which of the following statements accurately describes viruses?

a. c. facilitated diffusion a. neuraminidase With the first bite, you notice their texture is not as crisp and crunchy as you like. c. They give an animal cell its shape. c. I would expect to find the photosynthetic enzymes associated with the mitochondria of the bacteria. You observe layers of cells that have a definite, rigid, rectangular shape; there appears to be a nucleus in all of the cells and there are many oval-shaped green structures that seem to be moving around inside of the cells in an orderly fashion. A nonliving complex of RNA or DNA protected by a protein coat d. a. LFA-3 a. lymphocytes and platelets Which of these sentences properly describes the difference between bioaccumulation and biomagnification? You are a microbiologist working with a species of bacteria that can perform photosynthesis. a. Epstein-Barr virus Viruses contain organelles while bacteria cells do not Tags: Question 2 SURVEY 30 seconds Q. d. Anti-capsular antibodies are cleared from the host quickly after an active infection. The hydrophobic tails lined up towards each other with their hydrophilic heads pointing out towards the water; this configuration formed a phospholipid bilayer that pulled into a spherical liposome. Your lab partner has also made a slide, but the RBCs on their slide do look like the ones in the lab manual; your lab partner used a more dilute solution of saline but the same vial of blood. b. d. eukaryotic cells . Editor's Choice articles are based on recommendations by the scientific editors of MDPI journals from around the world. b. T cells; CD4 A screen door allows breezes to enter and aromas to exit but keeps out insects. d. Both membranes consist of two concentric phospholipid bilayers and neither is selectively permeable or has pores. - personal ignorance about the hazard The radish cells were hypertonic to the water in which they were soaking. O Enveloped viruses do not have protein spikes. Rapid cell reproduction replaces damaged cells in tissues, but the more cells reproduce, the greater the chances are that they may become cancerous. the virus uses the host cell to replicate itself. They a View the full answer Transcribed image text: Which of the following statements accurately describes the difference between bacteria and viruses? Which of the following statements most accurately describes a selectively permeable membrane? How can a single sheet of Polaroid film be used to show that the sky is partially polarized? The plasma membrane of some white blood cells contain ________ that bind with proteins of cells such as bacteria that have invaded the human body. (Select all that apply.) BIO182 Chapter 19 MasteringBiology Homework, David N. Shier, Jackie L. Butler, Ricki Lewis, John David Jackson, Patricia Meglich, Robert Mathis, Sean Valentine. answer choices. When you get home you remove the stems and clean them. 120 seconds. e. RNA-dependent RNA polymerase; HIV. A virus has a cell, a nucleus, and does not eat. So, the water osmosed across the plasma membranes into the radish cells decreasing the turgor pressure inside of the cells. b) They can be spread via the plasmodesmata. c - Dose must be above a threshold level before anyone in the population shows a response which suggests the presence of some defense mechanism against the harmful effects of the toxin. Hydraulic structures, e.g., sluicegates and pumping stations, can directly influence flooding processes and should be represented in flood modeling and risk assessment. The selective absorption and storage of a great variety of molecules inside cells and tissues at levels that are higher than in the environment is called ______. What are the qualities of PFCs that make them so useful? - People tolerate familiar risks, despite the high probability of harm, because they often downplay the risk associated with familiar activities. - Our focus on reducing pollution to protect human health has neglected risks to natural ecological systems that may be of greater ultimate importance. b. MHC class II chain Steps of Virus Infections. 4. stable, they do not degrade easily and have become extremely widespread in the environment. a. adenosine deaminase (ADA) Antibiotics cannot kill a virus because viruses are not living cells with cell walls to puncture, nor do they have their own organelles to replicate DNA. c. receptor-mediated endocytosis. The WBC's job is to take the bacteria inside of itself and destroy the bacteria. The ________________ principle is being used to regulate toxins by requiring manufacturers to prove that substances are safe rather than requiring regulators to show that they are dangerous. . What do you expect to happen to the weight of the cell over time and what can you deduce from the color change? Deriving social determinants of health from underserved populations is an important step in the process of improving the well-being of these populations and in driving policy improvements to facilitate positive change in health outcomes. a. impermeable a. facilitated diffusion. A virus must use its host-cell processes to replicate. a. the cytosol. Select one: a. a. the virus is able to transform into a host cell. c. The saline you used was hypertonic to the RBCs; this resulted in water osmosing through the RBC plasma membrane mostly out of the cell. Match the mechanism of eliminating toxins to the body part that is responsible for the action. c. Immune responses against S. pneumoniae are serotype-specific and protect only against strains that possess the same capsular polysaccharide antigens. The saline you used was hypotonic to the RBCs; this resulted in water osmosing through the RBC plasma membrane mostly into the cells. c. processing to peptides is not required for T-cell activation B. 13-43 Which of the following is not used by the herpes simplex virus to subvert host immune responses? 