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During this time, the county population grew by 300 percent. There were originally 7 counties established under the provisional State of Deseret in 1849: Davis, Iron, Sanpete, Salt Lake, Tooele, Utah, and Weber Counties. Grand County is the Utah county with the lowest percentage of LDS Church members in the state. Much of the Colorado Plateau in prehistoric times was inhabited by Utah is home to the largest independent film festival in the country, the Sundance Film Festival. outlaws figure prominently in the area's folklore. The largest raptor to be unearthed in the world was in Utah. [a], Moab has a significant environmentalist population due to nearby Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.[22]. We apologize for the inconvenience. Department Directory. After the Mexican War in the 1848 treaty, Utah first acquired statehood by joining the United States. Utah is home to the largest independent film festival in the country, the . In the 1870s various people like cattle ranchers, prospectors, and homesteaders began to trickle in again. Their descendants still live in the state today. The Pinhook Battle of 1881 took place in the La Sal Mountains. They went through many different changes in the space of a few short years. William Kay, John H. Green, and Edward Phillips brought their families in 1850. Desert bighorn sheep, mountain lions, white-tailed jackrabbits, piute ground squirrels, and Hopi chipmunks are also among Utahs mammals. Based on the 2010 census, the population was 9,225. Click the Quick Info icon to the left of each row in TABLE view to learn about sampling error. The first attempt by Mormon colonists to settle the Moab area was a The Great Salt Lake is the largest of its kind in the Western world. The Territory of Utah, as part of the Compromise of 1850, was organized on September 9, 1850 with the first territorial legislature meeting from 18511852. Following historical data, January 13 is considered the golden winter day, which is best for skiing in Utah. National Park status in 1971. 21. Grand County is a county on the east central edge of the U.S. state of Utah, United States. Utahs license plate claims the state has the greatest snow on Earth because the snow falls light and dry on the mountains. using that crossing and one across the Green River above the present Persons per household, 2017-2021. In this study, they made research evaporation from Bear Lake in the states of Utah and Idaho by using advanced research instruments (Bowen Ratio and Eddy Correlation). Settlers didnt start to return seriously until 1870, and when they did they tried to make Kanab a beautiful and prosperous community. [1] Its county seat and largest city is Vernal. The first non-Indians to enter the present area of Grand County may have been Spanish explorers who discovered a crossing of the Colorado River at the site of the present highway bridge at Moab. Most of the history of Grand County has been the story of livestock or small family farms and orchards. [16], 18. In 1895 Utahs constitution, polygamy, was banned. Phone: (435) 634-5700. An early event in the Rebellion was July 4, 1980, when 300 Grand County residents gathered behind a flag-decorated bulldozer in protest of the inclusion of Mill Creek Canyon as part of a Bureau of Land Management wilderness study area. [5] The county has a total area of 3,684 square miles (9,540km2), of which 3,672 square miles (9,510km2) is land and 12 square miles (31km2) (0.3%) is water. Presently, much of Utahs citizens (around 60%) hold the Mormon faith. southeast corner. Males had a median income of $31,000 versus $21,769 for females. These groups had already vanished from the area when the first European explorers entered the country, with nomadic Ute tribes inhabiting the area at the time of contact. Peakbagger (Utah County High Points): 1,2331. gnis|1446945: 12,306. Sadly, an explosion in the minewhich was at the time the deepest in the United Stateskilled 18 miners in 1963. Uintah County ( / junt / yoo-IN-t) is a county in the U.S. state of Utah. Despite plowing nearly 200 yards up the canyon, the group did not reach the study area's boundary. Your email address will not be published. Utah snow FTW! NO#50: Utah shares National forests with another County. [14], 5. Archeological evidence suggests that the Moab area and surrounding country was inhabited by a tribe of ancient Indians, the Ancestral Puebloans (Anasazi), perhaps as