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Some of our customers experienced a 35% cost reduction in printing costs using Rio Mobilise. A leading electronic patient record system for secondary care, it operates across mental health, child health and community care settings and interoperates easily with other systems. OL6 7SG, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Meet government policy and the NHS agenda. Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust was one of the first of the mental health trusts in London to have completed a trust-wide switch to electronic records. 226 0 obj <>stream >> Over 8 million records were migrated from the old system to CITO and, following detailed discussion and debate with a Document Management Working Group, all he existing metadata was remapped to a new structure taken largely from an NHS Scotland Document Management Standard. Risk ratings of Low, Medium and High are no longer required, and so have been removed. Simply follow these steps: You should see this page on the screen: For further information on each of the four main sections, please see the information overleaf. Oxford Health Member of StaffMUSTcomplete the eLearning viaL&Dto register your completion of the eLearning for training records. The solution improves all aspects of the screening process and provides benefits for both the patients and the healthcare professionals. Electronic patient record (EPR) system - The Access Group It should only take a minute or two to complete. RiO Patient Health Record System | escalla By clicking Accept All, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. % endobj The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Performance". /CS /DeviceRGB ePMA software helps to ensure that people receive the correct medication at the right time. endobj Note: this course will take up to 2 hours to complete, but you can stop and resume at any point AS LONG AS IT IS ON THE SAME COMPUTER. e*ntaa~j?doyM/ NO9ykUCSiT.@ dKz;W9-=;(e:5]vv}PV5e]5j t:75w2%OY'3p*#_-L=,Q!K%20LE%vR'L4P1X.H'LTF!"0{fx6Y7PYrU/U :Y=}E RiO (Mental Health) Electronic Patient Health Record System Learn how to use the Rio electronic patient records (EPR) system for community and mental health care. % Setting 12 "early adopter" NHS acute hospitals and specialist care settings studied over two and a half years. Rio Virtual Assistant emulates human conversation to provide a two-way conversation, interacting with patients to discover their needs, offering automatic responses and escalating to the support team as necessary. Important: We can only deliver this course if your organisation has access to the RIO system. Vital patient information is contained with the EPR system, increasing productivity, reducing delays, and eliminating potential errors. Traditionally, keeping track of records for mental health patients has been a complex and time-consuming process. Initially, I was involved in long discussions with a group of multi-disciplinary colleagues, reviewing each others assessment schedules and record keeping methods to agree a single set of specifications that all London mental health trusts could sign up to. When it was first implemented, there were some concerns about accessing it on laptops in community settings. << With live online, you can interact, askquestionsand practice new skills all without leaving your desk! Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. By clicking on a 'case' Top-up degree programme Staff who have obtained a diploma in nursing can gain a degree-level qualification if they complete three modules at level three. "These six London mental health trusts now have a modern IT system to support key clinical services. PDF The Future with IT - NHS England !E%DSLYiEmH#/Na|& Zjbj 7\1|x,aoa[vMMocQe@!]=?F]4G~;Zf'u(*KLIT. The system interoperates easily with other social care and health care systems, and we can tailor the system to your organisations specific needs. Once the new infrastructure was in place, we had the opportunity to redesign the metadata and create a much more open, accessible but highly secure system. 4 0 obj 3 0 obj RiO CHECKLIST ", Dr Reza said that the introduction of new systems inevitably required a big culture change. It's completely changed the way that we document within community nursing services, which enables us to provide better quality care. /GS31 4 0 R endobj $se $$D20m UQDg`4 Its took a lot of pressure off my job role. Today, its trusted by thousands of healthcare professionals to improve quality of care, clinical safety and patient experience, while also increasing efficiency on a restricted budget. Go to the patient's Clinical Portal It is downloaded to iNurse and the HCPs appointments for that day can be seen. /F3 11 0 R Paul White, chief executive of BTs London Programme, said: "Im delighted with the progress BT has made in mental health with the deployment of CSE Servelecs RiO system. Rio Mobilise enables health and social care enables community nurses to complete their work, collaborate with colleagues and stay in contact all via one mobile device from any location, at any time. Paper based contact information and mood diary entries are not always available when they are needed most and they can be easily misplaced or forgotten. endstream endobj 201 0 obj <>stream You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Were already seeing improved interoperability between internal systems due to the flow of data the system provides. We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. q_}->t~] &[Q~9?3a-tbJ8KtN9y0U Some patients may have multiple services open to them concurrently. Records can be created, accessed, and updated at the point of care reducing clinical risk through misinterpretation of hand-written records. Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. This first group of clinicians and administrative colleagues is now the pan-London RiO mental health user group, which meets with BT every two months to oversee developments in the system. We have an entirely end-to-end solution with the Rio EPR. The fact that a multi-disciplinary group of clinicians from six different NHS trusts could agree to a single record keeping system, after only five days of discussions, is probably a unique event in the history of NHS. Smartcards work just like Chip & PIN credit cards and are used to access information on the Trust's IT systems, just like we would normally use a username & password. A series of consultation groups with front line clinical staff from across services to identify how to make RiO better for you. Make the end user experience as seamless as possible. If there is an opportunity to improve something, take it. >> Date - this defaults to now, the time you are typing the note. Designed by Ged Wood, Learning Technologist, Learning & Development, Woodland View, Brentry Lane, Henbury, Bristol, BS10 6NB Team / Ward 7 Quick Reference Guide Version April 2014, for RiO 7 order p32 Print this Quick Reference Guide, double sided, on only 4 sheets of A4 paper Guillotine across the centre Each of the trusts have received CSE Servelecs RiO mental health system, installed by BT the local service provider for London. endstream endobj 199 0 obj <>stream Only available if your organisation has access to RIO. endstream endobj startxref Our Rio Electronic Patient Record (EPR) Software helps you to know more about your patients to deliver better care. /Image33 5 0 R Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS FT | I network RiO Training Videos You are here: Home Sections RiO Training Videos 01 Clinical portal 02 Referrals 03 Progress notes 04 Assessment Forms 05 Documents 06 Caseload 07 HCP Diary 08 Clinics 09 Care Planning 10 Inpatients 11 Editable Letters / Dropzone endobj PMVA Training: What is PMVA training? We deployed an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) in 2007. hMnF5F'``qq?>{={0- u2 We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Rio -- Making Containers Fun Again Deploy, manage, scale, and version your applications with a single command In this video quickstart, we show you how easy it is to install Rio and start. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". From within the RiO Patient Record, select the JUYI tab: Record keeping - writing notes / assessment reports / social circumstances reports. Click here for more information about how we use cookies on our site or read our privacy policy here. Sometimes its very difficult for us all to catch up and see how patients are progressing.". With ePMA, Patients have just one overarching record in Rio, so their prescription and administration record stay with them as they move across the healthcare organisation. Rio has provided our teams and clients with immediate benefits: all information is there at the point of care and support we give to children and their families. HUMk0h)f7_I7bf{3#)vehcH%?4q Tameside Council Offices The Rio integration was key to increasing adoption within the trust and improving staff experience using the software. Rio Mobilise helps healthcare providers using Rio EPR improve efficiency for teams or staff that deliver services in the community. PDF DHSC's written evidence to the SSRB for the 2023 to 2024 pay round %%EOF How to use RiO You are able to access the User Guides, Clinical Support and the Support Forms via the Ourspace web-site. With this seamless, fully digitised electronic order communications and results reporting, clinicians can request tests and procedures, track test progress and access results instantly, improving safety and efficiency - all within one single, easy-to-use system. You can work more smartly, removing the need for written records and charts, which lets practitioners spend more time with patients, improve care and safety and save time and money. With patients potentially receiving healthcare from so many different teams and practitioners within these settings, it is vital that we have a patient record that allows everybody to keep records in one secure system. V:'@n`>.m'%NOWw_,APBbEAmGw'qdW I%N Six mental health trusts in London are now using new IT systems, delivered under the NHS IT programme, to help deliver better care to patients. The module works in collaboration with EPR, providing an overarching, real-time view of each person, with prescription details and other information held together across relevant services and throughout a persons entire healthcare journey. However, capturing and sharing this information often proves difficult meaning clinicians miss out on important insights into the patients wellbeing and coping strategies. l}62u>#w~2E O{NXX Once you have your Trust password you can complete the RiO overview e-learning module on COMPASS. For us, RiO has brought continuity to the patient record that wasnt there before the podiatrist can see what the physiotherapist did last week, and the school nurse can see the childs full childhood immunisation regimes all of which results in better, safer patient care. In this column from NHS Connecting for Health, Dr Hashim Reza, consultant psychiatrist at Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and mental health clinical lead for the London Programme for IT, and Kenny Gibson, primary care and IT information manager at Lambeth Primary Care Trust, discuss is use and benefits. /F6 13 0 R This is an eLearning module for External Staff to Oxford Health e.g., Agency, Locums and students working with the Mental Health Community and Inpatient teams who require access to Rio. Provide better, safer, patient-centred care. Specialty - if you work across specialties/services, select the one applicable to this patient note. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Other. /XObject The ePMA module provides a digital system for prescribing, verifying, and administering medication. The system has also brought greater patient involvement with their care. You said -the BPRSAssessment Form did not enable staff to record objective/contextual information and that having an area for staff to add comments would be beneficial. Please provide feedback on the eLearning course once completed. During 2020, as part of or GDE Programme, we deployed CITO a new EDMS. As part of our commitment to providing youthe best possible RiO experience, we are doing the following: The Risk Summary form has been updated in line with our Suicide Prevention Strategy. Upon completing the training, we will activate your smartcard which will allow you to access the RIO system. Click here for more information about how we use cookies on our site or read our privacy policy here. and practice new skills all without leaving your desk! No live patient data has been used in this module. HV]o0}pmDn#4a&i &B1Zt&*M5{v>M.4KiBQ All eLearning modules use dummy data. jWA9' /CropBox [0 0 595.32 841.92] . By using this website you agree to our use of cookies. The module helps improve the efficiency, safety of prescriptions, and prevent costly prescribing errors by ensuring the correct information is always available and preventing users duplicating or misinterpreting it. Game changing Intelligence for Microsoft Managed Service Providers. PDF The Application of an Alert to a Patient Record in RiO briefing paper We have - now added comment boxes under each symptom rating for staff to record any comments which enhance the BPRS. The series covers content from sending and receiving emails to using Instant Messaging and Presence Management. Around 20,000 mental healthcare professionals across six London mental health trusts including 2,000 in Oxleas now routinely use RiO. The digitisation of paper case notes, along with the deployment of an in house built ePR, enabled near paperless working in our Mental Health Services but also maintained some barriers whereby colleagues in our Physical Community and Childrens services did not have access to these records, and vice versa. Find out more aboutorder communications software. Note Type - every . 195 0 obj <> endobj The six trusts to receive the software are Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, South West London and St Georges Mental Health NHS trust, North East London, West London, East London and the City, and Barnet, Enfield and Haringey NHS mental health trusts. /ExtGState /Font hbbd```b``"kB" &H`LU*` This course is available on demand. e4A1D@%TOu?0g(ulw_d%N.Rtv_V,k$i$NMG}>:Ww_ ^f Rio supports the vision of every patient having one, fully integrated, electronic health record (EHR) to enable the very best and most efficient healthcare. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. /Image32 7 0 R PDF RiO - Progress Notes - The solution provides secure and reliable access to your applications and data, wherever you are. << /Type /Group Based on the screening, practitioners offer advice and guidance to police officers, magistrates and other colleagues within the criminal justice system, to help determine the most appropriate level of support and outcome for each person. %PDF-1.5 % By allowing patients speedy and out of hours access to appointment cancellations, this reduces avoidable missed appointments (Did Not Attend DNAs) and associated wasted appointment costs. With eObservations, nurses no longer need to record observations on paper charts nor manually calculate early warning scores, improving patient observations. EPR empowers community, mental and child health providers to improve their outcomes, by providing a holistic picture of each person. Our leading Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system is used throughout secondary health care services, operating within mental health, child health and community care settings, to manage administrative and clinical processes. You can edit the date if required. It helps you improve outcomes by providing a holistic picture of patients in your care. Clinicians review the care plan with the patient and their carer on a flat panel screen or even, in some teams, by projecting it onto a wall through a media projector giving a totally new meaning to patient involvement. ` 2= Data Resource: the Kent Integrated Dataset (KID) - IJPDS This has resulted in more secure, efficient communication between different teams and improved risk assessment, resulting in better patient care. <> BT, the local service provider for London, selected the system to meet the immediate business needs of mental health and community trusts in London. Rio Mobilise enables us to do that. /F5 12 0 R RiO Application Portal - Whittington "In the early stages people were still in a culture shock, change on this kind of scale takes people a while to adjust to. I can complete my work no matter where I am, without signal. Users must have smartcards with the correct codes enabled and a connection to the secure NHS network. on behalf of someone else, use the spy glass to search for them. Mental health, community and child health, Rio Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA), Rio Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Service (CJLDS) Screening, Clinical Lead, Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, Community Psychiatric Nurse, Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, mental health, child health and community care. Training for nurses - SWLSTG I have been able to elicit times of the day when a clients mood is low and also underlying concerns that may be triggering this. Configured to fit your requirements, we c. Andrew Dickers Kent and Medway NHS and Social Partnership Trust Using Tablets in the District Nursing Service Sue Horbury Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust Monday 9 February 2015 Twitter: #transformLDN . When we started RiO within our childrens services in August 2007, we quality checked and aligned our immunisations with the data from GPs.