13-30 Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome involves an impairment of _____. d. the proteasome cannot generate viral peptides for presentation by MHC class I molecules. c. smooth endoplasmic reticulum Cell W. Which of the following statements accurately describes the measles virus? - The mere presence of a toxin is insignificant without considering how much is there, where it is located, how accessible it is, and who is exposed. 13-66 Which statement regarding retrovirus proviruses is false? What general cell type are you most likely observing? e. All of the choices are correct. The following data are taken from measurements on Indian Fork Creek: A=26m2A=26 \mathrm{m}^{2}A=26m2, P = 16 m, and S0=0.02m/62mS_{0}=0.02 \mathrm{m} / 62 \mathrm{m}S0=0.02m/62m. 1 litre or 1 centilitre. Which of these is not a consideration of toxicology? b. produces the energy needed to run chemical reactions in the cell. Filter the substance to remove all elements smaller than what can be easily seen under a light microscope. disability-adjusted life years, which evaluates the total cost of disease, not just how many people die, any abnormal change in body conditions that impairs normal functions. Which of the following statements accurately describes plant virus infections? d. pinocytosis. The idea that a small amount of radiation may stimulate DNA repair, whereas a large amount of radiation causes cancer, is an example of _____________________. Eradication of diseases such as polio or smallpox. d. properdin (factor P) One important way to control the spread of viruses is through a. the use of vaccines. Environmental health policies need to address ______________ because we may be destroying cycles that support human life if we don't protect different types of organisms. a. the virus inhibits MHC class I expression d. Typically just a piece of genetic material encased in proteins, viruses are small, non-cellular infectious agents that are only capable of reproducing when inside a living cell such as those of plants, animals, fungi, protozoans, or bacteria. Which of the following correctly characterizes white-nose syndrome? - caused by a fungus that thrives in cool, moist caves where bats hibernate Prokaryotes and eukaryotes are primarily distinguished by the absence or presence of internal membrane-enclosed organelles. a 4. A. Oxygenated blood is taken to the heart, from the lungs into the left atrium via the pulmonary arteries B. Oxygenated blood is taken to the heart, from the lungs into the right atrium via the pulmonary veins c. No; although prokaryotic cells are comparatively less efficient than eukaryotic cells, they are still able to carry out the processes necessary for survival and reproduction. It is secreted and functions as a monomer but facilitates the dimerization of its receptor. The project is the solution towards mitigating scams and rugpulls. A healthy individual may be insensitive to doses of toxins dangerous to someone who is ill. - Members of a population vary in sensitivity to a toxin. d) Viruses do not represent a single taxonomic group. Patriot Lite Travel Medical Insurance SM - Addresses the insurance needs of U.S. and non-U.S. citizens who need temporary medical insurance while traveling for business or pleasure anywhere outside of their home country. 13-23 Which of the following pairs is mismatched? The saline you used was isotonic to the RBCs; this resulted in water osmosing through the RBC plasma membrane into and out of the cells at an equal rate. c. variable surface glycoproteins a. CD4 b. Proviruses consist of double-stranded DNA. The solution level on the left side of the figure would decrease while the solution level on the right side of the figure would rise. a) Double-stranded DNA viruses Q. Mortality rates are reduced by the administration of antibiotics to affected individuals. Which of the following statements accurately reflect how allergens affect us? Its function most resembles d. The host cell must provide the transcriptional and translational machinery in order for RNA and protein products to be made from proviruses. c. Streptococcus pyogenes c. They stimulate between 2% and 20% of the total T-cell population. 