do viking longships have laundry facilities?

In case you havent seen it already, be sure to read our Rhine Getaway Travelogue. I think it is always best to book your excursions as soon as possible. Viking must believe that adagebecause they major in minors so well. I was wondering Howard if you or anyone has taken the Viking River Cruise Paris & the Heart of Normandy. Without question, the onboard coffee and cookie station was a regular hangout of ours. Grand Circle offers a paid laundry service on all of its vessels. Jerry and I just returned from a journey down the most ancient of backroads, on a 15-day Grand European river cruise through five countries on three rivers. These dont have floor-to-ceiling windows because part of these cabins is underneath the water level. But Viking celebrations are not that way. Do you have any recommendations for the shore excursions on this cruise? Hi Sue! 19952023, The Independent Traveler, Inc. Do Viking Ocean ships have laundry facilities or services? Do people dress for dinner more formally than when touring? You then have Verandah suites which have a seating area, a balcony and bedroom area. Backroad Planet is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees at no cost to the consumer by linking to and affiliated sites. Tips For Travellers 2023. The machines are a lot simpler to use. My one complaint is that there are no laundry baskets for us to use. So comfortable, casual wear will make up the majority of your wardrobe. . My favorite part of returning to the ship after daily activities was the literal helping hand of Attila, the hotel manager, assuring that we ladies were escorted safely back on board!!!! I lived in Germany for 5 years, and just returned from a River cruise two weeks ago,. Its ancestor was, doubtless, the dugout, and the longship remained double-ended. Ship executives such as the hotel manger, matre d, executive chef, and concierge were gregariouspeople with big personalities who filled the gathering spaces with their warmth. I have not yet done a Viking Mississippi cruise, so I have no special tips. Cant say enough Wonderful Comments about VIKING River Cruise!!! . Hi there- this post is wonderfulthank you!! I am so sorry that I cannot provide any information about car rentals in Basel, other than I know that car rentals are always more expensive at airports. Totes Womens Reversible, Packable Travel Rain Poncho. If you want to find out more about Viking River Cruises or river cruising in Europe, watch my other Tips for Travellers videos: Just before you come into the lounge is the 24-hour tea and coffee making facilities. Most river cruises are between 7 to 15 days. Viking Longships are consistent and have the same facilities across the entire fleet. Who knows . Your information soothed some of our fears, since my husband has very high expectations. Geez! To help you with the dress code on a river cruise, we give you some ideas for day and evening wear. You should be able to do this on My Viking Journey, and you can always make changes later, even after you are already on board. If you find you need more charging space for cameras, phones or even a laptop, we recommend bringing apower strip from your home country. Not dirt cheap. Note that Viking river ships do not have fitness centers, which is relatively unusual for river ships. , but the pleasure of shipboard amenities was all ours. Im more eager now to plan a river cruise. I will keep up with your blog and let you and your readers know how things went. On a few rivers in Euro. travelmum, January 3, 2018 in Viking Ocean. You will love it! So happy that you are about to embark on an unforgettable experience. Either way the clothes came out clean, not sure why there might be a difference. From a blogger on another site, I was given the information that the Viking onboard concierge will assist us with arranging a taxi and even provide us with a time to be ready to disembark. A mischievous waiter snuck us out some cookies the first night, but after that we learned to grab a stash after lunch to carry to our cabin for later. Loved the pictures as well as the descriptions of daily life on the Viking vessel. Im not going to tell him of what you wrote, this way he can be pleasantly surprised. If this is your first time, you definitely dont want to miss touring the windmills at this UNESCO site. While this is an open invitation to pickpockets, it is also how people often lose phones, wallets and other personal items when travelling. I will be taking my first Viking cruise in less than 2 weeks and have one very important question I am hoping you can answer. We always recommend packing a change of clothes (or two), some basic toiletries, and essential medications and documents in your carry-on luggage when you travel. . These 7 Things Throw Norwegian Fjords Cruisers Every Time! You will love it! I am not familiar with taxis in Basel because I used Vikings transfer service while there. Paid laundry services are available on all Viking River Cruises ships. Viking provides good quality, powerful