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If it was Salim, Nick can say that one of the Iraqis shot him or say it's better that Rachel doesn't know. If it's Salim, Rachel will ask Nick if Salim did it, then point the gun with Dar at Salim. Eric did nothing wrong : r/Houseofashesgame - reddit They have been married for 3 years but spent the last year apart. In Eric's case, his eyes can be gouged out by The Ancient One. PDF Downloadable Free PDFs Herculaneum And The House Of The Bicentenary Hist If Rachel gets infected, Eric can use the UV wand on her to cure her infection. During the Assault chapter, either choose to have Rachel use the machine gun or remember where the explosives are planted, so she and Eric dont get killed. When the Americans are assaulted by soldiers of the Iraqi Republican Guard, Eric acts worried and searches for Rachel, but falls with her to the caves during the earthquake. I understand you're not the brightest, Nick, but even you must know what I'm talking about. It's him, isn't it? Eric can die by having his throat ripped out by the Ancient One or Rachel in the process. Rachel retreated OR was grabbed by a vampire; Nick directs the survivors to the side where the mines are planted OR says nothing with the mines planted in the middle. After the accident, I was at the lowest I'd ever been. Ah, and here we have Colonel Eric King, our in-house genius. (Curator's Cut), Rachel blames Eric for leaving her to die. In the newest The Dark Pictures Anthology game, House of Ashes, players are able to save five characters, including Eric King. When Nick takes out his cigarette, Jason acts impatient and tells him it's not the right time to smoke because of the vampires. Clarice is looking worse for wear, and ultimately, the decision players make here will not impact Rachel's life. House of the Ashes Trophy Guide - The Dark Pictures Anthology Finally, they start the generator and the lights around the temple power on, as well as a tape recorder at the end of the room. You either, Nick. As Jason and Nick inspect the radio, Eric joins them. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Otherwise, Nick will throw away the cigarette and Eric won't know that he is Rachel's lover. As the group explores the Star Chamber, Rachel can talk to Eric and offer to help him to fix his prosthetic leg. In order to save Rachel and get the best ending in House of Ashes: So thats how to save Rachel in The Dark Picture Anthologys House of Ashes. If you want to see all of the game, youre likely to spend 9 hours to get it done. Angry at her, Eric hungs up on her to her disbelief. As Rachel started the car and the couple pulled into the road, they get into an accident. I'll learn from this. Advertisement cookies are used to provide visitors with relevant ads and marketing campaigns. Ensure that Rachel remains alive; she'll get bitten and infected . Ask the community. The rope is going to break and Rachel will fall. The anthology currently consists of Man of Medan, Little Hope & House of Ashes. - In House of Ashes, it is not possible to rescue Joey, Merwin, or Clarice at any point in the game. The moment doesn't last long. Depending on your actions, some characters may die and others may live. House of Ashes (Novelization), a dark pictures anthology fanfic | FanFiction House of Ashes (Novelization) By: The Reference Man At the close of the Iraq War, special forces hunting for weapons of mass destruction unearth something far deadlier, a buried Sumerian temple containing a nest of unearthly creatures. Eric directly punches Nick after he hugs Rachel in front of him. Outside of the war environment, Eric is described as a good man. Starting with Man of Medan, released back in 2019, the series developed by Supermassive Games is a spiritual successor of sorts to the well-received Until Dawn.The games have been watered-down versions of Until Dawn that are fun but have never quite reached the same heights. The Americans run into the temple and are about to close the gate when they hear Rachel's voice and let her and possibly Clarice inside. Eric comforted Rachel and told her his only objective was to make her smile, to which Rachel answered by teasingly calling him puppy dog. This is why we went to war! Eric, the new Commanding Officer of the platoon, finds himself caught in a dark place with his estranged wife and the team she's been leading in Iraq. If Eric finds a small statue of Pazuzu, Rachel will remark who it is. Rachel spends her final moments with Eric before being cocooned. You need to pass all the QTEs in order to kill the