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Ford had pared back their support and he did not feel as though he had the resources to compete at the level he wanted so rather than do something he did not feel 100% about he retired from the seat. Photo courtesy of Pro Set Racing trading cards. He did it all himself. Surely will be missed by all who follow the sport. What would the cameras have seen? I remember the tale of them stripping and sandblasting a Pinto unibody, then leaving it outside to rust. The tributes to NHRA Pro Stock legend Bob Glidden, who died Dec. 17, 2017, poured in during the 64th Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals at Lucas Oil Raceway in Brownsburg. and top speed in his final-round victory over Frank Iaconio. We went inside Bob was not there ,Billy came out and talked to us.He said dad says no one in the shop when we have an engine apart .I remember a wall full of Wallys .Just a real family making a living racing. But if EngineLabs is to be successful, our prying eyes and ears need to uncover at least a few of the latest and greatest tricks from the engine shops, the aftermarket and leading manufacturers. Bob Glidden was so angry that he could have chewed an engine block in half. Your email address will not be published. He gave me a hug and told me that he is glad i still come to the races. Dec 9, 2008 #4 Its funny how he actually had to put nitrous in his car and show the NHRA to proove that people could do it and hide it . <p> Glidden's Plymouth Arrow</p>. For those who raced with him on local streets many decades ago, when he and his friends put every spare dollar they. By compare odysseus emotions with telemachus when they are reunitedcompare odysseus emotions with telemachus when they are reunited R,I.P. Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from EngineLabs, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! While many people would have thought he was crazy, Glidden raced to feed his family and while he was switching brands, he would not switch off the competitive spirit that he used to dominate so hard in Fords. He . Rest in peace. http://deadobituary.com/ He was voted No. RIP Bob. Kurt Johnson 5/20/94 Englishtown, N.J. 6.988 Darrell Alderman 8/5/94 Kent, Wash. 6.994 Warren Johnson 3/10/95 Houston, Texas 6.981, Bill Glidden 3/12/95 Houston, Texas 6.999, Scott Geoffrion 4/2/95 Gainesville, Fla. 6.985 Jim Yates 9/16/95 Reading, Pa. 6.999 Rickie Smith 5/18/96 Englishtown, N.J. 6.999 Jerry Eckman 8/3/96 Kent, Wash. 6.997 Mark Pawuk 10/26/96 Pomona, Calif. 6.993 Mike Edwards 10/27/96 Pomona, Calif. 6.995 Troy Coughlin 2/1/97 Pomona, Calif. 6.972 Steve Schmidt 3/7/97 Gainesville, Fla. 6.962 Bruce Allen 3/7/97 Gainesville, Fla. 6.978 Ray Franks 3/8/97 Gainesville, Fla. 6.997 George Marnell 3/8/97 Gainesville, Fla. 6.999 Mike Thomas 4/11/97 Commerce, Ga. 6.988, NITRO498 wrote in message. And sadly,those memories of Bob Glidden and Christmas Day will now be of when he left us and this earth. A self-taught mechanic who overhauled a broken family tractor at age 12 because he was the only person not working in the fields, he went onto a career as a Ford mechanic where he not only excelled in the garage but also in sportsman racing promoting the very dealership he worked for, Ed Martin Ford. Check the 6 second club.Billy Glidden made the club using laughing gas! As a Ford guy growing up in the Diamond P sports era he like a super hero. In 94, Glidden was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America, and he took his place in the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2005. It was restored by Bruce Weiss back in '1991. Watching him kick all that GM ass in the 80\s was so fun to watch. One of the greatest drivers in Pro Stock history, Glidden won 85 events and 10 championships in his legendary career. NHRA'S 50 GREATEST DRIVERS -- NO. I want to express my deepest sympathy to his wife and boys. or Best Offer +$11.90 shipping +C $15.65 shipping. We had followed his career for many years and to finally be able to meet Bob and spend a few minutes talking with him was a very high point in this Ford racers life. EngineLabs is launching this week with the objective of analyzing the many avenues of engine technology, especially racing and street performance. 