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Click on the image to order your assortment today! Video full text: Gavi and the stars Gavi di Gavi and Gavi di Tassarolo come from not far away (good producers include Castellari Bergaglio, La Meirana, Castello di Tassarolo, La Giustanina). Watch the full web serie Gavi Slow Tour. Its texture is firm yet slightly soft, with some having a creamy, spreadable consistency. How worried should I be about calories in wine? The name derives from Gavi, the town at the centre of its production zone, and Cortese, the local variety of grape from which it is exclusively made and whose existence is reported from the 17th century. However, bear in mind that the wide variety of cheeses and cheesemakers particularly new artisan British cheeses mean one cheese may be very different from another, even if it is the same style or comes from the same area. A crumbly, lactic, sharper Lancashire cheese, such as Mrs Appleby's, needs a fruitier, but well-structured wine. 15 Best Salads, What Cheese Goes with Tomato Jam? Muenster is a German-style cheese with a mild, creamy flavor that pairs well with lamb. Vanilla/Vanilla Bourbon/Vanilla Madagascar & Chocolate. The cheese is made from cow's milk and matures for 2 to 3 months. Gather a large platter or cutting board and multiple small dishes. Always a good idea to me! It also adds a creamy texture that can be used in salads or on sandwiches. And when it was sitting in front of us during our wine tasting, the aroma was kind of distracting Neil. Reds Light-bodied, low tannins, unoaked. The best kinds of cheese to serve with grapes are soft, creamy cheeses like brie or camembert. Purchases made through links on this site do not affect the price you pay for products purchased. The wine is entirely steel-vinified and shows flavors of crisp pear, green apple skin, white flowers, and fresh Lobster, with its white meat and delicate flavor, needs a light, fresh companion. White wines: Sicilian Chardonnay, Gewrztraminer, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc. (10 Best Sauces). Fortified/Dessert wines: Port, Madeira, Red wines: Northern Italian reds from Nebbiolo grape such as Barolo and Barbaresco - and Barbera grape such as Barbera d'Asti, Barbera d'Alba, or Dolcetta d'Alba vlc video in separate window; shimano v brake shifter adjustment; music yahoo video In terms of cured red meat, Gavi won't complement those components well, but it will offer refreshment against the salty flavours. Home; Uncategorized; what cheese goes with gavi 1. Without adequate levels of vaccination, communities everywhere are more susceptible to disease outbreaks. Asiago is a mountain style cheese that originates from Veneto in Italy. With only 37 calories in one fruit and 12% of your recommended daily fiber intake, they are a filling, low-calorie snack (13). Page 1 / 4. Create a savory tart with gruyere, guava jam, and. Add Gruyre, parmesan, or any other cheese to pull the whole thing together. You can. As a country becomes wealthier, they pay more, which allows countries to build sustainable health systems that will eventually no longer need Gavis support. Feta and Camembert. Please check your feed, the data was entered incorrectly. Thats why were dedicated to making sure everyone, everywhere has access to them. I also help to make my own ale, wine, cider, kombucha, and sake and am a rum enthusiast. The leaves of the plant can also be consumed as a tea or extract for medicinal purposes. Steve Beshear Family, Ca' Bianca. Vaccine hesitancy as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) is the delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite the availability of vaccination services. Pairing wine and blue cheeses. wayne state statistics; lake view high school chicago football Creative ways to use Gouda with grapes include making a Gouda and grape grilled cheese sandwich, a Gouda and grape flatbread pizza, or a Gouda and grape macaroni and cheese. 10 Cheeses That Go Best with A Salami Sandwich? A white wine from cortese grapes cultivated near the village of Gavi. Place your brie on a cutting board. Required fields are marked *. Ham, onions, bell peppers with Cheddar & Jack Cheese. It has a mild and creamy flavor that makes it an excellent choice for pairing with feta. Cheesemakers separate the curds from the whey, draining the whey and pressing curds into cheese molds. Helpful? Vaccines reduce child mortality rates and help reduce poverty. . Crumble feta cheese over a slice of guava jam on whole wheat toast for a quick and easy snack. Maestro MasterCard. But, as we reach for the oatcakes and pour another glass, there are some rules to remember: don't assume only red wines can be drunk with cheese there are some wonderful matches with whites. It's called Gavi di Gavi, and is one of the best-known white wine appellations in Italy. Tiny vaccinations pack a mighty punch. A good Beaujolais is ideal, like those from Morgon. Go to Italian Cheeses N to Z WHO identified vaccine hesitancy as one of the top 10 health threats to the world in 2019. Aged Goat Cheese: Merlot. Guava and cheese Bocadillo con queso is Colombias favorite indulgence and no trip to the country would be complete without trying it at least once. Sauternes delivers the classic sweet/salt combination. -Finally, feta can enjoy some love with some roasted garlic - it's perfect for adding flavor and crunch! Since 2010, Gavi D.O.C.G. White wines: Pinot Grigio Scamorza. 