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Danica: Blake, youre out! Lynn: What's up, punks? Margo: Wow, Amy! Lincoln started to fidget with some wax crayons, and Lynn absentmindedly started to bounce a tennis ball repeatedly. Danicas pet goldfish shakes his head from in his bowl.]. SighLynn, this isnt making anything better.. Tears started to make their way down her cheeks. said Luna. I just hate when people feel sorry for me when I lose. Danica: And for the third place, we have Rodney Walters! Lincoln Loud has become responsible for safekeeping the power of Shazam. Lars Loud (older) Una tarde de pasin y juegos entre dos hermanitos que se salieron con la suya. The Loud girl that loves to win. Diane: Thanks! ], [Lynn runs up with a determined expression, grabs the pole, leaps up, somersaults over the bar, and sticks the landing, causing everyone to clap and cheer. Rachel Marsh and Sean Conner. He murmured. It was poorly done. Lainey: It shows. Lincoln walks up to the tree and sees Lynn sitting on the ground, crying in her arms. Though he was all flesh and bones, he could throw a punch darn good. Friend The two were the local bully duo, picking on random kids for money, for exercise, for fun. Olivia: Well, back in my place, they call me the Seal, and seals eat penguins! violence, sex and love in the cold of Michigan. Brash, sporty, competitive, cool, confident, hot-headed said Lynn. No Such Luck Aftermath - The Loud House Fanon Wikia "." "So I have to wear this all day? Therefor you have only yourself to blame.". The broken barricade was scattered all over the room, and the door was kicked wide open. Having now beco During the events of nsl Lincoln is raped by his family as this causes his mind to shatter into 9 other parts each with their own personality and some with powers. ], [Roy lunges forward and stabs Lynn on the side, then she runs up and stabs him on the belly. Lynn: Woo-hoo! Leni said as she glared at Lynn. said Lynn and placed the squirrel mascot in a garbage can. Earl: Only thirty seconds left and the girls are still neck-and-neck! The Trouble With Lynn Cover. Lynn's punishment | The Loud House Fanon Wikia | Fandom in: Episodes, Episodes focusing on Lynn Loud, Re-writes, and 2 more Lynn's punishment View source My 2nd fanfic on the wiki. Annake "Correction. Lisa: I know the last time I tried to improve your fortune was unsuccessful, but all the same, I hope your fortune is good. "This didn't make me feel any better." A crayon drawing fell from the impact, and Lincoln went to pick it up. When one of his sisters was the center of the problem, he always knew the right solution, the right plan to conduct. Lana: You can borrow my lucky plunger if you like. You were 13 years old already moving because of family problems. Danica: And the winner is Lynn by a whisker! he tried to yell, but his mouth was covered by a hand, muffling his words. They all have gone into their normal lives. A Disgraced Athlete's Vengeance - The Loud House Fanon Wikia He didnt mind back then, what really mattered to him was that he had a big sister to play with him and protect him. Lynn took a bite of the meatball sub, but she noticed there was something missing. Lucy replied. Lincolns personal favorite was the banner he and Lynn(but mostly he had contributed to) made, hanging across the triangular ceiling of the shelf. She loves to play sports and enjoys roughhousing with her siblings. The defenseless, innocent self that had gone away a long time ago. "We thought you would go nuts!" Ronnie Anne sees Lincoln kicked out of his home and decides to take him out of there. Olivia starts off by scoring a goal. I know those sports like the back of my hand. "Apologize for being right? Did he want his sister to be seen like this? Lainey: So hows Theo? said Lincoln. Gareth: Then prepare to change your name. Occupation Lynn spoke to the readers. Lincoln Loud was a boy in a family with 10 sisters, which as you know, would be incredibly difficult to live with, but he was accidentally transformed into a lizard huma. Can Lynn beat him? In the midst of the chaos, Lincoln felt a strong arm yank him off the bed. Luan tried to take Lincoln's temperature, but was cracking up from making puns about his eye and accidentally stuck the thermometer in his ear. Not even Lana, the one who spent most of her time scavenging around the house, bothered it. Elizabeth: I dont really mind losing. Lynn just gave a deadpan look, but she smiled. So I suppose were gonna do some professional sporting activities and eat some healthy food? Lynn gulped and the dog chased her around. Lynn: *laughs* Thats gross, but hilarious! Lincoln, who did this to you? she growled, staring straight into her brothers red eyes, shaking his shoulders. Lori: Thats great news! Hey!