1997 Ford Pro Stock, Bob Glidden, die cast car, Platinum Series, Limited Edition. Bob Glidden was one of the first to catch my attention in the Pro Stock class and draw me away from top fuel or funny cars. That car came into its own during the second half of the year and he appeared in the Indy finals and won the World Finals to close the season and give everyone a taste of what was to come. Bob Glidden's Willie Rells 1988 Ford Probe. He was 73. Hell, in anything that is impressive. He also qualified No. He was 73-years-old. Thanks for the Memories,Bob. BOB GLIDDEN 1974 FORD MUSTANG II NHRA Drag Racing Pro Stock Full Color Sticker (#134461145486) n***f (2583) Past month. Im at a loss to express my dismay and sense of loss. I remember reading about Bob\s work ethic. Due to his national and divisional success Glidden captured his second NHRA championship in 1975. His 9.03 e.t. In recalling his Summernationals triumph, which he attained by defeating the Lombardo-driven Jenkins Monza in the final (8.55 to 8.71), Glidden said, "That was by far the biggest spread that I ever had over the guys in any race that I've ever ran. Glidden did nothing to the manifold other than port match the runners to the modified W2 heads. He talked about that short little Ford in ill-terms from 1982 forward. Rest in Peace. Bob Glidden, 1944-2017. One of the baddest pro stockers to walk the planet. That season, Glidden won seven national events, went undefeated in divisional competition, and earned the maximum number of points available at four national events by qualifying No. (12-6), Lee Shepherd (10-9), and Frank Iaconio (8-5). 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Glidden won seven times in 1975, including at the Winternationals, Gatornationals, Fallnationals, and World Finals, to capture his second consecutive Winston title. My condolences to his family. I remember him making CNN because he was being protested over his He actually dominated harder in the Plymouth. 1, setting low e.t. Glidden retired his undefeated Fairmont in favor of a Plymouth Arrow in 1979 and lost only three times all year. If before reading this you weren't familiar with Bob Glidden, you've probably seen his epic crash in 1986 in at least one Top 10 crash montages. He won the first two races of 1975, beating Wayne Gapp, the guy he stole the title from in 1974 along the way. Because Ford had yet to provide Glidden with factory support and Chrysler was willing to pay him directly to go racing, he took the deal. Glidden came out of retirement to drive occasionally through the 2010 season, and although never won again, he left a championship legacy. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. NHRA NHRA Glidden served in an advisory and crew chief role for a number of Pro Stock teams during the 2000s and 2010s, including Cunningham, Gray Motorsports, Knoll-Gas Motorsports, and Don Schumacher Racings Mopar effort. Bob Glidden (August 18, 1944 -December 17, 2017) was an American drag racer.He was born in Whiteland, Indiana.He retired from Pro Stock racing in 1997 and returned in 2010.. Glidden retired as the driver with the most wins in National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) history at that time (a feat recently topped by 16 time Funny Car champion John Force).He was the third most successful drag racer . Bob was a force to be reckoned with in his Pinto & Fairmont. It came as a shock this Monday morning to learn that drag racing legend Bob Glidden had passed away on Sunday evening. In 1985, Glidden led the points chase from start to finish, winning five national events. In a star-studded career that spanned more than 25 years in the class, Glidden won 85 events and 10 season championships and was voted No. In recalling his Summernationals triumph, which he attained by defeating the Lombardo-driven Jenkins Monza in the final (8.55 to 8.71), Glidden said, "That was by far the biggest spread that I ever had over the guys in any race that I've ever ran. He was my favorite. Register and top speed, and winning the race. 20 years or so ago. Bob Glidden was a driver I always lived loved to hate! Ive even seen beer cartons taped around intake manifolds (at least it was the teams sponsor!). Following high school he enlisted in the United States Navy. I was a fan of his as a Pro-Stock racer but still am a Chevy fan. "We decided that we either had to make the same kind of commitment to racing that he did or get out. He finished second to Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins at the Supernationals in his new ride, his Pro Stock debut. Dont email us your competitors cam profile, but you can ask us to do a story on adapting a NASCAR-like camshaft with multiple grinds to help your Saturday night dirt-track car even out cylinder-to-cylinder variation. He was one of my Heros