13-20 Dominant mutant forms of IFNR1 exhibit all of the following in heterozygotes except _____. What characteristics define an emergent disease? Multiple Choice Viruses are typically a piece of genetic material encased in a protein capsule. The solution level on the left side of the figure would rise while the solution level on the right side of the figure would decrease. Which aspect of antibiotic resistance development in microbes is depicted in this image? 13-44 Listeria monocytogenes replicates in _____ of macrophages after _____. Large molecules are always excluded from crossing the membrane. What phenomenon has occurred to the perfume molecules that have entered the air? Virus inject the nucleic acid into the host cell, and the nucleic acid integrates into the host cell DNA, and stay dormant for a long time. - Endocrine disrupters may cause reproductive dysfunction in females. Which of the following statements about viruses is false? C) A person with an illness cannot be considered healthy. a. DNA-dependent DNA polymerase; HIV d. They are obligate intracellular parasites. Which of the following is/are part of accepted cell theory? The possibility of suffering harm or loss resulting from a given action is referred to as ______. a. Match the dietary consideration to its positive influence on a particular health condition. Virus b. This is an example of c. a specialized membrane-bound vesicle; infection of the cell d) I, Which of the following characteristics is the largest contributor to determining a virus's host range? Filter the substance to remove all elements smaller than what can be easily seen under a light microscope. Collection, integration, and effective use of clinical data for this purpose presents a variety of specific challenges. Because organs such as your skin and liver make frequent repairs, they are also more likely to ______. b. the chromosome Chloropyrifos - Used as a pesticide c. the expression of MHC class I and class II molecules At times we lack the medicines with which to treat them, as some emergent diseases are caused by drug-resistant strains of a pathogen. c. captures energy from sunlight and sends it to the mitochondria. In environmental toxicity studies, when an interaction between two substances results in one of them exacerbating the effects of another by 20-fold it is called a(n) ______ interaction. Question: Which of the following statements accurately describes a viral envelope? Choose the following statement that most accurately describes viruses. The Black Death, the 1918 influenza, and the H1N1 flu virus were all ______, as they caused widespread and worldwide infections. The majority of the SMC is . Response curve representing a constant rate of response with increasing doors - Line b d. T-cell receptor V chain. a. a virus. d. inhibition of peptide transport by transporter associated with antigen processing (TAP) b. the IL-12 receptor a. osmosis What persistent pollutant formerly was used in paint and gasoline and is linked to numerous health concerns such as cancer, reproductive problems, mental issues, behavior problems, and deformities? The pattern of mental and physical defects that can develop in a fetus in association with high levels of alcohol consumption during pregnancy is called _________________ ______________________ syndrome. Where in the bacteria would you expect to find the enzymes needed to perform photosynthesis? Which of the following statements about global health trends are true? Viruses have a higher metabolism than bacteria cells. 5. If a bottle of perfume were spilled in the corner of a large lecture hall, the students sitting near that corner of the room would very quickly smell the perfume. Biomagnification, in the case of a fish-eating osprey, refers to the fact that the ______. NADPH oxidase; produce superoxide radical (O-). b. prokaryotic and animal Explain. 3. d. the plasma membrane, Using the compound light microscope in the lab room, you observe a wet mount slide preparation. d. hereditary angioedema d. Candida albicans b. Toll-like receptors (TLRs) - Infectious diseases such as diarrhea are on the decline globally. no longer just for the wealthy, as they are now becoming common in the developing world. d. carbohydrates. They affect wildlife populations, such as bats and frogs. 0.003 ppb - DDT in water At its 5 end, the RNA genome has a viral protein (VPg) instead of a 5 cap. a. b. X-linked hyper IgM syndrome: GM-CSF injections **see figure. True or false: According to the World Health Organization (WHO) definition of health, we are all ill to some extent. a. immune-complex disease If each sugar molecule represents a percentage point of sugar dissolved in the solution, what change would you expect to see in the solution level over time and why? B. a. CD40 ligand a. e) Retroviruses. Our 2021 revenue of $139.6 million would have been $118.1 million excluding these clients, and our 2022 revenue without these clients was $126.7 million. . 13-16 All of the following are associated with superantigens except _____. a worldwide (or very widespread) epidemic. 