- he tried to yell, but his mouth was covered by a hand, muffling his words. Lynnjr Stories - Wattpad Getting kicked out of The Loud Family, Lincoln runs away and was in Central City, while there, he meets a kind scientist let him to live in at his lab as along as Lincol. They would play games together, many of them ending up with Lincoln getting injured from Lynns roughhousing. Lincoln took a deep breath at his sisters reaction, hoping for the best for what he was about to say. "Now that you mentioned it, Lynn was the reason why were hippos to Lincoln." Her sisters were remained silence. Lynn: *pleasantly surprised* Ill admit, I love junk food too! Nadia: I thought you said your sister was all gloomy and serious. And probably nix on those bad habits of yours too. 175 0 4. . ], [Blake eventually manages to catch up to Olivia, but he splashes water on her to slow her down.]. He was pulled out of the room and the chaos, dragged down the stairs, all the way to the backyard. Played By And whoever wins gets a medal, and to spend the day with Danica Morgan! Their parents had strongly recommended not to go in there, since it was falling apart and hazardous. Luna said. Lana puts mud down Lynn's shirt, so Lynn puts mud down Lana's overalls. and thanks to Lisa, two familiar faces will be joining him. Everyone in the park laughed at Lynn's pain and misfortune, Lynn took off her mascot costume and tears were forming in her eyes, it wasn't from the smell of the unwashed mascot costume. Lynn: The best lady athlete in the universe, thats who! Next to Rowdy McQuads, of course. Loud House Fanfiction: Lynn Jr. Olympics by mysteryreason on DeviantArt L literature Loud House Fanfiction: Lynn Jr. Olympics Add to Favourites By mysteryreason Watch Published: May 11, 2022 6 Favourites 6 Comments 2.6K Views [Lynn is in her room doing push-ups.] said Lori. Thanks for reading! She was now accompanied by Principal Huggins, who was screaming something about calling her parents. Danica is at the door.]. La navidad no siempre es esa fiesta hermosa y familiar que pensamos, hay veces en que realmente es una mierda. Lynn crossed her arms. "Ewwww!" Lincoln let out a small yelp of pain, and his hands instantly covered his swollen eye. Lets have a farting contest! Lynn ignored her sisters comments. Im going to deal with them right now. She stood up to leave, but Lincoln grabbed her hand. Luna: Oh, that's who this Danica Morgan lady is. All common sense yelling at her to keep it to herself, and let it die but it is not all of her talking. Lincoln let out a small yelp of pain, and his hands instantly covered his swollen eye. Hey guys, Emily here. Was all of this worth keeping from Lynn? Thanks for telling me. Lincoln faces Chandler and Lynn could be the winner's prize, what will happen? Lincoln said and Lynn was confused by what Lincoln said. Lynn: So, Danica, what was the first sport you played? Status "Well I tried to return it, but I placed the coach in the hospital due to the smell." said Lincoln. W-Who?. Fanfiction - Lincoln vs Lynn - The Loud House Encyclopedia Rita: Shell be fine. They keep laughing and farting, while Lola walks past and gags.]. Lola: I may not be an athlete, but I love to win, so I hope you do! Sean Conner was a skinny boy with sandy hair and squinty green eyes. I'm getting sick and tired of the fandom ranking "No Such Luck" the worst episode of The Loud House, and yes, I agree that it is one of (if not) the worst episodes of the Loud House but it's been taking a lot of hatred seriously, I believe "Brawl in the Family" deserves a lot of hate more than "No Such Luck" and a lot of Lynn haters (like myself) are taking their hate for Lynn very seriously, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't like Lynn, they can dislike her all they want, but they shouldn't bash on her like that 24/7 and that includes me too. The anger and thirst for revenge had taken over her body and