for the day", "Thank you for all the extra hard work in preparing our house so it could be painted. Thanks to Jesse, Travis and Colt, very efficient & professional. ", "Everything looks great! You may not use our site or service, or the information provided, to make decisions about employment, admission, consumer credit, insurance, tenant screening or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. "All he's got on me is two Cy Youngs and a World Series that he actually pitched in, Stieb said. Selective censoring on Google Inside imagery 'Belt of Orion' by Roger Berry. But I was good. You can't just sit down and do that. His older brother, Steve, was a catcher in the Atlanta Braves system for three seasons, batting .217 as a professional and never reaching above Double-A ball. MORE: Who will be the first unanimous baseball Hall of Famer? I'd release all that tension and stress verbally. Southern Illinois University Carbondale (Carbondale, IL). Pete and Pat didn't picture Dave as a pitcher. Letterboxd Limited. "I'm not going to say I was great. On June 29 he started for Toronto against the Baltimore Oriolesand lost. That winter Mattick took Stieb to the Florida Instructional League to work exclusively on his pitching. The crew was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I said, 'What are you shaking your head yes for? I was almost reluctant to go." He has just enough of it left to present one more altar to the gods and say goodbye.". Dave Stieb's Contact Info, Social Profiles & More. Always a pleasure to speak with Lisa-very friendly! In the next one he'll be a . Stieb pitched to a 2.78 ERA over 12 games in the minors. You don't know what I'm going to say.' He had such a desire to excel. ", A confrontation Stieb had with Martinez early last season helped him see the error of his ways. He stubbornly persisted in regarding himself as an outfielder in his first season of professional baseball that summer and played center-field most of the time. Last year, according to Toronto Pitching Coach Al Widmar, Stieb threw fewer than 110 pitches in 10 games and fewer than 100 in six. Dave Stieb's House (Google Maps). Then, a few days later, bullpen coach Sal Butera caught him in the 'pen. The first is that the Modern Baseball Committee ballot, which spans MLB figures who made their greatest contribution to the game between 1970 and 1987, looks like it will be packed. Someone who has been a pitcher from high school on up may actually have more problems. "He comes at you and has good control," says Lachemann. Search instead in Creative? Your ability is a given, but signing autographs, talking decently to a writer, things like that, will separate you from the crowd. That wasn't in his personality in the past. A dropped fly ball in the second inning had given the Yankees four unearned runs. Javascript is required for the selection of a player. Part 2 just tore my soul apartPart 3 just put it back together, Sprinted out to my backyard see if, like Dave Stieb, I too have spent 20+ years on this Earth without realizing I have a rocket launcher attached to my shoulder. The next year, when he finished at 12-15, he played in the All Star Game. On one hand, Stieb said he wasnt that surprised with the outcome. 555 N. Central Ave. #416 The Hall of Fame is more indicative of somebody having consistency throughout their whole career and dominating numbers throughout their whole career, he said. He takes the same hard stance with other candidates, even friends. Genuinely one of the most life-affirming pieces of storytelling to come out this year. }, Cronkite School at ASU Next thing I know, I'm at the (minor league) complex with all the young kids and I'm going, 'What have I done?' On August 29, 2010, Stieb threw the ceremonial first pitch at the Rogers Centre, celebrating the 20th anniversary of his no-hitter game, with the anniversary coming four days after the celebration. "I've never had a dj vu experience like that in my lifeso many things that were the same. Stieb pitches quickly, partly because of his restless nature, partly because the fast pace upsets many hitters and partly because his fielders stay more alert when the game is moving along briskly. Portfolio. Sometimes when Stieb pitched, it did not look like he was having fun. He came in hot and left the same way, taking it to the clubhouse and the waiting writers. Stieb never went on the disabled list until excessive working out in 1991 gave him a herniated disk in his back, aggravated by a collision near first base that spring. I'm all self-taught from friends and books. That's the mark of a good pitcher. "It's time," LaMonte advised Stieb, "for you to take on a humility that is becoming to a person with that kind of contract. He was 5-2 with a 2.13 earned run average in his month there. "I would not get on stage. MORE: Lou Whitaker on Cooperstown snub: 'I didn't even get daylight', I surely did not deserve to be just wiped off the map after the first-year ballot, Stieb said. Dave Stief David P. Stief was American football wide receiver in the National Football League for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Redskins. Much of the play-by-play, game results, and transaction information both shown and used to create certain data sets was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by RetroSheet. September 25, 1998 So will Morris, who spent 15 years on the writers ballot and just missed induction through it. As we'll demonstrate shortly, by a variety of metrics Dave Stieb was the best pitcher in baseball for at least a four-year period, from 1982-85. [3] In later years, Stieb mellowed somewhat, although a fierce glare after a botched play was still not