tommy armour silver scot forged blades

The silver scots have the curved topline throughout the set. New Tommy Armour Forged Blade Silver Scot 60 Lob Wedge. In 1927, TommyArmourwon his first major at Oakmont Country Club. If not, I have to look elsewhere when I want to replace my 845Ms. for each club. You cannot paste images directly. C $49.70. I I guess I'll put some lead tape on the backs and see if I can feel the clubhead a little more. Regards from Spain. Tommy Armour - Ralph Maltby I am a serial club buyer and have hit hundreds of game improvement clubs and these seem to work as well. I've been wanting to blades again for a few years now after playing cast clubs for the past few years. On paper, it makes a lot of sense. The guy from kayaks or the guy that sells rifles? JonT - were they easy to bend? $100 shipped is better than I did, $120 +shipping - and to Sweden that is an additional $40 - but to me that is till a killing. Price is a concern butt looking forward to trying them out. Tommy Armour Silver Scott 986 Tour Blades - Equipment - GolfWRX I've played forged cavity backs since high school; Hogan Edge '92 and Hogan Apex Tour '04. Dicks & GG are trying to make $$$??!! Don't be intimidated by the claim of high launch angle. Its also the partner of choice for Tour Edge and TommyArmour. That seems to be the biggest knock on the Silver Scots. A small bucket of swings indoors in the middle of winter is a limited sample size, no doubt. Tommy Armour Silver Scot Forged Blade Pitching Wedge PW Iron Golf Club TA. Robots! COBRA BIO CELL+ (9.5*)-MATRIX 8Q3 STIFF Its going to be a few weeks as I am rehabing a shoulder injury (skiing). The very first Tommy Armour irons weren't made by Tommy Armour at all, but by MacGregor, and for a very good reason: there was no Tommy Armour company at the time. At a lower cost I could almost justify buying them and paying for a re-shaft but not at $1,000 when there are so many amazing iron sets with lots more fitting options in that price range. They worked for me. For some, the last connection with the brand is the aforementioned SilverScot 845s. i will have to try these new 845s to see how much better they are then my originals , hard to part from my 845s. . they are one of the strongest irons and continue to look good after years of use. Cripes! I am curious about the forgiveness and distance in these clubs. February 15, 2021, 11:56 am, by Essentially, with multi-material irons, there are two options for face construction. It's the only blade I've hit but I can not see how there could be a better feeling iron out there! For more information visit the Golf Galaxy website. Other than that, they are Fantastic! Would LOVE to get ahold of a set of the MB's with the same shaft. In order to make this review more objective, I will focus on comparing these 2 models. Top line is thin - it is a pretty club. [url=""][/url] The best story will receive the #1/500 set of TommyArmour845 Forged irons. March - 2023 - Blade Set New tommy armour 845s silver scot golf irons set " NO NINE IRON" / gc4 r5c You can bend these clubs around the moon if ya have to. Ive hit all three of these, and the brand continues to impress me. Copyright 2023. The Silver Scot forged blade is the BEST IRON I HAVE EVER HIT! Titleist SC Studio Design 2.5/Cleveland HB 11S. Chromed clubs ultimately flake and ding, these have a nice satin finish that cleans up well and keeps looking good. Reviving a year old thread is an interesting introduction. practice. As noted in the article, Performax works with other OEMs such as Tour Edge, Ryoma, PRGR, OnOff, and Yamaha. I've been wanting to blades again for a few years now after playing cast clubs for the past few years. The only difference is the price tag and your swing. PGA Tommy Armour Silver Scot Forged Blade # 8 Iron | eBay Titleist SM6 54 S Grind Lower lofts are necessary tocombatthese two realities. Saw these sets at Golf Galaxy today just by chance after reading this. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. | Hood Cleaning Detroit. I just bought a used set of the 855's. Thanks much guys. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. The PW is 47 degrees. Armour 845 Irons user reviews : 4.3 out of 5 - The two-piece design leverages a thin L-Cup face and VFT (variable face thickness) technology alongside a hollow body. You got yourself a FINE set of sticks there!!! Might have a hard time getting much for them unless you find a hard core TA aficionado looking to collect. The lofts are a little strong, so I will add bounce by gearing the lofts down. The first is a face insert that sits inside the perimeter of the face and is welded (or in some cases brazed) to the body. MacGregor introduced the Tommy Armour Silver Scot Tourney in the 1940s, predating the Tommy Armour company by nearly40 years. What has this world come to??!! The only complaint I have about these clubs is the low bounce on them. Brand Tommy Armour; Head Weight 271 "C" Dimension 1.464; Basic VCOG 0.765; Moment of Inertia (MOI . SirShanksAlot The best value for the money. Let me just add that I have the complete set of original clubs, including driver and woods. Driver: Nike Sasquatch 460 9* w/ ProForce V2 