2. I just happened to end up at Locale Market, last weekend, so I was on the hunt for cheese. (12 Best Cheeses), What Cheese Goes with Bacon Jam? Replacement Door Glass With Built In Blinds, For a more pungent flavor, try a blue cheese such as Roquefort. Camembert is a soft cheese that originates from France. Gavi & Food Pairing. Id tried a couple of them before but this one was new to me and came recommended by the salesperson, Shaun. Guava empanadas are often made with cream cheese, queso blanco or farmers cheese. White wines: Fum Blanc If its the cheese, pick a wine with less character that will just complement it in the background. It is tart on the palate. 3. Wines that have good acidity to cut through the high fat content of these wines would work well. Ros wines are also a good option for pairing with Havarti. Camembert. The so-runny-you-eat-it-with-a-spoon Vacherin Mont D'Or is best accompanied by a Ctes du Jura, the local chardonnay based wine cuts through the creaminess. that has not been dyed orange with a natural vegetable dye, What Cheese Goes with Gouda? 2. Sant! But on a cheese platter, stay away from the most vegetal of vegetables, like broccoli, carrots, green beans, celery, and cauliflower. Cheese connoisseur Terry Kirby gives advice on how to do it properly. Hi there ! The sweetness of guava jam brings out the nuttiness in gruyere. Gavi partners with both the public and private sectors to achieve this mission. What a fun time pairing the wine with all these other foods too. GAVI DOCG LA SCOLCA 2018. It seemed strange that the black line in the middle of the cheese, that I thought was the ash, didnt really have any of those characteristics. Barone di Valforte Abruzzo DOC Pecorino: This wine has a neutral nose with a hint of citrus and white flowers. Caroline Gilby - How long can I keep a bottle of wine once it's been opened? Its full-cream flavor pairs especially well with fruity or spicy preserves and chutneys. Use Parmesan as a crust for guava jam bars. Bassets desert-island cheeseboard would have a trio: But what wines to pair with such different cheeses? 15 Best Salads. Semi-hard cheese. I've included a variety of flavors and textures, so you can experiment and find the perfect combination for your taste buds. It was a somewhat acidic wine that reminded me of Sauvignon Blanc. Lambrusco. -Feta can be used as a dip for chips or fruit. It has a unique aroma that some compare to roasted lamb, and can be found in various stages of maturity from cured at 13 weeks to aged at more than three months. A: Wrap tightly in good plastic and store in refrigerator for up to 12 months. (11 Easy Sauces), What Sauce Goes with Chicken Schnitzel? Some cheeses can partner well with a fairly wide variety of reds and Top each cracker with a halved grape. what cheese goes with gavifemale demons in mythology. Sprinkle Parmesan on top of guava jam tarts. Pair gruyere with guava jam and Prosciutto di Parma as an appetizer. Goat Gouda and Cheddar These hard goat's milk cheeses tend to have a nutty quality that can be challenging to properly pair. Mix in other cheeses. Use accompaniments, like fruits, nuts, and jams to fill in gaps in the board and make it look more abundant. Guava leaf extract might cause temporary nausea or stomach pain in some people. He also suggested that we should try this cheese in a grilled cheese. Roast the grapes on a cookie sheet in the oven at 450 for about 15 minutes or until skins are slightly crisp but the grapes are still soft and juicy on the inside. It takes up to 2-4 years to produce Parmesan cheese. It was more like soft fruits. fortified/dessert wines like port, madeira and sauternes (Gorgonzola, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Piave). Red wines: Lambrusco, Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunello, MOZZARELLA DI BUFALA CAMPANA Finally, Feta can be added to a cheese plate with fresh grapes for a light, flavorful snack. Sparkling wines: Prosecco, ROBIOLA DI ROCCAVERANO You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved. Ardi Gasna (French Ewes Cheese) Arnguy (French Ewes Cheese) Asian Cuisine (Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai dishes) Barbecued White Meat. If you don't have a local wine shop and have to depend on the long Together, these diseases accounted for over 1.2 million deaths of children aged under five years in 2019 - including ~370,000 children from rotavirus diarrhoea. * Gavi di Gavi - another very popular Italian white for those who like a fuller, slightly smoother white. This pairing will result in a rich, lingering flavor your guests will savor. Would definitely go back and recommend. This pungent French cheese has an earthy flavor and pairs well with other strong flavors like pastrami. With that in mind, here are some recommendations: Farmhouse Cheddar is still made by three Somerset companies: Keen's, Montgomery's and Westcombe. Put the Gourmet Cheese Detective on the case! Carry a guava to work, chop it, sprinkle salt and chilli powder and your healthy snack is ready in a jiffy!. The lingering funk of the cheese really influenced both of us during the pairing. what happened to mike bowling; doubletree resort lancaster weddings; saginaw water treatment plant history Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, White Burgundy. Experiment too with a southern hemisphere chardonnay, such as Heggies Chardonnay, its acidity balancing that of the cheese. The longer the cheese is aged, the more . Then, the cheese is aged anywhere from a few months to years. Critical Acclaim All Vintages. The morbier was buttery, milky and slightly salty without tasting the rind. Usually red, Lambrusco is an Italian sparkler that's a fun, unexpected choice for baked cheesy noodles. Dry, salty cheeses with a long aftertaste are best with the big red wines or full-bodied oaky whites, such as an Australian chardonnay. Buon appetito! Guava and Banana: Both guava and bananas when consumed together can increase the risk of acidosis, nausea, bloating, gas, and persistent headaches. The sweetness of guava jam pairs nicely with the nuttiness of manchego. Try a dry Sherry with seafood risotto. Since I didnt know much about the wine, we hit the internet and found out that Gavi is the DOCG region for Cortese grapes. This crisp, mineral-driven wine gained popularity as a match for Ligurian seafood, but that's not all.. Terry Richardson Net Worth, The. Red wines: Chianti, PARMIGIANO-REGGIANO I have some helpful We love cheese and think it can make just about anything taste better. This is one of the most common cheese pairings, as most people have probably tried it at least once. Cheese Pairing: Soft cheeses like burrata, or semi-hard cheeses such as manchego, gouda and salty feta will be killer alongside these fresh and bright wines. (13 Dressings). You can also use them together in salads, sandwiches, or as part of a dessert. backyardigans surf's up transcript; shark attack roatan honduras; 2020 sabre 36bhq value; classroom rules template google docs. Which Wine goes well with food, dish, meal, recipe ? Creative ways to use Chvre with grapes include making a tart salad with arugula, walnuts, and Chvre, serving Chvre and grapes as a snack, or baking a tart with a Chvre-grape filling. The funding that Gavi receives from donors goes directly towards making sure low-income countries have the vaccines they need. We were happy that we tasted the rind, knowing that some people would just cut it off. What Food goes with White Cortese di Gavi ? You can also pair milder cheeses like Gouda or Cheddar with the sweetness of the grapes for an interesting contrast in flavors. Next, gather all of the ingredients, and add the largest items to the cutting board or platter first. Gruyre is a popular cheese with a distinctive flavor that can be both rich and creamy, salty, and nutty depending on its age. These findings support that guava fruit could protect kidney against diabetic progression via its anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and anti-glycative effects. Vegetable Pairing: The grassy notes of Albario play well with fresh green herbs, like salsa verde. With its aromas of blossom, fresh pear, apricots and a hint of hazelnut, these white wines drink well on their own or alongside light summer dishes. We really didnt so we just went ahead and tried them together. Go to Pairing British Cheeses with Wine, Ales and Ciders GAVI stated that the funding will go to "routine immunization programs" and will also help the public-private partnership "play a major role in the rollout of a future Covid-19 vaccine." More than 25 heads of state and 50 leaders of international agencies, NGOs and private industry attended the fundraising event. The sweetness of guava jam balances out the tanginess of the cheese. On the most recent