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Copied; Likes (3) When I first started Depop it was just an afterthought in hopes of selling some items that I could not push via Poshmark. Refresh the page, check Medium 's site status, or find something. Dont waste your time on manually performing tedious work like refreshing your listings and following people on depop. * 1.6.9 [Feature] Add skip option for scheduled refreshing. Take your Depop shop to the next level with DragonBot. When bio optimization is combined with engaging on depop, that % of users that come to your shop have a quick way to tell if they are interested. * 1.5.6 [Enhancement] Randomize waiting time and refresh interval of Scheduled Refreshing. If you are starting out from ZERO followers or if you only have little followers then you need to follow people. Here is an illustration of how bumping works on Depop: First consider again that Depops platform functionality mirrors Instagram in a lot of ways including how the feed functions. Another form of engaging via compliments is to directly leave comments on products you like. This is another way DragonBot helps you boost your Depop sales. Depop like bot Talking about Depop like bot, aruguLa says that their tool automates likes on Depop. Our bot allows even allows you to whitelist users from being unfollowed when cleaning up your following count on depop ! Steal Their Style - Giulia Bonometti To succeed and grow your following you need to do things that most people wont do. You can follow up to 1 million Depop users without having to do any of the button pushing yourself! Tell your followers! For me, my focus is purely on selling via Depop at this time as I have other projects that need my time and attention. You might be able to use PhantomJS or others, but this is set up for Chrome. The response team is top notch, too. Increase your sales and make more money on Depop today, Add To Chrome Now! Be sure to pip install selenium or with conda: conda install selenium. There are organic and automated tactics like depop bots that will get you the results you are looking for. Are you kidding me what more could you possibly want. - Batch like search results (support keyword/hashtag). * 1.6.7 [Feature] Manually set a fixed refresh order. Then you will have more seats to follow other users. The keyword here is regular: you need to commit in order to see results! Do sellers follow then unfollow people for more exposure? That means if you click and purchase from this link I have and/or may receive a small commission. CrossLister: Make more money by cross-listing items to multiple marketplaces. # Change Logs * Scheduled Refreshing (set up once, run forever) If youd love to have them as a follower do not keep these positive thoughts in your head. - API Upgrade: Unfollow All Users. Ms Strike counted at least three Depop users who made unauthorised payments of 50 to the scammer. He patiently answered all my questions. - Batch message all buyers. depop outfit inspiration. What we mean by this is that you should have clear call to actions in different places. Kealy Allen. Fork, clone, or copy/paste the code into a Python script. Using the app. Due to time considerations, only a limited number of users are followed from any particular user. Its a great bot and has upped my sales a lot its also really well priced I highly recommend Grace F. Working great! Search within r/Depop. Amazing extension, my sales grew very much with the help of the scheduled refreshing. Describe your item, using up to five hashtags and up to two brand hashtags. From one-shoulder dresses to miniskirts and hosiery, 6t9 is making the psychedelic trend fresh all over again. Let bump do this work for you. This may need to be done when you have liked too many items or if you want to clean up your shop. You can automatically follow people with bump. * Batch follow all followers/following of a user Refreshing used to take forever manually. When you are first starting out, bumping matters more than Depop followers for getting sales. I should also say that using this will not necessarily increase the sale of your products (though it will probably increase your follower count). It is useful to unfollow people whose shop you dont have that much interest in anymore or people who do not engage with your items on depop. Privacy Policy. * 1.7.0 [Feature] Upgrade API to V2. The following is an sponsored link. Youve got to do you, and you cant copy and paste somebodys else situation and make it your own. Bekti pun mengaku tidak tahu-menahu soal keputusan Aldila Jelita unfollow akun Instagram pribadinya. It also means your items appear on more users feeds, increasing your chances of making a precious sale. and our hear that only big accounts with big followers built up via Instagram or Install Python (get any recent version of python3) ( This is because Depop has a following limit of 7,501. The more good ratings