demon. In the medical bay, Eric confronts Rachel about their relationship, to which Rachel can accept him and give him another chance or dump him for Nick. This one is comparable to the "Odd Couple" achievement/trophy from Little Hope in the same way that you need a lot of ground work to make this happen. Throughout the game, they act romantic around each other and have the possibility of being involved again together or grow spiteful and cold towards each other depending on the player's decisions. The mission was a disaster. Afterwards, Nick is separated from his teammates and Eric will go search for him. If Eric joins, he will walk through the caverns with Nick and possibly Jason. Falling to their death. If you can ignore his whistling, thats all you have to do. House of Ashes (Novelization) Chapter 2 The Briefing, a dark pictures There is no House of Ashes. Rachel will be able to justify or punch Eric for cutting the rope. The characters that are able to survive are Eric, Nick, Rachel, and Salim. Do you have a question about this achievement? If the dialogue ends negatively, Nick will tell Eric that he is acting like a major league asshole for someone who lost his wife. The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes is about 6 hours long when its focused on the main objectives. When asked by Nick about his opinion on Eric, Jason says that Eric is a nice guy. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Rachel is Eric's wife. Eric can snaps at Jason for calling her wife "Queen Bitch" or hold back and Clarice will reveal Rachel is Eric's wife instead of him. After Jason tells the mission is a bust and Eric says he can fix Caelus, Nick tells the group they should move out. (Theatrical Cut), Rachel reassures Eric that his work was important. Nick can potentially save him, and Dar, if alerted, can shoot and kill him. On May 30, 2003, Eric led a team on a mission in search of weapons of mass destruction. Eric with the group retreats into the sacrificial chamber, where they are ambushed by a swarm of vampires. They are all dead before the helicopter arrives to save them. Eric and Rachel is a complicated romantic relationship in The Dark Pictures Anthology 's third installment, House of Ashes . Eric and Jason attempt to hold the door shut, which may either succeed or fail. #house of ashes #house of ashes oneshots #house of ashes x reader #jason kolchek #salim othman #eric king #rachel king #nick kay #ask box open! Eric says to Rachel to focus on the task at hand and not make personal feelings get in the way. Eric will be shot if he doesnt cut the rope as Rachel falls into the chasm. Nick chose to retreat OR Eric ignored his radio signal; Eric succeeds to fight The Ancient One in the hut. The climax comes before Eric, Rachel and Nick set off for the others on the alien ship, where depending on early decisions and actions, Rachel either decides to give Eric a second chance, or decides to leave him to start a new life with Nick or alone. Eric and Nick successfully shut the door; Eric fails the Keep Calm; Nick fails QTE to save Eric. You've been fucking him, haven't you?Eric to Rachel and Nick before punching him if he deduces they are having an affair. They do not interact much past this point but Eric shows reluctance in allowing Salim to carry a pistol when Jason chooses to give one to him. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". If Eric and Nick are the only survivors, they will either talk or argue. House of Ashes theory I had before I finished the game Eric is the only protagonist in the anthology to have no exploration segments in chapters after Act 1, as he is only playable in the cutscenes. As they pull the gear to rappel down, Eric asks Rachel when she started smoking, and she clarifies that she picked up the lighter at base; in reality, it belongs to Nick. One wrong step can mean a bloody death, and despite Ashley (and in turn, Rachel) being House of Ashes poster child, shes no different from any of the other characters. Soldier of Fortune - Chapter 6 - shizideo - The Dark Pictures: House of Yes! Eric is happy that Rachel's wedding ring still means something to her. He can ignite Joey with the UV wand if he previously ignited the dead vampire or shoot him. If Salim killed Eric, Rachel will react coldly to his story told by Jason (if Salim died) or will be able to avenge Eric and shoot Salim (if Jason died). UV light is their weakness according to him. (Curator's Cut). This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Eric and Rachel will talk to each other along with Nick if both Jason and Salim died. Rachel and I.. we know each other. House Of Ashes Save Rachel: Bloodbath. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. After being knocked-out due to the fall, Eric has a flashback of putting a ring on Rachel's finger during the wedding as she calls out to him. (Theatrical Cut), Rachel tells Eric they need to look into the future. Article continues after ad. I understand you're not the brightest, Nick, but even you must know what I'm talking about. He insists he will join the team, which Jason can let him or not. If Rachel hasn't been infected yet (thanks to Salim), she can either save Eric or escape. "Rachel became infected and killed Eric, or Eric killed her" Keep all characters alive. Perhaps death finally caught up with him?The Curator's comment on Eric's death in Act 2, Well you've outdone yourself this time, puppy dog.Rachel after her fall and remarking that Eric cut the rope. While Sharpays queen b**ch reputation manages to worm its way into House of Ashes, players cant help but love her even if she is cheating on her husband. If he doesn't cut the rope, he will continue to hold onto it. Eric isn't saved; Eric fails QTE to release himself. If Jason died and Salim says that Rachel can kill him later, she will punch Salim (this will always happen regardless of the option if only Rachel and Salim are alive). In the process, Eric encounters the Ancient One choking Nick. House Of Ashes: How To Unlock Every Achievement - TheGamer You cut that rope and let me fall. After traversing the side of the chasm (with whether they alerted Dar or not), an earthquake will start, causing Rachel to roll down the slope. After dealing with an ordeal, they continue to hear the vampires' screech, to which they retreat to the main hall. Eric and Rachel arrive at the edge of the chasm while retreating from Dar. With that in mind, then, its worth mentioning that not all choices are the same but there are spoilers ahead. When you held onto that rope, I knew you would always be there for me. Not long after, he meets his wife Rachel. Eric will survive if you do this. He is also frequently blamed for the events of the game as he was the instigator of the suicide mission. I dedicated an entire playthrough to this one and finally figured it out. If Eric finds out Nick is the man that Rachel is seeing, the relationship becomes significantly more tense - however, if Nick and Eric are nice to each other and Nick chooses to be honest with Eric, they can bury the hatchet and have a newfound respect for one another by the end of the game - in this case, Eric will lend Nick his UV wand in the vault that can possibly save Nick's life during certain outcomes. d4rk arruna o romance #3 house of ashes shorts Nesta short da Co Op de The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes, o Mascas volta a tentar juntar Eric e Rachel. House of Ashes (Novelization), a dark pictures anthology fanfic If Eric knows about the affair, he will fight Nick, allowing his and Rachel's relationship only to decrease. Lieutenant Colonel Eric Edmund King[2] is one of the five main protagonists and a playable character in The Dark Pictures Anthology's third installment, House of Ashes. House Of Ashes PC Eric - Rachel 4 by danytatu on DeviantArt She calls for Eric and finds the cut rope. 'Semper fidelis'. Eric was born on July 28, 1967 and was a cadet at the United States Military Academy, where he met Rachel during climbing classes. Its not possible to save Joey, Merwin, or Clarice in House of Ashes. (Theatrical Cut), Rachel tells Eric she's tired of waiting. If you dont cut the rope, Eric will die and Rachel wont get sick. This will keep them both alive. The Dark Pictures Anthologys House of Ashes protagonist, Rachel, has etched herself into players hearts, but how can you save her from dying and get the best ending? After multiple playthroughs, I finally have the solution to getting this annoying achievement. The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes Review - The Best Yet In Eric's case, his throat can be ripped out by The Ancient One, vampire Clarice, or vampire Rachel. There is an exploration horror set in the year 2003 during the Iraq War. If both of them haven't cut the rope and Merwin is alive, but Dar isn't alerted, Eric will fall into the chasm since Nick won't arrive earlier to save him, after which the former's body will be impaled on a stalagmite. Rachel believes that Eric pushed her away when she tried to hold on and wait, while Eric believes that Rachel left him when he needed her the most. Guide not helping? View 1 more guide for this achievement. I've move on, Eric.Rachel talking about her wedding ring to Eric if she acts detached. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Heres how to keep her alive whilst also achieving the best ending for the game. Wondering how to save Rachel from the twisted world of the House of Ashes? You've been fucking him, haven't you?Eric to Rachel and Nick before punching him if he deduces they are having an affair. This is what gets us out of bed every morning! Jason and Nick triggered Dar's tripwire OR Eric or Nick failed QTE to hold the door; Eric chooses to shoot the generator while Rachel is grabbed by a vampire (Shared Story). Again?! (Theatrical Cut), Rachel tells Eric his work sounds like an excuse. When they finally finds the gas cans and they carry them to the generator, Rachel asks Eric about his leg, to which he reminds her that he lost his leg on the highway and the two will either criticize or apologize to each other. This one can also be combined with "Climbing out of hell, into the sunset, and no time to bleed" For "Climbing out of hell" you just need to alter your conversations with Rachel via Nick and Eric so they are all negative all the time. There are many opportunities for the characters to die before reaching the part of the game where the love triangle is resolved. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Eric will get angry and point the gun at Nick. This will prevent Rachel from getting infected. Eric offers to start the generator to turn on the lamps and guide the marines to them, but they need to find some gasoline. Nick disregards his remark and makes Eric aware that Rachel has an affair with Nick. The following pictures are: Eric is one of many characters in the game, as well as in the anthology who can die from: Being shot. In any case, if Eric accompanied Nick, he will come to Nick. While Eric still has love feelings for Rachel and hopes that they can be together again, Rachel still remembered that their relationship wasn't going well before the break, plus she had already started a new relationship with Nick, unbeknownst to Eric. This causes an earthquake, plummeting both sides into the caves below, including Eric. He can also be shot or bitten in the right forearm, but the wound could be patched if Nick found the med-kit. I'll go back and work twice as hard to rewrite the program. Its time to solve their relationship problems to earn the Climbing Out of Hell achievement. Is Taylor from Little Hope in House of Ashes? The manufacturer who released this beautiful book is . While exploring a cave, Rachel is attacked by a vampire but is rescued by Clarice. (Theatrical Cut). Eric cuts the radio on Nick when the latter calls for help after blowing the main cocoon mount. Impressive, Eric is still alive and kicking. Follow/Fav House of Ashes . Eric will say that he found out about their romance and is disappointed in Rachel, to which she can say that she tried to hold on or was tired of waiting. Salim is surprised and Eric confirms he has been attacked on the cliff, and she fell as a result. About Dexerto: Editorial staff, standards and policies, We may earn an affiliate commission from links on this page, You can choose not to cut the rope, meaning. If Salim surrenders to Eric and the creature wasn't killed, they will share a conversation about Rachel in. He is caring and very loyal to his loved ones, risking his life for them, for which Rachel calls him a puppy dog. If Eric doesn't cut the rope, he will plunge his knife on the ground. This amazing book is published by a great maker The book written by you should read is Pillar Talk: Or Backcloth and Ashes. In Eric's case, his head can be crushed by a vampire. While the achievement says for Rachel to kill Eric you can unlock it by killing Eric earlier than having Rachel get infected. If Rachel is about to be cocooned, Eric can be one of the people Rachel says goodbye to, either saying that he loves him or that they should kill all the vampires. How Do You Know If Someone Has Deleted Their Okcupid Account? The Dark Pictures Anthologys newest installment, House of Ashes, features a wide array of interesting characters that you are tasked with keeping alive. If Rachel is a vampire, she will tackle Eric and both will fall into the hole. Caelus pulled me out of that pit.Eric to Rachel if he acts aggrieved when they are repairing the engine together. Eric with the other heroes successfully reaches the surface again, but is confronted by vampires once again when an eclipse rises moments later. However, the main factor influencing the