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Our clients have become our friends as most of them have returned to hunt with us year after year since we have started. Home About Us Contact Gallery Hunts & Prices Lodge . The Mountain View Elk Ranch, at 6,000 feet elevation, is handicapped accessible from rolling to rugged terrain scattered with Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine for concealing the archery enthusiast, untouched enough for black powder, and expansive enough for today's high power stage. Check out an earlier report for the full 2021 deer and elk harvest stats. Settled on a high-fence ranch hunt. The Henry's Fork is a tributary of the Snake River that cuts a path 127 miles long through southeastern Idaho. Elk Tags in our area are sold over-the-counter on a first come/first serve basis through Idaho Fish and Game. Combined, Mile High has approximately six hundred and fifty square miles of hunting and fishing area in the Frank Church Wilderness and the Salmon River Mountains.The wilderness fish and game units are 26, 27 and 20-A which is considered the Middle Fork elk zone. Terrain, size, layout, balanced animal populations, the very conditions that determine quality hunting anywhere determine the quality of the experience, fenced or unfenced. fishing trips can be booked as guided or drop camp for both lake and stream fishing. There is no room for stupidity when it comes to firearms. This family does everything it can to make your wilderness hunting and fishing trip enjoyable and safe. Physical fitness is a must if you accompany us on one of our wilderness or front range hunts. These hunts are offered on a Wed. or Sat and are fully guided. We are in the heart of aspen, spruce and alpine park country, big canyons and breathtaking high country beauty in all directions. The lodging and operation that supports this amazing high fence elk hunt enclosure is the best of the best. We work with a few fenced elk hunting operation that are over 4,000 acres in mountainous country. Each year hunters cancel out due to work, health issues, etc. We have found that most problems come from a lack of communication, and we have done everything we can to give you as much information as possible. I got a nice bull the first morning and that was great. All our Elk hunts are fair chase on a combination of public land and private property. With a warm shower,amazing Dutch Oven meals and a roaring fire at night, the Spike Camp offers anunique western experience. We do not offer any High Fence or Elk farm type hunts. Thank you so much. First, use your trip cancelation insurance. Combined, Mile High has approximately six hundred and fifty square miles of hunting and fishing area in the Frank Church Wilderness and the Salmon River Mountains. If you are interested in a trophy bull elk over 400", please contact us for availability and pricing. Lots of great elk! We do not put drop campers on top of guided hunters or vice versa. Pricing & Specials Idaho Buffalo Hunts Idaho Mule Deer Hunts - Castle Creek Outfitters Mile High will send a recommended gear list for your trip and there are two videos on this site thatcover some of the items you may or may not need during your hunting or fishing trip. Thank you for a wonderful time at your ranch. A set of antlers on a mature bull can weigh up to 40 . Trophy elk hunts are for bulls up to 330. Rawhide Outfitters Bulls shed and grow a new set of antlers every year. We apologize if you do not fit this category, but we work hard to provide the best riding stock possible. Because the elk are the most active at day break, most of the hunting is done in the mornings, this will give you the best opportunity to get a nice bull. I look foward to a return trip. The ranch is in steep and rolling terrain but has well kept roads and can accommodate anybodys physical ability. Handicapped Accessible Hunts *Information and prices on website are subject to change without notice, please contact us for the most accurate and current information and prices. We care deeply for our horses and mules, and we cant risk clients hurting them. Its terrain makes the property feel big and the hunting can be challenging depending on your wishes on how you want to hunt it. If youre looking to capture the spirit of Idahos wilderness heritage then we also offer the best affordable guaranteed buffalo hunts in Idaho. You can also choose any