hairdryers in each cabin. Weve been to great locations in the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America, but this is our first European adventure. Hi Bonnie! Thank you for recommending Viking River cruises when we met on Fathom, Ive enjoyed reading your articles and cant wait to try one! Hi Howard, Best way to get from Heathrow to Eurostar at St Pancras? You can change your mind at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from us, or by contacting us at, Explore the World with Viking Expeditions: An Insiders Guide, The Viking Great Lakes Explorer: An Expedition Travelogue, Viking Christmas River Cruises: A Rhine Getaway Travelogue, 4 New Viking Mississippi River Cruise Routes Announced, Portugal in Panorama: A Viking River of Gold Annotated Photo Gallery, European Panoramas: A Viking Grand European Annotated Photo Gallery, Viking Ocean Cruises: A Guide for Planning a Voyage of a Lifetime, Viking Ocean Cruises to Norway & the UK: An Into the Midnight Sun Travelogue, 18 Reasons to Cruise the Mediterranean on the Viking Star, The Viking Sun Embarks on the Inaugural World Cruise. Thanks so much for your kind words, Susan! One of the great advantages of a river cruise is being able to unpack once and relax for the rest of your cruise. I have really enjoyed reading your insights and your answers to commentors remarks and questions. With this in mind, weve put together this Viking River Cruise packing list, loaded with helpful cruise packing tips to help you get ready for yourriver cruise or even your first Viking Ocean Cruise. Right -my count was wrong. Meet a master boatbuilder and learn about the role these vessels played in Viking society centuries ago. ), Hair straightener or curler if you use one You DO NOT NEED a hairdryer. Great news. After showering and shampooing, oftentwice a daywithFreyja Collection products, I am a true fan. Saving for another trip. Some may resort to using the shower onboard or the sink--something more common for travelers using youth hostels than a high priced river cruise. Along with certain wines and beer, soft drinks are free too at lunch and dinner. A smart dress shirt or polo can quickly dress up a casual look for men, and a lovely shawl and change of shoes can quickly transform a casual outfit for ladies. Thank you, Katherine! My husband and I will be taking our first Viking Cruise in a week. You would need to contact Viking directly for a response. document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2013 - 2023 | Backroad Planet, Top 11 Viking River Cruise Ship Amenities. They are easy to pack, easy to carry and pack flat when not in use. A Viking ship containing iconic characters from Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder movie makes LEGO Marvel The Goat Boat (76208) an ideal gift for kids aged 8 and up. Also, on this level you have a small library and a small computer area where you have a couple of computers, for people that have not brought their own laptops or tablets. Also, choose shoes with a good grip. Your soap may over suds in these washers and that could really make a mess. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There is nothing worse than a sunburn on your holiday. You may want to increase this accordingly for each additional week you are travelling. Amenities and Services; Viking Health & Safety Program; My Viking Journey; Can't find the answer you're looking for? Viking stateroom baths are stocked with the fragrance of fresh. Too many people forget about sun protection when sightseeing around cities and local attractions. Both the washer and dryer work. Sorry to hear you had this experience, Magdalena. Forsake Phil Chukka Mens Casual Leather Mid-Top, Johnston & Murphy Woven Slip-on Sneaker Shoe. Tell us all about it? Although we could never enumerate the countlesswaysViking provided us the finest in creature comforts, there are a few luxurious standouts we could not let go unmentioned. whole length of the Longship. There are no formal nights and recommended evening dress is elegant casual such as a dress, skirt or slacks with a sweater or blouse for ladies; for gentlemen, trousers and a collared shirt. Hope this helps, and enjoy your cruise! One thing we love about Viking River Cruise vessels is the ample storage in the cabins. An elevator connects the middle and upper deck.. Kim & David. Easy care, wrinkle-free, breathable fabrics are best. At each port, you will have numerous shore activities and excursions to choose from including lots of free walking tours. Weve rounded up the Best Luggage Trackers and Smart Tags to help you find lost luggage fast. Watch Video The Original Longships Delve into the past for a look into the art of building a Viking longship. River Cruise Advisor | Avid Cruiser | About | Terms & Full Disclosure | Privacy | Contact | Subscribe. We have cruised the Danube between Nuremburg and Budapest, and you will love it. Ties and jackets are a personal choice. Hi Albert, and thanks for your kind words. Your email address will not be published. Bluffworks