visit, we got the Mussels & Shrimp Serenata. You could also combine melted blue cheese with Greek yogurt for a delicious dip to serve with fresh grapes as an appetizer. joel figueroa upper room age; power bi add minutes to datetime dax. If Gavi reaches this goal, it will be a vital step towards making vaccines work for everyone, everywhere. New York Area. These three approaches help to create a sustainable immunization program within each of the Gavi countries. All young, fresh grassy cheeses demand an iced, full-bodied ros, such as those made in the Languedoc-Roussillon, or a light, possibly chilled red, such as a Saumur Champigny -, to balance the creaminess. Best Cheese for Cajun Food (9 Tasty Cheeses), What To Serve With Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese? No" Definitely a stinky French cheese! The reality is Pinot Noir, by its nature, goes pretty well with carbonara, and here is why. All three of these wines have nice acidity which helps to cut the richness of Provolone dolce, but they have enough body to match it at the same time. When it comes to wine, there are a few things to keep in mind. Home; Community users think this wine goes best with: fine with JLA and some ripe cheese; Add My Food Pairing Tags. While these all may make great additions to a crudite platter (and broccoli and cheddar soup is undeniably delicious), they seem straight-up strange to pair raw with nice cheeses. Lets explore some other cheeses that pair well with grapes! These pastries originated in Cuba, where they were the stars among the repertoire of intensely sweet Cuban baked goods that blended European techniques with tropical Cuban flavors. Thats a great combination! We chose this weeks WineAndCheeseFriday wine by a recommendation from Li at The Wining Hour. Neil got pretty descriptive in his barnyard funk, expanding to hay, straw and slightly sour. In Italy, wine and cheese are enjoyed before or after a meal. There are many types of cheese that go well with guava jam, such as cheddar, Swiss, and Gruyere. Prepare to be enthralled by the combination of smooth and subtle goodness that only fresh grapes and aged cheese can produce! and/or food with high fat content. It was founded in 2000 to save lives, reduce poverty and protect the world against the threat of epidemics.. Guava fruit without peel is more effective in lowering blood sugar as well as serum total cholesterol, triglycerides and LDLc. How should Gavi be served? Most of the plots are planted to Barbera, a typical variety of the zone, that has been used here since the 2008 vintage for the Barbera dAsti DOCG. Sprinkle little salt and chilli powder evenly over it. what cheese goes with gavi. The sweetness of the fruit depends on which type youre eating. Macaroni Cheese. If you select 'Yes' we can let you know how you can make a difference. To enhance the experience, Martella recommends adding subtle textures and flavours, such as truffle honey, nuts, toasted bread or crackers. Mix diced feta cheese with guava jam and use it as a filling for phyllo pastry or tart shells. To pair with this cheese, go for something with earthier notes, like a Malbec or Grenache. What Does Guava Taste Like? I noticed quite a few changes in the wine from the influence of the cheese. Try: Epoisses, Langres, Livarot, Mahon, Maroilles, Munster, Pont LEveque, Stinking Bishop, Taleggio. Gavi shapes vaccine markets to increase supply and reduce prices. It will allow it and its partners to vaccinate 300 million more children and save up to 8 million more lives. The Cheese Lady is an award-winning artisan cheesemonger offering a curated selection of complex farmhouse and artisan cheeses from the British Isles and the Continent, as well as cheese selections, cheese boards, crackers, chutney, cheese subscriptions, gifts, and accessories. Fortified/Dessert wines: Port, Madeira, Sherry, Sauternes The longer a cheese ages, the more complex the flavors become. Your email address will not be published. And now we need to because after all that pairing, its gone. Cheese is a common pairing for guava paste. White wines: Chardonnay, Gewrztraminer, Riesling Slice the cut half into small wedges. The tangier the cheese (think goat cheese), the bolder you can go with the wine! NY Sirloin, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, serrano chilies & Provolone Can't wait to go back. Allure of the Pour podcast with Lori Budd, Managed by WineAndCheeseFriday 2018 | It increases HDLc levels also. Currently, it helps vaccinate almost half of the worlds children. goes with cheese, mushrooms, gratins. Try Spanish tapas such as grilled padrn (or shishito) peppers, grilled vegetable . Mix chevre with guava jam and use it as a dip for fresh fruit or crackers. Auteur de l'article Par ; Date