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So I had doubts about Pete trying this morning gig at the Drive. All thats left worth listening to now are the best Colour Analysts in the NHL-Troy Murray & John Wiederman. The early afternoon show hosted by Anna Davlantes will expand to three hours from 1 to 4 p.m. Management did not comment on the other personnel moves. He and his team were terrific morning entertainers. Chicago Tribune historical photo, WGN producer William A. Bacher coaches soloist Igor Gorin during the production of "The Student Prince", circa May 19, 1940, for Chicago Theater of the Air. The former weekend producer of The Nick Digilio Show was Craig Collins, replacing Andy "The Count" Hermann. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK. Chicago Tribune historical photo, The view from the 15th floor of the Medinah club shows workmen swinging a derrick into place at the site of the new WGN radio station, just north of the Tribune Tower (shown in background), circa Sept. 25, 1934. Maybe he did some good things but good grief who needed it when you had to listen to him! The Rollye James Show homepage Ji Suk Yi liittymn Steve Cochranin Aamushow hun Wgn Radio. Stupid decisions. The new Sinatra hour does not apply to me, I will miss Steve B at lunch, and the old schedule of news, weather, business, current events discussions. Democracy dies in darkness and GN has gone over to the dark side. Will she be dragged along as well? The Bill and Wendy Show airs Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to noon, then streaming from noon to 1 p.m. Bob Sirrott is Chicago, and he is class. | Search Results for Findarticles Love Dave, Mary with the news and the camaraderie. Last year, the morning duo missed live footage of a bridge implosion as the camera panned to the weather center for an update on the temperature. Also out is overnight personality Nick Digilio, who also was notified Friday. Dunbar, Jim - Semi retired. (E. Jason Wambsgans / Chicago Tribune) Some familiar voices echoed outside the studios of WGN Radio on Friday, as the station honored 10 of its air personalities . He enjoys doing celebrity impressions when appropriate, such as: On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Daily industry headlines plus breaking news bulletins. -. Chicago Tribune historical photo. Chicago Tribune historical photo, Henry Weber conducts the Chicago Theater of the Air orchestra over WGN radio, the Chicago Tribune station, in 1945. Think about it Wgn only Sirotts wife kept it alive when he was on. Ill miss you. , 300-mile journey: One WGN original camera back home, Public Guardian: More kids sleeping in DCFS offices, 90-year-old atomic veteran conflicted after medal, Men accused of kidnapping, torturing car dealership, Man accused of striking 16-year-old girl on CTA platform, Chicago police reelect union president Friday, US announces new $400 million Ukraine security aid, Northsiders colliding with Metra over bridge repairs, Winter Storm Warning issued as snow moves into area, No bond for man accused of killing Chicago officer, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. And weve done it to ourselves. Telling stories of how he worked at McDonald's and how the manager would go nuts when they would get "slammed" when corporate come to the drive thru. He always interrupted people. For several years, Digilio co-hosted a weekend late-night radio program on WGN with Garry Lee Wright and on May 31, 1998,[5] he began hosting his own program called Nick at Night - joined by Wright on Fridays. He got what he deserved! #46 of 164. Now, if they can toss out that annoying Hockberg and his team that would be great. He was the host of an award-winning radio program [1] on WGN Radio in Chicago. Bill O'Connor, announcer, is shown at the microphone, circa April 16, 1950. The best show recs delivered to your inbox. ', "Roe Conn, Nick Digilio out in WGN Radio shakeup", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Nick_Digilio&oldid=1134971795, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2009, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Heather Digilio (married 2009 - divorced 2011), "Fly Jams Friday"- callers request the 'fly'-est funk, R&B, and Motown clips, "Free For All" - callers talk about topic of their choice, "The John and Troy Highlight Reel" - a review of clips of the wacky things said during the radio coverage of. So is this a smart move? Too many replacements with less than par talent. I get not stand Landdecker. 