who makes alibi security cameras

Bosch Security NER-L2R2-2 - 384 x 288 Bullet Speco O8VT1 - 8MP (3840x2160) Turret Dali DLD-L50 (Thermal) - VGA Bullet Lorex LNZ44P12B - 4MP 16:9 PTZ Hanwha TNO-4030T - VGA Bullet Dahua IPC-HDW3541T-ZAS - 5MP 4:3 Turret Vivotek FD9389-HV - 5MP Dome Vicon V2102B-W28IR - 1080p Bullet Winic AC318D-VB4Z - 4K UHD Bullet HiLook THC-T123-P - 1080p Turret but our company has been serving security professionals for over 30 years. Axis Q8742-E (Visual) - 1080p PTZ Hanwha QND-6082R - 1080p Dome In the early 2000s, Geovision rose to take a significant portion of the IP camera market, however, Geovision, recognizing that new companies would be entering the digital surveillance camera market, decided to charge a yearly fee for every non-Geovision camera anyone tried to get to work with a Geovision device. Honeywell Video H3W2GR1V - 1080p Dome Why can't I see my Camera from my phone app anymore Axis FA4115 - 1080p Turret Alibi ALI-TS3023R - 3MP 4:3 Bullet Hikvision DS-2DF8836I5X-AELW - 4K UHD PTZ ATV IPB2TI - 1080p Bullet Speco O8B8M - 8MP (3840x2160) Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD2510F - 1.3MP Dome Hikvision DS-2CE56D8T-IT1 - 1080p Turret Alarm.com ADC-VC725 - 720p Bullet Vivotek FD8165H - 1080p Dome Note: Due to product upgrading, a refurbished product may . Geovision GV-UBX2301 - 2MP Box Interlogix TVB-5302 - 4MP 16:9 Bullet Axis VB-H761LVE - 1080p Bullet SCW systems are sold direct so that you can cut out the middleman and get a great surveillance system at affordable prices. Ganz DDK-1500D - SVGA Dome Interlogix TVP-3106 - 1080p PTZ Bosch Security NER-L2R3-2 - 384 x 288 Bullet Hanwha XNV-9082R - 8MP (3840x2160) Dome Sometimes subsidies are necessary to preserve military power (like the food example) or to prevent surrounding economic collapse (like the 70s energy crisis), but they absolutely are not free-market economics. Hikvision DS-2CD2955FWD-IS - 5MP Dome Avigilon 5.0C-H5A-DP2 - 5MP 4:3 Dome OpenEye OE-C9112F12 - 12MP Dome Interlogix TVF-3102 - 3MP 4:3 Dome Arecont Vision D4S-AV1115v1-3312 - 1.3MP Dome Swann NHD-885MSFB - 4K UHD Bullet Dahua DH-IPC-PDB4830-B360 (Single-Imager) - 1080p Dome Uniview (UNV) IPC2325LB-ADZK-G - 2880X1620 Bullet HiLook IPC-B120H - 1080p Bullet March Networks 39361-101 - 1080p Dome Tyco Illustra IES02-D10-OI04 - 1080p Dome Hikvision DS-2CD2T23G0-I5 - 1080p Bullet Why dont Honeywell or GE make their own products? Hikvision DS-2DE4220-AE3 - 1080p PTZ Hikvision DS-2DF8223I-AEL - 2MP PTZ GW Security GW8870IP - 4K UHD Dome Dahua N84CL52 - 4K UHD Dome Hikvision DS-2CD2643G1-IZS - 4MP 16:9 Bullet Uniview (UNV) TIC6831ER-F50-4X38P (PTZ) - 2688X1520 PTZ Xvision X5C5000BM-W - 5MP 4:3 Bullet Interlogix TVD-3203 - 1.3MP Dome Hundreds of videos featuring how-to, product features and technical tips & tricks. Pelco EHXME036-2 - VGA PTZ Axis P1214-E - 720p Covert Obviously, the 1970s proved that relying on other countries for our energy needs is a risk too substantial to