early as 10,000 years ago. [21,22], 25. Beaver Dam Wash is the states lowest point, approximately 2,350 feet. Skullcandy, the popular maker of headphones, earphones and other hands free devices is based in Park City, Utah. Interestingly, one of her opponents was her husband. On July 24, 1847 when he first saw the Salt Lake valley he said This is the place. They came to Utah to escape persecution in Illinois. Most of the history of Grand County has been the story of small These people hunted animals like deer in the uplands and desert sheep and rabbits in the desert. For every 100 females aged 18 and over, there were 95.10 males. They were created by popular vote and by gubernatorial proclamation after Utah became a state. 34. Ruins and other evidence of these ancient people dot Kane County archaeologists have recorded hundreds of sites. The idea was ultimately abandoned as impractical and contrary to NPS principles. Its county seat and largest city is Moab. With an 84,899 mi, (219,887 km) area it became the 13th largest state among the 50 states of the US. No32# Utah Allows death by firing squad for inmates on death row. The average household size was 2.44, and the average family size was 3.06. [17], 12. The Utahans have continued the rate for the past years. Glen Canyon (Lake Powell) had many sites that are now covered by water. The nations first transcontinental rail road was completed in Utah. By 1855 they had sent missionary settlers into eastern Utah Territory. Two fellow climbers also ascended via fixed ropes, one of whom recorded video of Potter from the top. 1. Slightly heavier, and more moist. The county population contained 26.90% under the age of 18, 8.20% from 18 to 24, 27.90% from 25 to 44, 24.50% from 45 to 64, and 12.50% who were 65 years of age or older. Be grateful! Grand County Connects Future Land Use Planning! Grand County terrain is arid, rough, and spectacularly carved by water and wind erosion, exposing red rock formations that have created a solid tourist industry. In Kane County you can find towering sandstone cliffs, deep canyons, plateaus, mountains, and lots of sand. St. George is the County Seat of Washington County. 1988. The hunting-gathering Paiutes replaced the Ancestral Puebloan people in this region, who still live in the area today. Utah's nickname "Beehive State" honours its Mormons settlers. Though the size of the lake keeps changing, based on the season, it is spread across about 1700 square miles. And this also means that the trees are genetically identical. Indiana University Press, Eds. The Rocky Mountain elk is the state animal, common in Utahs mountains. [10], In May 2006, climber Dean Potter performed as many as six free solo ascents of the arch. The states capital is Salt Lake City. The Coffee Garden is an infamous Salt Lake City coffee shop nestled into the heart of this neighborhood. The Colorado River, which flows through the county, was first 3. The racial makeup of the county was 92.65% White, 0.25% Black or African American, 3.85% Native American, 0.22% Asian, 0.05% Pacific Islander, 1.66% from other races, and 1.32% from two or more races. Grand County is as far north as these Pueblo people lived. Get facts and photos about the 45th state. A petroglyph of a mammoth or mastodon on a canyon wall west of Moab may indicate that Paleoindian people were in Grand County up to 12,000 thousands of years ago. The tribe has lived here for centuries, much before the first Europeans arrived in America. - Manage notification subscriptions, save form progress and more. Even though the state is home to several different tarantulas, most people never see these spiders. [20], 24. Before allowing statehood, the U. S. Congress needed Utah to ban polygamy, as this was viewed as taboo. Colorado state line. 32. Here, on February 1, 1985, records the second-coldest temperature (69 degrees below zero) in the continental U.S. As of the 2000 United States Census, there were 8,485 people, 3,434 households, and 2,170 families in the county. 