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Today I believe that same God has provided us with justice for Abby and Libby. Leazenby thanked the public for providing tips, as well as cards, letters, and calls of encouragement during the five-year investigation. By Laura Collins, Chief Investigative Reporter, For Dailymail.Com, Published: 16:42 GMT, 14 December 2022 | Updated: 21:47 GMT, 14 December 2022. ", Law enforcement sources toldFox59andMurder Sheetthat it appears Allen slipped through the net due to a "clerical error.". Thats my guess.". We now know who the FBI was looking into at first as a potential. Investigators have been mostly mum on many case details but a redacted warrant provides a glimpse into information surrounding the murder scene, suspect, and victims. An undated handout photo shows Anna Williams of Delphi, Ind.,with her daughter, Abby Williams, who was murdered in Feb. 2017. Instead, their families are holding on to the hope that this is the year their killer is brought to justice. Richard Allen and his wife in an undated photo. MILLER, Christopher Clerk at gas station near Idaho murder house spots 'white whom police first pegged as a suspect in the killings after the girls' bodies were found on his property. Sites pulled 07/08 July 2016. Delphi killings update: Newly-revealed docs say crime scene was tampered with, bodies moved. Brown goes to the CVS that Allen worked at often. Police have identified another person of interest, a man currently in jail awaiting trial for child pornography charges. Thats when they discovered the interview with Allen which prompted them to take a closer look at him, according to the outlet and podcast. Moment the honeytrap killers move in on their target: Women begin seduction of victim before he is killed in Find out what Uber drivers really think of you! Kline, meanwhile, has since had several charges dropped from his child pornography case. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, His wife apparently said Allen was drunk at the time, and she took him to a nearby hospital to be evaluated, the outlet reported. Watch "Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders," February 14 and 15 at 10 p.m. Deanna Watson is the executive editor . Email: Soon after, an affidavit alleged that an Indiana man, 27-year-old Kegan Anthony Kline, is the man behind the account. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Allen had no explanation how a shell ejected from his sidearm was found at the scene of the crime, according to the affidavit. Police have still not released how the girls were killed. 13 Investigates has learned that the connection of the Delphi murders to the "anthony_shots" fake social media profile started with another incident reported to police just days after the bodies of Libby German and Abby Williams were discovered in February 2017. The Wabash City Police Department (WCPD) began investigating Jorden's death as a homicide, however, her cause of death has never been determined and few leads have been yielded in the almost 14 years since. The newly released probable cause affidavit also reveals that one of the girls could be heard saying the word 'gun.'. Because he allegedly passed up on a group of other juvenile girls he walked past. In a news conference, Indiana State Police shared Richard Allen, 50, of Delphi, was arrested Wednesday and charged on two counts of murder during a court hearing two days later. "Maybe they decided they wanted to fight or run, and in order to intimidate them, the attacker wracked a round or recycled a round through the gun. If you use a windshield cover, you can at least forget about scrapping the ice off your windshield to save some time and hassle. 'The laboratory determined the unspent round located within two feet of Victim 2's body had been cycled through Richard M. Allen's Sig Sauer Model P226.'. A month before she disappeared, Jorden moved out from the Sophers' home after an argument with Linda. Motion reveals prosecutor's reasons for sealing court documents in Delphi murder case by: Matt Adams. You had no right. Indiana detectives reveal fake male model Instagram account - set up by jailed pedophile - was used to CATFISH the two 14-year-old Delphi girls murdered in 2017 - in bombshell development The search lasted several weeks. Interactive Timeline | The Delphi Murders Abby Williams and Libby German were found murdered after hiking on trails near the Monon High Bridge in Delphi in February 2017. 0:09. I certainly wouldn't call it 'flimsy'.". DOWNLOAD THE FOX 32 CHICAGO APP FOR BREAKING NEWS ALERTS. Not the front line, Superintendent Carter advised. Five years later, what became known as the "Delphi Murders . I would always be on her.. Investigators provided little details besides the arrest and charges for Allen, insisting the investigation was ongoing and any further details could compromise the case. Police still ask anyone with information about the case to submit a tip at or 765-822-3535. Though he joined the branch long after the investigation into the deaths of Libby and Abby had begun, solving the case was always a top priority for his colleagues, he said. Allen is seen standing in front of the wanted poster. Sources told 'The girls met Kegan Kline online and he arranged to meet them that day but didn't go. "The implication that an alleged clerical error by an FBI employee caused years of delay