1998 - 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. | All Rights Reserved. Formerly a financial analyst for multiple S & P 500 Brokers at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Vikki Kokuzian has a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for many arenas which make her the well-rounded individual she is. MacCormack hosted the All Night Meister Brau Showcase on WGN from 1959 until the day he died in 1971. The broadcasts, given by Mrs. Ruth DeYoung Kohler, are concerned with women and their interests in the world events of today. She previously worked at KQDS-TV in Duluth, Minnesota, as a meteorologist and reporter. Part of a successful radio talent is not only wit and intelligence, but also an appealing voice. First Bill Leff, (never cared for Wendy Snyder)! Heres how, Deans Weekender: Ashanti & Ja Rule take the stage, 4th grader reports Fridays weather forecast, Best smart home devices for older users, according, How to get started on spring cleaning early, according, Worried about your student using ChatGPT for homework? Who are those people pictured at the WGN Courtesy Desk? Steve was open and honest, refreshing and absolutely transparent. The most encouraging words came from the station's top drive-time stars morning host Steve Cochran and afternoon host Roe Conn. Hailing "the continued greatness of WGN," Conn wrote: "Our new studio assets will provide better, broader delivery of our content. Schedule | WGN Radio 720 - Chicago's Very Own He was notified after he got off the air Friday that it was his last show. WGN Radio 720 | Chicago News and Talk | wgnradio.com Weather Alert 2 MORE ALERTS Winter Storm Warning: Eastern Will County, Iroquois County, Jasper County, Kankakee County, Lake County, Newton County, Porter County Weather Alert Good that Bob Sirott is back yes he is more laid back than Steve Cochran but Bob will be respectful to the listeners that call in. Editors note: there is some damage to this photo. This year, WGN Radio celebrates 90 years in Chicago. Ill never understand the cut throat business that is radio. Wont be listening. "Nick D. Show Spies" - listeners submit clips of other shows on the station when they mention Nick's show. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Ketia Daniel, founder of BHM Cleaning Co., is BestReviews cleaning expert. Still crying about Wendy & Bill! He soon became a regular on other WGN Radio programs, including Steve King and Johnnie Putman's Life After Dark program. Sirott may not be the exact fitbut its a step in the right direction. Chicago Tribune historical photo, Morrison Wood, writer and producer of the Chicago Tribune anniversary radio series, talks to Art Hern, a bit player surrounded by the cast of the series at the WGN studio on March 24, 1947. was dropped from the station and replaced by a returning Bob Sirott, returned to Chicago radio in a weekend/fill-in role at WVAZ-FM, dropping Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder from middays. November 18, 2021. Always patting himself on His back! Lataa tm kuva ilmaiseksi HD-resoluutiolla valinta "Lataa-painiketta" alla. Digilio, an inductee in the WGN Radio Walk of Fame who recently marked his 35th year at the station, moved up to full-time host in 2013. I believe Pete had the evening slot for a while on WGN about maybe 5 or 7 years ago(?) GN is becoming trivialized by the new (right wing) policy of no national news and discussion. 1998 - 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. | All Rights Reserved. Still like Roes insanity on the drive home. [3] His contributions to Roy's program led WGN Radio management to decide that he'd be a good permanent addition to the station. . We can't tell you how much we appreciate you being there with us, and letting us be honest and real and have fun. , China: Defense boost to meet complex security challenges, South Sudans president dismisses political rivals, Doctor in embattled Somaliland city says at least, In Chicago, adapting electric buses to winters challenges, Indonesia fuel depot fire kills 16, over dozen missing, UN nuclear head meets with Iranians amid enrichment, Global race to boost electric vehicle range in cold, In Britain, warm hubs emerge to beat soaring energy, More from WGN Radio 720 - Chicago's Very Own, Philippine governor killed by gunmen while meeting, Ukraine plant builds 6-person bunkers for wars front, Hong Kong court convicts activists behind Tiananmen, Ohio derailment tests Sen. Browns push to buck Dem, Texas congressmans breaks with GOP could lead to, Tom Sizemore, Saving Private Ryan actor, dies at, The impossible odyssey of the hummingbird, Breaking down the Chicago mayoral election, Attorney Karen Contis analysis of the Murdaugh trial. It isnt bashing to tell the facts. Cant wait to hear their voices again. said about the state of radio recently in Billboard: WXRT moves: Brehmer shifts to middays; news anchor Dixon out, Bears bomb on field again, draws mixed ratings results for Sunday Night Football. Yuck , what dry and better than thou persona. Ketia Daniel, founder of BHM Cleaning Co., is BestReviews cleaning expert. WGN Radio Adds Lisa Dent, Announces New Weekday Schedule There's a bit of quid pro quo at work here, I admit. Bring back Bill & Wendy! Added to the mix is longtime radio personality Lisa Dent, who will be heard weekday afternoons. Proudly powered by WordPress . 