22. The provisional state encompassed most of the territory that had been acquired from Mexico the previous year as the Mexican Cession. All other counties were established between 1854 and 1894 by the Utah Territorial Legislature under territorial law except for the last two counties formed, Daggett and Duchesne. UT is the short form of this state. It is considered sacred by Navajo culture. Under the United Order, the people would share their possessions and work together as a community, instead of each family just looking after themselves. On October 23, 1970, when Gary Gabelichs rocket-powered Blue Flame peaked at 1,014.656kph, he became the first to exceed 1,000 kph. This wonder was formed in the early Jurassic period and saved as a national monument. Rainbow Bridge (290 feet/88 meters tall and 270 feet/83 meters across), by Lake Powell, is the worlds largest natural bridge. For more information, please visit the 2021 5-year ACS Comparison Guidance page. It was part of the Pacific Railroad, also known as the Overland Route. Left a comment below & tell us which Interesting facts about Utah touch you most. Kings Peak (13,534 feet (4,125 m)), in the Uinta Mountains is Utahs highest peak. 9th and 9th frequently boasts it's a "locals only" neighborhood as the majority of restaurants and shops are locally-owned, small businesses. Utah State It was named Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institution and is still going on under the name ZCMI. Utah has considered six national forests in its land, this is the 3rd largest number of national forests in a state. The water in the lake has nine times more salt than that found in oceans. In: Mesozoic Vertebrate Life. Photograph by Kevin Ebi / Alamy Stock Photo, U.S. states and territories facts and photos. Friendly Paiutes cared for the crops after they left. The Mormon pioneers initially settled at Kaysville-Layton. 76 Interesting facts about Missouri that Make You Wonder, 50+ Unique & Interesting Facts about Wisconsin. quarter: Pancaketom, Dreamstimesego: Kwiktor, Dreamstime; california gull: Spectruminfo, Dreamstime; rocky mountain elk: Terrywen412, Dreamstime. 3,682 square miles (9,535 km2) of it is land and 13 square miles (32 km2) of it (0.34%) is water. Today the remains of cliff houses and rock art in the canyons delight explorers. [7], 17. No#25: A suitable place for winter recreation. Originally in 1847, Utah was fixed by Mormon pioneers, but until 1896 was not a state. Whereas the state considered snowfall from December to march the 13th of January is a special day for Utahns. Newspaper rock the symbols etched in sandstone act as a 2,000 year old newspaper of native cultures. During the 1970s and 1980s Moab became The first people to settle in the fertile Spanish Valley, named after the "Old Spanish Trail," which ran through it, were the Mormon pioneers in 1877. 44. Slacklining and the placement of new fixed anchors on new climbs are also prohibited. In 1971 it got National Park status. They left traces of their lives in remnants of their homes and tools and the haunting Barrier Canyon-style pictographs they painted on cliff walls. Lets discover the most interesting and fun facts about Utah. The Wasatch Mountain range is also given a name according to Ute Indian; means low place or mountain pass or in high mountain.. [1] Its county seat and largest city is Moab. Apple Beer, the famous American variant of the German drink fassbrause, is produced by The Apple Beer Corporation based in Salt Lake, Utah. The Parry brothers of Kanab led a crusade to attract more films. The first permanent non-Indian settlers were cattle ranchers. The Elk Mountain Mission reached Moab Valley in 1855 and Other wildflowers include Utah honeysuckle, Utah serviceberry, and smallflower woodland-star, which looks like a snowflake. By March 13, 1890, their petitions caused the Utah Territory legislature to designate the eastern portion of the county as a separate entity, to be named Grand County, named for the Grand River (whose name was changed to Colorado River in 1921). It is the geographical location of the settlement that helped preserve the ancient site. Because the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad built tracks through the county in 1883, several of these towns served the railroadfor instance, Thompson, Cisco, and Crescent Station. The Olympic torch relay for the 2002 Winter Olympics passed through the arch. In 1848, the United States won the Mexican-American War, and as part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Mexico ceded (gave up) Utah to the United States. In the 1950s, the NPS investigated the possibility of applying a clear plastic coating to the arch to protect it from further erosion and eventual destruction. Moreover, it considered nine national monuments and two national recreation areas. Utah's population is about 62% Mormon, while Grand County is about 26% Mormon.