Lightweight Travel Utility Scarf. . I know you will not be disappointed in Viking. These have balconies which you can sit out on, slightly smaller cabin than the Verandah Suites. Lets talk about some of the things that you will not find onboard a Viking Longship. Your account is clearly in line with the many ways I have observed Viking Cruises go overboard to accommodate their passengers every need. They also are more forgiving if you do overpack a little or pick up one too many souvenirs on your trip. Both the washer and dryer work well. First of all, like all river cruising ships, there is no medical centre. They are also good if visiting dusty areas for covering your face. I do not recall there being bathroom wall railing, but the floors were not slippery. (Not every cruise company will have this so you should check in advance if cruising with a different company). Find out more on this short tour. See you soon! Travelon Addison-Anti-Theft-Convertible Crossbody/Belt Bag, Travelon Origin Anti-Theft Waistpack/Sling Bag treated with Silvadur antimicrobial technology. the beautician and the beast full movie 1997; . My daughters and I are booked on the Tulips and Windmills cruise in April 2020. There are seven (7) Veranda Suites on each of the Viking River Cruises Longships. Image Credit: Joyce Hill, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons. So glad I found your site. The Snekkja is thought to have carried a crew of around 40 Vikings. Perhaps some of our readers can provide insight. You definitely need a good pair of walking shoes (sneakers) for excursions. Washers, dryers, soap, ironing boards. The fees for European river cruises range in price from $1 per item to $6 per item. Ranging from 45 to 75 feet (14 to 23 metres) in length, clinker-built (with overlapped planks), and carrying a single square sail, the longship was exceptionally sturdy in heavy seas. Pack some long-sleeved sweaters or cardigans as well as short and long-sleeved tops and shirts. Did you ship laundry out to be cleaned or brought enough clothes for the two weeks? Classified by Cruise Critic as "small ships," the fleet features understated elegance and modern Scandinavian . We too are on the Star on deck 3 and our machines are different. Many posts on this site also contain links to accommodation, travel and activity booking sites. We are preparing for our first Viking cruise and this and another of your posts have been incredibly helpful! Were going on the Rhine Getaway this summer. And not to hammer home the point, but Viking cruises are truly luxurious. do viking longships have laundry facilities?javascript open new tab but stay on current page do viking longships have laundry facilities? I hope you meet on board and share your adventures with us upon your return. Viking also offers smaller versions of its Longships that have fewer balcony cabins, as well as a few different types of river ships with varying numbers of balcony cabins. We always keep some of these handy wipes in our bag. I am truly envious of your road trip through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. By Complimentary self-service Guest Laundry, including washing machines, detergent, fabric softener, dryers, irons and ironing boards are provided on Deck 1 on Crystal Bach, Crystal Mahler, Crystal Debussy and Crystal Ravel. The price list is located in each stateroom. January 19, 2018. best class to play neverwinter 2021. Hugs! This trip is in celebration of our 45th anniversary and we hope it to be very memorable. All river cruises offer complimentary umbrellas on board as just one of the. I did ours in the evening. Viking Aton; Viking Osiris; Viking Ra; MS Antares; Viking Mississippi Ships. Loud, obnoxious settingsmake me want to head for the hills. Thoughtfully engineered to get you closer to your destination, they provide unprecedented levels of comfort, including spacious staterooms with full-size verandas, the largest suites on Europes rivers and the most al fresco dining. Established cruise agencies have access to special rates and can help you monitor fares and promotions so you book at the right time for the best price. My travel philosophy is, Were here now, meaning to take advantage of every minute while at a destination. Will my husband need a sport coat? Laundry and pressing services areavailable on Avalon Waterways for a fee. Was thinking three but wrote 2. We were guests of Viking Cruises, but the pleasure of shipboard amenities was all ours. Reasonable. maybe I too will be one of the lucky ones who has flowers and fruit waiting for me when I arrive. Viking . Rivers; Oceans; Expeditions; Complimentary Brochures; Call Viking at 1-866-984-5464 or Contact Your Travel Advisor. If you prefer a sling bag, weve got the best selection of Sling Backpacks for men & women here. Exactly CORRECT! But nice, comfortable slide sandals are perfect for on board. You have a choice of four different types of accommodation on a Longship. Hi Vicki! And why I need a vacation! You are guaranteed a spot on included tours, so no need to