in identifying this defendant is misleading. The National Read Across America Day takes place every year on March 2, Geisels birthday. Abigail Williams, 13, left, and Liberty German, 14, right, were found dead in February 2017 after they set off on a walk along the Delphi Historic Trail near the Monon High Bridge in Indiana, Sources tell that murder suspect Richard Allen, 50, was allegedly part of a child sex ring that planned to kidnap the slain Delphi teens. State police said he was arrested on Wednesday when he was taken into custody at ISPs West Lafayette post. In addition to any mention of a second suspect, also omitted from Allen's probable cause affidavit was any detail of how Libby and Abby were killed. The prosecutor would not say when Allen became a suspect or if he knew Abby or Libby. An ejected .40-caliber shell found near one of the victim's bodies ties suspect Richard Allen to the 2017 killing of Delphi teens Libby German or Abby Williams, according to the . "I didnt know her well at all, unfortunately [but] from what I remember, she was a sweet girl, and she was always nice to me and vice versa," recounted Overlander to The U.S. Sun. While I know you are all expecting final details today concerning this arrest today is not that day. said ISP Superintendent Doug Carter, before repeating, Today is not that day., Carter continued, This investigation is far from complete, and we will not jeopardize its integrity by releasing or discussing documents or information before the appropriate time.. Libby's sister, Kelsi German, said she always felt the girls' killer must be someone familiar with the Delphi area, but she said she didn't want to believe the suspect "was right here among us.". the Murderpedia project stay alive. DELPHI, Ind. The ex-FBI investigator, who worked for the bureau for 18 years, believes the bullet found between Libby and Abby was discharged from the chamber after someone racked the gun in an effort to scare them. The high-profile. Allens home was searched last week, with investigators digging up his firepit and towing a vehicle. When buying cowboy boots, there are a few aspects to consider, such as how far up they go on your legs and their design. He called the arrest a "step in the right direction. Delphi murder suspect Richard Allen, a member of the Delphi community, is seen in this undated photo at a local bar where he was a regular. Allen's wife Kathy, 50, confirmed that the weapons were his. Authorities are asking anyone who may know something about the Instagram profile or anything about the case to contact law enforcement at or 765-822-3535. Allen, 50, was charged on two counts of. The reward for information leading to the arrest of the Delphi killer is over $250,000. Allen, an employee of a CVS chain in Delphi, lived in Mexico, Indiana, at the time of Jorden's disappearance. In August, he was temporarily released into the custody of Indiana State Police, who at the time were conducting a search of the Wabash River, which was believed to be linked to the Delphi investigation. DELPHI, Ind. And while Allen has not been charged with kidnapping, prosecutors have alleged he attempted it. The agent wanted to search Logans home, outbuildings and vehicle for anything pertaining to the teens murders, including forensic evidence, hair, bodily fluids, guns, and cutting instruments, the document states. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. We committed a long time ago this day would come, he said of the arrest. They have not shared what evidence if any was found. The source also claims that both men knew Ron Logan,whom police first pegged as a suspect in the killings after the girls' bodies were found on his property,some 1,400 feet from his home. Dwayne PETERSON, Benjamin You've successfully subscribed to this newsletter! It was just a really sad day.. Indiana State Police. THE sister of a girl killed in the Delphi 'Snapchat murders' has recounted the final words she exchanged with her late sibling before she was tragically murdered alongside her best friend in an Indiana woods. Keenan said that information is potentially being withheld to again protect law enforcement's investigation into a potential second suspect. Another figure in the Delphi investigation is Kegan Kline, a man charged with 30 counts of possession of child pornography. Do you have a story for The US Sun team? In an interview with police, Allen said he never let anyone borrow or use his pistol, according to the affidavit. The shocking slayings cast fear across the small Indiana town and garnered national intrigue. . Kegan Kline, 28, was linked to the case last December. Deputies responded to the incident around 3 a.m. on June 18, 2015, to "keep the peace," according to a report obtained by FOX59 Indianapolis. Two different composite sketches and a grainy image of the murder suspect. Jorden Sopher had only recently celebrated her 18th birthday when she disappeared after visiting her adoptive parents' home in Wabash, Indiana, on the morning of May 23, 2006. Best friends Libby and Abby were on a hiking trail in rural Delphi when they were killed in the middle of the day on Feb. 13, 2017. Attempted murder defendant investigated for possible ties to Delphi killings. He is connected to a social media account that police believe he used to communicate with one of the girls. "I'm sure they're looking at any possible communications