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Customers Also Viewed. Check Price at Amazon. it's about asking "how do I and with style". Lanceurs paintball magfed Tippmann TMC - Alliance Paintball Total conversion modification kits for your magfed paintball markers. The FSR Spring is a stiffer replacement spring for the First Strike T8.1/T9.1/FSC Paintball Magazine Kits. A highly recommended option for tactical players. It also has a ramped front lip, so its less apt to clip the ball stack and cause a ball break in the breech. 3. This magwell will also accept the Zeta Mags from Stark Pursuit that have a 20 ball capacity. The TMC uses a mag-fed system which means that it works with 19 round magazines that will bring a realistic feel to the gameplay experience. I did this with limited success, and modified the stock bolt rather than buy a new one. It seems like most companies have stopped making these so it's nice to see a new manufacturer pick these up. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. It also has a ramped front lip, so its less apt to clip the ball stack and cause a ball break in the breech. You can tell that the looks are based on the AR-15, and the paintball gun parts are based on Tippmann's ultra-popular Cronus line. Cost: $15 This mag fed adapter kit will work on any of the Tippmann or US Army guns that have the hinge and latch style removable hopper elbow. Q: Am I able to purchase only the magfed feed port cover? Tippmann TMC Paintball Guns; Valken Paintball Markers; Used Paintball Markers; Masks / Goggles. Tippmann products for sale | eBay 223.20. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we dont use a simple average. Sierra One = Project Salvo CRBN Masks; Dye Masks. First Strike GI Sportz GOG Paintball HK Army Inception Designs Markers Invert Paintball Guns JT JT Splatmaster Kingman Mag Fed Paintball Gun . Mit den taktischen TMC-Lufen von Killhouse bekommt ihr alles, was ein Scenario oder Magfed-Lauf bentigt und das zu einem Top-Preis. If you would like to edit your existing review then please contact us directly. Q: Are the tmc kits compatible with the stormer elite? Seemed to be missing a plug for the end of the shroud but still snug without it. 13 Best Paintball Guns for Self Defense 2023 - WOW Travel If I change the bolt, what bolt should I get? EMEK EMF100 - Black MG100 . When you're ready to make some serious changes with your guns, you'll want these complete kits that include everything you need to turn your marker's style up to 11. The board will also work great as a replacement board if you're trying to restore your old Tippmann or US Army e-trigger marker to working condition. Zeta and Standard magazines can still be used to short standard round paintballs. So if you've got Call of Duty or Halo and want to bring that look on to the paintball field then keep an eye out for the Killhouse products. Tippmann has made its name by making some of the most indestructible and affordable paintball guns and accessories known. 2018AUG - Tippmann TMC 15 First Strike - YouTube TMC - Tippmann Parts Total conversion modification kits for your magfed paintball markers. Many asked me how I did it so I've. Qty in Cart: 0. . This in-line option should be standard equipment. There was an error retrieving your Registries. Learn more about Hammerhead Barrel. Well, it's because I like the feel of the gun and don't want to buy a new marker as they are expensive enough. They also have a few performance upgrades including a Tippmann Front bolt. DOES NOT INCLUDE ZETA MAGAZINES Shown with the following upgrades (sold separately): M4 Handguard Threading Valken Hanguard 98 Magazine conversion adapter was first revealed at the Paintball Extravaganza in January 2014. Kit includes:1 x Magazine well1 x Magfed feed port cover. The TCR is just a bigger riffle style version of the TiPX. Gift Tags can be seen by anyone viewing your gift list. Keymod Handguard Length 210mm Fits: Tippmann TMC, Tippmann TMC .50 cal Mag Black-2 Pack with Magazine Coupler, Headhunter Paintball Barrel Tippmann 98 and TMC 16 Inch, Headhunter Paintball Barrel Tippmann 98 and TMC 14 Inch, Headhunter Paintball Barrel Tippmann 98 & TMC 12 Inch, Holds 19 Rounds Durable Design Built-In Magpul Integrated Mag Coupler, Tippmann TMC Gas Thru Stock System - Black Designed for TMCs with serial number6,000 andup, Keymod Handguard Length 260mm Fits: Tippmann TMC, Keymod Handguard Length 310mm Fits: Tippmann TMC. Lazr Lite Kit - mountainviewpaintball.com Then in late 2016 Tippmann released the TMC. The conversion adapter kit includes 2 of the TiPX 7 ball magazines to get you started. This sound-filled shot is somewhat a drawback for stealth because it gives away your hiding location. Tippmann TiPX TPX Paintball Long Range First Strike FSR Conversion Kit T220111. Tippmann Paintball Markers. Tippmann Trigger Spring Kit Item: TP027 In Stock. If you play the Division 2, try to imagine the faster rate of fire semi auto rifles in the game like the Police MK17. We have service kits and discounts available for bulk purchases. + 49 [0] 511 984 229 10 Shop opening times Mon - Fri 12pm - 7pm & Saturday 10am-3pm Heute noch 3 H 40 M - Anti-Chop Bolt System: The Super Bolt is designed to stop it's forward movement on a partially loaded paintballs, and retract to allow the ball to fully load for the next shot, rather than just chop through the ball. customer.service@TippmannParts.com, call us at 785-856-0647 or use our live chat. The accuracy Tippmann have blessed this marker with makes it one of the best on the market. Bravo One = Alpha Black Upgrading your barrel can lead to: Improved accuracy by allowing you to tailor the barrel to your specific brand of paintballs Tippman TMC Paintball Gun - Free Shipping - ANSGear And that you can hit that battlefield with all the confidence you need to dominate! Tippmann TMC Upgrades - Badlands Paintball Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. 1260g Materials: Polymer, Aluminum Alloy, Brass Compatibility: Elite Force GLOCK Series and Other Compatible Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistols Tippmann Pro-Am Lite Carbine Spyder MR1 Raptor Paintball Gun Lot 3 . Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2021, Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2020. M4 Extended Ambidextrous Mag Release - Black by Killhouse Weapons Systems Compatible with: Tippmann TMC Paintball M4 Platforms Airsoft M4 platforms Standard M4 Lower Receiver platforms, M4 Extended Ambidextrous Mag Release - Redby Killhouse Weapons Systems Compatible with: Tippmann TMC Paintball M4 Platforms Airsoft M4 platforms Standard M4 Lower Receiver platforms. Matrix Beam Rifle Conversion Kit for Elite Force GLOCK Series Gas Adding tactical upgrades to yourTippmannTMC can give you a performance advantage over your opponent along with giving you a look and feel you desire. - Fr. Note: Only the top part needs supports, everything else will print fine without. This is TippmannParts.com! First Strike .50 Caliber FSR Rubber Rounds 100 Pack $49.95 $29.95 Add to Wish List Buy First Strike .68 Caliber FSR Rubber Rounds 50 Pack $49.95 $29.95 Add to Wish List Buy First Strike FSC Compact Paintball Pistol $349.95 Add to Wish List Buy First Strike FSC Compact Paintball Pistol Bronze Tan LE $349.95 Add to Wish List Buy I've added holes so it can be screwed together with wood screws, and some other . Site fueled by. Air-thru stock is one of the limitless upgrades th. The factory stock already comes with the ability to collapse. It's Awesome, as reliable as a 98 custom the ak 47 of paintball. The Ultimate TiPX Guide - PaintballTech.net Adding tactical upgrades to your Tippmann TMC can give you a performance advantage over your opponent along with giving you a look and feel you desire. This design is based on another design i downloaded a while ago, but didn't like the construction. Description. Tippmann TMC Paintball Gun Package. Capacidade de 20 bolas The First Strike T15 V2 Magazine requires no tools for disassembly and rated for Full Auto use out of the box. It comes with 18 inches sniper barrel and suppressor making your TMC to have the look and feel of the complete sniper setup and ready to take out targets in battle.Kit comes with:1 x 18-Inch Lion Claw Barrel 98 1 x 12-Inch RIS Hand guard with TMC barrel nut1 x MK23 Socom Thread-On Silencer. That means you'll find TPN Tango One Parts on our Carver One Parts page. add to list print now Tags AIRSOFT L119A HANDGUARD - DEMO add to list print now Tags Airsoft Kriss Vector extended handguard! Product. With the high rate of fire, velocity up to 400fps, constant air power and the ability to accept higher capacity magazines, you won't be out gunned the airsoft battle field. Definitely an awesome starter for a player looking to explore the magfed community. Anti-Chop Bolt for many Tippmanns, Valken, and BT Markers. Kit comes with: 1 x 18-Inch Lion Claw Barrel 98 1 x 12-Inch RIS Hand guard with TMC barrel nut $129.98 - $149.99. It's even ambidextrous so you can get to this chamber from the left or right side of the rifle. Tippmann TMC Kits - choicepaintballguns.com Tippmann Magfed TCR - The Tactical Combat Rifle The TCR is a full size paintball marker but it's based of the engine of the TiPX and designed from the ground up as a magfed paintball marker. Internally, it's very similar to the A5 and 98 Custom, but updated to be slightly better. Tippmann TMC Barrel The stock barrel that comes with the Tippmann TMC is a high performance 12" one. Help others learn more about this product by uploading a video! 