ignore. Dahua SDZ2030S-N - 1080p Box Hikvision DS-2CE19H8T-AIT3ZF - 5MP Bullet LTS CMIP7042W-28MA - Quad HD Dome Illustra IFS02-D12-ITA4 - 1080p Dome Axis FA1125 - 1080p Covert Synectics COEX C3000-1C (With Power Base) - 1080p PTZ Dali DLD-L18 (Thermal) - VGA Bullet HiLook THC-B210-M - 720p Bullet Hanwha SND-7011 - 3MP 4:3 Dome Hikvision DS-2CD3D86G2T-IZHS - 8MP (3840x2160) Dome 1-16 of 89 results for "alibi cameras" RESULTS. SnapAV LUM-310-DOM-IP-WH - 1080p Dome Axis A8105-E - 1080p Covert Hikvision DS-2CD8255F-EIZ - 1080p Bullet Sunell SN-IPV57/41CMDR/Z - 4MP 16:9 Dome Dahua N85DJ6Z - 8MP (3840x2160) Turret Alibi ALI-TS2012VR - 1080p Dome Hikvision DS-2CE56C5T-(A)VPIR3 - 720p Dome Pelco SRXP4-3V10-IMD-IR - 3MP 4:3 Dome Arecont Vision AV4655DN-08 - 1080p Multi-Imager Dahua SD5A825-HNR-YA - 4K UHD PTZ Dahua IPC-HDBW4231F-AS - 2MP Dome Uniview (UNV) IPC322LB-DSF28K-G - 1080p Dome Siqura HSD620 - SVGA PTZ Mobotix MOVE BC-2-IR - 1080p Bullet Tvi/ahd resolution: 5 mp (1920p, 4:3 ratio), 4 mp (1440p,, 16:9 ratio). Geovision GV-PTZ010D - SVGA PTZ Pelco EXF2230-52-A0 - 1080p Bullet Ubiquiti UniFi Security Cameras are an awesome way to add 24/7 video monitoring and security to your business or home. Elbex EXBD-324/28 - 2688X1520 Dome Hikvision DS-2CD853F-E - 2MP Box LTS CMIP7382NW-M - 8MP Dome Help me get out of this terrible mess with a security camera installer! Hanwha XNF-8010R - 5MP 4:3 Dome Flir FC-304-ID-N - QVGA Bullet Arecont Vision AV2116DNv1 - 1080p Box Avigilon 4.0C-H5A-PTZ-DC36 - 4MP 16:9 PTZ Hikvision DS-2TD1217-6/V1 - 1080p Turret ABUS Security Tech TVIP86900 - 6MP Dome For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Uniview (UNV) IPC6854SL-X40WUP-VC - 2688X1520 PTZ IC Realtime IPFX-D80V-IRW2 - 8MP (3840x2160) Dome Gyration 810D - 8MP (3840x2160) Dome Dahua A21BCOV - 4K UHD Bullet Hanwha QNP-6320R - 1080p PTZ Hikvision DS-2CE56H5T-VPITE - 5MP Dome Arecont Vision D4F-AV2115DNv1-3312 - 1080p Dome Bosch Security NDI-5502-AL - 1080p Dome Hikvision DS-2CD2112-I - 1.3MP Dome Hikvision DS-2CD3756G2T-IZS - 5MP 4:3 Dome Alibi Witness Recorder Firmware and Manuals - Supercircuits Dahua IPC-HDBW5442RP-S - 2688X1520 Dome Bosch Security MIC-7602-Z30B - 1080p PTZ Geovision GV-FD2410 - 1080p Dome Uniview (UNV) IPC3612SB-ADF40KM-I0 - 1080p Turret ATV IPCC2W - 1080p Covert Mobotix Move SD-340 - 3MP 4:3 PTZ Dahua DH-IPC-HFW5442T-ASE-NI - 2688X1520 Bullet KEDACOM IPC2131-AN-L - SXGA Dome Mobotix Move SD-330 - 3MP 4:3 PTZ Hikvision DS-2CD4212F-IZS - 1.3MP Bullet Geovision GVTBL27030F - 1080p Bullet Huawei X2261-FL - 6MP Bullet Gyration 411B-TAA - 2688X1520 Bullet Inaxsys INSBO24IRCA - 1080p Bullet Amcrest IP8M-2696EW-AI - 8MP (3840x2160) Bullet Vigilant In Action Alibi Vigilant 4MP Varifocal IP Camera Sample Video 4MP Vigilant Video Demo The manufacturers fought over which open standard would be used. HiLook THC-T223-M - 1080p Turret IC Realtime ICIP-P2040W-IR - 1080p PTZ Hikvision DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZHS - 1080p Bullet Alibi ALI-NS7004R - Quad HD PTZ Interlogix TVD-M3245E-2M-P - 1.3MP Dome Avigilon 320S-H4A-THC-BO50 (Thermal) - QVGA Bullet Axis P3925-R - 1080p Dome D-Link DCS-7517 - 5MP 4:3 Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD3686G2T-IZS - 8MP (3840x2160) Bullet Alibi ALI-NP1018VR - 8MP Multi-imager Turret Dahua DH-IPC-HFW82A1EN-ZI - 1080p Bullet Dahua N53AF5Z - 5MP 4:3 Bullet OpenEye OE-C7034-WR - 4MP 4:3 Dome Arecont Vision AV3246PM-D-LG - 3MP 4:3 Dome Because The Big Two fully embraced ONVIF together, PSIA became more of an alarm and biometrics standard. Pelco SRXP4-5V10-IMD-IR - 5MP Dome OpenEye OE-C7564-AWR - 4MP 16:9 Dome LTS LTCMIP3C42NW-28MDA - 4MP 16:9 Turret Lastly, most of our military clients don't even allow access to the outside world at all for any camera systems. Vivotek IP9165-HP - 1080p Bullet They can help you save disk space, send intelligent alerts, provide email notifications and more. Dali DLD-M600-640 (Thermal) - VGA Bullet Illustra IPS02-D12-OI04 - 1080p Dome Avigilon 3.0C-H5SL-BO1-IR - 3MP 4:3 Bullet ATV NBW2212M - 1080p Bullet Hanwha SNO-5080R - 1.3MP Bullet Pelco S7818L-EB0 - 8MP (3840x2160) PTZ This government program attempted to centralize all electronics manufacturers into China by putting all other providers out of business. IndigoVision 710561 - 1080p PTZ Bolide Technology Systems BTG-BN1009/IRPTZ-5.0P - 5MP PTZ AVTECH AVM552J - 1080p Bullet Hanwha XNB-6001/SLA-T2480V - 1080p Box NDAA Compliant Cameras. Geovision GV-BX5300-E - 5MP 4:3 Box Digital Watchdog DWC-D3763TIR - 1080p Dome Hikvision DS-2CD4212F-IHS - 1.3MP Bullet Hikvision iDS-2VS435-F840-EY T3 - Quad HD PTZ Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-Z - 1080p Turret Illustra IPS03CFOCWST - 3MP 4:3 Dome Sony SNC-EB600 - 720p Box Arecont Vision AV3226PMIR - 3MP 4:3 Bullet KEDACOM IPC2131-DN-L - SXGA Dome Hikvision DS-2CD2E10F - SXGA Dome IDView IV-DEV2812CLL5MP-LT - 2880X1620 Turret We strongly recommend this for all military bases whether you buy from us or any other manufacturer. OpenEye OE-C8213 - 3MP 4:3 PTZ Interlogix TVC-M5225E-3M-P - 5MP 4:3 Bullet Clinton Electronics CE-BRCAMHD - 1080p Covert Alibi Security Cameras - Buy at Adorama Axis XF60-Q2901 - 336 x 256 Bullet Dahua TPC-BF2120 Thermal - VGA Bullet Honeywell Video HEW4PER3B - 4MP 16:9 Turret One of the first companies to truly take off in the IP world was Geovision, a Taiwanese company. Hanwha QND-7012R - Quad HD Dome Axis M3205-LVE - 1080p Dome Vivotek IP8152-F4 - 1.3MP Box Axis VB-H651-VE - 1080p Dome Speco O6FD4M - 6MP Dome Hikvision DS-2DE7184-AE - 1080p PTZ Nearly every Alibi Vigilant product is NDAA compliant and are approved for use on federally-funded projects. Hikvision DS-2CD855-EI5 - 1080p Bullet Vivotek CD8371-HNVF2 - 3MP 4:3 Dome Canon VB-C300 - VGA PTZ Dahua IPC-HDBW2431E-S-S2 - Quad HD Dome Hikvision DS-2CD6424FWD - 1080p Covert IC Realtime ICIP-B1300 - 1.3MP Bullet Hanwha XNV-8080R - 5MP 4:3 Dome Dahua HAC-HDW1220M - 1080p Turret IC Realtime