72gr stiff tipped 3/4", Fairway: Calloway 2017 Steelhead XR Strong 4 wood, Putter: Wilson Staff Balance Fit Kirk Currie III. No one seemed to like them because the sole was too thick. This adds forgiveness on shots hit higher on the face. He did have lead tape on all that is a bear to get the last layer off, only removed one so far. I don't have exceptional clubhead speed so I noticed right away the higher trajectory and longer distance. (Im about to buy sub70739s with Elevate 95 shafts because of my achy hands. Pre-Owned. I wish people would stop saying that feel is just sound. Tommy Armour Silver Scot Muscleback Tour Blades have unusually long and low muscleback made below the equator of the ball Golf clubs allow for better lift Golf equipment boasts high trajectories Outstanding ease of play Choose from 5.0 or 6.0 model 5.0 features regular flex; 6.0 features stiff flex I bought these new and always liked the way they looked and that they were a midsize "blade". Now its off to Dicks to see them in person and maybe hit em. I dont think there is a weakness in the club themselves. 845U Silver Back - 989 855 - 972 845 Vault - 944 Royal Scot - 855 845OS+ - 825 845 Stripe - 821 845 SIlver Scot - 784 845C Silver Back Forged - 747 845CS Silver Back Cast - 727 835 Hot Scot - 689 From throwback jerseys to classic golf saddle shoes and a stick shift, the days of yesteryear often seem better. You are the ones that talk about the importance of getting fit and I agree with that. These 845s look pretty good to me. Tommy Armour Forged Silver Scot Blades?? - GolfBuzz Tommy Armour 845S Silver Scot Iron Set Regular Flex 6-Pw Steel 00642265 My only criticism would be on the grips which felt sort of greasy which I'm replacing with Lamkin Tour Black All Cords. I was not let down. Tommy Armour V-31 Gauge Design RC1 Bridgestone J33 Traditional TR 1 EPON Technica Pro 1 Cleveland TA1 Mizuno MP-32 Precept Pro Model Mizuno MP-14 PowerBilt Scotch Blade TaylorMade 300 Forged Mizuno MP-67 TaylorMade MB Forged Mizuno MP-33 Cleveland Tour Action 588 Titleist 660 Forged Vega 50th Anniversary Additionally, XXIO selected it as the face material in its current X series irons. should i purchase these irons ? Absolute smart buy! In addition to being easy to hit, these irons make "working the ball" easier than ever before for golfers with repeating swings. After all, top-of-the-line irons have to look the part, in performance and price, and as long as TA can hold its own in testing, then it it might be a fit for those who want a players iron at a discount. These compare to the Titleist 695CB series. MP-14s have the traditional straight top line and the curved topline starts on the 8 iron. I used to work for Tommy Armour in the mid 90's. They're dirt cheap new on Ebay. I hope it works for Dicks/Golf Galaxy simply because they had the balls to try it. Hi! Iron Specifications - Golf Club Spec | Relatively weighty club that will get under the ball quickly and deliver high trajectory. Very impressed with the shaft options. I don't have many complaints for my Hogans, but finding a set of forged blades for $79 is too good to be true! and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. As a matter of fact, I did do it over again for $2 more. I wish they still made them, I would buy a back up set when these are worn out. Melding a classic design with modern technology sounds like a great idea. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Founders Club Tour CB II Forged Iron Heads, 3-P at the best online prices at eBay! I got an - to me at least - amazing deal on them. If you read the article thoroughly you would see that Performax is the design/build Co. Can't recall if they had the blades. They don't have ser.#'s on the hosels. Tommy Armour Silver Scot Cavity Back Forged - Equipment - GolfWRX Home The Bag Room Equipment Tommy Armour Silver Scot Cavity Back Forged TaylorMade 2023 Product Testing and Fitting Experience At The Kingdom! The original 845 Silver Scots are awesome irons. I learned and played those till I lost my 6 iron. Came across a 5-Gw 7 club set of these with the blue insignia that was barely played and sat for years, grips and shafts are like new, Mid Launch 6.0 rifles with all the perfect labels. He asked to hit one and ended up hitting half a bag of balls. I hope they will come up with a club that is as good looking as the 845M when they release their next line of forged blades. When you consider that its $1,400 for an 8pc set of P790s, $1,000 for TAs 845 forged is not out of the question. Period. This is NOT the original Tommy Armour golf company. However, its a reasonable summary of the motivation behind the re-launch of one of the most iconic iron models in recent golf history. Tommy Armour Silver Scot Cavity Back Forged - GolfWRX Can I buy 5 PW only? Decent feel, good trajectory, enough spin. I sent the irons to my Dad, and he like the distance and forgiveness of the clubs. Mizuno MX-15 Irons, 3-P, Heads Only (#115704940486) m***h (1) - Feedback left by buyer m***h (1). I will go hit the clubs when I have a chance at our Golf Galaxy. $33.77 + $17.85 shipping + $17.85 shipping + $17.85 shipping. With old age and a slower swing, I found a fine