outcome of a relationship occurs when Rachel falls into chasm and Eric can either hold her rope or cut it. Dar was alerted; Eric refuses to cut Rachel loose for the first time; Eric fails two QTEs OR Eric refuses to cut Rachel loose for the second time (Theatrical Cut). But the man whose bright idea it was-- Colonel Eric King walks out in one piece. Poor Eric, he won't win her back now.The Curator if Rachel died in Act 2. He's not aloneother people from twenty years in the future are here with him, all of them forced to play deadly games to survive. Eric throws a flare down and comments that hole looks deep as they can't make out what's beneath. If Salim confronts him, he can be shot in the head depend on whether Jason shot the fleeing shepherd or not. Eric, the husband, finally gets to see his wife again after a year of being separated because of work. If Rachel asks Clarice the reason she became a physicist, Rachel can reveal she has been seeing someone else. The players love the fact that House of Ash can end hundreds of different ways. Vision of the Past: Rachel witnessed the origin of the creatures. How many ending are there in House of Ashes? While Clarice is downloading the data, Rachel can talk to Jason and Nick, where she can excuse Eric for his behaviour and tell that he is a good man despite his "by-the-books" manner, and talk to Joey about how she and Eric got into marriage and how their lives are separated after the crash until now. Bre on Tumblr - #house of ashes x reader Jason and Nick move on as Eric is tasked to guard the door or Merwin. Eric seems to put a lot of trust in Jason as he put Jason in charge of the raid, Eric can be shown to question Jason in his choices but can put that aside and congratulate or be angry at him for not following his orders in the raid. Is that your idea of being my rock?Rachel to Eric if he cut the rope and Rachel dumps him. Eric and Rachel | The Dark Pictures Wiki | Fandom Floral Pursuit Day 3 Guide (Observant Wind) Genshin Impact, Bungie warns that hasty Guardians can accidentally skip the Defiant Battleground: EDZ cinematic. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Eric asks if he was alone when Salim attacked him and Rachel. How to get the Climbing Out of Hell achievement in The Dark - Gamepur Poor Rachel has been lost to the darkness. Is it possible to save the Merwin House? Rachel says that she has always loved Eric. Eric then walks through the palace with Jason guiding him around. Lost in Time: Rachel was not rescued from her cocoon. Shortly after their marriage, Rachel got into a vehicle accident with Eric that resulted in the loss of his leg. We're done.Rachel dumping both Eric and Nick. When they confront the Iraqis again, they hear the vampires' screech. Eric with Nick and Rachel find Jason and Salim while confronting a vampire. Underground, Eric loses his sunglasses and wears a rappelling harness. I won't allow them on this mission.Eric forbidding Jason and Nick to bring W.P. If youre looking for our take on the latest installment in the horror saga, be sure to check out our House of Ashes review. The rope is going to break and Rachel will fall. Bad luck, but then again Eric cheated death once before back on that highway. In Eric's case, he can fall into a deep hole. In all of the possibilities, Eric will then discover Rachel is seeing someone else, but then their dialogue is interrupted by an unexpectedly started tape recorder of Randolph. (Theatrical Cut), Rachel tells Eric she tried to hold on. This makes him one of many characters in the anthology who possesses romantic partners. House of Ashes: How to save infected Rachel & get best ending Jason has to go help Samil and they both have to die down there (You have to mess up all QTE . Eric hugs Rachel after seeing Nick hugging Rachel in front of him. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. After that, the couple hears movements from above and sees a dark figure at the hole from where they came down. Rachel reminds Eric of the incident in the chasm and asks if this is his idea of being her rock. He also has a faint stubble and small nasolabial folds. Salim doesn't join Dar; Jason fails to shoot the rubble OR Jason is injured; Nick fails to shoot Dar to save Eric. Send Jason instead of Eric when searching for Joey. Enemies until the last.The Curator if Eric and Nick are the only survivors and they have a low relationship status. If Eric survives he can be shown to be somewhat sympathetic towards Salim with him offering a bottle of water to drink, Eric blames Salim for the "death" of his wife Rachel