4. a) They can be spread via the plasmodesmata. a. HIV variants convert from macrophage-tropic to lymphocyte-tropic late in infection The smooth endoplasmic reticulum - do not damage or kill living organisms by reacting with cellular components to disrupt metabolic functions - suggests a "better safe than sorry" approach of social responsibility to protect the public from harm in the face of scientific uncertainty Members of a population vary in their level of sensitivity to a toxin. Job offers for selected candidates will be made the week of May 1, 2023. Exhaling excess carbon dioxide - Lungs The color change does not really tell us anything about the experiment. costs may increase significantly to protect the very small number of highly sensitive individuals at the extreme end of the curve. C. HIV leads to AIDS, when about one third of the individual's T cell count is lost. a. 13-8 _____ is a strategy used by herpesviruses where replication and the generation of virus-derived peptides are avoided in order to hide from the immune response. the proteasome cannot generate viral peptides for presentation by MHC class I molecules. c. inhibition of MHC class I expression Which of the following statements are reasonable conclusions that can be drawn from a recent headline that announced the discovery of 23 pesticides in 16 food samples? c. The cell should gain weight over time because it is hypertonic to the beaker environment and water will enter the cell through osmosis. Which of the following statements accurately describes plant virus infections? Nearly all substances are toxic depending on the amount, delivery rate, and method. Trends in obesity-related illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes show that such diseases are ______. a. contain genetic material b. can be killed using antibiotics c. have a cell membrane d. have a protein coat a 5. 1. a. the machine that assembles a product 80% of antibiotics used in the United States are _______. An amoeba, a protozoan that moves by pseudopodia, approaches a smaller protozoan and extends its pseudopodia (extensions of cytoplasm in plasma membrane) around the smaller protozoan. b. C3 b. vascular bundles c. diffusion proteins f. SH2D1A. Which of the following statements helps to explain why RNA viruses tend to have unusually high rates of mutation? c. latency d. HIV is transferred from an infected person to an uninfected recipient 13-41 Trypanosomes escape from adaptive immunity by altering the type of _____ expressed on the parasite surface. ; Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Insurance SM . . PFCs are persistent chemicals, so they are ______. d) They have little effect on plant growth. The field that specifically deals with the interactions, transformation, fate, and effects of natural and synthetic chemicals in the biosphere, including individual organisms, populations, and whole ecosystems is ______. e. human immunodeficiency virus. This is because the solution on the left side of the figure is hypertonic while the solution on the right side of the figure is hypotonic. b. d. phagocytosis. e. Janus 3 kinase (Jak3) - political or economic interest related to the hazard. a. possibility of suffering harm or loss resulting from a given action, process of estimating the threat a particular hazard poses to human health. Random genetic mutations create antibiotic-resistant individuals that survive and multiply to develop into an antibiotic-resistant colony. Why? b. Bacteria are much larger than viruses, and t View the full answer Transcribed image text: This study was reported . c) I Editors select a small number of articles recently published in the journal that they believe will be particularly interesting to readers, or important in the respective research area. Outbreaks of health problems that have a psychological rather than a physical basis are referred to as ______. III. A metal such as lead that is stable, resistant to degradation, and can impair children's health long after exposure and far from where it might have first been used is of concern because of its _______. A virus is living because it has an envelope that acts like a cell membrane. d. MHC class I c. nuclear pore. a. CD18; produce cell adhesion molecules a. Antigenic drift; antigenic shift d. lysosomes, The leaves of a plant typically have different tissue layers that function in different ways. d. massive production of IL-2, IFN-, and TNF- d) induce the formation of prions in the nucleus of the cell. Indoor and outdoor ______________ pollution contributes to millions of deaths every year. 13-2 _____ results when a gene affecting the immune system mutates, thereby compromising the body's defense against infection. d) They have little effect on plant growth. b. polysaccharides d. They do not readily mix with the hydrophobic tails forming the core of the phospholipid bilayer; therefore, the only way they can move into the cell is by endocytosis. a) The gp120 glycoprotein would no longer be able to bind to the CCR5 receptor. 