between him and Allen - and all of Allens communications during that timeframe. The secret WhatsApp mode that lets you EDIT texts after you've sent them. Investigators are searching for the killer using their biggest clue: a recording of his voice from one of the victims' phones ordering the girls Down the Hill. 2023 They vanished the day before, having last been seen walking along the Manon High Bridge in the Delphi Historic Trails. Delphi killings background Abigail Williams and Liberty German went missing while walking on a trail near the Monon High Bridge in Delphi on Feb. 13, 2017. Delphi murders:Richard Allen's probable cause released. A civilian FBI employee apparently mislabeled or misfiled Allen's tip information in the system, which means it didnt show up in the correct location during a data search. Richard Allen court documents:What we know and don't after Delphi information release. The Indiana detectives investigating the 2017 Delphi murders claimed on Thursday to have new leads in the case and warned their suspect that they know who he is - but are yet to make any. It's a development loved ones of Libby German and Abby Williams have long prayed for: charges filed in connection to the Delphi murder investigation. Indiana authorities took Allen, 50, into custody Oct. 26 after police searched his home and found evidence linking him to the killings of Liberty "Libby" German, 14, and Abigail Williams, 13, according to FOX59. But no such reunion would be forthcoming. DELPHI, Ind. Another individual who has been routinely linked with the Delphi probe is Kegan Kline, an online catfish and accused pedophile who was in communication with Libby through a bogus Snapchat account in the days before her death. William Richard Bradford Bradford was incarcerated in an maximum security San Quentin State Prison for the 1984 murders of his 15-year-old neighbor Tracey Campbell and barmaid Shari Miller, making them the only official victims. In the newly unsealed affidavit, multiple witnesses reported seeing a man - who one described as "creepy" - matching Allen's description on the bridge on the afternoon of Feb. 13, 2017. HS counselor at board meeting, Serial Indianapolis rapist pleads guilty to 9 counts, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders: With Liberty German, Abigail Williams. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. "So, everybody takes it just that little bit more to heart when it's children involved. The FBI also sought electronic devices and storage media. Authorities announced Monday the arrest of Richard Allen for the murders of Libby German, left, and her best friend, Abby Williams, in February 2017. Forensic testing of an unspent round found near the girls' bodies showed that it had been 'cycled through' Allen's gun. "Nobody had a right to do that. What we know and don't after Delphi information release, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Indiana State Police, Carroll County spokesman Sgt. Police arrest suspect in 2017 Delphi murders. plans and enthusiasm 'The laboratory performed a physical examination and classification of the firearm, function test, barrel and overall length measurement, test firing, ammunition component characterization, microscopic comparison and NIBIN (National Integrated Ballistic Information Network). Later that night she went missing, Jorden's mom Linda received a phone call from the manager of the local Hardee's restaurant where her daughter worked, informing her the teen had failed to show up for her scheduled night shift. The revelations come just two weeks after authorities released a redacted version of the probable cause affidavit that led to Richard Allen's arrest. "So there could be other evidence that somebody else is involved. He is currently behind bars on unrelated child pornography charges. Delphi murders: A man has been arrested and charged in the 2017 killings of 2 teen girls in Indiana, authorities say | CNN A man has been arrested and charged with murder in the 2017 killings. Kelsi German, 21, was among one of the last people to see her 14-year-old sister Libby alive. Police have been tight lipped about the girls' cause of death, saying only that there was 'a lot of blood' at the scene. Emily Weaver is a Purdue freshman and lifelong Delphi resident. Get y. Abby Williams, 13, and 14-year-old Libby German were . The troubled action hero: Tom Sizemore boasted of affairs with Liz Hurley and Paris Hilton (which he had to What happens when classic cars sell for too much? Murderpedia has thousands of hours of work behind it. "They really want to keep it pretty tight in order to potentially find another suspect. Kline admitted to communicating with Libby but denied any involvement in the murders. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. "The FBI agent that wrote it speculated that could have become some sort of trophy for the killer," said Cain. Connection to Delphi Tips can remain anonymous. It could be one person, it could be two people, it could be three - we don't know. It was something that was brought to our attention and it's something we looked into but we don't think there's a connection at this time. "Nothing much has changed in the case but the investigation remains open.". The lawyers also argue that "the likelihood for a tainted jury pool is excessive" due to the small number of residents in Carroll County when compared with the high percentage of locals who have been involved in some aspect of the case. German was your usual extrovert, with a dream of one day becoming a science teacher. Speaking well ahead of the probable cause affidavit's release, the source revealed that the girls were killed 'near the river' information since confirmed but then moved and posed, naked, under a tree. Detectives theorized he killed the girls in his home, then moved and staged their bodies. To hear the Murder Sheets most recent podcast on the new developments, go HERE. All times Eastern. The investigation into the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German. Jorden dropped out of school in her junior year but was planning on returning to classes in the fall of 2006 before she vanished. Allen, 50, of Delphi has been charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of teens Liberty German and Abigail Williams, whose bodies were found Feb. 14, 2017, after they went hiking the day. Email records show she had contacted Wabash High School to ask about graduation requirements. ', During one of several police interviews reviewed by, Kline admitted to soliciting underage girls for nude pictures by catfishing them, posing as teenage girl 'Emily Anne' or hunky actor model, 'Anthony Shots.'. The comments below have not been moderated. Audrey Conklin is a digital reporter for Fox News Digital and FOX Business. Keenan said the second culprit - should they exist - could be someone who was already waiting in the woods near where the girls were killed, and therefore not seen by anyone walking with the man police believe to be Allen. The FBI carried out a warrant to search his land on March 17, 2017. Delphi murders update:What we know and don't know 5 years after Abby and Libby were killed. An undated handout photo shows Libby German of Delphi, Ind., who was murdered in Feb. 2017. Delphi murder suspect Richard Allen remains in custody, and prosecutors say it is possible he did not act alone, A photo shows Richard Allen, 50, smiling with his wife - while over his shoulder, a police sketch strongly resembling him is posted on the wall inside Bob Matlock's bar, Both Allen and Kline are alleged to have had ties to Ron Logan (pictured) who authorities previously pegged as a suspect in the case after the girls' bodies were found on his property. I was a Love Island bombshell and here's what you DON'T see in the villa: Jay Younger reveals how much is Meet the female airline pilot who has turned the 'dumb blonde' stereotype upside down and taken social media Mason Greenwood 'rejects chance to play for Jamaica despite Gareth Southgate ruling out picking him for Liverpool and Man United urge fans not to 'cross the line' with tragedy chanting in tomorrow's Premier Simon Cowell looks unrecognisable as he heads home with partner Lauren Silverman from the Together For Short My dream job has come upcan I make a TINY lie on my CV? McLeland said it's "concerning" to him that Allen is a local Delphi resident. My daughter messaged me and said mom youre never going to believe, she said. Court documents released by a true-crime podcast shed more light on the investigation of the unsolved 2017 murders to two teen girls in Delphi, Indiana. And, that naturally raises the question of how did he get away," said Greenlee. Lafayette Journal & Courier's Ron Wilkins contributed to this report. Now the source has revealed that Kline has 'cut a deal with prosecutors.'. Libby, 14, and Abby, 13, were found dead in a Delphi, Indiana woods on Valentine's Day 2017. The murder-suicide perpetrated by Chris Benoit in 2007 shocked the world. "But if they have any concrete leads that others played a part, you don't want to give that person or those people an opportunity to destroy evidence or flee. Thirteen-year-old Abigail Williams and 14-year-old Liberty German were found murdered in February 2017 near a hiking trail just outside their hometown of Delphi, Indiana, about 60 miles from . An agonizing three years would pass before Jorden's tragic fate would be revealed. He's being held without bond and is set to return to court in January, McLeland said. We know this because we have an official case document that states this. The grainy. Liberty "Libby" German, 14 years old, and 13-year-old Abigail "Abby" Williams were both perfectly normal and sweet teenage girls. Posted: Feb 22, 2023 / 10:15 AM EST. Get Directions . An FBI search warrant served on Logan's home and property dated March 17, 2017, revealed that on February 14, the day after the killings, Logan asked a relative to provide him with a false alibi. A classmate of Jorden's, Emily Overlander, remembered her as a "sweet girl.". She also told her mother she was interested in beauty college, and an entry she wrote in her journal indicated she was also considering a career in the U.S. Coast Guard. Abby and Libby, best friends in the eighth grade, were walking on a trail in broad daylight when they were killed on Feb. 13, 2017. The affidavit indicates it has eight pages, but only seven were released Tuesday. Suspect arrested in murder of 2 Delphi, Ind, teens. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Cain and Greenlee hope by shedding new light on the case, they can generate more leads for police. A bond hearing for Allen, who is currently being held without bond, has been set for February 17 and he is set to go to trial March 20, 2023.