back in the 80s and made me a fan of pro stock for years to come. Copyright 2023 BangShift LLC. Taft Isd School Calendar, at 152.54 mph was enough to beat Wayne Gapp in the final round. In 1997, after receiving a sponsorship package that he wasn't too keen on, Glidden formally retired from behind the wheel after only two races of the season. He crawled out, staggered once, noticed the hood was gone, took off his jacket and covered his home made intake manifold. Twelfth Night Act 1 Scene 3, Glidden, who amassed a record 16,035 points and lowered the national record to 8.59, fielded two winning cars that year: The first was his tried-and-true Ford Pinto that carried him to victories at the season-opening Winternationals and Cajun Nationals, and the second was his famed Ford Fairmont, with which he won the Summernationals and finished the season undefeated in national event competition. HOULTON -- Robert (Bob) L. Glidden Sr., 83, died following a brief illness on Feb. 16, 2010, in a Bangor Hospital. And when Bob heard of it he made him give the winning back .A man of great sportsmanship. In 1968 because of his burgeoning success, Martin put his prodigy racer in the hottest thing Ford had to offer for sportsman racing, a 428 Cobra Jet Mustang stocker. Bob was among the best builders and drivers in the sport. That commitment resulted in four consecutive Winston championships for the Reher-Morrison team (1981-1984), but the satisfaction of claiming their fourth title was tempered somewhat by the fact that they no longer had the quickest car in the country. In the late 1970s and especially from the 1980s through the mid-1990s, Glidden was the sport's biggest driver for much of his career before John Force became the most prolific racer in NHRA history in the late 1980s through today. 10 bids +$9.10 shipping. After a transmission failure in round two of the finals caused Shepherd to withdraw from competition, Glidden went on to win the championship yet again. HUGE THANKS. Just like the good old days. he was bad ass. And Bob made Rusty own up to it, or stay away from thefamily. He was 73. His win at the 1989 World Finals was his 76th. Lough Ramor Fly Fishing, Countless hours of development and experimentation, but the payoff was huge. In honor of the Glidden family after Bob's passing on Sunday, December 17, we respectfully chose to re-run this Richard Brady Remember When column from our September 2017 printed issue highlighting Brady's years visiting and photographing the many-time champion. The Winnebago car driven by Billy was a Pontiac owned by Harold, On Sun, 15 Jul 2001 15:57:33 GMT, dilley <, Glidden refused a teardown in the pits where his top secret heads and intake, Thank you James , Finally an answer I can swallow, eeewwww wait , bad choice of, The deal here was they wanted him to tear it down out in front of god and, I thought he was covering the carbs, and years later I was told he was, << It sure don't sound like Bill Bader asking, I was going strictly by memory, I thought I remembered it being a, You are correct. 10. Maybe even when Billy Meyersowned the thing? So he made the finals three races in a row winning once. The car rolled six times but the funnycar roll cage surrounding him held together. Pro Stock icon Bob Glidden, one of the most dominant forces in the history of NHRA Drag Racing, died Dec. 17. Glidden came out like the Incredible Hulk in 1985 and leveled everyone. The rules said they couldnt acid dip the body to reduce weight. 5 product ratings - Revell Kit 7167 1/24 Bob Gliddens Motorcraft Thunderbird Pro Stock Open. God Speed kind sir. I started with a stock 92 Thunderbird SC kit and a Cutlass PS kit. Miraculously, Glidden was not hurt, and he returned to competition a month later at the Cajun Nationals with a new Thunderbird, but his first win would not come until the Mile-High Nationals in July. The man was a legend not just because of his incredible performances on the track and the career numbers that he amassed. His last came in 1995 at Englishtown. May you race in piece Mr Glidden. Bob "Xman" Williams#2096 Super Streetanother SRA member"Chance Favors the Prepared Mind". In the same vein, we could always associate Bob Glidden with a Ford-powered entry. Not even speculation about Bob in the media? The following year, Glidden broke through for his first NHRA national event victory, at the U.S. Nationals, where he paced the quickest-ever Pro Stock field with a 9.03 at a national record 152.54 mph and defeated fellow Ford racer Gapp in the final. In 1972, he turned professional driving a Pro Stock Pinto previously campaigned by Wayne Gapp and Jack Roush. That victory was the first of three straight for Glidden, who won six of the final seven races that season. If I'm not mistaken, this was way before Bader. Hey, how many owners has IHRA had? Anthony Caruso III on December 17, 2017 / 0 comments. 