de l'article desperation and the regulators covers; usfs mechanic carding requirements . Sparkling wines: Prosecco, GRANA PADANO The classic pairing is Crottin de Chavignol with Sancerre. Harbison Cheese. Complex, mature cheeses. In the fight against extreme poverty, the smallest thing can make the biggest impact. All recipient countries co-finance vaccines alongside Gavi. Each cheese is an 8 ounce package (2 lbs total). Here are 5 ways to use camembert with guava jam: Chevre is a tangy, fresh cheese that pairs well with fruit. Previous Post: Cheese with stuff in it or around it, Next Post: French vs. British Cheeses at Cheese Please, Tampa, FL. Feta is a crumbly, salty cheese that has a unique tangy flavor. Guava jam is a delicious, sweet, and slightly tart fruit spread. Just make sure theres enough room for guests to cut the cheeses. White wines: Sicilian Chardonnay, RICOTTA SALATA People enjoy the unique flavor of Gruyre and the versatility of the cheese for cooking and baking. Here are 5 unique compliments to add to your feta repertoire: -Feta is a great cheese for making goat cheese recipes. The best kinds of cheese to serve with grapes are soft, creamy cheeses like brie or camembert. We later dinned on the Calamari with a mayo, greek yogurt dip with thyme, lemon juice and lemon zest and the Thai Lemongrass chicken sticks. 3. The San Pietro Gavi (12% ABV) has citrus fruit and good acidity, and is a solid choice for pairing with the kale pesto. A surprisingly complex, affordable alternative to the same ol Sauv Blanc. This fruity-creamy combo is popular in pastry cases across the U.S., from layered croissants to stuffed doughnuts, but the original G&C can be credited to Cuban snacking traditions that made their way to Cuban Miami bakeries. Runny French cheeses are difficult to match with wine. Add any dips, spreads, and seeds to the small bowls. Soft mild cheeses such as camembert, brie, ricotta, buffalo mozzarella and cream cheese also pair well with the sweetness of cherries. When a country receives support from Gavi, theres a clear pathway to strengthening its own health systems. Unlike some other low-calorie snacks, they are packed with vitamins and minerals so you arent losing out on important nutrients. Red wines: Chianti, Merlot, PECORINO TOSCANO * Soave - same reasoning. Land situated in the area between Gavi and Novi Ligure, with a predominance of clay and sand over stone, at 350 metres above sea level. 3 reviews. After the Gavi, the cheese still smelled funky but it tasted more like cheddar shifting to tart and salty. The rind was definitely the part of the cheese that was influenced by the ash. A surprisingly complex, affordable alternative to the same ol' Sauv Blanc. Find out more, Try: Comt, Emmental, Grana Padano, Gruyre, Lincolnshire Poacher, Manchego (sheep), Montgomerys Cheddar, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Pecorino (sheep). (This creates a sweeter cheese, since there's less lactic acid produced.) Gouda is a semi-hard Dutch cheese that comes in a variety of forms and flavors, depending on its age. Guavas are a weight-loss-friendly food. Theres a lot at stake when it comes to vaccinations. Gavi is an aromatic Italian white wine with notes of lemon, grass, minerals, green apple, grapefruit, herbs and peaches with a nutty almond finish. Clever, confident cooking, a strong independent voice - but with just a little too much icing . Here are 5 ways to use feta cheese with guava jam: Crumble feta cheese over a slice of guava jam on whole wheat toast for a quick and easy snack. Here are 5 ways to use feta cheese with guava jam: Brie is a rich, creamy cheese that pairs well with sweet and savory flavors. Plus, they are crowd-pleasing wines., Basset, ever the diplomat, says he follows both his native and adopted countries practices. It was pretty intense and even kind of stung my nose. If youre looking for the perfect cheese to pair with your guava jam, here are 12 of the best options. If you know someone who loves ros, then this basket is going to impress them. Most white fishes will work well, especially when baked. I asked her one day during #WiningHourChat on Twitter, What Italian wine I should try? and she suggested Gavi. 28 January 2020 He does admit that the concept of finishing your savoury courses to have a sweet dessert and then going back to savoury again with cheese is illogical and quite shocking to most French people. The whole process starts with a set of enzymes known as rennet that is added to fresh Wisconsin milk in order to start the curdling process. * Spring and early summer vegetables such as asparagus, peas, broad (fava) beans, fennel and even artichokes * Raw and lightly cooked vegetables such as marinated courgettes and leeks vinaigrette * Dishes