consciousness, to the point where she forgot her surroundings, the only thing that she could think of was to beat them up. youre so fine gotta gotta get to know ya - new jeans, We need more things about Lynn loud, tell me if u have any good story's or anything about Lynn "I proved it, right before we ended Lincoln's torment which is your foul chamber you call a mascot suit.". All of his sisters started arguing right in his room, with Lincoln sitting on the bed, not sure of what to do. This is my first Loud House fanfiction, so it might be crappy(I hope you understand). The other Louds start cheering for her and Danica walks up. [She hits the ball, but it bounces off a tree and back.]. You had no idea why I went through Even those I apologized you still acted like I was patient zero. Danica: Rodneys got a hole in two! [Paula whips out her cell phone and sets the timer. "No, I'm here to say I'm sorry." Lynn cringed. I do not own Loud House or any images that might be used, I just own my Oc. Lynnda Lee Loud Jr. ], [Iris runs up to the pole and jumps, but doesnt get over the pole and ends up landing in a heap and losing her glasses. Not that Lincoln was complaining. WHAT DO YOU THINK YOURE DOING-BLOOD IS ALL OVER THE PLACE!. tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos. Lynn asked. ", "I know what would cheer you up?" . Human "Hey can I come in?" Or was it Ronnie Anne again? She wasnt teasing him about his crush-ever since Ronnie Anne had punched Lincoln after he had kissed her, Lynn always had been wary of the 11 year old girl. Earl: Starting this off, we will be having one-on-one basketball. Family "You know what I don't even care anymore." Youre better than me now. Her siblings are devastated over the news, but what can they do? Lynn said. "Nice doggy." After a horrible accident happens to Lynn Loud Jr. the Loud family find themselves dealing with the most unexpected situation ever. Lincoln said. When she stops the jumps, she looks to who she hit. [Slides down the railing and somersaults off, landing gracefully on her feet. She mustve left her baseball bat back in his room, since it was nowhere to be seen. "You stink." Her revenge wasnt done. Dont. Jessica DiCicco Spells and Louds Chapter 755: 755 Lynn, Then Ridley, a Loud House Would you be interested? "But I'm thirsty and it's a oven in here." ", "Yeah," said Lynn. Lynn asked. [Cut to the two of them playing golf at Fairway.]. Enemy Named after her father, Lynn Jr. is a very energetic, athletic girl who enjoys playing every sport that exists, even making a sport out of everything else she does. [She runs upstairs and puts on music. "Charles won't let me in, he growled at me." Megan: *arrogantly* Well, well, well, if it isnt the little klutz girls. Lynn whine. [Gareth runs up to the pole and leaps, but as he goes over the bar, he loses his pants, exposing his underwear. ], [She takes off her own sock and shoe and picks her nose with her own big toe. [Blake gets out of the pool and walks off, while Olivia rights herself and keeps swimming.]. Lynn, why did you bring me here? Lincoln asked his older sister, carefully so she wouldnt be any more triggered. Now, he'll learn that being in an Interracial family, his family will love him no matter what. With renovations going on in an almost empty house Lincoln, Lucy and Lynn need to share a bed. I should taken my defeat like a pro and I shouldn't have threatened you." Lisa said. He stayed there for a long time, away from the chaos of the Loud house, away from his sisters who were searching for him, but not away from the worries surrounding him about Lynn. ], [Lana takes a hose and makes a muddy patch, which the girls then jump into and they start rolling around in the mud, shoving each other over, and throwing mud at one another. Here is the same, but for books. Lynn gulps.]