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Helluva Loud Adventures Chapter 894: Let's do some Dodgeball!, a Loud I believe that he stopped by at a different houses either it's one of his friends. Besides, Lincoln being in a family of ten sisters is a reference to the fact that Chris Savino comes from a family of ten children, five of whom were daughters. Thank you for being honest with me and doing the right thing. Me, Lori, Leni, Luna, Lucy, Laney, Lily & Ronnie are now Lincoln's roommates! Lincoln Loud: (sniff with lower voice) Thanks, I just hope they can forget about me and go back to their normal lives. According to some information from The Loud House on Instagram and Facebook: He has been wondering why his hair is white, and there have been fan rumors about such. *Bops her nose*, The eight of them are about to leave, but the other four sisters, except Lynn, stop them.*. Luna: *sad* Guys, was what we did really the right thing? Lincoln's got a girlfriend! She's the reason why she bullied her brother instead of protecting him. His bad luck has caused this! Lynn Loud Jr.: After you got arrested, I had an argument with him and it was his fault for calling the cops on us. Lucy: Tell Lynn Jr. that we're not roommates anymore either. I do you ask? Luna Loud: We're sorry, mom. Despite Lucy, Lisa, and Lily, they are the only girls that they don't have nightmares unlike most of the girls. Oh yeah, tomorrow Saturday, Bobby and I are going on a date at the Jean Juan's French-Mex Buffet for our 4-month-aversary. His parents think he always forgets to put the toilet seat up. Lynn stop crying for a little, but tears still flowing. He, Clyde and Sid are Ronnie Anne's only friends whose last names have been revealed. For example, we clogged the toilet or eat all of chocolate. Poor girl has been suffering. Both of the adults looked at Lynn and shocked at her face that has smaller bruise and a little bit of black eye. The third is in "Not a Loud", where he is wearing a onesie and a white beanie (Jordan Koch). Luna Loud: Don't forget about us! She was standing by the door. Maria Santiago: Sorry to interrupt, but I had a call from your parents. Lynn Loud Sr.: Alright, where did you last seen him? A month has passed since Bobby, Ronnie Anne, and their mother moved away. Bobby said it was because of what you said to Ronnie Anne. Biography. Forcing him to wear this stupid costume like in public?! Rita Loud: (yelled) LYNN LOUD JUNIOR!!! Lana Loud: I had a bad dream when we were fighting until one of us accidentally break our dads plate. During production, Lincoln was the last of the Loud children to be named. Bobby pulled out his phone to order their pizza while Maria went to the kitchen to hand out the dishes. Bobby Santiago: I'm afraid that I'm gonna have to break up with you again. Luan Loud: For my bad dream, I went on psycho to prank on all of you guys and then they sent me to the hospital to calm me down tied up and never leave this room again. She got off from her bed and went to the bathroom to wash her face. She couldn't believe what he said to her about the breakups between her relationships. Bobby Santiago: Don't worry bro. You're only brother!?!? WE PRETENDED AS WELL! Lets see what favorite items they sent each other. Maria Santiago: That is not true. During his birthday, the trees had left leaves, and there was no snow. I tried to ignore them, but they just won't stop. *Raises her fist* Unless you want to be the next! After offering his cape, the two became best friends. She starts to mumble and move her sides on her bed. Lincoln Loud: I guess so, but I'm not ready to leave yet. Tinkerbell: Hey guys! She is blaming him for her teams losing! Lucy notice when Lynn was standing by the door. Reacting to The Loud House (Fanfic) - TV Tropes It won't took any longer when the door was open and it reveals her boyfriend. The girls never knew how Lynn finally admitted. Subscribe now to stay up to date with everything LoudCasa related! He was bored, and so his companion Ka-Lyde (an alter-ego of Clyde), tried to help him steal a TV remote-like device from a ten-headed beast that resembled the Loud sisters. Meanwhile from the outside of the house, Lincoln's sisters are still in the van to find Lincoln. Biography. Rita Loud: Kids, they give us a second chance to redeem ourselves, but that doesn't mean that we can't let anything happen to you or anyone else. Ronnie Anne: Sup, Linc! Joe and Jenny get inside their car and drove off leaving Rita and Lynn Senior in front of their house. Luna back thumbed at Lynn sitting on the chair alone. No self-insert oc this time. His favorite music band is SMOOCH. They