I received, the more it solidified me as a good seller that a customer didnt have to worry about any issues with. either unfollow users through their profile or unfollow everyone you follow. All Selling Sold Likes This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. Every now and then on depop, you will encounter someone that has a great sense of style (maybe even one that is similar to yours or your shops). * 2.1.2 [Enhancement] Skip the item if failed to download/upload photos when relisting. I can do manual shares of your items either from your account or from my account with 21000 plus followers. Help us to listen to Your voice rather than our own, so we can . the best way is unfollowing who you've followed. All you need to do is email using the email address that is linked with your Depop account, with your username and. depop bot that grows your income. Also I love how the extension is always improved and I don't even have to deal with updating it. Don't be stingy with your likings. A Depop Bot is a software that helps a seller automate some of their tasks in running their Depop shop such as (but not limited to): Follow or Unfollow Users Refresh Listing on Depop Automatically Create Scheduled Refresh Send Messages to Depop Customers Relist or Delete a Listing Like or Unlike Listings And more! If you followed our advice at the top on engagement, a % of depop users will come to your profile. And don't use Debob in two different Tabs at the same time! Easily manage your followers, catch your nonfollowers and unfollowers. It's a good act to follow people, they will follow back and come see your store and products. The automatic listing refresh feature has made it super easy to get a lot of followers. Please don't use Debob in two different Chrome Windows AT THE SAME TIME! The video was originally shared on March 1. After that, I continued to sell the rest of my items at a profit and after the first sale I no longer sold any items at breakeven point. There are plenty of newbies killing it all the time, focus on your shop. As a reselling entrepreneur, you have to focus on high leverage tasks. He patiently answered all my questions, listened to suggestions and was so pleasant through it all. Share. The larger your accounts follower base, the more people see your listings. The DragonBot targeted following feature allows you to target the users you mass follow using the search page. This is the first way to gain engagement on depop as many people will investigate their notifications when you follow them and have a quick look at your depop shop ! Posted by 2 years ago. 6 comments. Specifically on depop you should aim to like products of people that have similar styles to what you offer so that you increase the chance of getting a follow back. * 1.7.1 [Enhancement] Upgrade unlike products API to V2. Be nice and not to overwhelm the Depop server. * Configurable refresh * 2.0.0 [Enhancement] Upgrade to manifest v3. Debob is a bot, but like a human. Major celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Jenna Ortega, and Olivia Wilde have all unfollowed the founder of Rhodes beauty. With Debob, you can deal with them on your computer efficiently. bump/refresh your listings, gain followers, and increase your sales. * And more features are coming So if you want to get more attention and gain more followers after reaching the follow limit, * 1.4.4 [Enhancement] Add follow limit 7501. Have a question about DragonBot? * 1.6.15 [Feature] Restore layout. DragonBot automates the process of mass unliking items. Going out of your way to create an Instagram/TikTok/youtube channel that you regularly post on is something that most sellers simply will not do. Depop bot - SellerAider - Refresh & Grow Available on Chrome Privacy practices Reviews Overview Additional Information Report abuse Version 1.5.13 Updated Size 203KiB Language English Developer. My current follower count is 1606 and I have not done any schemes like follow, unfollow or actively pursued followers at all. JUST SUBSCRIBE and you'll love it! Archived. No more refreshing hundreds of products one by one. It's very easy to navigate your way through the range of tools this app provides. They are part of our diverse community who look for inspiring and interesting shops to follow. Now, we dont mean spamming messages. DragonBot enables you to mass message users*. * 2.1.6 [Feature] Add function to sort or select current page in Bulk Relist panel. Depop sellers have lots of options for online communities. Depop Unfollow Bot Back to ideal, in half the time How it works Poppy's auto unfollow feature lets you unfollow all the users you previously followed. Now keep calm and start liking. The customer service is amazing!! You can open a separate Chrome Window for Debob to do its job, as shown in the screenshot below. Everyone has to start from somewhere I opened my account in April of 2018 and I sold my first item in May 