[16]. Temple Square, located in Salt Lake City, is the depot for the Church of Jesus. The enormous crater created by mining activity is visible from space. County beauty comes to life! During the 19th and early 20th centuries, most of the countys residents got their living by farming and ranching. After the wagons were reassembled and supplies reloaded, they made their way through the deep sand to the river. Evidence of indigenous occupation up to 10,000BCE has been previously discovered in Grand County. In 1896, Martha Hughes Cannon was elected the first woman senator. Computer and Internet Use. Read More 50+ Interesting Facts About Austin TexasContinue, Read More 15 Interesting & Crazy Fun Facts about Minnesota | What is Known for?Continue, Read More 64 Interesting & Fun Facts about Massachusetts | What is Known For?Continue, Read More 76 Interesting facts about Missouri that Make You WonderContinue, Read More 50+ Unique & Interesting Facts about WisconsinContinue, Read More 20 Funny & Interesting Facts about New Mexico | What is Known for?Continue, Your email address will not be published. Infamous outlaw Butch Cassidy, hotel chain founder J.W. [1] [2] The arch is the most widely recognized landmark in Arches National Park and is depicted on Utah license plates and a postage stamp commemorating Utah's centennial anniversary of admission to the Union in 1996. Later, Spanish traders and American fur trappers developed the route known as the Spanish Trail. In terms of population, Utah is the 30th largest populous state. Households with a computer, percent, 2017-2021. Cowboys and outlaws figure prominently in the areas folklore. Great was dropped from the name in 1868. Rock hounds can visit Utah for its semi-precious stones including rare red beryl, the purple bertrandite, and topaz, the state gem. Here is where youll find the Great Salt Lake, which is even saltier than the ocean! Alaska and California hold the 1st and 2nd largest number of national forests. That's unique to Utah and may very well be the key ingredient to the Greatest Snow on Earth. [4] The terrain is filled with hills and protuberances, but generally slopes to the south and to the west. However, it has shifted leftward in recent years, voting Democratic thrice in the last eight elections (for Bill Clinton in 1992, Barack Obama in 2008, and Joe Biden in 2020). There are several historical, popular, and celestial things that make it famous to tourists. A Few Fun Facts & Figures about Ogden Utah Ogden City Population - 84,000, Weber County Population - 238,000 Elevation - 4,280 feet Highest peak - Ben Lomond, 9,712 feet Average yearly snowfall - 65.3 inches Average resort yearly snowfall - 450 inches Average yearly rainfall - 18.9 inches Over 45 films and TV shows have been shot in Ogden area. The NPS has since closed the loophole by disallowing climbs on any named arch within the park year-round. Some birds that fly through the state include red-tailed hawks, American kestrels, golden eagles, red-winged blackbirds, and green-tailed towhees. Utah is the only state with an official State Cooking Pot: Dutch oven. [11], View of the Delicate Arch at sunset, August 2005, Last edited on 16 November 2022, at 18:59, U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Delicate Arch, Arches National Park: Geologic Resource Evaluation Report, "Olympic torch makes way into Utah for first time", "National Briefing: Rockies: Utah: Sentence For Burning Arch", "Arches National Park: Here are six fun facts about Utah's famed Delicate Arch", "Official Statement from Patagonia and Dean Potter on the Delicate Arch Climb", Beautiful Places episode of Delicate Arch, Panoramic View of Delicate Arch at Sunset,, This page was last edited on 16 November 2022, at 18:59. The Bingham Canyon Mine is considered to be the biggest man-made pit in the world. As of 2000 the population was 8,485, and by 2005 it was estimated to be 8,743. Its bulbs were used as food by early settlers. 