ICIP-BW110S - 1.3MP Bullet Hanwha SNP-3302HN - VGA PTZ Hikvision iDS-2SK8144IXS-D/J ( PTZ ) - Quad HD PTZ Illustra ADHD2BO1IR - 1080p Bullet Synectics COEX C2000-1C36 - VGA PTZ IDIS DC-T6233HRXL - 1080p Bullet March Networks 37402-101 - 2688X1520 Bullet Hikvision DS-2DF6223-AEL - 1080p PTZ Dahua IPC-HDW1531S - 5MP 4:3 Turret Axis Q1942-E 60MM - VGA Bullet Avigilon 6.0C-H5A-DC1 - 3200X1800 Dome Vivotek FD8136 - 720p Dome We have a Best Practices for Preventing IoT Hacks on our support portal (we also have may news articles listed on that page of recent hacks). Axis Q3078-PVE - 5MP Dome Mobotix Mx-VB2A-5-IR-VA - 4MP 16:9 Bullet Vicon V2008D-W310MIR - 8MP (3840x2160) Dome Avigilon 12.0W-H5A-FE-DO1-IR - 12MP Fisheye Dome Concept Pro AIR2024-AHD2M/2.8 - 1080p Bullet Illustra ADCi825LT-F311 - 5MP Fisheye Dome Dahua IPC-HDW2231T-ZS-S2 - 1080p Turret Interlogix TVB-5303 - 1080p Bullet HiLook THC-B123-P - 1080p Bullet Hikvision DS-2DF5284 - 1080p PTZ Hikvision DS-2CD753F-EIZ - 2MP Dome Avigilon 8.0C-H5A-DP1-IR - 4K UHD Dome ACTi D41 - 720p Bullet Axis P3935-LR - 1080p Dome Geovision GV-FD1500 - 1.3MP Dome Arecont Vision AV3256PM - 3MP 4:3 Dome Clinton Electronics CE-PTZ30XHDR - 1080p PTZ Alibi ALI-TS1015RP - 5MP 4:3 Dome Axis F1004 - 720p Covert LTS IP3362W-M - 6MP Turret Put another way, somewhere around one-fourth to one-third of the costs to manufacture electronic equipment (depending upon how many of the individual components were designed, developed, and manufactured in China) is being subsidized. ACTi E96 - 5MP 4:3 Dome Hikvision DS-2CE56H5T-VPIT3ZE - 5MP Dome Hikvision DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3 - Quad HD PTZ (2) Just don't connect it to the internet or your internal network. Honeywell Video HC35W25R3 - 5MP 4:3 Dome Interlogix TVD-1102 - 3MP 4:3 Dome Hikvision DS-2CD4112FWD-I - 1.3MP Dome IC Realtime ICIP-B5000AF - 5MP 4:3 Bullet Hanwha PNV-A9081R - 8MP (3840x2160) Dome Hanwha SNP-3371THP - VGA PTZ Having 30FPS makes all the difference in catching usable footage, especially at night. Uniview (UNV) IPC3232SB-AHDZK-I0 - 1080p Dome Reolink RLC-423WS - 5MP 4:3 PTZ Inaxsys INSDO4IRCF - Quad HD Dome ATV IPB3TWI - 3MP 4:3 Bullet Uniview (UNV) IPC322SB-DF40K-I0 - 1080p Dome Hanwha TNO-4050T - VGA Bullet Flir FC-324-ID-P - QVGA Bullet Safire SF-IPCV788ZW-2LPR IP - 1080p Bullet Illustra HNC5V381R-IR-ZE - 8MP (3840x2160) Turret Hikvision DS-2CE56H1T-VPITB - 5MP 4:3 Dome Lorex LBV2531 - 1080p Bullet Speco O2iD8 - 1080p Dome Now, analog is bunny-ears TV quality (or worse) resolution that is straight video signal down a copper wire. Hanwha SNO-7082R - 3MP 4:3 Bullet IC Realtime ICIP-S2000 - 1080p Box Hikvision DS-2DE2204IW-DE3/W - 1080p PTZ Avigilon 6.0C-H5A-DO1 - 3200X1800 Dome Dahua IPC-HFW5442T-ASE-NI - 2688X1520 Bullet Interlogix TVD-M1210W-2-N - 1.3MP Dome Sunell SN-IPD57/50AGDR - 5MP Dome Vivotek FE9180-H - Vivotek Pan Dome Vivotek IB9365-LPR - 1080p Bullet Dahua A83ABBZ - 4K Bullet Dahua DH-SDZW2030S - 1080p