10 minutes I still have the pictures from that meet ,people like that are hard to come by these days.. >Also, Bob Glidden HIMSELF DID get caught with NOS on board also. He then had a runner up at the Springnationals, appearing in every available final round to that point in the season. I didnt have an answer but I figured that some of you on here would. Till we meet again R.I.P. Bob is the last to go, but that\s Bob. As I wrap my mind around the fact that Bob has passed from this world, it\s important for me to say that he was much more than a legend he was my friend, he was my brother. Glidden almost became the first driver in a doorslammer to reach 200 miles per hour when he ran 199.11 miles per hour at an International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) race in Darlington, South Carolina. Bob Glidden (August 18, 1944:- December 17, 2017) was an American drag racer. He lived next door to CJ Rayburn a dirt racer and an ex drag racer. and top speed in his final-round victory over Frank Iaconio. David Lindley, a multitalented guitarist who was a fixture in Los Angeles recording studios during the 1970s and '80s, died on Friday. John Force, left, celebrates Bob Glidden's induction into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. Mar 11, 2011. nvrdun said: I thought Cragar did make Bob Glidden wheels for a couple years??? Glidden earned the nickname Mad Dog due to his intense work ethic. My deepest condolences go out to Etta and the Glidden family. I stretched the nose of the Thunderbird, smoothed out the bumpers, lengthened the hood, and added the scoop and wing. MY FAMILY MET BOB AND ETTA AT LANCASTER SPEEDWAY IN 95.IT WAS A MATCH RACE THAT WAS RAINED OUT.THEY SPENT A LONG TIME WITH US-TOTAL STRANGERS .BOB MODESTLY TOLD US HIS RACING CAREER AND ABOUT HIS WIFE. He drove his new car, a Ford Probe, to a national e.t. Brand New. Juni 2022. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, All logos and images are reserved. The success of todays Greg Anderson is not entirely unlike that of a certain Midwestern kid with an unshakable will to win that started breaking backs in Pro Stock three decades ago. There were wins but no title. 1, setting low e.t. Pro Stock teams go to extreme lengths to conceal their engines from prying eyes. The 1989 season was Glidden's most dominant campaign, in which he won nine times en route to his 10th and final Winston title. All rights reserved. Yes, unfortunately, Bob Glidden died a few days ago. He was 74 years old. in nine national events with his Ford Fairmont in 1978, so it was shocking that. Bob was born in Windom, MN, the son of Thomas and Helen Gertrude (Putt) Glidden on July 23, 1937. He was dominating with five number one qualifiers, he set low ET a half dozen times during the season and all the while, NHRA rules makers were adding weight to his combo, moving weight from others, and basically playing musical chairs to keep things in balance. Either email addresses are anonymous for this group or you need the view member email addresses permission to view the original message, Don't get me wrong I admire people like Bob Glidden and I look at Drag, Bob Glidden did not get caught using nitrous oxide..One of his kids, I think that was Billy at Gainesville,driving the winnebago, what is the scoop about Scotty Cannon pressurizing the block with nitrous, You do not have permission to delete messages in this group. Glidden also had a 42 round win streak, you now, because thats what the guy did. The 340 based small block in the Plymouth was a godsend for Glidden. Glidden's late-season surge that year included a victory at his final Division 3 race in Bowling Green, Ky., where he set both ends of the national record (8.83, 154.90) to earn an extra 400 points (in those days, Pro racers earned points toward the Winston championship at a combination of national and divisional races). NHRA'S 50 GREATEST DRIVERS -- NO. I imagine we ran bigger ports than anyone else, but I dont have a clue what the other people ran.. I saw Gildden at one of woodburn dragstrips pro stock nationals in Oregon about 1989 he whooped WJs ass with a 7.277 to a 7.279 everyone razzed the professor when wj wasnt off sulking and refusing autographs mr.Bob