90.4%. NAVD88: 12336. Measuring America's People, Places, and Economy. the fertile Colorado River bottoms regarded them as competition and 36 Interesting Fact about Utah You Should Know, 70 Fun Facts about Summer things that Only Happen in the Summer, 28 Fun Facts about Broccoli to let You Know, 27 Unique Interesting Facts about the Deciduous Forest, 60+ Fun Facts about Ladybugs That will Surprise You, 31 Unique Fun Facts about Iguanas that Pleasure to YOU, 42 Fun Facts about Blueberries that You Should Known, 72 Interesting Facts about lynx that Make You Known Unique. very late 1870s and 1880s did a few Mormon families find it possible to Lake Evaporation: A Model Study is completed by the Biological and irrigation engineering for the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) which is awarded on 5-1995. The Rocky Mountains region runs from northeastern Utah through the center of the state. It might sound like its totally flat, but mountains, canyons, and valleys dot the region. The median age was 37 years. Mormons, Great Salt Lake, Beehives, The National parks, Skiing Bonneville salt flats, and speedways are as pretty in natural beauty as abound with national history. [1][2] The arch is the most widely recognized landmark in Arches National Park and is depicted on Utah license plates and a postage stamp commemorating Utah's centennial anniversary of admission to the Union in 1996. 29.50% of all households were made up of individuals, and 9.50% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. Each episode is an animated rap music video focusing on the big cities, history, landmarks, and significant geographical areas of each state. The state of Utah lies on the Western side of the United States of America, and in the Rocky Mountain Region. The tribe has lived here for centuries, much before the first Europeans arrived in America. This western nation has superb ski resorts, national parks, incredible conditions, and unique natural wonders. Large sheep and cattle companies have found abundant forage for their A top spot for seeing Utahs famous red rocks is the 200-million-year-old natural staircase called Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Cattle owners began running cattle in the region and settlers founded more towns. Rainbow Bridge is the worlds most significant natural bridge. and four-wheel drive recreation in Utah. the 1950s brought the first real population expansion to the area and The smooth and densely packed salt terrain makes this area of great interest to speed racers. Its east border abuts the west border of the state of Colorado. build permanent homes. Byron Scott coach, professional basketball player. I'm Ahmed Tushar, the owners and author of FactPackers.Com - I love to travel and getting knowledge about interesting fun fact before going, and I love writing about it all. The lime-flavored product seems to be a crowd-pleaser and is often had with shredded carrot. Salt Lake City, UT, has more plastic surgeons per capita than any other city in the United States. The Kentucky Fried Chicken was first sold in Utah, and not in Kentucky. Utah (nicknamed: Beehive State, Deseret) has 29 counties. Most recently, tourism has been the countys biggest source of income. When the stunning state Utahs name hears you what do you think then? In Utah, it is illegal to take trombone players to act on street auction advertisements. [11] Potter did admit to using a counterweighted rope over the top of the arch, within a natural groove,[12] as well as four cams in a horizontal crack of harder rock at the summit. Besides the state Mississippi, Oklahoma, and South Carolina also allows the capital punishment system. The Sundance Film Festival, an annual independent film festival is held in Park City, Utah. Utah facts 1. Today, Utah is divided into29 counties. Utah is home to more than 600 vertebrate animals and numerous vertebrate and invertebrate insects. Description. Moab, UT 84532. There were 3,434 households, out of which 29.80% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 48.60% were married couples living together, 10.70% had a female householder with no husband present, and 36.80% were non-families. The first legislature re-created the original counties from the State of Deseret under territorial law as well as establishing 3 additional counties: Juab, Millard, and Washington. Utah's snow has a snow density of 8.5, which means the snow is 8.5% moisture. Utah juniper, canyon maple, pinyon pines, and Joshua trees are also among Utahs common foliage. Utah is the 30th most populous and the 13th most extensive of the 50 states of the United States. Moab, a Colorado River oasis. Whereas Nevada state receives 10.2-inch rainfall throughout the years and it is the lowest rainfall in the U.S. For this reason, it became the 1st driest state among the 50 states of the U.S. No#34: The State Flag Considered Cooking Pot and Dutch Oven. Cowboys and outlaws figure prominently in the area's folklore. What makes these trees interesting is that they have a single root system.