didn't mean it because they were wrong about how they treat you. His least favorite subject in school is Math. Bobby Santiago: Sorry Lori, I don't think I could date a girl who is selfish. Wait here. At some point in his toddlerhood, Lincoln chipped his front tooth. He then got knocked unconscious and dreamt he was a rabbit named Warren with twenty-five sisters. *Gives her a kiss on the cheek for her gratitude*, Ronnie Anne: *blushes from what her boyfriend said*, Lori, Leni, Luna, Lucy and Laney: *smile at the sweet scene*, Ronnie: *Blushes* Thanks Lincoln. Forget it. If he could go anywhere in the world, it would be Euro DairyLand. (Lincoln, Lori, Bobby, and Ronnie Anne are already at the table they reserved. Ronnie Anne Santiago: Lincoln, you'll always fit in. You really are my hero. His favorite foods are pizza and grilled cheese with grape jelly. Lincoln: *smiles at Ronnie* Thanks for letting us stay here, sweetie. He sat on her bed and it felt comfortable. Lola: *sees Lincoln, screams* GET HIM OUT OF HERE! The twins nodded and walked over to Lori to give her a hug. Do you mind of I sit? He knew Lincoln is not coming back home with his sisters. He also wears brown ice skates. Experimental One Shot. She opens the door and got into the drivers seat and shut the door. I think it's the best that we should let Lincoln stay with him for while. At age three, Lincoln became a big brother, when his sister Lucy was born. This is not what I wanted! Lori: *Furious to Lola* Why don't you SHUT THE HELL UP, Lola?! Again with your superstition! Ronnie Anne: *smiles* I'd be happy to let you live with me and Bobby. She knew that she was in big trouble. He yelled at us and telling us who did this. Ronnie Anne Santiago | The Loud House Encyclopedia | Fandom Lincoln Loud: Thank, Mrs. Santiago. He sometimes gets out of chores by deliberately doing them badly, so that his parents give up and do it themselves. ", Classmates: Ronnie and Lincoln sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. [they start laughing again], Lincoln: "Guys, Ronnie Anne is NOT my girlfriend. He possesses a habit of reading comics, manga, and novels in his underwear. He attends the 6th grade at Royal Woods Middle School, having previously attended the 5th grade at Royal Woods Elementary School. The friends of all the other siblings now hate them and they became the most hated outcasts in Royal Woods. Bobby Santiago: You're here to pick him up, aren't you? It reminds him that he has a picture of him and his sisters. WE LOVE YOU! Lincoln stepped up and took the blame for himself instead of us. P.S., here's the link in case you missed it. I was against Lynn from the beginning and she threatened me. ", Classmate #1: "WowIf there is one this I've learned about loveis that tsunderes' way of showing affectionis messed up. She was speechless. : Catch More on Nick! Kicking your own brother out?! Lori Loud: I think it's the best that I can go talk to Bobby alone. He is also the only one Luna complemented when the Loud House siblings were playing instruments in "House Music". The screen shows a superhero show. Rita Loud: This is unforgivable! The best advice he ever received, is to always have a plan. Luna: *Furious* Yeah! Also please don't flame me. After what happened, I wouldnt blame her if shes still upset with me., Lori: Lincoln, this could be the only chance that you and Ronnie Anne might make up., Lori: Thank you, Lincoln. She could see Lynn's tears started to shed. He is a very individual person with limited experience of teamwork in contrast to his sisters who cooperate as roommates. Lynn Loud Jr.: Because..I had a bad dream. If you want to stay, that's fine. Besides being the only son in the family, Lincoln is the only one of the Loud family to not have a four-letter name, except for dubs where his siblings' first names are translated. I know we had a rough day, but this is not what you wanted, right? He ran off and the whole crowd is mad at us. Guys, tell them I'm not crazy! And so I put my foot down and told Ronnie Anne to leave me alone. Lincoln Loud | The Loud House Encyclopedia | Fandom Lynn Loud Sr.: It doesn't matter now. Laney: *Furious, to Lynn* You brought all this on yourself. ), Lincoln: "I am just about getting sick of your pranks and punches. But doing this isn't right! Lana Loud: I eat nasty stuff that you don't like. Suddenly, her mother came in to check on both kids. He yelled at us saying that we were selfish sisters. Lincoln: *beyond furious* IF YOU LOVED ME, THEN YOU WOULDN'T HAVE LET THIS NONSENSE HAPPEN! [8][9], He is known to be "the man with a plan," as he is usually elaborating plans with a specific