2018 with maybe just 10 followers. is also a place to learn, discuss and take your Depop shop to the next level. I'm Lauren @upandoutthrift . I don't think this program falls under that category, but nevertheless I cannot advise anyone use this code. By refreshing the listings in your store, your listings will appear in the top of the news feed of your followers and will be a top search result when someone searches for any keywords related to your listing. * 1.5.0 [Feature] Scheduled Refreshing. I strongly believe followers do not matter for the big picture of continuous selling, there are cases where big followers and a big following will matter but that exception requires more conversation that we will get into in a moment. DragonBot provides an automated mass following feature, enabling you to gain more followers. It is possible evidently the case (as of 5/9/2018) that using this program violates the terms of service for Depop, though I can find no explicit mention of this practice. The low down on that article is that engagement is key to getting more depop followers and a lot more sales on depop. Just like on Instagram the newest content is at the top of the feed, the same with Depop, the newest items added to the app go to the top of the feed. This way you attract people that are naturally interested in those kind of items. home_user = "johndoesclothes". Want to sell more on Depop? What exactly do we mean by this ? From taking and editing great pictures; to accounting advice; to finding a place to source stock for your shop, the DragonBot discord group is full of tips and tricks to improve every aspect of your business. credits: depop. Poppy unfollows in a strategic way and doesn't unfollow recent users immediately. I can be your Poshmark Sharing Assistant. Now you have a better choice. there EVEN MORE things you can do with debob that will help your shop grow this just happens to be my favorite. After the 7 days free trial, I had no hesitation in subscribing to the yearly plan, which costs only about $12 per month. In Ms Strike's situation, to get users to trust scam listing, the hacker had also uploaded a. The simplest way to optimize your bio is to tell people the type of listings they are going to see if they follow you on depop. * 1.6.13 [Feature] Select some items to refresh and keep them in order. * 2.0.2 [Enhancement] Clean up after heart beat port disconnected from content script. My sales sped like never before with the help of this and customer service is so quick to reply. 12 BEST Depop Photo Tips To Increase your Sales [EXAMPLES]! It is user friendly-I downloaded one other extension prior and didn't even get to using it as instructions alone was so convoluted-this one was super easy; I was up and refreshing ads within seconds! to discuss your issue, we will get back to you within 24 hours. By getting the attention of other buyers and users you can increase the followers for your store. I can tell you from my experience that Ive sold without any social media pushes. Increase your sales and make more money on Depop today! It is easy to set up and risk-free to try. However, a user can always filter out results for category, size, price which could change how the buyers sees your listing, but that is outside of your span of control. What's not to love about this? Millbots Depop can automate this process, following and removing thousands of accounts at a time. Youd think this would be a common thing but many people miss out on this critical task: telling people what type of items you sell. Follow on Instagram @earthangelthrift. When browsing other profiles, dont be afraid to just message people. with the first sale I slowly started to list more items at Depop. DragonBot is programmed to act like a human, using random delays and taking frequent breaks. Well, there is a magic number in Depop world: 7501. * 1.6.6 [BugFix] Remove duplicate buyer id before messaging them. Don't hesitate to message all of them with one click. Debob to the rescue! Top-10-Wettbewerber und Alternativen. * Relist / clone product People tend to like your products if you like theirs. Our free to join Discord community is also a place to learn, discuss and take your Depop shop to the next level. September 21, 2022 (New York) - Community-powered fashion marketplace, Depop, has announced its second instalment of the Now / Next series: A program dedicated to developing the skills of young entrepreneurs and sellers on Depop taking them from where they are now to where they want to go next. true. DragonBot also allows you to easily personalise your messages with first, last and username buttons. Pray with me: Dear Lord, our hearts are deceptive. It is both Mac and Window compatible. bump is the only Depop bot to offer a free forever plan. Debob makes it so easy to batch like other users' products. The examples you given are are so true and the element of being a small engine you just need