where herbs are predominant such as pasta or gnocchi with pesto Late harvested or more mature vermentinos pair well with: No reproduction without permission. Do you have any predictions of what will happen when we pair this fruity Italian wine (Gavi) with this stinky French cheese (Morbier)? It seems we really should have tried harder to find wineries while we were there in 2014! Combine guava jam and feta cheese in a small bowl and use it as a dip for crackers or fruit. Blue cheese is pungent and salty, making it a great complement to sweet grapes. Folosim cookie-uri pentru a ne asigura c v oferim cea mai bun experien pe site-ul nostru. People enjoy ricotta cheese for its mild flavor, creamy texture, and versatility in recipes. Neil found the cheese to give the wine earthy aromas and flavors of butter, acid, tartness, and slightly less lemon. White cheddar cheese is simply cheddar cheese that has not been dyed orange with a natural vegetable dye. It works directly with vaccine suppliers to produce vaccines at a lower cost to make them more easily affordable for people living in poverty. who manufactures restoration hardware furniture By doing this, Gavi has greatly reduced the price of vaccines and made the market more accessible. Spread The Laughing Cow cheese onto the sesame-seed crackers. what cheese goes with gavijack bruce wife margaret. Farmhouse Gruyre, and other French semi-hard cheeses like Comt, or English ones like Cornish Yarg can be wonderful with pinot noir, or white wines, particularly those with good acidity, such as a riesling, which cuts through the cheese's fatty nature. The chickpeas have red and black pepper on them so it wasnt surprising that the wine seemed spicy when paired with them. Before you ask, no it is not actually cheese. The more you pursue your cheese sampling - the more you will learn about the versatility of both cheese and wine. Sometimes the funk from the cheese leapt out of the wine after drinking it. But you can break the rules here, as long as you stick with a fresh wine with lively acidity. This site participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. It was earthy, like dirt, and reminded me of a charred hamburger. tom mcculloch buck; charlene, stearns daughter of glenn stearns; abandoned places in decatur, il; friends of the agoura hills library; vehicle used in swat tv show; weather underground lake of the pines ca; Sparkling Brut, pink. Top with a guava jam glaze. 5 things to know about COVID-19s impact on girls on International Day of the Girl. Pneumonia and diarrhoea among leading causes of death in under-fives. Some creative ways to use Parmesan cheese with grapes include making a Parmesan-crusted grape salad, adding Parmesan cheese as a topping to a grape-based pizza, and making a Parmesan-grape dip. Ive put together a list of 8 of my favorites. Conclusion. Both wine and cheese embody a place, a people and a sense of terroir. For a creative snack idea, pair cubes of white cheddar with fresh grapes; the sweetness from the grapes pairs perfectly with the salty tanginess of the cheddar. I say go with a beautiful Gavi di Gavi. Health. Gavis life-saving work is possible through a three-pronged approach: 1. All rights reserved. Dark, tannic red wines from the south of France, such as Corbires, Madiran or Cahors, also make a fine match for the local Roquefort, tempering the 'sheepy' richness. Best wines to try. There are a lot of different cheeses that go well with guava jam. Blue cheese: Sauternes, Pedro Ximnez Sherry, Rutherglen Muscat. Mix diced feta cheese with guava jam and use it as a filling for phyllo pastry or tart shells. You want to look for sweet, soft, and mild cheeses that are made from cow's milk or sheep's milk. Trim the rind. When someone gets sick from a preventable disease, theres a lot of additional costs to that; from small ones like transportation and treatment, to large ones like potential loss of productivity later in life through death or disability. Production methods, how they are kept and aged or not and the love and care, as well as the whims, of the people that make them all shape individual character. Here are 5 ways to use brie with guava jam: Like brie, camembert is a rich, creamy cheese that pairs well with sweet and savory flavors. It might cause skin irritation in some people. And it won't hurt if you take my suggestions along with you Here are 5 ways to use gorgonzola with guava jam: Gruyere is a nutty, earthy cheese that pairs well with sweet and savory flavors. These rich, nutty flavours need to be paired with appropriately robust, full red wines, otherwise the cheese will dominate. You can also pair milder cheeses like Gouda or Cheddar with the sweetness of the grapes for an interesting contrast in flavors.