was giving EVERYONE a e ticket tour of his car including a kid with ms that he let sit in the car for prob. By NHRA.com (Whiteland, IN) -- Pro Stock icon Bob Glidden, one of the most dominant forces in the history of NHRA Drag Racing, died on Sunday. A True Hands on Racer and Billy has taken the reigns over. He was 74 years old. Glidden started the season of 1978 in his Pinto winning the Winternationals, pulling a runner up at the Gatornationals, and then winning the Cajun Nationals. After a skin-of-the-teeth victory over Butch Leal in the semi-finals in Atlanta, Glidden's parachute didn't deploy correctly. The first major chapters in the Glidden book may be done but the family story still continues to add chapters. I'venever heard this, and it just sounds like a load of BS to me.. Bob knew Rusty was using it when Rusty ran the 6 with the Winnibago(sp) car. Following high school he enlisted in the United States Navy and served from 1956-60 on USS Loeser destroyer escort. Birthday: 1944. All rights reserved. After a victory at the Mile-High Nationals in July that year, he went on to win six of the seven final races of the season. But EngineLabs is not designed to be a clearinghouse for proprietary and highly sensitive informaton. A Ford campaigner from the beginning, Glidden's success in Pro Stock stemmed from his apprenticeship in Stock and Super Stock. The son of a sharecropper, Glidden lived what many would consider the motorsports equivalent of the American dream. Watch; S p o n s o r e d. NHRA 1995 Bob Glidden Quality Care Ford Probe Pro Stock DRacing Track Handout. Glidden faced 29 different opponents in his 122 final rounds and had winning records against 26 of them, including W.J. Always my favorite to watch. He was 73. The 1982 season brought on the NHRAs new format for pro stock. He campaigned a series of 427 Fairlanes before switching to the more. While Glidden would not collect another NHRA championship after 1989 he continued winning multiple events a year for several years. It was the classic Ford vs. Chevy in the early pro stock class. Godspeed Bob, were sure Grumpy met you at the gates and was talking smack to get you fired up the second you got there. Glidden had battled heart issues . Glidden won his first championship in 1974 in just his third year as a pro driver. As a MoPar guy, and a small block fan, He was the guy who made it work with the Arrow. Bob went on to indirectly accuse KurtJohnson of it, but had no proof. I didnt want them to gain any edge, and thats what its all about.. It has a photo of him working on a engine on the floor. Avery Finnivan In 1985, Glidden led the points chase from start to finish, winning five national events. He reached 76 career wins by the end of the season, with 49 of them in the '80s alone. Flying the Ford banner nearly his whole career, Glidden had amassed 85 national event wins and at the time of his retirement and held the NHRA record for most wins. Bob Glidden Has Died At 73 One Of The Most Singularly Dominant Drag Racers In History Is Gone. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); The Pep Boys NHRA Top Fuel All-Star Callout Returns for 2023, [Gallery] Upstairs at the 70th Annual Detroit Autorama, Fourth World Series of Pro Mod Takes Place this Weekend at Bradenton, FL, Fueling the Fire Bracket Race & Street-Strip Fuel Delivery Systems Part 2. By the end of the season, Glidden tied Don Prudhomme's record of most national event wins in one season and broke the Pro Stock single-season record of six set by "Grumpy" Jenkins in '72. Our car experts choose every product we feature. NHRA legend Bob Glidden dies. Saw Bob helping Mark Pawuk at the wintenationals years back. The Pro Stock secrecy veil is so obvious in the drag racing pits when compared to the other pro classes. His potent and competitive Ford combination had been hit yet another time by the pounds-per-cubic inch parity regulators. Bob Glidden, one of the most prolific Ford drivers in the history of NHRA Drag Racing, whose career spanned three decades in the Pro Stock division, died on Dec. 13, 2017. Bob Glidden - Net Worth, Birthday, Biography, Place of Birth, Date of Birth, Age, Wiki, Facts and Family . Edit Now Racing career Glidden began his drag racingcareer in the 1960s in a Ford427 Fairlane. Bob Perkins got a little collection of NOS spare parts he have found at dealers. Glidden's Pinto carried him to a come-from-behind victory over rivals Wally Booth and Gapp. You could see it in her eyes. Top Rated Seller. i was never a ford fan but you have to respect his racing.