4.4 average based . Tippmann TMC Gas Through Stock Kit - Black - amazon.com Easy to install. This time go out there with a little swag. Its a great upgrade for TMC. And if you could, could you send me images of the work you did? The TMC is a great gun for anyone looking to get into MagFed paintball at an affordable price. The TMC paintball gun with its authentic AR styled body remains one of the most popular for mag fed play. Tippmann TMC .68 M4 Carbine Dark Earth 191.20 223.20. Tippmann Paintball Markers - Kore Outdoor Inc. Tags Tippmann TMC R5 Style Handguard add to list print now Tags AK 12 CONVERSION KIT - DEMO add to list print now Tags Airsoft L119A2 Handguard3D printer design to dow. TechT Paintball Products, All Rights Reserved. Wish I Tillman would offer a longer tank with more capacity. The Tippmann TMC stock that comes with this AR styled paintball gun is already a great way to start yourself out. First Strike Compatible. Riptide Top Tips 10,488 views Apr 11, 2020 164 Dislike Share Save Riptide Paintball 1.08K subscribers Want to shoot First Strike from your Tippmann. The rate of fire is adjustable. ChoicePaintballGuns Insider Access Mod Kits - Magfed Maker We carry every upgrade available and include notes on usage and installation. Viewloader VLocity - Smoke 55.20 95.20. Now you have your extra magazines and the ability to couple them for ease of access and quicker reloading the next upgrade you need to support those is a tactical vest. If not where can I find those kits? Fixing your own marker can be done by just about anyone. What I'm having trouble deciding on is if I should replace the bolt with one from a gun that normally shoots FSR instead of trying to shape the current bolt. 5 High-Performing Tippmann TMC Upgrades To Supercharge Your Marker, upgrading your kit with a few extra magazines, The Tippmann TMC Magazine 2 Pack With Coupler, Contain a mechanical winding knob to load the magazine, Has a sturdy polymer build that will keep the wear and tear down to a minimum, Weights light as a feather adding less heft to your gear, And ease of accessibility to your extra ammo, A durable vest that is comfortable to wear, Accessibility and rapid reload capability, Extra pocket space for other pieces of gear, The ability for the TMC to go back to a bottom mounted ASA, A stock designed for most tanks and regulators of the 13ci 3000psi capacity, Inserts that change the size of the tanks that the stock can fit, Easy tank installation because of the removable drop-down stock tail, Improved accuracy by allowing you to tailor the barrel to your specific brand of paintballs. $279.99 * Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun. TMC Check out the largest selection of Tippmann TMC guns you will find anywhere. Using our extensive knowledge of early / classic paintball equipment we supply replacement parts for the classics: Now granted, there aren't many of these old guns left and it can be hard to find the piece you need but you've come to the right place. ($). The TMC was Tippmann's first attempt at making a mass-market mag-fed paintball gun. Tippmann Stormer Elite .68 Caliber Dual Fed Paintball Marker Black 14913. The guns are identical except for their name and branding so if you're an international customer with a TPN paintball marker in need of repair then don't worry, we have the right components for you. Part of that individualization comes with the upgrades that you choose to select. Overall really happy with the kit. 5 High-Performing Tippmann TMC Upgrades To Supercharge Your Marker First Strike T15 Full-Auto Upgrade Kit | Defcon Paintball Store A name that means quality. You have already reviewed this product. (1) - Empire 20 Oz CO2 Tank. Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2021, A must have if you are one for realism along with maneuverability, Reviewed in the United States on June 28, 2021. In Stock! Tippmann Parts is the only store with every stock replacement part. Discounted products. Returning subscribers will be resubscribed for marketing/promo emails. Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. Techt Tippmann Silver Stainless Steel Gauge Pin for Phenom 35.95 Tippmann TiPX First Strike Adapter Block 31.95 Paintball 5x Velocity Spring Set - Universal Fits Tippmann 98, A5, X7,+More [H4] 11.95 Free postage 41 sold tippmann dowel pin, 1/8 x 5/8 (black) 4.95 Free postage Tippmann Feeder Ratchet Spring - A5/X7 (#02-50) 4.95 Free postage Designed to give you more control and offers 5 positions of adjustment for that perfect angle while aiming. Integrated charging handle for easy slide cycling Replicate the look of a legendary mecha suit! 670mm Weight (Kit Only): Approx. This Sniper Kit For Tippmann TMC - let you turn your TMC into a sniper rifle. Manufacturer: Matrix Specifications: Length (Assembled): Approx. Tippmann TMC Magazine 2 Pack - estrategopaintball.com Its level of accuracy is simply outstanding - even using regular projectiles, the TMC is incredibly accurate. Although we can't match every price reported, we'll use your feedback to ensure that our prices remain competitive. This allows for higher BPS! Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun. So in addition to the paintball guns we have replacement parts for Follow Us. USE CODE CPGDEALS22 FOR 5% OFF MOST ITEMS! Our oil is thicker and stays where you put it. You can buy extra magazines as needed. $25.00 More details Ratel Kit - TMC This nasty ass mod kit will turn your Tippmann TMC into the in. Complete Maddog starter packages available at PaintballDeals.com with Free Shipping. $549.99 FS T15 magfed paintball Marker $599.99 First Strike Compact Pistol - FSC Bronze/Tan $399.99 Tippmann TMC Paintball Magfed Marker - Black/Tan . Did you know that TPN is the brand that Tippmann uses when producing US Army style markers in international markets? Operator QD Mock Suppressor - TMC/Lapco Tack on the Operator QD Mock Suppressor for the ultimate Opera. So, what kind of upgrades will make you stand out and shine while you wipe the floor with your competitors? Rated the best-selling paintball gun in Canada for 2 years and running, the Tippmann TMC is a cost-effective solution for both advanced players and those who are just entering the paintball world. 1 There was an error in retrieving your gitf tags. or Best Offer. If it's Tippmann, then we've got parts for it. Tippmann - Magfed Maker All of our products come with a Lifetime Warranty, and our tech support will help you solve any issues you might encounter along the way. Please try again. The benefits of using the mag fed option and upgrading your kit with a few extra magazines are especially useful if you: Upgrading magazines is just the first step. Paintball legends trust in @tippmannsports markers. Are you sure you want to delete the gift tag. Unable to add item to List. Tippmann TiPX TPX Paintball Long Range First Strike FSR Conversion Kit Just hook up your favorite low press . 25 years of running paintball pro shops, fixing guns, and restoring them to working condition. This item: Tippmann TMC Gas Through Stock Kit - Black $69.95 Valken Paintball Universal Tank Vest Pouch $24.62 Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker Magazines - 2 Pack $44.95 Customers also search Page 1 of 1 tippmann tmc accessories tippmann stock tippmann tmc parts tippmann co2 tank tippmann a5 stock upgrade tippmann 98 custom upgrades Think again. First Strike T15 Magazine Parts Kit. First Strike | Magfed Paintball Store Best Sellers Sold Out First Strike T15 20 Round Magazine V2 - Smoke $24.99 USD CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK Sold Out First Strike Hero 2 Half Pint 17/4500 HPA Carbon Fibre Tank $229.95 USD CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK Sold Out First Strike Hero 2 Half Pint 13/4500 HPA Carbon Fibre Tank $219.95 USD CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK The prefect gift for any guy that loves paintball.. Five pins that allow you to sweet spot your markers trigger pull. $950.00. This laser will help you identify exactly where the ball is going to strike. I accept no responsibility for damage or injury.Total time spent: approximately1.5 hours (modifications and testing)Important things to remember:*note the mold/cast lines or seams of the magazine halves - they must