489 following. Chicago Tribune historical photo, The view of studio 3A in the new WGN building. Steve made me think and laugh, while stuck in traffic on the Kennedy each morning. Your email address will not be published. I never could understand why WGN put him on the air so he could promote his mortgage business disguised as giving advice to people. 303 [East Wacker Drive] should not only be seen as a reawakening of the past but as a bold step into the future of radio." Ads related to: WGN Radio Personalities Photos. Darien getting its first marijuana dispensing business, Chicago-area man mourns loss of 100 relatives in Turkey earthquake. The building is located just north of the Tribune Tower. Incredibly frequent use of reverb while broadcasting. After listening to WGN radio for many decades (even with my father as a child) Im done. I listened to Sirrot back in the 70s, didnt like him then, and again when he filled in last week on WGN. Chicago Tribune historical photo, A crowd listens to Marion Claire as she sang a number on the balcony in the Nathan Hale Court after her regular broadcast on WGN, circa Aug. 4, 1942. Master of Ceremonies Jack Brickhouse is at left, a soldier is playing theme music, and the Camp Forrest team is seated awaiting the call to action. Sounds like a typical Cheryl brown comment complete with incorrect misspelled words. Nick Digilio (born July 6, 1965) is a movie critic and radio personality. In addition, the retirement of Tom Joyner (last heard on Clubsteppin 95.1) is expected to set off more changes. Her vibrant personality and warmth, understanding of the city and an ability to authentically connect on a personal level with listeners makes her a natural fit for afternoon drive on WGN as we embark on our 100th year of being the voice of Chicagoland., Anna Davlantes impeccable resume includes decades of award-winning investigative reporting. The Bill and Wendy Show airs Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to noon, then streaming from noon to 1 p.m. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. All rights reserved. Required fields are marked *. Out effective immediately is afternoon personality Roe Conn, whose contract runs through the end of the year. I am absolutely delighted to not have to hear Cochran anymore; I listen to GN all day and I couldnt wait for 10 am to come; as happy as I am that Cochran is gone, Im that sad that bill and Wendy are gone- was nuts for them. Radio Ink is a registered trademark of Streamline Publishing, Inc. I enjoyed his wit and his humor. WGN has hired Lisa Dent and added special reporting from Anna Davlantes. Pinterest. Members of the dramatic cast of "Carmen" as presented over WGN and the Mutual network are Betty Winkler as Carmen, Marvin Mueller as Escamillo, Elia Braca as Mercedes, and Willard Waterman as. How long can you hear about Ross, Abigail, and the same ol s Nobody cares. Air 'Em Out: When NYC Radio Personalities Beef. WGN Radio has changed up their Saturday night and early Sunday morning line up, while ending the Best of Jim Brohannon Show, and bringing the husband and wife team of Steve King and Johnnie Putman from 9 pm to 2 am, and expanded and moved The Sinatra Hours from 2 to 5 am, and a few more shows. Although some viewers suspect the meltdown was staged, the clip certainly merits a few chuckles. wgn radio personalities pictures on ilmainen HD-tapetti, joka on hankittu kaikilta maailman verkkosivuilta. There is a need for a radio station that caters to the seniors; though Ive been listening to GN since I was in high school. He was the host of 'Imus in the Morning' for nearly 50 years. Nick D. and Garry Lee and The Nick Digilio Show, "The Nick Digilio Show podcast wins a Silver Dome Award from the Illinois Broadcasters Association", "WGN's Nick Digilio HATES 'The Dark Knight?! I have to say that I am very disappointed in this move. He was also host of the WGN Radio program. This isn't the first time WGN creates a buzz on the Web. WGN handout, Thousands of owners of radiophone receiving sets in a 500 mile radius of Chicago "listen in" nightly to a musical and news bulletin service sent from atop the Commonwealth Edison building by the Westinghouse Electric and Mfg. Nick Digilio | Facebook His older brother Robert was cleaning out