to keep rolling over to get to your goal. Cookie Notice I wrote this to see if it would work and so I wouldn't have to personally follow users in order to attract traffic to my account. * 2.0.8 [BugFix] Check data which is obtained from local storage. For more information, please see our experience and looking at other shops, I dont think Depop followers matter as As we also mentioned in the previous article above that it is specifically useful to target people who have liked things similar to what youve posted! If you are like me when I got started reselling I had no idea of, Are you trying to make a decision if eBay vs Depop is the right place, At first glance you might think Etsy and Depop are really not that different they. Just one click, then you will have more seats to follow other users. All Rights Reserved. * 1.6.1 [BugFix] Resolve cache not updating issue. By refreshing your listings, your items are ranked higher in the Depop search results, receiving more exposure and increasing your sales. Before posting and pricing your items, you must also consider other Depop selling fees and PayPal transaction costs. No more unfollowing users one by one! And the 7 day free trial? - Add skip option for mass follow. This is just the beginning. 6t9. either unfollow users through their profile or unfollow everyone you follow. * 1.6.16 [Enhancement] Show days until next billing date. This video will show you how to log in to Depop via Follow Pop, and how to set the program up to. Have a great product to sell or want to discount products? Engagement can be done manually or by using a depop automation tool to speed up the process. Getting followers on depop has never been easier! 15 min read. Use it to automatically refresh your inventory, de-list and re-list your items, and follow people. - Keep the listings order when Refreshing Listings. * 2.1.0 [Feature] Bulk relist products. The Depop shop: 6t9. As Jax Taylor claimed he "called" the shocking Vanderpump Rules cheating scandal and both Scheana Shay and Charli Burnett unfollowed Raquel on Instagram, Kristen shared a . A lot of the key ways to get more followers on depop really revolves around engagement, we wrote a bit about engagement here . Another reason I dont think Depop followers matter when you are just starting out is just because I follow 5K people doesnt mean those people will follow back. Please correct the marked field(s) below. And that's exactly what Debob good at: Make your compliments on depop incredibly direct. It's an emotionless, tireless bot that just keeps unfollowing who you have followed. 49 Productivity 3,000+ users Available on Chrome Overview Privacy practices Reviews Support Related Debob | Depop Assistant | Depop Bot Overview Additional Information Website Report. Increase your Followers and boost up your sale with this bot.For More Info visit : https://depop-bot.comWhatsapp: +1 530 4449 970Email: Where to begin?! chrome_driver = r"C:\Users\John_Doe\Downloads\chromedriver_win32\chromedriver.exe", Change the variable home_user to be your Depop username. Check out this great listen on The most powerful and effective depop bot. Are you sure you want to create this branch? Head over to your store (your profile page), launch the Debob extension, hit the Unfollow All Users button, It can automate the process of following users as well as following all users followers + follow their following ! DragonBot automates the process of mass unfollowing Depop users. Mobile Phone Depop Bot (iOS and Android), Take good photos of your items, it is good if you are able to maintain a general theme and consistency with your photos, Put the items that get the most attention at the very top of your depop shop. Personally I use Spyder IDE through Anaconda ( Frequently refreshing your items is one of the most effective ways to increase the visibility of your listings and increase your sales. Celebrity accounts are the only people who sell, but that is just not simply - A Depop auto-bot which allows users to "set-it-and-forget-it" much like the many bots available for Twitter, Instagram etc. Calculate profit/fees with the depop fee calculator - Unfollow your following list - Whitelist people before mass unfollowing AND MORE!. It was initially added to our database on 07/19/2018. Tell the likers! Based on my * 1.6.20 [Enhancement] Upgrade mass follow feature. Thanks for your work! much in the beginning. - A Depop auto-bot which allows users to "set-it-and-forget-it" much like the many bots available for Twitter, Instagram etc. Your stats are supported with awesome graphs to see your ups and downs easily. Using the Depop bot is easy and straightforward. DragonBot automates the process of refreshing your Depop listings, which is one of the most time consuming and tedious tasks for a Depop seller. * Batch follow buyers of a store Any time I have a problem I get a quick response on instagram. Most people on Depop do not do these