align with the TMC receiver halves for proper feeding*remove a little material at a time and continually test fit - be patient*take safety precautions(eye protection, dust mask, gloves) CONVERSION KITS; MILITARY; SOCIAL; Cart (0) Create account; Log in; . KOSTENLOSER Versand innerhalb Deutschlands ab 100 + 49 [0] 511 984 229 10 Ladenffnungszeiten Mo. 2. Shop products from small business brands sold in Amazons store. is all you need. Our oil is thicker and stays where you put it. Tippmann Parts - Paintball Gear, Upgrades and Mods It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness. Pack de 2 unidades. First Strike | Magfed Paintball Store This blow back design means you get a realistic feeling of recoil when you fire the gun. Tippmann A5 New UMP Edition - Tippmann - Brands Make chopping paint a thing of the past! Kit includes: 1 x Magazine well 1 x Magfed feed port cover 12-19 Uhr & Samstag 10-15 Uhr Heute noch 3 H 40 M This is a really cool upgrade / accessory for your 98 gun. Please try again. It has a muzzle break, and yet you still might be considering an upgrade. But if you really want to look like you know what you are doing on that field, then it is all about the upgrades. . These are fairly straight forward mechanical guns and some can be upgraded with electronic grips to increase their rate of fire. Many players have said its the most noticeable and important upgrade you can do for your Tippmann. Copyright 2023 Secured Flanks | All Rights Reserved. Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Guns; . Like a real M4 this Carbine has a release pin near the back of the gun and it then hinges open for easy service of all the internal parts. Kit that is compatible with TMC, TiPX andStormer markers. The Condor MCR6-498 Tactical & Duty Vest though is the best option when you are looking for: This vest is the must-have addition that will round out the necessary upgrades any paintballer needs to be ready for battle. Each upgrade you make to your marker changes the efficiency and ease of use. Tippmann Kit that is compatible with TMC, TiPX and Stormer markers. They wanted to make the Tippmann 98 of airsoft. 2. The Tippmann TMC is the lastest magfed marker. Tippmann 12rd TruFeed Magazine. Tippmann TMC Mag-fed Paintball Gun - Badlands Paintball It makes the gun shoot more accurate and it looks great. The Accuracy of the Tippmann TMC. MAGNIVIT Cotton Keffiyeh Tactical Desert Scarf Wrap Shemagh Head Neck Arab Scarf Black. All these benefits can quickly move you out of that newbie phase of your game. Our Price: $3.50. The Zero Kick Hammer SE - The Zero Kick Hammer will noticeably reduce the kick of the marker and that will yield much higher accuracy and consistency. I plan on making this TMC into a Magfed Tactical Sniper that shoots FSR. These are used by many military and police organizations. First Strike Markers. Badlands stocks everything you need for yourTippmann gun, from extended barrels to spare magazines, upgraded bolts andstock kits! Tippmann TMC delivers a high quality shot using the tank pressure of about 750 PSI which functions as the blowback style bolt valve. Paintball Guns - All Paintball Guns on Sale . Tippmann had previously distributed some airsoft pistols and guns from Palco but those didn't seem to go over so well. Tippmann Raider TMC TPX Pistol US Army US Army Alpha Black Valken Valken SW Packages Back Packages Shop All Accessory & Upgrade Kits Harness & Vest Package Kits Loader & Tank Package Kits Marker Package Kits Azodin Package Kits Dangerous Power Package Kits Empire Package Kits GOG eNMEy Package Kits HK Army Package Kits Kingman Package Kits Tippmann Parts, Barrels for: A5, X7, Phenom, and Crossover, Field Supplies - Chronographs - Fill Stations, 98 Custom, Model 98, and the new 98 Platinum Series. And we cover the stock marker in our Tippmann TMC Review. Tippmann TMC Paintball Marker Setup (Pistol, Chest Rig, and Magazines Paintball - Gun Parts - Page 1 - ROCKSTAR Tactical Systems The The TMC comes with two 20 round spring driven magazines or you can use a standard hopper. But specific models of the TMC comes with an even better stock, the Tippmann TMC Air-Through Stock. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker Magazines - 2 Pack, Price: Comes paired with a .682 insert to get you started buuilding your kit, and an EXO slim barrel case to keep it protected. Tippmann. It comes with 18 inches sniper barrel and suppressor making your TMC to have the look and feel of the complete sniper setup and ready to take out targets in battle. Paintball isn't about asking "why would you do that?" USED PAINTBALL MARKER! Now all you have to do is get out there and take the battlefield. Tippmann's traditional line of markers include: And we didn't just enter in a complete list of Tippmann parts once. This Sniper Kit For Tippmann TMC - let you turn your TMC into a sniper rifle. First Strike agrees to repair or replace (at its discretion) any product within a reasonable period of time. And they've gone well beyond that. Page So this Tippmann Sniper Barrel upgrade is one that is highly recommended by paintballers that have been in the game for a while. Tippmann TMC Paintball Marker Magazines, Pack of 2 . Dye SE; Dye Axis Pro . By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. When making the TMC, Tippmann was going for a newer, more realistic looking marker, that was MAG FED. The input you entered is invalid, please try again. Because of licensing restrictions these guns have different names outside of the US. Check out all of our upgrades for the Tippmann TMC below. The problems I encountered are probably due to the magazines more than the mod work I did, because my TiPX also had trouble shooting FSR from the Zetas. Loaders, Magazines, and Accessories . The Tippmann TMC is newer addition to the Tippmann Family of paintball markers. Dynamic Sports Gear CR Trigger fr First Strike T15 (schwarz) We don't have their complete line in yet but we have started carrying some of the A5 Tactical bodies, a few sights and rails, and the TiPX First Strike Breach. Overall pleased with the kit. Easy to install. Le lanceur magfed (alimentation de billes par le chargeur) de chez Tippmann: le TMC, pour une approche du Paintball magfed avec un lanceur fiable et robuste.Aussi disponible en pack paintball complet ici. Your must-have upgrades to your Tippmann TMC are complete. The stiffer springs in this kit can be used to replace sear springs as well. Keeping your orings oiled or lubed and your screws tightened down keeps you on the field instead of on the sideline doing repairs. First Strike Revolver cal.50; Tippmann Paintball Guns. First Strike. Cal.50 - Tippmann; 98C/PS/Pro; A-5; FT-12; Cronus; STORMER; Stryker; TiPX Pistol; . Paintball / Airsoft PVC Velcro Patch (Top Gun) - The Zero Kick Hammer will noticeably reduce the kick of the marker and that will yield much higher accuracy and consistency. If you're using the 12g powerlet option, it's accessed through a trap door in the foregrip. $124.99 $139.95. You can also power it with a standard paintball tank for what seems like unlimited shots. This contoured fore grip is super comfy and offers amazing control and feel. It's magfed or hopper fed giving the user options. The TMC can be fully accessorized giving the player more unique options for Tactical Games, combining functionality with the World renowned Tippmann reliability for the next standard in MagFed products. It has a shoulder stock and body shroud system with foregrip. Magfed paintball games are becoming more and more popular. The Tippmann TMC ELITE offers just about all of the features of the Air-Thru Stock TMC with the additional of the 8.25" Aluminum Handguard. You can choose from stock guns to fully decked out models with tons of accessories which are priced at a discount. $17.05 shipping. This package comes with both air options. Had a lot of people give me compliments on it. I know I have to mill the breach into a D shape to allow for FSR, and that I need to get a mag adapter to allow Zeta Mags or TiPx Mags. Support small. Well, you need to select the best ones for your goals. The TCR includes a comfortable foregrip and plenty of picatinny/weaver rails for mounting sights, scopes, or flashlights. Extremely authentic AR look and feel with a fully functional charging handle. I can send my email to you through directs. Regular maintenance is required and like any other complex item, there are occasionally repairs that need to be done. Tango One = Carver One 1. Tippmann Paintball Home Page - Tippmann Paintball The EXCLUSIVE Lazr Lite Kit pairs the laser accuracy of the HK Army Lazr kit with the light weight -real- carbon fiber of the Deadlywind Whip Tip. So we've got parts. The M4 can be powered by a 12 gram CO2 cartridge which can shoot the full mag of 80 bbs. With this accessory, you get the ability to attach two magazines together. First Strike Converted TMC modified by Engler Custom