his home and found it. Chicago Tribune historical photo, A performance of 'The Belle of New York' by the Chicago Theater of the Air on Jan. 22, 1944, at the Medinah Temple in Chicago. Its not a talk station, in my opinion, and people who listen to that station in the morning probably want to listen to MUSIC. Former WGN-AM 720 morning man Spike O'Dell, who has been diplomatically quiet concerning changes at his former station, offered his unequivocal support for ousted midday host Steve Cochran via. I would miss tuning in. What a loudmouth he is! Before joining WGN-TV, Kolkmeyer spent three years as a meteorologist and news anchor for WREXs 13 News Today and 13 News at Noon. Chicago Tribune historical photo, William G. Nylen, from left, William G. Naef, and William G. Nida take turns at the microphone at a meeting of the WGN club on April 10, 1941. OH my I left Chicago in 2012, but still listened to WGN Stream. Now you can get anything you want, anytime you want, anywhere you want and you dont have to wait for radio or television to do it for you. Like you said the ratings were great. Column: Ousted talk team Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder of WGN AM say a Left to right, seated: June Baker, general household expert, and Helen Bartlett, etiquette. Not a Sirott fan, so Ill be looking for a new morning station. Get the Android Weather app from Google Play, Walgreens decision on abortion pills riles many, Tom Sizemore, Saving Private Ryan actor, dies at, Man wanted for death of Hanover Park woman dies, 6 hurt, 2 critical in multivehicle crash on Near, Chicago area escapes brunt of latest storm, but cold, Skilling: Storm out, mild temps in for the weekend, Prep underway for winter storm southwest of Chicago, Tranquil weekend begins as storm exits region, Chicagos new pro rugby team builds quickly in 2023, A Michael Jordan holy grail shoe collection for, Photos: Patrick Kane plays his 1st game with Rangers, Blackhawks make three more trades ahead of deadline, Ex-Blackhawk Patrick Kanes Rangers debut spoiled, Last Comiskey: Sox fans film a trip back to 1990s, Want a WGN News Super Fan Friday Flyover? Cochrans demise started 3 years ago with Trumps election and his own self centered beliefs, really believed his own BS. Im thrilled to have Bob Sirott back on!! Chicago Tribune historical photo, The marquee on the Michigan Avenue WGN building welcomes the Shriners on July 17, 1958. At the WGN microphone are Olan Soule, Eloise Kummer, and Laurette Fillbrandt. WGN Radio shocker: Cochran out, Sirott in - T Dog Media WGN hosts from the past and the present reflect on the - WGN Radio 720 As first reported by Robert Feder Friday morning, WGN-AM morning personality Steve Cochran was dropped from the station and replaced by a returning Bob Sirott, who'll take over January 6. Ray Gora, Chicago Tribune, Illinois soldiers at Camp Forrest, Tullahoma, Tenn. piled up the record score of 18 runs in the WGN Mutual quiz, Play Ask-It Ball, when it was aired from camp. Also starting September 28, longtime WGN Radio news anchor Steve Bertrand will host Chicagos Afternoon News from 4 to 7 p.m. Its being billed as a daily newsmagazine show. Spike O'Dell - Wikipedia As first reported by Robert Feder Friday morning, WGN-AM morning personality Steve Cochran was dropped from the station and replaced by a returning Bob Sirott, wholl take over January 6. Chicago Bears Radio Producer Giving a squeaky little voice a one person afternoon show is not the way to attract or keep listeners. Bob Collins (February 28, 1942 - February 8, 2000) was a morning DJ on WGN -720AM radio in Chicago. Chicago Tribune historical photo, First Lieut. Looking at how Sirotts ratings were the last time he was at WGN or WLS, dont look for him to even come close to matching Cochrans numbers. Robert Feder | Chicago media served fresh daily since 1980 Robservations: Bertrand, Landecker round out new WGN Radio lineup, My childhood dream became the honor of a lifetime, Robservations: Sun-Times moving to Old Post Office; ABC 7 opens weekend anchor slot; Medill tracks local news decline, Robservations: StreetWise raises cover price; Sventoonie takes a break; Friends of Chicago Reporter mark 50. I certainly dont patronize their advertizers! 