at the cliff but even then Salim can open up about his son towards Eric even giving him his son's name which Eric in turn tells him Rachel's name. Due to the warfare, Eric was plunged into the depths of the Zagros Mountains alongside his comrades and enemies. Rachel is sympathetic to the failure of Eric's satellite system. He can be heard calling out for Rachel. Having their throat ripped out. Entities - Nick then says that he's out of line before Eric puts his gun down. This will allow him to perform an autopsy on a creature. In the helicopter while flying through the Zagros Mountains, he doesn't play much of a role, but can be seen checking his prosthetic leg. If Eric and Nick are the only survivors left in the elevator, they bond and yell out "Oorah" together in the elevator. In Eric's case, he can be blown up by the mines Jason and Nick set in one of the catacombs' corridors. List of 2005 albums - Wikipedia Rachel became a vampire; Eric fails to fight Rachel in the caves. The Eric and Rachel relationship seemed a bit off and how they got to be so high up in rank, and the bit with Eric's prosthetic legs we never actually saw. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. His authority is always questioned by his subordinates, who often disobey Eric and even give him orders themselves, which causes him to abuse his status in an attempt to remind that he is still in command. If the group engaged in combat with the vampire and Eric died, Rachel would be horrified by his death. These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously. If Eric cut the rope, he will cry apologizing to Rachel for messing up. After the briefing, the couple continues the conversation, in which Rachel can later either talk about ending their relationship or talking when the time is right. This selection will help solidify that she wont choose anyone. grenades to the operation. If Eric died, Jason can angrily express in the interrogation that Eric led them into Hell. Certain - Eric has the UV wand and is the only protagonist alive other than Jason and Salim. Afterwards, they may deal with an ordeal where Rachel is infected. Nick is relieved about Rachel being alive and hugs her in front of Eric, much to his displeasure. Eric, Rachel, and Nick reached an area in Badra-Mandali with a report and geographic data obtained from Caelus. but even before that their relationship had been strained ever since an accident that resulted in the loss of his right leg. In the game, he also shows such qualities as analytical, observant and pragmatic. The pair discovers an archaeologist camp there and power up a generator, lighting up the chamber and allowing them to listen to the final recording of Randolph. (Shared Story). There are only six endings available in the game. After the love triangle scene, Nick and Eric will be allowed to die, but Rachel must live to get the achievement. Jason immediately apologizes to Eric, to which he says they have worked apart this last year and acts surprised she is being called the "Queen Bitch". Shortly afterward the two are startled by the sound of gunfire from the hole. emberstoriesandtales Eric doesn't lend his UV wand to Nick when the latter goes down in the cocoon mount. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. (Theatrical Cut), Rachel is aggressive towards Eric when he sides with Jason. Eric can find the least pictures, at 2, which ties him with Rachel. Make sure Rachel and Eric survive. Rachel is annoyed when Eric brings back the topic on how he lost his leg and tells him to move on from the past, to which Eric reminds her he did move on but at the same time reminds her she was the one behind the wheels. You were always better at changing this thing than I was.Eric to Rachel if she tries to fix his prosthesis leg. What happens if you cut the rope in House of Ashes? At Camp Slayer, Eric will be seen interrogated by an agent, he informs them about the creatures characteristics and then concludes that he will make sure the creatures stay buried underground. House of Ashes: Until Death bearing and the Little Hope scene - PC Invasion This is me! A U.S. Marine named Joey is working with the main characters. Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. Rachel snaps at Eric after he fussed over her. Eric, the husband, finally gets to see his wife again after a year of. How to get the Double Tap Achievement in The Dark Pictures Anthology He definitely got more than he bargained for.Brooks. !Eric acting confident about his satellite to Rachel after realising Caelus only detected an archeological site.