set of 855s in regular steel, having only to regrip and adjust the lie up (I'm 6'2"). I have heard that the forging is a bit hard and you can't adjust the heads more than a degree or you may break the head. You can work the ball with these, it is much easier to get the ball up in the long irons, and distance has increased by about a club. Model Reviewed: Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scots This is a great set of Irons! They have to be to get the new business model to work. [quote name='Tighthead' post='874475' date='Jan 21 2008, 01:04 AM']Is the PW 48 degrees? he has a set of used 855s for 100 dollars that are in great shape . The 2006 iron line has people talking and its fun to see golfers getting excited over Tommy Armour. Want to add a second set? 845 Forged #6. I have the 3-PW and also purchased the GW. Stripping away names and logos, equipment design boils down to materials and construction. The company stayed on course and brought out these irons to fit into the be a player on a smaller budget market they made these for the guy that still has some game from his earlier years but doesnt have the budget to drop the big cash on an expensive forging or the guy that wants a set of blades as a second set for when he feels his game is on. Tommy Armour Silver Scott 986 Tour Blades The Modern Classics: Testing Ping's G400 LST from 2017. I put in my practice and it pays off with these clubs like anything else I have 2-W and the weight, contour, and angles always felt great to me. The remake of an icon. My head pro was amazed. Here is a link with the specs on the clubs. However, Stadler won 2 years ago on the PGA and Senior PGA tour with Armours - one of only 2 men to ever do that in the same season. At least the pieces of it we choose to remember. Most are in my garage, a few reside in the storage locker. I will say they were about 1 degree flat to standard compared to a few other brands of clubs such as ping when I got them. Ive buyed these irons in last monday and arrived me last thusday, yesterday Ive played them for first time (the Christmas trophy of my golf club) and I only have one word to describe it: "awesome". 845 EVO V-31: 2000: 845 EVO V-31 Reduced Offset: 2000: 845 EVO-V 25: 1999: 845 EVO V-31: 2000: 845FS SilverScot: 2003: 845u Silver Back: 2003: 845cm SilverBack: 2003: 845c SilverBack: 2003: 845m SilverBack: 2003: Back to Irons Specifications | Back to Main Page . About 3 years ago I was fitted for a set of Ping i's but ended up giving them to my son and going back to the 855's. In the vein of other Players Distance irons, the Tommy Armour845 Forged ironsfeature a multi-material construction. Tommy Armour Silver Golf Clubs for sale | eBay Considering that they're forged, rifle-shafted, workable, and cost as much as a 2 year old set of used mizzy's, you really can't go wrong. And the reality is, regardless of where you go, its a bit of a fitting roulette depending on any number of factors and Dicks doesnt have the best track record in this regard. In this case, all roads lead to Performax. The silver scots have the curved topline throughout the set. Nostalgia can make people more optimistic and inspired about the future. :drinks: Just received my set from Rock Bottom Golf today with Rifle 6.0 shafts for $148 (($150 -10% discount with code + shipping). Wilson Staff Tour Blades, Hogan Edge, Calloway Big Birtha Irons; Demo'ed Cobras, 845s, etc. They are sold out of the right handed sets. If TaylorMade gives your bottom line a black eyemake something you CAN discount and make a profit on-just in case the OEMs decide to go back to the suicidal business model of 2-3 new flagship drivers every year. 2.1k Views. Weve watched them make a slow turn in the right direction after years of financial hardship. I have only sold two sets of my irons in my life the Wilsons and the TAs. Prizes! The winners check was $500. | Cell # if needed 414-531-6737. Atomic Max 7i 11.00, and 845 Max 5-AW practically new 90.00. The truth just sounds different.". from United States. Go ahead and spend the $Gazillion bucks for the other ones that won't help you hit the side of a barn. I feel this is the greatest design improvement over the MP-14 profile. Now, I'm not into really soft, oversized, game improvement irons, so it's a matter of context, but they have a big sweet spot and the ball jumps off of the face nicely. DICKs understands the challenge ahead and whatever inroads it can make in the opportunity gapof 2020 will be on the heels of the more moderately priced TommyArmour 845 (no suffix) and 845 Max irons. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. A cup face by any description has a lip that extends beyond the blunt part of the face and conjoins the crown or the sole. The people and companies responsible for actually designing and producing the equipment are vital information for consumers. TA845 are not made by the Golf Works. I give these blades an A. Like I said, you'd be better off enjoying them. Titleist 915H 3 Diamana, Titleist 915H 4 Diamana The clubs offer a very nice balance of workability (draw) and forgiveness. The irons come equipped with Flighted Rife shafts. If the heads on the Atomic Maxs hadnt been shovels by any other name, I might have bagged them instead of the Cobra FMax Superlites. They play great. They were really fantastic BUT I was very disappointed to hear they were so limited in quantity and would cost $1,000 a set with only 3 shaft options (none of which fit me). but after my first shot, 8 iron in one par 3 (137m uphill) that I usually played 9 iron: wow! There are no serial number on the hosel. Don't know about you, but I got mine for $100 shipped. I checked the lofts and lies and they were almost all correct out of the box. These will be on the radar to test this week. Golf! Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scot 48* Pitching Wedge. The forged blade version has a wide sole and actually looks forgiving for a blade. Always felt very confident and powerful with these clubs. Should peel off easily after a bit. I am sure the price tag is going to be somewhere around 4 digits. How do the XP85 shafts compare (do they have VSS like the Elevate 95(? As someone that played 845 and 845Ti face armours, I checked then out. ADD TO CART. Founders Club Tour CB II Forged Iron Heads, 3-P | eBay Tommy Armour Silver Scot Blades MEMBER REVIEWS: Takomo Golf Iron Testing! Golfsmtih Jetstream 3W UST V2 Forged CB's are the best way to go if a player wants feel and forgiveness. Forget the fact that you can get these FORGED irons on Ebay for under $200. We here at have followed Tommy Armour pretty closely for the past few years. This has really been a problem with my swing, I usually take a very nice divot and these low bounce clubs have been making me dig way too deep lately. Im also curious about the Drivers, woods, and hybrids. Somewhere in between on playability. GW, SW, and LW set for $69. by $43.95 + $17.35 shipping + $17.35 shipping + $17.35 shipping. Beautiful irons that perform as well as any other blade I have ever tried. Regular $269.99 or Best Offer +$38.10 shipping 12 watchers Sponsored Once again I scratch my head on you guys promoting a Dicks product. When he's not coaching the local high school team, he's probably on the range or trying to keep up with his wife and seven beautiful daughters. This adds forgiveness on shots hit higher on the face. The center of gravity on these clubs are lower due to the position of the muscle back being lower. Probably has a lot to do with the strong lofts, but the ball flight is good and workability is good. I was inclined towards a couple of other brands but kept coming back to the 885's. Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro Tommy Armour is best-known for its 845 Silver Scot irons which sold roughly 600,000 units in the 1980s and 1990s, and alongside Ping's Eye irons, dominated the iron market. I had them bent by a local golf pro, no problems, and they fit me perfectly. Titleist SM6 58 S Grind As such, the tech story is simple and straightforward. I love the feel of this shaft also. [quote name='Kumabjorn' post='841818' date='Dec 30 2007, 02:03 AM']Hi all TA fans! BETTINARDI BABY BEN -33". wouId love a replacement with the new 845 Forged. I stopped playing for a bit, then got back into it. The only thing I didn't like was the grips that came on them, but for the steal you can get these irons for you can go buy new grips. It should read Dumb and Dumberer . The M silverbacks are in my bag now and the best blades or irons Ive ever played period. The only knock I have is the stock grips are not to my liking. One thing I didn't elaborate in my original post; as I am older (60), I had been losing distance and had tried several GI clubs with no success to regain some of the lost yardage. Year 2006 ; Brand Tommy Armour; Head Weight . Square when I was 14. I've read some complaints on the stock grips, but I have had no issues with them. Matched To Your Swing. they are well weighted and can sure hit the ball. The PW is 47 degrees. Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scott Iron Set $35.01 2 bids $19.99 shipping 1d 18h Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scot 2-PW Irons Set, R Flex Steel Shaft, RH, Good Grips $63.99 $17.99 shipping or Best Offer Tommy Armour Silver Back 845CS Iron Set 3,56789PWSW HEADS ONLY LEFT-HAND NEW $119.00 Free shipping 11 watching JUST FLAT OUT OUTSTANDING IRONS FOR THE MONEY! They were obviously made with quality components. $224.99 . My brother in law lost my 6 iron too. The original is a classic. Your email address will not be published. They are also swigweighted to C9!!! November 19, 2015, 11:59 am. I liked them to about the 8 iron when they begin to progressivley become cb. Have I been screwed? Unbiased. At this point in time, they still have a few sets available on e-bay, but I would guess they will all be gone very very soon. Should compliment the set nicely. Like Costcos brand of Kirkland products which are produced by high end producers, who actually is producing the Dicks golf equipment? Tommy Armour Golf 855 Silver Scot Irons - Compared to SIM, Mavrik, or T300 pricing its a steal. Mine just arrived - they are definitely on the short and flat side, which is fine by me. The Silver Scot CB's are forgiving with distance to match. NOW AVAILABLE: GolfWRX G/Fore Hats and Holderness & Bourne Polos!