13-3 A primary immune response against influenza virus produces antibodies that bind to _____. c. It activates the JAK-STAT signal transduction pathway after binding to its cognate receptor. c. a mitochondrion. - Different sensitivities among those exposed to the toxins After soaking in the yellow iodine-water solution for one hour, the cell is once again weighed. c. They must make sure the results were not an accident and that they are repeatable. Which type(s) of chemicals travel through the environment most easily? IV. d. simple diffusion, You are a scientist observing a membrane through which water and some small hydrophobic molecules can freely pass along a concentration gradient from high to low. Factor related to the organism - Immunological status at the time of exposure to the chemical. In this paper, the experimental modes of a large-scale photoelectric theodolite tracking frame are presented. answer choices. Match the concentrations of DDT to where that concentration might be found based on the level of biomagnification. a) The gp120 glycoprotein would no longer be able to bind to the CCR5 receptor. b. herpes simplex virus b. pinocytosis Question 4 120 seconds Q. What is the most likely reason for the disagreement? - Pesticide residues are not necessarily harmful, for a substance produces a harmful effect only if it reaches within the body in a high enough dose. The KaK_aKa of nitrous acid, HNO2HNO_2HNO2, is 6.761046.76 \times 10^{-4}6.76104. The Zika virus is most commonly transmitted by. Solution The correct option is D photosynthesis uses solar energy to convert inorganics to energy-rich organics; respiration breaks down energy-rich organics to synthesize ATP Photosynthesis makes the glucose that is used in cellular respiration to make ATP. Which of the following statements accurately describes the difference between the way bacteria cause diseases and the way that viruses cause diseases? d. Certain solutes move freely across the membrane by simple diffusion while others must be helped across by active or passive transport proteins; some substances are completely excluded from crossing the membrane. c. the use of other types of bacteria. Herpes simplex virus infects B lymphocytes. b. People living in ______ areas, especially in ______, are particularly susceptible to death linked to air pollution. Why would hydrophilic substances such as sodium ions (Na+), hydrogen ions (H+), sugars, and amino acids be unable to simply diffuse across a plasma membrane? True or false: All species have approximately the same reaction to a specific compound. Which of the following statements accurately describes plant virus infections? A) After infection, the viral genes immediately turn the host cell into a lambda-producing factory, and the host cell then lyses. CRE is a lethal bacteria that is resistant to ________________; it causes <5% of all hospital infections but is fatal in about 50% of the cases. c) They are rarely spread by insects. No color change in the beaker tells us that the starch was too large to cross the membrane from the cell and into the beaker. When it acts on target cells, it enhances the engulfment and killing of bacteria. This is because the solution on the left side of the figure is hypertonic while the solution on the right side of the figure is hypotonic. 3. Which of the following statements accurately describes the path of oxygenated blood? B.) The Sprague-Dawley rat is ______ to endocrine disrupters than ordinary rats, so studies using them are not reliable. They bind to MHC class I molecules and T-cell receptors. b. nuclear envelope. b. X-linked hyper IgM syndrome c. prokaryotic cells . a. rise markedly after T-cell activation A. b. DNA-dependent DNA polymerase; influenza virus Why are animals still used to test toxicity of substances? Examine the figure below. f. Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Phospholipids are large organic molecules with a ________, polar phosphate head connected to ________, nonpolar fatty acid tails. - Endocrine disrupters may cause feminization of males. Which statement is incorrect regarding internal control in personal computer environment? b) Viruses can replicate independently of their cellular hosts. 13-25 Deficiencies in complement components C5-C9 and properdin (factor P) are associated with _____. d. Chdiak-Higashi syndrome They contain a protein coat called a capsid. a) capsid The standard GNSS-IR model typically considers soil to be a single layer of medium and measures the average SMC between 1 and 10 cm below the soil surface. b. Haemophilus influenzae 5. A white blood cell (WBC) encounters bacteria in a scrape on the knee of a child who has fallen off of his bicycle. - Endocrine disrupters may interfere with growth and development. Chemicals are generally divided into oil-soluble and water-soluble types. The glucose is then turned back into carbon dioxide, which is used in photosynthesis. Asbestos exposure and smoking each increase lung cancer rates 20-fold. d. Pandemics; epidemics. Because the chemical industry thinks they are uncalled for, and toxicologists argue that there are problems with the necessary tests, the regulation of _______________ disrupters has been difficult to enact. b. The color change indicates that the iodine molecules were small enough to diffuse across the membrane and react with the starch inside the cell. - Most organisms tolerate some exposure to a toxin but ultimately the dose gets large enough to kill them. c. CD40 ligand; produce GM-CSF Eat fewer calories and exercise more - Reduces obesity-related illnesses