. "Put the head back on!". said Lincoln. Danica: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome one and all to the Royal Woods Junior Olympics. said Lincoln and glared at Lynn. Lincoln Loud was labeled as bad luck by his sisters and was locked out of his house. Lisa said. Samantha is short and African-American, Blake is tall and Caucasian, and Rodney is average height and Asian. "This is nuts Luan." "But where am I suppose to sleep?" If you have any questions or things you wanna say, you can either DM me on Instagram (@eclecticallyem) or either ask me on Tumblr(also @eclecticallyem). He was probably doing something with Clyde-but what sort of nerdy stuff they would do would attract Marsh and Conners attention? Im bringing you the very first chapter of. Lana farts even louder. Even those I wore that squirrel mascot, I got heatstroke at the beach all because of your pride and selfishness. "Did I mention the dog poop?" Next up is a fencing match between Lynn Loud and Roy McKinney! But the next day, we started having bad luck in our games, and it turned out to be because the ghost whose name was Shanks Bogey had been the schools caddy in life and was essentially a good luck charm. Lynn Loud, to say the least.was upset. He pointed at his black eye- Youll go straight to them and beat them up. And while he is glad that his parents a Based off of Loud heros [Lynn is put in the ring with Mallory, who is a foot taller than Lynn and ripped, with black curly hair. Lynn screams in terror and falls off the couch, but when she gets back up it was just the head of the squirrel mascot. Will one of them get to win? "Oh come on! The Trouble With Lynn-Chapter 1: Revenge - The Loud House Encyclopedia So thats the name of your freak sis-. ], [She starts leaping and cartwheeling, prompting her siblings to enter the living room out of curiosity.]. Lincoln took a deep breath at his sisters reaction, hoping for the best for what he was about to say. [Lynn charges forward and tries to hit Mallory, but she bobs and weaves out of the way, and then runs forward in a left cross, hitting Lynn again.]. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Luna: And I hope you get to hang with your idol. In his agony, he managed to push a few possessions of his and block the doorway. More of Loud House Omniverse will come out soon. She snapped. Roy: Looks like this is your first taste of defeat! Dislike What if he leaves his family who calls him Bad luck? Lynn sighed after hearing Lincoln's rant. None of them had ended up good. [They stand on the court. Did you see what happened to Lynn? "Which is why I was made to win.". I plan to throw a party when it comes off. Hello. Join Lincoln as he ventures with 35 sisters (kinda over Luna was born with a cursed she is able to transform into a werewolf at every full moon, she is the only Loud to do so. Lincoln was in his room and he sighs. But I thought that would be too mean. We dont want Lynn to kill anyone! The Loud sisters all laughed at Lynn, but Lincoln didn't laugh at Lynn's misfortune he felt sad for his older sister. She turned on the van and drive away as they left the Santiago House to return their home. She has a habit of . Im watching you, young lady! But I couldn't take it there because of your superstitions." [Alexander throws the ball, but cant get it into the basket, prompting Lynn to laugh smugly. . Luan: These videos say she's super polite, and is almost as big of a health nut as Lori, so if I were you, I'd save the junk food 'til the end of the day. "No worries, they'll say their sorry to me sooner or later. To be honest, I feel a little bit better. Sure he lied to get free time, but you were the cause of all of this." ], [Alexander does a somersault while dunking the ball.]. Lynn's Next Chapter Chapter 5, a loud house fanfic | FanFiction Ill try to update as much as possible! Cut to the tennis court where the girls are playing tennis Lynn with Margo, Diane with Amy, Maya with Paula, Nadia with Lainey, and Polly with Maddie.]. She couldnt let them do the same thing with her only brother. Lori: So, I was practicing golf at nighttime, but then when I went to get my ball back, it had been replaced even though there was literally no one around! [She leans back and dramatically swings the club, hitting the ball squarely into the hole.]