things, you will be at an advantage if you do! * 1.6.18 [BugFix] Resolve category issue of relisting. I havent notice any difference in a follower boost increasing my sales. CrossLister: Make more money by cross-listing items to multiple marketplaces. This method propagates onward until you have followed 7,500 users. All Rights Reserved. They are those Depop famous/celebrity accounts whose pictures, merchandise, etc may not be nearly as good as yours and you may feel its unfair that they are just selling stuff fast because of their name or exposure. I much rather build up my following with people who choose to follow me and are more likely to be engaged with me as a seller because they dig my shop. Close. It wont take long for the Harley Davidson shirt to get buried with other listings as more and more items are added to the feed by other sellers as #nothing new has 224, 013 results. * 1.5.5 [Feature & Enhancement] If that sounds like you, you need an assistant. Having a larger following on Depop creates a more established shop, giving customers more confidence when buying your items. I wanted to cry when the trial ended but eventually came back because debob is just the better option. Best Part of aiming for attractive content is that the kind of followers gained are already into your ITEMS. If you want to build social media as a catalyst for selling on Depop as well as other things there is a time and investment component to that. I am not responsible for any resulting action that comes from using this script (such as the suspension of your account or legal action). You can follow the likers of posts based on keywords and follow other shops customers, enabling you to follow users who are engaged, active on Depop and, most importantly, interested in your items! Because when Jesus lives in our hearts, He makes all the wrong things right. Type the name of a user (can be any user, e.g. Try it out for 100% free, no card needed! - API Upgrade: Unlike All Products. Pick a nice theme for your depop product photos examples of nice theme ideas for depop includes : Style your models well even if you are selling one item, add in accessories on the model that makes the actual product look nicer. * 2.0.1 [BugFix] Fix service worker inactive issue. I can tell you being salty about someones perceived advantage is not putting any more money in your pocket. For those social media peeps that are killing it and are crossing over to Depop to sell and you want to be like themthen you have to decide if that is your path to success. Thank you so so much for making a winning tool to help small businesses like me! If you are a depop seller with a smaller inventory, the product is 100% free on us. Depop Bot allows you to unfollow users quickly! Depop is an app that looks a little like Instagram, but serves the same purpose as eBay. You can like other peoples posts on depop to increase your level of engagement on the platform. As the TikToker pointed out, it wasn't just normal people who unfollowed. You know that there is a good chance they will like what you are selling! . * Skip option for mass follow Put each item on a similar color background. this app has literally saved my life, saves you time from sitting there and refreshing several products when you can just do it at the click of a button! Buy clothing from a diverse community of sellers who bring fashion to life Stay up to date with trends and get styling inspiration as you scroll Follow your friends and favourite influencers and see what they're into right now Sell your clothes and make money to buy your next look I continued selling and now I have sold over 200 items. How? Follow Pop is your answer. Tired of spending tons of time on refreshing your listings, sending mass messages to people, following people, unfollowing people, liking items, unliking items And worse, you can only deal with all these stuffs on your phone? Depop seller Sydny Sky told me that she makes anywhere between $800 and $1,500 a week by following a few simple rules, some of which also worked for me: Write a compelling description "Photos. * 1.5.9 [Enhancement] Add a Debob guide. * 2.0.9 [Enhancement] Support for other Chrome-based browsers. Depop Bot The Ultimate Guide (2020) | by Depop Bot - Debob | Medium 500 Apologies, but something went wrong on our end. What is a Depop Unfollow Bot? My account was deleted 5/9/2018 citing a violation of the terms of service * Automatically refresh listings with one click But i can't vouch for them. Depop follow bot runs on the following operating systems: Windows. When some (not all) people see that you follow way to many people on depop compared to your followers it can be a turn off. Depop has a following limit of 7501 ! Completing the look was a jumper from Vinted, her dad's shirt, a secondhand jacket from Depop and a charity shop bag for 5. Many Git commands accept both tag and branch names, so creating this branch may