366 talking about this. Dent will take over afternoons in the New Year, Davlantes will work on special and . As for what we're doing on WGN Radio, 720 AM in Chicago . All night and all weekend long, they re-play hours and hours of recent programming, no new content, and none of the familiar, friendly voices we enjoyed. Glad to see pompous, arrogant, argumentative Cochran gone. Ill never listen to either one. Would love to see Pete McMurray have a permanent splot on WGN radio. It was time for Steve to go.Good luck to Bob. Biblioracle: Wannabe writers are churning out stories written by ChatGPT. I used to listen to WGN 24/7 and liked nearly everyone I heardnow, I can only tolerate bits and pieces and tune elsewhere the majority of the day. Adam Carolla (; born May 27, 1964) is an American comedian, radio personality, television host, actor, podcaster, and director. Im done. Theyre firing the WRONG people! If us older generation folks are tuning out, just what listeners are you catering to? Kritika Kumari - September 13, 2021. Chicago Tribune historical photo, Woodrow R. Crane is at the AM transmitter control panel for WGN radio, circa July 23, 1939. | Chase, Donna, 86, Peoria. 1st they dump Bill & Wendy and now Steve? From left to right: Glamour shots of Paul and WGN Morning News Around Town reporter Ana Belaval are also included in the line-up. Roe Conn, Nick Digilio out in WGN Radio shakeup | Robert - Robert Feder Goodbye to the left leaning, Hillary loving, agenda pushing fool. And unfortunately it didnt work out. I was driving and didnt caught the number. . In WGN's early years, that was an exciting revelation, made anew every time a listener turned on a receiver. Radio Ink. Doesnt matter. Trump lovers love him no matter what he does and dont want to hear facts when it conflicts with their convictions. Tom Barnas - Director, Multimedia Production & Strategy - LinkedIn WGN 720-AM, the Nexstar Media Group news/talk station, chose the Friday night of a three-day holiday weekend to drop the bombshell that it's overhauling its weekday afternoon and evening lineup. And then replace him with the also-was used to be Sirrot? Follow. I have a disease (Parkinsons) which often ikeeps me up at night. I listen every morning while driving to work from 5:30 to 7am and had to change to a another station as his comments did NOT Make my day as a Customer Service Manager. Jack Taylor Former anchor, host and announcer for WGN-TV. Heres how, Deans Weekender: Ashanti & Ja Rule take the stage, 4th grader reports Fridays weather forecast, Winter Storm Warning issued Friday as snow moves, Winter Storm Watch issued Friday for Chicago area, Tuesday Forecast: Temps in upper 40s with mostly. WGN 720-AM, the Nexstar Media Group news/talk station, chose the Friday night of a three-day holiday weekend to drop the bombshell that it's overhauling its weekday afternoon and evening lineup.. Chicago Tribune historical photo, John Holbrook loses a bet and gets a pie in the face while Colleen Moore, left, and Jess Kirkpatrick watch in Studio #2 at WGN on March 1, 1944. Posts. Im more happy than ever to pay the small Sirius XM monthly fee. Elmer McKesson, Capt. Landecker will fill in during afternoons until September 28 when he'll move permanently to a new evening show airing from 7 to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday. No Cochran = Happy 2020. Bill and Wendy ARE THE BEST. Frazier Thomas Creator and host of Garfield Goose and Friends on WGN-TV, and childrens books author. We talked today about the sad decline of WGN. Both AM and television programs originated from this studio. So it's a betrayal of the listeners when management severs those connections without notice. Russel Hamm, Chicago Tribune, The cornerstone of the new WGN building is set into place on July 6, 1950 in Tribune square. After all, success in radio is based on building and maintaining connections between hosts and the audience. Each week, there is one guest listener that reads one story. His show was the top-rated morning show for WGN and kept the station at the top of the ratings. I look forward to see what Bob brings to the table, WITHOUT his wife. (By the way, STILL waiting for the promised Lou Malnattis $25 coupon-I won from WGN years ago)-Obviously, WGN doesnt care at all that their words & deeds are aligned. But Sirott being hired again reminds me of something I wrote some time ago saying Chicago radio has become a nursing home for broken-down talent who refuse to leave the stage. Sadly, this is truer now Chicago radio simply sticks with the same tired wheel of safe personalities, even as we head into the next decade. Not much different than the next. Claimed he could do an hour on any topic someone could throw at him. Chicago Tribune historical photo, Sending organ music over the radio waves from the studios of WGN, the Chicago Tribune station, one of the most powerful in the country, circa 1935. Chicago Tribune historical photo, Singer and actress Lena Horne in 1950, with WGN radio's Fred Reynolds. Next to go should be John Williams, also self centered and opinionated and dismissive of other points of view. We've all lashed out at a co-worker or two, but not many of us have done it on television.