worry about missing out on those. A year in advance or closer to date of cruise? They are not expensive and can be a lifesaver when you really need that bit of extra battery. If cruising in the warmer months dont get caught without sun protection. We have a Viking insider tips post going live on Monday. Sylvia. I have been on ocean cruises before but not river cruises and as a solo traveler I am hoping that people are friendly and willing to allow me to hang out with them. Hi my husband and I also did the Grand European Tour in August 2014 and agree with every word which the writer has eloquently written. If stability is an issue, perhaps an accessible stateroom would be a better choice. Look for posts by Peregrina who took the time to take and post pictures of the laundry facilities. There are no laundry services or facilities offered onboard any of CroisiEuropes ships. When reviewing the river cruise itinerary, look carefully at any excursions you may want to take or have already booked. Suitable for narrow rivers and choppy seas, yet light enough for carrying across land, the innovative and versatile design of the longship . Thanks for the advice. Loved the cows, loved the cheese-tasting, and loved the tour. Very nice article, Howard! There is no need to bring any fancy jewellery. Lots of helpful information in this forum. where is gabriella quevedo now benefits of 8 mukhi rudraksha do viking longships have laundry facilities? Wine, beer and soft drinks are included with lunch and with dinner. Safe travels and bon voyage! Glad we could help. Laundry services may be arranged through your Suite Attendant or your Butler. A very good crew-to-passenger ratio. Things we havent thought of? . Bear in mind on river cruise ships, and this is true also on Viking, the cabins are pretty small because you dont have a huge amount of space. In 2005, I launched Tips for Travellers to make it easy and fun for people to discover, plan and enjoy incredible cruise vacations. You have just whet my appetite even more for one of these cruises. There are no formal nights on a river cruise. Will be jotting down all your tips from your other article! Foldable and Packable Sun Hats for Travel, Foldable & Packable Fedora Panama Straw Hat. My husband and I did Paris and the Heart of Normandy as our first Viking cruise in 2013. You can highlight this with one or two pastels or brighter accent colours depending on your style. Oceans. Spending eight days slowly exploring France is a great way to become immersed in French history, culture, and scenic beauty. I cant wait for the fun to begin and have all the attention that is promised. Most river cruises are between 7 to 15 days. We are beyond excited as this is our first trip to Europe! Personal Quote Price lists are available in your stateroom. Laundry Facility Included in Fare: There are several washers and dryers located around the ship for light loads. Hi Anne! Lightweight long sleeved shirts are perfect for hot sunny days. great. Hi Nancy! Your email address will not be published. Hi Sandy! This means if you make a purchase after clicking on a link, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Plan Your Hanoi Itinerary. Search for 'Self Serve Laundry aboard Viking Ocean Ships' and there are lots of hints and tips. You have questions - we have answers. If the self-serve laundry facilities get overused it sounds like ship service might be the way to go. Hi, Laura! We will be going on our first Viking River Cruise next July. You have an onboard pianist too, and they play at lunchtime, afternoon tea and before and after dinner. . Booking in advance gives you more security with getting the cruise date and stateroom you want. If you choose one of the evening excursions, you may want to pack something a little dressier. The AIS position was reported 2 minutes ago. You will be doing aconsiderable amount of walking and even some easy to moderate hikes on some excursions. However, I would pretty much jump onboard any ship to anywhere at this point! Your info is most helpful. I too am looking forward to another Viking cruisethe only questions are wherewhen? Please tell us all about your travels when you return! Please keep us updated about your journey, and bon voyage! shooting in pontiac today; teso chevalier dragon dps vigueur pve; shenandoah woods warminster pa before and after; no limit boxing promotions; do viking longships have laundry facilities? Powered by - Designed with theHueman theme, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Silversea Expedition Cruises Tips: Watch-Outs And Need-to-Knows, Viking River Cruises Tips, Must-Knows and Watch Outs, Going On 100 Cruises Taught Me 7 CRUCIAL Cruise Tricks, 13 Things I Wish Id Know Before Doing A Disney Cruise, 10 Things European River Cruise Lines Dont Like Talking About, How to Gamble on a cruise to unlock perks How it really works by someone who does it. The next level down is probably where one of the most important, and popular, parts of the ship is: the dining room. We are first time cruisers and chose