uncommon. Copyright 2023 Sporting News Holdings Limited. Stieb's parentsPete, a San Jose general contractor, and Pat, a delivery-woman for the San Jose Mercuryhadn't allowed either Dave or his older brother, Steve, a former minor league catcher, to pitch in youth baseball. Dave Stieb, Kevin Boland 3.21 24 ratings4 reviews This autobiography of one of baseball's most outstanding and controversial personalities features uncensored views on salaries, agents, pitching, life on the road, and the pressures of winning and losing. You forget how young he is. Most are close to Stieb's agehe turned 59 on July 22, the day after his Vancouver visitand some are considerably older. Chances are he had not been born when Dave Stieb of the Toronto Blue Jays was one of baseball's elite pitchers, and perhaps its most truculent. He may throw as many as 20 changeups in a game. Dave Stieb's Golden Years: 1982-85. The companies were formed over a two year period with the most recent being incorporated eleven years ago in October of 2011. "Of course, in the past, I don't know how I would've reacted to a game like that.". "I was not going to have all the media, who already heard this was happening, a day later go, 'Oh, he's not doing it.' Stieb's parentsPete, a San Jose general contractor, and Pat, a delivery-woman for the San Jose Mercuryhadn't allowed either Dave or his older brother, Steve, a former minor league catcher, to pitch in youth baseball. We're interested now in developing the total man.". He initially retired after the 1993 season due to back problems but after four years of retirement, Stieb rejoined the Blue Jays in 1998, when he pitched in 19 games (three starts) with an ERA+ of 98. In the first half of the season, he couldn't make his slider work at all. Instead, he spent a few years playing in the outfield for a local softball team as one of its home run hitters before the majors beckoned again for a short comeback in 1998. In the past I have always prefaced my Jon Bois reviews by saying I don't even like baseball, I don't even watch football. Stieb had done none until Jones asked him to fill in on an injury-afflicted staff in the middle of the 78 college season. The contract, including options exercisable by the team, was for a term of ten years and specified a salary that increased to $1.9 million in 1993, $2 million in 1994, and $2.1 million in 1995. Morris had the most wins, but Stieb had the lower ERA and he wasn't even close to me, I think. A Patent Pending People Search Process. Threw a few pinecones around and hollered at my neighbor to ask if any of them looked like they were going 90 miles an hour. 'I just thought, 'Man, it feels good. Dave Stieb's struggle is universal, gut wrenching, and inspiring. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is a registered trademark of ABG-SI LLC. The former MLB pitcher lives here. . [19] After his career in baseball, he has taken up the electric guitar. Scores from any date in Major League history, Minor, Foreign, College, & Black Baseball, Frequently Asked Questions about MLB and Baseball, Subscribe to Stathead Baseball: Get your first month FREE. "Maybe," says Oldham, "the outfield saved his arm. Long overdue, I can now say, yes, I do like baseball. Search Details, View Dave's Profiles on Facebook and 60+ Networks, dave****@gmail, View Dave's Profiles on Facebook and 60+ Networks, dave****@yahoo, View Dave's Profiles on Facebook and 60+ Networks, dave****@hotmail, View Dave's Profiles on Facebook and 60+ Networks, dave****@aol, View Dave's Profiles on Facebook and 60+ Networks, dave****@outlook. Meanwhile, he still plays electric guitar, a hobby he picked up in 1985, around the time the Jays were heading for their first playoff appearance. You are honest and run a professional business", "Service is outstanding. Total Zone Rating and initial framework for Wins above Replacement calculations provided by Sean Smith. [3], Stieb played for the Blue Jays from 1979 to 1992 and again in 1998. Injuries also played a role in curtailing Stiebs career and preventing him from accumulating more of the counting stats Hall of Fame voters so value. Next. Very friendly and do quality work", "John's work far exceeded our expectation! But until this year, Stieb suffered from what baseball people euphemistically call a "makeup" problem. ", Jones, however, appealed to Stieb's sense of team spirit. "He has a tremendously competitive attitude. Who he was: Dave Stieb made his only appearance on the writers' ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2004. Stieb drew just 1.4 percent, or seven votes, of 506 votes cast in 2004 and that was that. A case can be made with sabermetrics that Stieb not Jack Morris was the best pitcher of the 1980s and would be a worthy addition to Cooperstown. But his fierce intensity was also the engine of his success. "He didn't want pitching to interfere with his hitting," says Bessa. Ward@wardconst.com. And that must be considered one of the wonders of American sport, a true phenomenon, because until that fateful spring of 78, Stieb had never pitched at any levelLittle League, Pony League, Colt League, Thorobred League, high school or junior college. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. Assorted amps and a drum set fill his basement studio. We went through a year every two weeks, one week for discussion (everyone was required to defend all of their votes) one for voting, starting in 2003.. Author: Ron Fimrite. I also loved the estimate! Only Jack Morris won more games in the 1980s. "I didn't like his swing," says Mattick. "It was hard for me to fathom why they wanted me to be something I wasn't," Stieb says. 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