Bullet Arecont Vision AV3555DNIR-S-NL - 3MP 4:3 Dome Hikvision DS-2CD2783G1-IZS Black - 8MP (3840x2160) Dome Dahua DH-IPC-HF812A0EN - 12MP Box Holowits HWT-C6620-10-Z33 - 1080p PTZ Hikvision DS-2CD5585G0-IZHS - 8MP Dome Dahua N45DJ62 - 2688X1520 Turret Honeywell Video HBW4PGR1 - 4MP 16:9 Bullet Arecont Vision AV1355PM-S - SXGA Dome Elbex EXBD-325/28 - 5MP 4:3 Dome Not sure Randy would have helped Alex, also he'll probably be there in the financial crimes trial. KEDACOM IPC2231-FN-SIR40 - 1080p Dome Enter your email to get notified of new shootouts, tests, investigations, online shows and more. Honeywell Video HC60W35R2 - Quad HD Dome This platform has been designed to help customers effectively operate and manage security devices, including network cameras, NVRs, DVRs, security control panels, access control devices. Hikvision DS-2TD4035D-25 (Thermal) - VGA PTZ HiLook PTZ-N2404I-DE3 - Quad HD PTZ KEDACOM IPC2453-HNB-PIR30 - 4MP 16:9 Bullet ACTi E93 - 5MP 4:3 Dome Comelit Group IPTCAMN04F01A - Quad HD Turret Alibi ALI-NS1025 - 6MP Dome Hikvision DS-2CD8254F-EIZ - 3MP 4:3 Bullet D-Link DCS-4602EV - 1080p Dome IC Realtime ICIP-B2001IR-B - 1080p Bullet Dahua IPC-HDBW4100E-S - 1.3MP Dome Avigilon 3.0C-H4M-D1 - 3MP 4:3 Dome Hikvision DS-2CD5AC5G0-IZHS - 12MP Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD4312F-IS - 1.3MP Dome Inaxsys INSBO4IRF36 - 4MP 16:9 Bullet Interlogix TVB-5304 - 4MP 16:9 Bullet Lilin P2R6552E2 - 5MP 4:3 Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD2723G0-IZS - 1080p Dome Uniview (UNV) IPC3534LB-ADZK-G - 2688X1520 Dome Alibi ALI-FT80 - 8MP (3840x2160) Turret Hikvision DS-2CE16D1T-AVFIR3 - 1080p Bullet Interlogix TVC-M1245E-2M-P - 1.3MP Bullet Eclipse Security ECL-HPIR - 1080p Cube Download the SCW Beginner's Guide and get all your questions answered right away! Hikvision DS-2CD2563G0-IS - 6MP Dome Hikvision DS-2CD4212F-IZH - 1.3MP Bullet LTS PTZIP414X25WIR - Quad HD Dome Uniview (UNV) IPC2123LB-AF28KM-G - 3MP 16:9 Bullet IC Realtime IPMX-E20F-IRW2 - 1080p Turret Hikvision DS-2CD2386G2-IU - 4K UHD Turret Hikvision DS-2TD2636-10 (Thermal) - VGA Bullet HiLook THC-T123 - 1080p Turret Dahua A21CM0Z - 1080p Dome Hikvision DS-2CD2752F-I - 5MP 4:3 Dome Alibi Security: Wired Security Cameras You Can Trust SilverHammer Surveillance 14.5K subscribers Subscribe 11K views 10 months ago SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT OMAHA - SILVERHAMMER SURVEILLANCE. Milesight MS-C5367-X23LPC - 5MP 4:3 Bullet Avigilon 3.0C-H4A-25G-BO1-IR-B - 3MP 4:3 Bullet Dahua DH-IPC-HDBW2421R-ZS - 4MP 16:9 Dome Interlogix TVC-5401 - 1080p Box Hanwha SNP-3302HP - VGA PTZ Avigilon 2.0C-H5A-DP1-IR - 1080p Dome ONIX Systems IPBT4MIR - 4MP 16:9 Turret Illustra ADCi600-D113 - 720p Dome Amcrest AMC4KBC36P-W - 4K UHD Bullet Pelco IMP231-1IRS - 1080p Dome PSIA's founding members include Honeywell, IBM, Stanley Security Solutions, Samsung, and Texas Instruments. Vivotek IP8371E - 3MP 4:3 Bullet Vivotek FD9371-HTV - 3MP 4:3 Dome