cause unexpected behavior. Learn more: as well as do many more things like refresh your listings, send messages to your followers, unfollow your following and much more. 2023 Hawstein Studio. Add up to four photos and one video. bump is the only depop bot that offers a free forever plan. Install chromedriver ( Items powered by the Depop community. I feel my sales have naturally grown based on the fact I took TLC building my brand, providing good customer service and making sure I have the right inventory, period! Dragonbot saves me so much time every day, I cant imagine my life without it!, Since subscribing to dragonbot my sales have increased and I have a lot more time for sourcing stock and taking photos, Great extension. * Whitelist users before batch unfollowing Have liked tons of products which may be outdated or not your style anymore? Depop is my fave and to have an extension that makes my life a little easier, cause we all know we could use that, I hope to see manymany more great things to come!!. For more of the best Depop shops, check out 5 Killer Depop Finds and 10 Trendy Small Businesses We're Obsessed With. Now go enjoy your life, Debob will take care of the rest. For example: if you sell Y2K items on depop, you should directly state that in your bio. We have very similar styles and I think you did a great job!. * Batch message all followers * 1.6.4 [Feature & Enhancement] Our bot allows even allows you to whitelist users from being unfollowed when cleaning up your following count on depop ! Follow Pop is an automation application for Windows. * 2.0.6 [Enhancement] Save selected items order to Debob server. and you are all set. Why? What is in your span of control is bumping for the default output for the customers who are just scrolling from the top of the feed to the bottom. The program has been renewed following the success . * 1.6.5 [BugFix] Resolve the refresh limit invalid issue. Debob helps you get more followers and likes, spend less time and make more money on Depop. A percentage of those people will follow you back quickly. * 1.6.14 [Feature] Relist / clone product. An Account with a verified badge especially one that shows up in the Explore Page area will undoubtedly help a seller sell more because of the exposure. Join our. - Whitelist users before batch unfollowing. More than 25 million items are available on the app, at any time, and Depop takes a 10% cut of sales transactions across the board. We are still working hard to build more features into Debob. Sorry if this a dumb question but is this a common method to gain more attention to your shop and does it actually work. * Skip option for scheduled refreshing Simply sit back and let DragonBot do the work for you! looking for at a price they are willing to pay. Refreshing your listings manually can take hours per day, but with bump, you can put this tedious work on autopilot. Set up your auto-follow settings on the 'following' tab and click 'Start Task'. . Aim to succeed with where you are at in this moment. You will first be prompted to login with your depop credentials. Courtesy of Paris Jennings/6T9. Depop Program to follower and unfollow users Status As recently as November 2019, it has become apparent that Depop is not allowing users to follow other users via their online website. Amazing! Alternatively. Also, running parallel to why I dont spend a lot of time with following endeavors is because this a part-time hustlemy time is precious and I streamline my business so that it can be profitable so devoting time for following is just not worth it from a cost benefit analysis perspective. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. gsvwear) and press enter. E.g. Did you know that your bio on depop can not only get you more sales but actually help you get more depop followers ? * 1.6.0 [Feature] Many people appreciate it a lot and will likely follow you back. It makes random delays between every action and tries to be more like a human. You can automate getting followers easily by using a depop bot like selleraider. You can auto follow and unfollow other Depop users from the Follow Pop interface. * Message a seller on an item sometimes I wouldnt even bother cross listing if I knew the item would seller This is where a depop unfollow bot comes in! * 1.4.3 [BugFix] Fix the refresh listings not working bug. This stops the bot overwhelming Depops servers, meaning you can effectively use all DragonBot features! * 1.5.7 [Enhancement] Sorry if this a dumb question but is this a common method to gain more attention to your shop and does it actually work? Then you will have more seats to follow other users. Use at your own risk and do not abuse. Take for example if I am searching the popular Depop hashtag #nothing new, at 9:28 AM is the picture of the feed without my Harley Davidson shirt listed, then I immediately shared it at 9:28 AM and then it came to the top of the feed at 9:30 AM.