hunting method you want; rifle, archery, hand gun, crossbow, or even black powder. Hunt Package: 5 nights, 4 days. Pinpoint Outfitters LLC 2023. Lion hunts are only booked as a 11. Elk season is two months long and runs from September 15- November 18. The river is in the back yard!, Thanks for the hospitality and the good times. The photo gallery to the right is an accurate representation of typically harvested trophy bull elk. Even though the front range is more accessible, it has very limited tags. Hike, ride or horsback through the mountaneous lanscape. There is no smoking in the lodge. A bull elk bugle echoes through the high country on a cool September morning. Therefore, as an example, on the up to 350" package you can expect to harvest a bull somewhere in the 325"-350" range. I will definitely pass on the word about your ranch. There is no age limit. We offer an amazing 100% Well organized and fun people to be around. Rawhide Outfitters is operated under special use permit with the Salmon-Challis National Forest. We really enjoyed the 3 days. The elk was killed on a ranch in Idaho and not in the wild, Idaho's KEZJ reports. By September, antlers are solid bone. Description: Guests participating on this pacage generally harvest a bull between 375" - 400". The wilderness has a long rifle season stretching from Sept. 15- Nov. 18 for elk, deer, bear lion and wolf. Phone: 208.663.4585 Email: cindy@junipermountain.net Web: junipermountain.net Idaho Elk Outfitters - Guided Elk Hunts | Idaho Hunting Guides and Trips A camo clad archer waits excitedly as a herd bull pushes his cows in for a drink from a high mountain spring. We offer 10,000 acres of high fence hunting and 50,000 acres of private free range hunting in Utah and Idaho. The oldest hunter we have ever taken was 94. Guided Elk Hunting Tips - Elk Ranch near Me | Idaho Hunting Outfitters Mile High Outfitters has an allocation of guaranteed elk and deer tags for our clients but they are limited so we encourage hunters to book early. Youve created a very special place and a great experience. The elk harvest dropped about 10 percent last year, but was well within the usual year-to-year fluctuations and just below the 10-year average of 20,804 elk. Please let us know what your expectations are and we will tailor an experience just for you. The cabin was great and the food was unbelievable. We do offer a few QUALITY high fence hunts. A great place, great people, awesome elk. Thanks for all you did for us in making a spectacular time! You can use any weapon and they are able to accommodate handicapped hunters as well. Just wanted to thank Barry and Sharla for the wonderful elk hunt last week. Guided Hunts for Elk, Bear, Aoudad, and More, Guided Hunting Trips in Idaho, Texas, Africa, Alaska, New Mexico. 2023 trophy hunts in the lodge are almost sold out. Thanks for the memories!, The comforts of home and the beauty of Idaho. 3 nights and four days lodging are included in your hunt. (5 days) $6,500 Our Mule Deer season is October 10th-31stNon-resident license $154.75, Deer tag $301.75 Mule Deer hunts include 5.5 days of guided hunting on our private ranch, 6 nights lodging, meals and non-alcoholic beverages. We very seldom have over three elk hunters in a camp at a time. Hunters will be calling to bulls during the rut and spotting and stalking outside of the rut. If you feel young enough at heart to join us on an adventure, we will do our best to accommodate you. Thank you for a marvelous time. There is no extra charge for a non-hunting companion that shares your room. Hunting is open from the beginning of September to the End of December. Age catches all of us and unlike obesity, it is not a choice. This way you can inspect the workmanship up front. The only downside is finding enough time to go again. Mile High Outfitters offers horseback, tent camp, wilderness hunting and fishing trips in the Frank Church Wilderness in Central Idaho. The easiest deer Ive ever killed were whitetails in Illinois, Nebraska, and South Dakota, due to these universal truisms, but lack of hunting pressure. We look forward to coming back!, I came to have a good time and I had aVERYgood time. We are currently taking contracts and deposits for 2024 and 2025. Because we do not overbook, we expect each client to follow the contract. Stay in the luxurious comfort of The property is in classic elk woods of Utah with quakeys and timber. Dont