Uniview (UNV) IPC3615SR3-ADF28K-G - 2880X1620 Turret Honeywell Video HC35WB3R3 - 3MP 16:9 Bullet Hikvision DS-2CE56H5T-ITME - 5MP Turret Arecont Vision D4S-AV1115DNv1-3312 - 1.3MP Dome Dahua HAC-HDW2501TN-Z-A - 5MP 4:3 Turret Axis F1035-E 1080p - 1080p Covert Bosch Security NDE-8503-RT - BOSCH 6MP Dome Bosch, Honeywell, Pelco, Sony, and Axis do most of their business through ADI, and Tri-Ed retailers, and so they care a lot about the price they sell the products to the distribution networks. Alibi Security HD-TVI Cameras | Ally Security IDIS DC-Y6513WRX - 5MP Dome Compare to: Select Camera2M Technology 2MTIP-5MIR30-E - 5MP 4:3 Turret CCTV Security Systems | Surveillance Cameras | CCTV Security Pros Lilin Z2R6422AX - 1080p Dome Hikvision DS-2CD2683G1-IZS - 4K UHD Bullet Sunell SN-TPC6401KT/F(II) - VGA Bullet KEDACOM IPC2440-HN-PIR30 - Quad HD Dome Pelco IMM12027-1EP - 12MP 270 Multi-imager Dome Hikvision DS-2CD6412FWD-30 - 1.3MP Covert Arecont Vision AV2555DN-S - 1080p Dome Interlogix TVD-N210W-4-P - VGA Dome Uniview (UNV) IPC3612LB-ADF28K-G - 1080p Turret LTS CMIP3C42W-M - Quad HD Turret i-PRO (Panasonic) WV-S6130 - 1080p PTZ Canon VB-H710F - 1080p Box Click here for our complete list of Alibi success stories >. KEDACOM IPC2231-DN-L - 1080p Dome Hikvision DS-2CD6424FWD-30 - 1080p Covert Axis M5054 - 720p PTZ Dahua IPC-HDBW4120E - 1.3MP Dome Interlogix TVB-5601 - 1080p Bullet Axis P91 - 1080p Dome IC Realtime ICIP-MC2028 - 1080p Dome Vivotek IPC6658SR-X25-VF - 8MP (3840x2160) PTZ Reolink RLC-520 - 5MP Dome Axis FA1105 - 1080p Covert Dahua DH-IPC-HDBW1200E-W - 1080p Dome Interlogix TVP-3122 - 1080p PTZ Alibi ALI-FD41-VU - 2688X1520 Dome Pelco SRXP4-3V10-EMD - 3MP 4:3 Dome Avigilon 16C-H5PRO-B - 5344 X 3008 Bullet then click arrow on the right and it will take you to details where you can see your IP address. ACTi E63A - 5MP 4:3 Dome Dahua SD6AL230F-HNI - 1080p PTZ Dahua DH-IPC-HFW3541T-ZAS - 5MP 4:3 Bullet Axis Q6100-E - 20MP Multi-Imager Multi-Imager Hikvision DS-2CD6424FWD-40/E2 - 1080p Covert Arecont Vision AV10655DN-08 - 5120X1920 Multi-Imager Multi-Imager Hanwha TNP-6320E2W - 1080p PTZ Dali DLD-H100J (Thermal) - VGA Bullet IC Realtime ICIP-B8121-IR - 12MP Bullet Hikvision DS-2DE2204IW-DE3 - 1080p PTZ Avigilon 4.0C-H5A-DO2 - Quad HD Dome Pelco IME832-1IRS - 8MP (3840x2160) Dome Axis VB-S30-VE - 1080p Dome Vivotek FD8379-HV - 4MP 16:9 Dome Dahua IPC-HFW8331E-Z/Z5 - 3MP 16:9 Bullet Dahua N43BU82 - 2688X1520 Turret LTS CMIP7923LPR-22 - 1080p Bullet ATV IPVD2TRWI - 1080p Dome Dahua DH-HAC-HUM1220A-PIR - 1080p Covert To join ADT or Tri-Ed, you have to be a "value add," which means that you have to install, support, configure, or integrate the products. Prime II cameras do use HiSilicon chips, so these cannot be installed on government properties. Axis Q1615 Mk III - 1080p Bullet Sony SNC-VB632D - 1080p Bullet Illustra IFS03D1ICWTTA - 8MP (3840x2160) Dome Hikvision DS-CD2345FWD-I - 4MP 16:9 Turret Avigilon 5.0C-H5SL-BO2-IR - 5MP 4:3 Bullet