. Work Search: Lynn remained silent for a while, and Lincoln was afraid she was going to blow at him. Lynn managed to get away from the bees, but she hears a dog growing. If you have any questions or things you wanna say, you can either DM me on Instagram (@eclecticallyem) or either ask me on Tumblr(also @eclecticallyem). She is also shown to be very competitive, and strives to be "number one" in every game she plays, even when winning isn't involved. Look out below! Lynn saying please struck Lincoln odd. Girls: One two three four five six seven eight nine ten! Lynn: I agree. Girls: One two three.. Four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve. By: Flagg1991. lynnloud superhero theflash +5 more # 15 Chainsmoking your Love by CartoonFF 110K 1.7K 20 Lincoln Loud was viewed by many to be a strong, caring, and kind person. I can handle this, just leave us alone, okay? She snapped. My 2nd fanfic on the wiki. "Son we're glad you're here." Lynn said. [Sprays Lynn with her trick flower, making them both laugh. Were having our two month anniversary of our first kiss soon! The glass on the table smashed as well, causing shards to puncture Lincoln's arms, legs, and back. Alexander scores a basket, then Lynn does, then Alexander scores two, then Lynn scores one by throwing it from the other side of the field.]. And youre all invited! "Say the word and she's out like a light." Lisa deactivated Lincoln's tracking implant. The Loud House Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community. [They start playing. She growled, knocking Marsh to the ground next to Conner. Today, she was going to prevent any of it from happening. Age "She's my type definitely" (another NSL fanfic) Takes place in the middle of the night as lincoln was walking through the streets of royal woods as he was kicked out of his own home by his family Getting kicked out of The Loud Family, Lincoln runs away and was in Central City, while there, he meets a kind scientist let him to live in at his lab as along as Lincol Lincoln Loud was viewed by many to be a strong, caring, and kind person. Drop, and give me twelve! The silence was broken when the thirteen-year old girl finally opened her mouth to say, Or else, Ill feel guilty. She said it in barely a whisper, hugging her knees. " ?" Lynn whispered to Lincoln. ", Lynn answered, "Because, my first ever baseball game changed my life.". Lana then jumps and lands on Lynn, who laughs, and then the girls lie in the puddle and stare at the sky. Luna replied. [They start playing. It read in Lincolns scrawly handwriting: LYNN AND LINCOLN LOUDS FORT: DO NOT ENTER., With the letters getting smaller and smaller to fit the banner. Lynn continued her story, "And it was the moment that I was Lynn Loud, the all-star sport star.". She is named after her father. "Lincoln is not wearing his anti-jinx suit! "Then maybe you should walk a mile in my shoes." "Oh hey. When I saw a foul ball coming I jumped up and caught it.". About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy [Lynn does two somersaults while dunking the ball.]. "Oh really did you even see what I went through being lonely. ], Girls: One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen, [Maddies glasses fall off but she puts them back on.]. "We were all discussing about it while you were outside." "Yeah, we we're heartless like Lucy." But it wasnt hers. He said he wanted to take it for further study. The sisters all laughed at Luan's joke. "Can I come inside now?". Luan laughed. Was all of this worth keeping from Lynn? We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for marketing purposes. I'm getting sick and tired of the fandom ranking "No Such Luck" the worst episode of The Loud House, and yes, I agree that it is one of (if not) the worst episodes of the Loud House but it's been taking a lot of hatred seriously, I believe . Loni Loud I'll clean your rooms for a year, I'll be Lola's maid for a month. The angry yells of her parents made Lynn crawl deeper under her bed, kicking long-forgotten balls aside. [He lunges forward, swinging his sword, but Lynn ducks. Maya: Thanks. But Lincoln watched Lynn getting chased by the dog and it reminded him of all the torment he went through. [Lynn takes another shot and the ball bounces off all the trees and into a gophers mouth, but then the gopher spits it into the hole. Halloween es una fecha para sustos, dulce o truco y dulces muchos dulces, pero Lincoln no esperaba ninguno de los que le dieron este ao.Ttulo corregido, esto se trata de halloween y las otras festividades. Luke Loud Lynn shouted at her sisters, ripping off Lincolns bandages, and plucking the thermometer out of his ear. Gareth: Ha! [Next, they are seen on an ice rink, practicing hockey.]