a river cruise because it tempted us more than one of those huge floating cities. Start with a predominantly neutral colour scheme -black, white, beige, tan and grey. It means so much to know my tips have helped someone about to embark on a Viking European river cruise. I leave next Thursday for the Rhine River cruise with an elderly friend. Since then, we have done 7 other Viking cruises and have 2 more booked for this year. In case you didnt see them already, be sure to check out our 24 Viking River Cruise Insider Tips and Viking Christmas River Cruises: A Rhine Getaway Travelogue for more information and tons of photos. Hi Pat! Generic Premium Earbuds/Headphones with Stereo Mic & Remote Control for Smartphones. I did the Rhine Getaway Christmas Markets cruise last December. If you would liketo combine the luxuries of an all-inclusive resort with travel to authentic scenic and historical destinations, then a Viking river cruise is your best bet! Hi Denise! but alas the cookies were not. The lounge is where you have the bar. There are a couple of cabins on board which are designed for people with accessibility I could go on and on and perhaps I will another day. I agree that Attila was a wonderful hotel manager who truly cared for all of his guests. Regards, Pat. They have a long history in Scandinavia and were used as early as the fourth century BC. He tends to overplan, always cramming too many activities and destinations in a single itinerary. Allow for one heavier, windproof jacket, although leave overly bulky or heavy clothing at home. Exploring the Dom cathedral inside and outside at breathtaking heights just blew me away! scenery, people like to have meals up there. They can become cumbersome when on the move. Thank you so much! Never miss a post by signing up below and every new post will be sent direct to you. Lunch is also buffet, often with a pasta station and then you can also order you a starter, main course and desserts from a menu. There's a sturdy clothes line in the shower. We are taking the Rhine Getaway Cruise next month (Jun 24) and I was wondering if there were any recommendations you had for cities along the route that perhaps werent official Viking tours, but spots you felt should not be missed during the free time! They distributed bottles of water to keep us hydrated during the record-breakingheatwave of the European summer and to send us off with enthusiasticwishes for the day. Howard, thanks for your insights. On some daily excursions, you will board the tour bus in one port and return to ship at another port. Layering is the best way to combat changeable conditions when travelling even from morning to night or when transiting in airports. Staying fit on a Viking river cruise is easy enough, however, as you will be very active when in port and walking through towns and cities on exciting tours. There is a laundry service onboard the Viking river cruises. On Viking River Cruises, there is no need to bring basic toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap, or body lotion. Dont forget to carry some hand sanitiser with you. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner here. Thank you, Debbie! It will only be something for you to worry about on the cruise. Thanks! This is very important because they are the same: the same look, the same feel, the same layout. Last week when we used the laundry room on the Viking Sky, there was a 5 gallon bucket underneath the soap dispensers to the right of the laundry machines. Easier to build and still capable of carrying plenty of bounty, the Snekkja was probably the most popular Viking longship. You may like to take a second pair of day shoes for around the ship that can transition to evening and one pair of dressier shoes for evening excursions. Stay current with special offers, news and destination-focused content. I first discovered the ship housekeeping staff one morning when I awoke earlier than usual. And the ironing board is difficult to use for a left-handed person like me. Welcome to My Viking Journey, our online portal designed exclusively for guests to prepare for their upcoming voyage. Thanks. Thanks. Weve heard a lot of fabulous reviews about the Viking experience and decided this to be our choice. Sounds like you have planned a wonderful celebration with Viking cruises. We took this cruise to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary and Viking kindly allowed us to have a symbolic vow renewal onboard attended by two couples whom we met on the cruise and the simple ceremony was conducted by the Captain in the Wheelhouse along with a beautiful cake, flowers, champagne and photographs all at the expense of Viking. Thanks for sharing about your upcoming Viking cruise. Contact us: email; Search Help & FAQs. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am most definitely NOT a party animal. Spacious staterooms, indoor and outdoor dining venues and panoramic views enrich your travel experience. Hi Wanda! If you have embarked on a river cruise, what shipboard amenities did you enjoy?