get this part wrong, its beautiful and nice but hasnt lost its hunting essence. Both areas use horses and mules and offer tent camp accommodations. Hunting Rocky Mountain Elk is not only a passion of many but a bucket list hunt for most. Every once in a while a parent gets the opportunity to make a dream come true for their child. Mule deer, Shiras moose, buffalo and cougar hunts are also available. The front range, because it is more accessible, has a shorter rifle season but also has an archery season for elk and deer. Our herd of approximately 500elk range naturally and freely within this private sanctuary. We typically have six to seven hunters at a lodge at one time. and range up into the 400 + SCI. The wilderness fish and game units are 26, 27 and 20-A which is considered the Middle Fork elk zone. Elk Hunts Idaho | Guaranteed Tags | Mile High Outfitters License: There is no license required for our high fence trophy elk hunts. Great hunt and wonderful food. High Fence Trophy Elk Hunts - motherwelllodge All of our bulls are great! We may hunt with horses, ATVs, 4-wheel drive vehicles and on foot depending on the areas you want to access and your physical condition. $13,450.00 Ill be back if you all will have me & my son. We got some great ideas for my future renovations on our place especially the hickory cabinets. Guaranteed Utah Shiras Moose Hunt - Fully Guided Golightly's Trophy Elk Hunts Eldon 208-339-1377 Greg 208-339-4510. lOCATION. Since then weve added elk hunts in units 28, 36 and 36-B. We pack in to our mountain camps using an experienced pack string of horses. Travis and Brendas two boys, Charlie and Clay Bullock are the 4th generation of Bullocks to hunt and fish the same area. Of course, these mounts were completed earlier in the year, professionally tanned and completely finished; all they lack are the antlers. We offer more than just Elk hunts. This is my 4th Elk trip and I shot my biggest bull yet. The same is true of a black bear in Idaho. Our guides, all with a lifetime of experience, have the knowledge, techniques and love of the hunt to ensure a fun and memorable hunt. They offer both fly in and pack in hunting and fishing trips into the Frank Church Wilderness and the Salmon River Mountains. Gratuities are not included in the price of your hunt. It is fairly simple. Elk Rifle Hunting: Wilderness Fly/Pack In, Guided and Unguided High Mountain Lake Fishing Idaho. The package you book determines the type of bull you will hunt. Broadmouth Canyon Ranch | Hunters - Broadmouth Canyon Ranch If you wound an animal, that is the only one of that species you are allowed to shoot unless the guide feels the animal will be fine. We hunt from September 1st through Nov. 15th, and our hunts are 100% guaranteed. Some serious issues have arisen with avid hunters in Idaho after a potential record-breaking elk was shot. This averages $5-$7/lb depending on your zip code. In 2014 we opened up our ranch for a limited number of guided mule deer hunts. Trophy Elk Hunts | Guaranteed Elk Hunts in Colorado | High Fence Estate Guaranteed Elk Hunts - Idaho Guided Elk Hunt Prices | Idaho Outfitters The hunt ends at noon on your third day. Success rates are VERY hunter dependent. We can accommodate every hunter need, ability and group size. The antlers harden from the inside out, and by late summer the velvet peels away, revealing the hardened bone. Shipping & crating charges are extra. , Jeff & Alana, Elk hunters should find plenty of elk in most of the state | Idaho Fish Just wanted to let you know I brought home my mount from Wildlife Expressions and got it up on the wall. It's pretty tough otherwise. We have a local meat processor for those wishing to have their elk cut and frozen before you leave. Their great grandfather, Claude Bullock took their grandfather Craig elk hunting on Big Creek in 1957; back when it was known as the Idaho Primitive area. Choose your style of hunting (tree stand, still, spot & stalk or calling), Hunt with any weapon (rifle, muzzleloader, or archery). Hunt Package: 5 nights, 4 days. This contract protects both you and Mile High. Thanks again., Thanks! 11-26-2012, 10:48 AM. Hunters will be driven in nice 4 x 4s or side by side UTVs. Shoulder Mounts start at $1,350. They maintain their string of horses, mules, riding saddles, pack equipment, tents, trucks, trailers, snowmobiles and ATVs constantly. Thank you for making us feel at home., Thank you for a wonderful hunt. The second time you do it, we will haul you back to the trailhead and send you home. Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch | Sugar City ID - Facebook I would highly recommend this place., What can I say!!! 40,000 acres of pine and aspen-covered hillsides abound with game and Beauty, ranging from 5,500 to 7,500 feet in elevation. For more information on Cow Elk Hunting at High Adventure Ranch, please call (314) 209-9800 or fill out our contact form. There is no extra fee for our guide service, but working for tips, the guides and the cook appreciate your recognition of their efforts. Fish and Game laws and ethics. The main issue is how the elk was killed. People involved were all very pleasant to be with. Big Game Hunting - Price List - Bugle Canyon Ranch Limited quantities of management bull & cow hunts are also available. The first time you point your rifle at someone, we will ask you to point it in a safe direction. All Inclusive Guaranteed Trophy Elk Hunt - fullyguided.com The Silver Mountain Ranch is our new base of opperations! Elk Tags in our area are sold over-the-counter on a first come/first serve basis through Idaho Fish and Game. We only have a few select dates left so please contact us asap to see what is still available. The setting is comfortable and rustic as a western ranch should be. You wont be disappointed with High fence hunting is not illegal, a few western states allow high fence elk hunts. Nice ranch, nice owners, nice operation. The issue with this claim lies in morals. The front range area is located between Stanley and Challis between the Salmon River Mountains, the Sawtooth Mountains and the Boulder/White Cloud mountains. Hunt Package: 5 nights, 4 days. On the up to 375" package you can expect to harvest a bull somewhere between 350"-375", etc. Everything is perfect. guaranteed, fully guided, 3-day 208-351-7301. Our camps are located in our state licensed area in the Salmon-Challis National Forest. You may also contact us to get on a waiting list for 2023 in case we have last minute cancelations. Guests participating on this package generally harvest a bull ranging in size between 320" - 350". Lastly, we will try to fill your spot and if we do, we will refund your money minus a 10% fee. Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch is a premiere hunting ranch and lodge nestled in the mountains of Southeast Idaho. We can design a hunt as challenging as you would like. The Henry's Fork is one of the most famous and diverse fly fishing rivers in the world, with plenty to offer the advanced fly fisherman as well as the beginner. Our one-on-one guided elk hunts last six days. On the up to 375" package you can expect to harvest a bull somewhere between 350"-375", etc. At Rawhide Outfitters our main priority has always been quality over quantity of hunts, being very careful to never over hunt an area. We offer 10,000 acres of high fence hunting and 50,000 acres of private free range hunting in Utah and Idaho. I had a great time., Great place with some great people. We typically . IDAHO ELK HUNTING OUTFITTERSARCHERY ELK HUNTS & RIFLE ELK HUNTS, Idaho Elk Hunting Guides with a lifetime of EXPERIENCE, dedicated to GIVE 100% for your Successful Hunt. All Rights Reserved. Brenda takes care of the office and keeps her boys in line. $10,450.00 License: There is no license required for our high fence trophy elk hunts. It was great meeting your family and your kids are awesome. Call today to make your reservations! This is a completely natural environment encompassing more than 4,000 acres of pristine elk habitat including valleys, sage brush flats, natural water features, aspen groves, meadows, dark timber, wallows and deep canyons. Of course, if all the factors of escape and stealth are in play. We've specialized in archery and rifle permit elk hunts in units 29 and 37-A since we began outfitting in 1989. We can also crate and ship the cape and antlers for those interested in this service for an extra fee. We will happily assist you through the tag purchasing process. Our median elevation is 8700 feet and go up to 10,000 feet. Monster Elk - Juniper Mountain Ranch Hunting majestic Rocky Mountain Elk doesn't get any better. Hunts will be fully guided, either one-on-one or two-on-one with a guides. God bless you., We had a great time and are thankful you didnt work us too hard.