. It's my first ever one shot I've done. Maybe Lisas rubbing off on him. Making you sleep outside and selling your stuff." "So you want me to wear that squirrel mascot and I can come back inside?" Danica: The one and only! Lynn asked. Lincoln said. Straw and Order part 2 - The Loud House Encyclopedia Gareth growls, but Lynn smirks and punches the air while the family claps, cheers, and does thumbs ups.]. Along the way, she develops feelings for him. Danica: Youre a lot of fun, Lynn! Cheryl was coming closer to her, her shouts getting louder. I apologised, but that didnt work, so I tried impressing him, and he taught me some new tricks. Lynn: Being an olympic winner works up an appetite! of Lincoln trying to keep his ten adult sisters happy. "We were hippos to our only brother." Margo: I sure do! 9 - A Childrens Book About Lying by Joy Berry Lies, stories, and mistakes are different While there are many stories about lying and why its wrong, what I like about this particular book is. Lynn: I've got the biggest butt in this house and I'm not afraid to move it! Lynn Loud, Katie Wallace, Dominic Peters, Elizabeth Crawford, and Bob Ryan. "Lincoln and I ate it and boy was it spicy." Middle school studentBabysitter Both: And finally, for first place Lynn Loud! said Lincoln. Megan scores a basket, then Lynn, then Lynn again, then Paula, then Morgan, then Megan again, then Morgan again. "No offence Lola and Lana. Rita and Sisters: (in horror) LINCOLN!!! Lisa groaned with a deadpan look. Will she find her determination? Species Lynn, who looked a lot less happier than her brother, heavily sat down across the shed, facing Lincoln. I asked the boys if they could bring him back, but they didnt know how, so I asked Lucy and her friends, and they accepted. !! disaster struck as the space rock cracks open and an alien slime ca Lincoln is tired of being pushed around and being abused by his family, and now, he is deemed bad luck, once again. I can handle this, just leave us alone. Lincoln Loud, a somewhat normal 12 years old, is used to the madness of living with 10 siblings. Rachel Marsh and Sean Conner. He murmured. said Lincoln. "I'm too mad to make a pun." said Lynn. I do not own Loud House nor the characters Lynn Loud | Nickelodeon | Fandom Lynn Jr. loses a baseball game, Vanzilla gets towed due to Lynn Sr. having an expired driver's license which forces all of them to have to walk back home, the front door of the Loud house gets destroyed by Lisa as the only way to let any of them back in when the doorknob broke off, their TV just shows static, and, of course, Lincoln gets shot ], [Katie stands up and is given her silver medal.]. Polly: Good leaping, Nadia! Just around the corner would be the school playground. Lincoln stared at his Lynn, who looked at him beggingly. Luna Loud: But what about Lincoln? She must really be desperate, he thought. Then, some rap music starts playing, making Lynn and Danica smile. Lynn: Well, at least its a helpful ghost. Lincoln said. This is my first Loud House fanfiction, so it might be crappy(I hope you understand). Lynn is athletic and competitive. "You wanna get some ice cream?". Usually Stinkoln is the one who talks to the audience, but today, I have something to tell you -- *mischievously* I plan to give whoever comes in next a two-for-flinching! Nadia: Great! Danica wins.]. At 14 years old (13 before), Lynn is the fifth-oldest child of the Loud family, and the youngest of Lincoln's five older sisters. - Cute one shots. Rodney: OK, you may be a better swimmer than me, but Im a way better golfer than youll ever be! She manages to do the jump well, but doesnt do any tricks.]. At 14 years old (13 before), Lynn is the fifth-oldest child of the Loud family, and the youngest of Lincoln's five older sisters. Its all in the baby powder. Paula: I hope you win, girl! Winners, winners, chicken dinners! Clyde's Broken Heart | The Loud House Fanon Wikia | Fandom said Lincoln. She slowly stepped back from the bullies, until she completely turned back and started running. Luan said as she crossed her arms. [At Danicas house, the two arm wrestle. "Just for that you are grounded young lady. Whoa! [Finally, Bob fires. But its fine; the ghost actually brings us good luck. You blamed threaten Lincoln to come to your game, then blamed him for jinxing your game. She was not trying to show it in front of Lincoln and Clyde though. Lynn: I dont know; Ive never tasted it before! "I forgive you guys." /This story contains mature theme/