objective, most of them for his own benefit. I thought I could trust the four of you, especially you two, Leni and , I guess when push comes to shove, you're just as bad as everyone else. Lori Loud: He ran out from the mall. I kinda feel bad for what I've done after that. Meanwhile at the Loud House, the police car pulls up at the curb. Lori Loud: (sobbing softly) Let's go everyone. With 10 sisters and 1 bathroom, he has to! Lynn was shocked. The Loud House: Created by Chris Savino, Michael Rubiner. While we were busy, we heard a smash and walked downstairs to see what's broken until we realized that we mistakenly thought that Lincoln did this. As for my parents, they did sign me up for sports without any constant. And don't get me started on the kissing. If it's ok with you. I had a terrible day. Seeing as Lucy was present and not a baby at the time, he would have been between the ages of five and ten. The girls mentioned for their nightmares are most of fanfiction stories I read. He shares his birthday with the Fox quintuplets. Lucy Loud: That's not all, Lynn said something about that hurt his feelings. With the help of his right-hand man Clyde, Lincoln finds new ways to survive in such a large family every day. we got Jordan Rosato and EveLynn Bingham-Horvitz and the other side of the gym we have Ronnie Anne Santiago, Sid Chang, Nikki, Sameer . Create New. She shook her head in disappointment. Get some sleep because we'll be leaving by eight in the morning. The police couple got out from their car first and then Joe open the door for letting Rita and Lynn Senior out. Lynn Loud Sr.: Because of your superstition, there will be no sports, no TV, no games, no phones, no desserts, and no exercise. It's my first ever one shot I've done. Ronnie Anne looked at Lincoln stop crying, but still blowing his nose with tissues. Lola Loud: He called me selfish greedy girl! Lincoln is not the first Nicktoons character not to have a consistent voice actor. It was mid-afternoon and puffy white clouds sailed across the dusty blue sky like ghostly galleons on their way to the far side of the River Styx. Leni: *Upset & begins to cry* IT'S TRUE LINKY! It's over. So we encouraged him to give her a kiss, and when he did, she gave him a black eye. Their daughters were gasp. Like Clyde or Ronnie Anne for example. I don't want the same mistake like our son has ended up. You and your stupid superstition! Leni covered Lily's ears because there's going to be some yelling. Around age two, his father, Lynn Sr. took an embarrassing photo of Lincoln while potty-training him. Hope you enjoy. ", Lincoln: "Ohwell, remember when you and the guys said that when a girl picks on me, that means she likes me? Lynn Loud Jr.: (sobbing) This is all my fault! Lincoln Loud: Wait, my parents released from jail?! This room is where Lynn and Lucy sleep. Lynn Loud Sr.: I guess I'll tell him later, but what did she say something to Lincoln? Just give him some space when it's time. ", Lincoln: "That's a pretty ludicrous reason for doing so. Lori, Leni, Lucy, Laney & Luna: *Sad* Lincoln, wait! Now, let's get ourselves for dinner and where's Lincoln? Youre talking to a Fish Brawlers collector., Lincoln: (happily gasp) I like those games too!, Ronnie Anne: Did we just become best friends? Lisa Loud: I never had any nightmares, but this is horrible! I'm going to put my foot down and tell her straight that I'm not putting up with her bullcrap anymore! It seems like he inherited it from Pop-Pop, but Pop-Pop most likely has white hair because he's old. Lynn slowly got out from the chair and walk upstairs to her room. My first ever one shot complete. He may think that they want him back to wear the squirrel costume, but what Maria said that his parents were released from jail because the police he encountered gives them a second chance. Lori Loud: Well, one of my sister has a tracking device on Lincoln. Lisa went to grab Lily from her room and come straight back to sleeping with Leni in case she needs some company. One Christmas Eve, the Ghosts of Christmas Present showed the effects of Flip's swindling on his customers. Ronnie, Leni, Lucy, Laney, Luna & Lori: *Smiles at the scene*, Lincoln: *Smiles* And I've got Mr teddy with your name on it. What would happen if someone tried to kidnap him or getting him killed if we locked him outside! He close the door once they got out. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne get into her bed and she turn off the light. Ronnie Anne enter her room wearing her pajamas that is light purple t-shirt and purple pants. I was wondering if your parents would like to know that when are you coming back.